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  1. 1925 Buick For Sale

    Would make a fun depot / station wagon if the doors could be located. I make it sound easier then in reality it would be but you have a good foundation and if the initial cost is not too high, then a person could do the wood over a few years and just be creative since I don't think there was a Buick depot car/wagon. Being a master is interesting. There are still quite a few cars out there, we just have to wait for them to pop up as they do - it seems - every month.
  2. 1946 DeSoto 3 pass Coupe $1500 WOW!

    If this is a 1946, this is a very rare car. We have all commented on some of the Chrysler 3 passenger coupes, the 8 cylinder cars. Desotos are pretty rare too. This would make a nice complement to the one Hudsy found a few months back, the 5 window club coupe, Desoto. Wonder if anyone purchased that one.
  3. Where is Hudsy? Very complete original coupe 6 cyl 3 speed motor is stuck Will roll right onto your trailer YES I HAVE A CURRENT TITLE Floors and trunk are nice and complete CALLS ONLY 8am-8pm Dont bother texting 402-681-2464
  4. Auction - 125 cars - 1960 Buick SW

    So - there are 2 pages of Buicks and this is - I believe - that seller that we have posted about for the last 2 years occasionally here. The one that posted on craigs list and ebay and put prices on these cars like $3500 or $5000 each and was "open" to offers. Evidently, they have given up and are auctioning them off. Obviously these are all rough but it's still fun to look through the cars. I like that red and black 1956 Roadmaster 4 door hardtop. I always liked the 56 Roadmaster 4 door hardtops. There is also a 1940 dual sidemount Century 4 door. Lots of 50's stuff.
  6. 1972 Opel Manta Too bad it's an automatic.
  7. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    Desert Classics - well I do not want to be sued by them so I won't make any comment about that "company". There is NO way to know what that car sold for BUT he sells a lot of cars overseas. For some reason the overseas buyers have more money than most of us - for these projects. But, most of his cars are drier than the PA car, so as long as his car was straight and such, it would be more likely a $5000 car.
  8. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    Both the 2nd and third cars have INCORRECT seat upholstery. That is interesting given the amount of money they were asking. The original project car has the correct seat upholstery for 1949 Roadmaster Sedanettes and I believe the 4 door Roadmaster. That is, leather top over stripped grey or tan lower. THAT is one reason the project car would be good for restoration. I believe it is all original, just over-priced. Some folks, like Bernie (not picking on Bernie I just know he has commented along these lines) say don't haggle over $3000. But those $3000 would help pay for transport, upholstery, rebuild kits for drivetrain, etc etc. $3000 is real money
  9. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    That Maroon one you located is the 'poster child' for the 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette. That maroon, when paired with seasonal fall colors, is nearly perfect. I had a coffee table book years ago that had one of these - in that exact color - against that exact described background and I have never forgot it. Mine was that ubiquitous green, mint greenish. Not sure I would have kept that color. Also, Ben is right. If this was in Des Moines Iowa, I save $600 to $1500 in transport costs right there, meaning I can buy more car, and "maybe" justify overspending.
  10. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    Jason #2 or 3+ this is a $15,000 to $20,000 car, for #2. #3 ? Hard to say. I can not remember the last #3. Pete would know better the last one at a National meet. There are far more 49 Super Sedanettes. Back about 12 years ago, I traded my running driving 1972 Centurion convertible to a guy in Chicago who had a bone dry, no rust 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette. I built a wooden body lift for it and once it was detached I lifted the body off, placed it on a dolly and had the chassis and drivetrain in my garage. I eventually needed money and was recovering from a hip replacement and decided to sell it. I placed it on ebay, Pete even bid on it, and it sold to someone down south. For less than $2000 easy. I spotted one on Michigan craigs list about 6 years ago, fairly priced, project. I don't monitor ebay for nicer ones, I mostly browse CL. But many of us prefer this body style - on the 1949 only - over the Rivieras. For that reason and because the Earl infused stylists at GM did such a great job on these cars, they are as coveted as the Rivieras. The top end for a 375 + point 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette, with a well sorted ebay auction, or in front of a Barrett-Jackson crowd - is likely $35,000. So, I am thinking, $20,000 for a needs nothing #2 is about right, maybe a bit low. I don't know if anyone else has auction results or not.
  11. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    I reached out to the seller. I did not make an offer because he would consider me a "low baller". I kindly mentioned this sub-forum activity and encouraged him to try an ebay auction to help determine market value. He was pleasant in his response, but to summarize, he said the car can sit there and rust away, he won't sell it for less than $5000. So there it will sit and further degrade, and his family will send it to the crusher 15 years from now (conjecture).
  12. Happy Labor Day

    Stance for this era and for being a Buick has as much to do with the tires then anything. The tires they have now have a profile at least one half of what Reattas had 30 years ago. As I recall from my technician days the tire acts as a shock absorber of sorts and makes for a more pliant ride. The lower the sidewall, the stiffer and harsher the ride, better handling but a trade off. If a person were to put a lower profile tire on there, less sidewall thickness (my off the cup nomenclature), the stance would drop 1-2 inches right there.
  13. Paul Moonroof, sunroof, all these terms to me, mean the same - a hole cut in the roof to allow a simulated convertible experience. There is a 73 on my local craigs list for $1500 that has the "moonroof", MaxTrac and posi (GS) and to be honest, I could care less about the moonroof option, MaxTrac. I love 73 Rivieras. For some reason I like them better than the 71-72's. I like the front ends better and the boat tail design of the 73's. That seller feels he has a super rare car commanding the $1500. He does, but the Max trac will probably never be operational again even if restored, and the moonroof is a curiosity at best. With working A/C, and good ventilation, few owners care about that moon roof in my opinion. I have owned 5 1971-73 Boattails and the interiors are a bit dark and lack the airy-ness of the earlier Rivieras. Therefore, again, not sure how much the option added to the driving pleasure of a 73. To me, buckets, console, a GS, especially a Stage 1, that 3.42 posi, and rebuilt suspension with gas shocks and sway bar, is what I want. These guys with these "rare" parts - like 2x4's posis and moonroofs, seem to believe there is an unlimited demand for the rare stuff. Not for me.
  14. Hey KD Ed is an expert. he has forgotten more than I will ever hope to know. Look at his footer.
  15. Four wheels on KC Craigslist

    At 1st that does not seem like a good price $600. But they powder coated them. What does that cost on wheels like that do you think? And I would think powder coating would be the way to go.