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  1. 1954 Skylark $18,000

    Like I said. Smelled like a scam
  2. 1954 Skylark $18,000 (Scam) Cough-cough (Scam)
  3. For sale a cherry 1984 Buick Park Ave. with 9300 miles. This is a one owner car minty condition. The interior is immaculate the X terrier is just the same. This would make someone a nice cruiser. Call 319three three zero two three four three NOT MINE OK, not sure I believe the story regarding miles. This appears to be a flip purchase by someone who bought it off an elderly couple for $500 or something OR is still owned by them and the grandson with the iPhone thought he would help sell it, hence the autocorrect spelling in the text. But hey who knows, this may be a legit late RWD Park Avenue with only 9400 original miles offered for $4500. Can't beat that!
  4. 1974 Electra $4000

    Has a 455 motor,good tires,lots of new stuff. Just fixed brakes with new wheel cylinders. Very rust free car. Has some surface rust in the paint but is just at the surface. Everything is in good working order except the AC pump. Any questions just ask. This is a base Electra, not a Limited but shows well. At 1st I was like, no that paint looks rusty but it may bounce back with some buffing. Ditto on the interior. I think the camera is just picking up the browns in that clothe. There was a 2 door version of this for sale on Dubuque Iowa Craigs List 2 years ago I wish I had purchased. Not a big fan of the mint green vinyl top. This car won't sell for $4000. But if the mileage is accurate at 56,000, that's not too bad. Note the rear bumper fillers look OK, usually they are gone and these likely are fragile if original.
  5. 1989 Lesabre T Type

    Jeremy has been trying to sell his T Types at too high of prices for a couple of years. I always liked the Lesabre T Types and owned a silver 1988. Unfortunately, as with Reattas, it is important to get these at the right price and at nearly $5K, that is not it. I prefer the original wheels over those aftermarket ones. I know the 3800 is described as bullet proof but you don't know what you are getting, so 169,000 miles is still 169,000 miles. Sensors go bad, maintenance is critical, etc.
  6. 1989 Lesabre T Type THIS IS IN TRAER IOWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a Very clean 1989 Buick Lesabre T-Type. The exterior has no rust. The interior is spotless. It has the leather seats. There have no rips or cracks in the seats. The car has been painted. It looks very nice from about 10 foot away. When you get closer and look hard enough you can see runs in the clear coast. With that being said the car has 169K miles on GM's bullet proof 3800 engine that gets 28-30 mpg. Asking $4950 maybe willing to trade but if the trade is not worth more than my car cash must be included. For a little less money I will put the factory wheels back on it. Jeremy 319-240-8720
  7. 41 century, not mine

    There you go.... ha!
  8. Interesting 1936 Buick Special

    And what is that thing sticking out of the block in front of the coil?
  9. 1936 Special Coupe, decent body with minor rust in floor and passenger door bottom. Mostly complete car with beautiful grill (no cracks) and has the original rims. Tail lights and fender lights are off but there. Hood ornament missing. Newer 8 cylinder motor (1950 - 1953) installed but not running. Clean and clear title. Call Dave (763) 427- 34 six zero or Nick (612) 716- 79 zero two ** NOT MINE ** I find it interesting but don't have a spare $7K around. I have a couple of questions. Just for conversation - 1. What does the handle open in the back on a 1936 Special 3 window coupe? Is it a rumble seat or a trunk like storage area? 2. What would you do about the non original non correct but still Buick motor? If I remember - and I may be wrong so don't kill me - but the 320 was new for 1936 but the Special 8 cylinder was a carry over and a one year only engine, sort of. Visually I am sure it looks different than a 1950's Buick engine and although I would not purchase this to win 400 points at a BCA meet, I would want to make it "appear" as original as possible. So, I would imagine that means pulling it and painting it correctly with correct decal on the valve cover and not 1950's decals. Or would you purchase it and restore it authentically? When they say "not running" that is a warning flag to me that while it was dropped in there, maybe little effort was done to get it to run OR it may have been a legitimate replacement in the 1950's or so to keep an old dog running? I don't know.
  10. 1972 Old 98 75th Anniversary Tiffany

    Very cool. I share a strong interest with John and others regarding the over the top Luxury offerings in what are commonly called the "boats" of the 1970's. Take for example the extreme detailing in this car, such as the sculpted lower sides which create the shadows which in turn create depth. Not a slab sider, and that took styling some time to execute it. The nearly frenched in taillamps and thankfully prior-to-1973 non 5 mph bumpers. Thanks for sharing. The wheelcovers are a minor issue, not sure I would point them out as correct or non-correct. They may have been optional on a Tiffany model. What would be interesting is to know if the Tiffany sterling silver key ring is still there and a photo of the clock. I may disagree with John re: whether or not a Tiffany sub-model was available. The ad clearly indicates it was, making this a + 10% sale if it can be verified it is a Tiffany version. The color, as the ad states, was unique only to the Tiffany model, so that color code should indicate that in 1972 Olds materials. The clock, the key chain, if a match, indicate it is a Tiffany and not just a Regency. More photos would help.
  11. 62 Skylark Conv Auction

    Why do sellers continue to say "leather interior" when real collectors know it is not? Then when you tell them, they don't care, it's still a leather interior. In modern cars, such as Mercedes Benz' vinyl - it is hard to tell the difference. But nobody puts a leather interior in a 62 Buick Special. Overall, this is a nice color combination with that ice blue metallic contrasting with Doeskin vinyl, but I am stuck on the leather comment.
  12. 42 Buick basket case, not mine

    What a shame. Started a "rod" project on a 4 door sedan, quickly lost interest, now is going to the crusher. I always cringe at the sub-frame concepts. Does that mean you literally take a torch to the frame around the cowl and weld on a "modern" front end???? Yikes, that sounds safe.
  13. 41 century, not mine

    Very true words. I used to be a "gotta have it" guy thinking what I was looking at had to be the last one on the planet. Not so. There are still thousands of these and better "project" cars in garages, barns, sitting outside, in western salvage yards, and on and on. The market will correct, for sure. I am almost 54 years old. In my lifetime, I believe there will still be cars coming out of barns and garages that could be restored. (Who know how long my lifetime is??? LOL) But say I am blessed to live another 30 years, it would be interesting to see if there are still cars available, even if just for parts. By then, if you need a new manifold for a 41 Buick, 3D printing will make you one! ha!
  14. '78 Electra Limited

    Those neat fall colors photos don't hurt. The 403 as some may know is a stroked (I think stroked) Oldsmobile 350 and is well supported with factory original parts and you could upgrade the performance and efficiency. All this car needs is a sweet set of Buick road wheels.
  15. 41 century, not mine

    Exactly! What is it with sellers???? This tells me this guy has instant buyers remorse, or purchased only to flip. ...and it's up to $1200 already, reserve not met.