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  1. Doug That is a stunning car in those colors and I would hardly call it "Standard". I know that is what the factory referred to it as BUT few American cars came from the factory with a 346 Straight 8 in 1930. Beautiful colors, fair price.
  2. Hi Jeff I am set to go to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum soon and can specifically inquire about this issue, if you like. Note: The Hoover Library just released a movie that Lou Hoover (wife of Herbert) had made in the white house years and it shows a Hoover car in the background. It is a sedan, but not sure it's a Peerless.
  3. Wow that would be fun to visit. Almost makes me want to jump back into the hobby and grab a full size 60's Buick. I do like Kaiser and Frazers so wonder what he has there. (Shadetree has a 53 Kaiser too) It looked like a sunny and nice day. Those are great days for walking yards like this. I am stuck on the lake front right now in Chicago for work. I find it amazing that the 62 Special has a/c. That had to be a very small sample percentage wise of the 62 Specials. 1st A/C was still not common in full size cars in 1962 and was an expensive option if included. 2nd, engineering a/c for a car the size of the Specials precluded use of the full size a/c units which could be homogenized along all GM lines. True, the Special's shared components with the Olds and Pontiac mid sizers, but still - a/c had to be uber rare. Next - that 50 Special would be a fun project and about as low cost as you could restore a car but it is a time warp car. He says there is no interest and will begin parting, but there probably is not much interest in the parts. It's a vicious cycle. No one wants the car as a project, and no one is doing projects that would need these parts.
  4. The 1930 Peerless Master 8 looks like another good car to own at $24,000. Maybe get it for $20,000 given the soft market for closed cars, maybe not. It was fun looking at those photos of the Master 8, some nice archival quality photos you don't often see with ads. Like the Hayes body tag. Looking at the photos, it is clear that even in 1930, Peerless employees were carefully fitting those interiors. Detail is there and quality is apparent. (Of course, this could be a restored car). What is the photo of the thing on the headliner? Not sure what that is. At any rate, as long as a person could be happy with 2 early closed cars, I think getting the 1920 and the 1930 for $50,000 all in would set a person up for some old car hobby fun for the rest of their lives.
  5. Jeff I agree that is a nice 7p sedan (limousine) and probably priced right, given it's originality and work they did. Grant's 1918 was very similar to this one but I think the later the V8's got, the more equiposed they were, but that is going off memory. As an artifact, I would prefer the closed models. This car as the dealer points out, is almost 100 years old. Truly impressive. But - I have been a passenger in some open cars from this era (1920's) and that is an amazing experience as well. If this were an open 7p Touring I think the price would be higher.
  6. Well Matthew this IS in my wheelhouse, and Brad's. I knew Brad would check in. Make sure mom is not in the trunk. This is probably going to the U Pull It Yard or such. It's too far gone and there are too many of these 1971 to 76 and beyond Buick Electras still out there. This fellow is typically - dillusional that he might get $1500 for it. Sure it comes with a spare 455, and rims and everything because HE WANTS YOU TO TAKE EVERYTHING and help a brutha out. It would take a trailer, likely an engine hoist, a person would have to buy 4 tires of any quality and install them. That alone would cost $50 to $100. He should at least buy beater tires and install them but at this point he wants YOU the buyer to do ALL the heavy lifting and oh-by-way pay him $1500 for the right. Nope, it will sit until he calls the "Will Pay Cash for Cars" number on the sign stuck into the area next to streets. I have owned several 71-73 Electras and I love the 73's. If I get back into the hobby, for value and fun, it will be a 71-76 or maybe as far as 1979, Buick Electra.
  7. What were the Quam's? Didn't they have a 1920 Peerless Sedan, 7p? or was that a 1919? I can't remember. Do you know where the Quam Peerless' ended up?
  8. Well just prove it telescopes then, with photos.
  9. Every answer misses the target. Get both, keep both. Have the nice set of originals for car shows featuring originals, run the custom boots for cruising, Good Guys or other shows. I am 53, and prefer if "kustom" wheels are going on an older car to have wider profile tires. Those skinny modern tires, the 18's and 20's, no way for me. But have both, and have the best of both worlds.
  10. Kind of odd, since I am essentially out of the hobby. My footprint is still pretty large, I get a lot of emails and calls still. I had an old ad on the Imperial Club website seeking a 66 Imperial. This fellow had 2, spotted my old ad (probably 8 months old). He lives in Des Moines. I live in Des Moines. He must be getting older and is moving from his very nice ranch home and had a real estate open house. He emails me to come look at the Imperials. On Sunday I go to the open house and check them out and the realtor said "and the one in the other garage". Since it's an open house and the seller invited me in to look at the Imperials, I walk out to the stand alone 2 + car garage and went "wow". I know there are a lot of 57 Buick fans and I am a big 57 C Body fan. I love the reverse canted C pillar, one of Harley Earl's finest styling approvals. Seen only on Buick and Cadillac where it worked with the larger bodies. All 3 of these cars were originals, no restoration. I am maintaining a dialogue with the seller and hope to take additional photos. I believe this is archival quality stuff. I don't believe I saw this car at the 2010 Buick National Meet in Ames, Iowa. It never ceases to amaze me how many old cars are still out there, and we never know. In garages. I have also been to 4 Des Moines Concours and have never seen his cars. (Patrick Brooks, Terry Wiegand, and other BCA members have had their cars in this show). I love understated colors in the over the top 50's. This car is all black and white. Just beautiful.
  11. Good observation John, about what happens to show cars. It's not the best part of our hobby, in my opinion, to collect cars for static storage. I think it is ironic that a hobby based on a motive of transportation has so many of them not used for that purpose, even if for pleasure use.
  12. Most of these guys were in the right place at the right time getting items that were considered used. I was friends with the Quam's, whose father was a gas station owner in Ames, Iowa and started collecting full classics in the 50's. This farmer I suspect started getting the signs when the gas stations went out of business and collected them.
  13. I am pretty sure he was a farmer. Keep in mind that most farmers in Iowa and the Midwest are very wealthy. I live in Des Moines and I am a life long Iowan. Not every farmer is rich, but most are. The tax laws and other rules are set up for farmers. Most with this much money winter in Florida or Texas, just like our President.
  14. More.
  15. More. Except for the wheels, phenomenal original car, I believe.