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  1. It's just an auction of some old cars and not life or death. The seller chose this marketing method and it is very straight forward and simple for all involved. Buyers know the rules going in, seller pays less commission to Yvette because she does not need to haul a team out to sell a few cars. She is very good at using Proxibid successfully. She works for the sellers, not the buyers. The buyers show up regardless. (If you build it, they will come). Yvette is good people, as we say in Iowa.
  2. I have never heard of a Riviera Type R. T Type, etc, yes Can some Riviera expert enlighten please?
  3. All that talk about Claret and it turns out to be Bright Red BUT I learned a lot about Claret in 1991, so it was worth it. I would buy it. You are obviously close enough to go take photos and see in person. Shift solenoids would not be buried on these transmissions, should be accessible. At that mileage, this is a rare bargain. No real body work - just need to clean up that one rust spot. Wow on the cradle bushings but I suppose that's a maintenance item more or less. Once done, your done. No real interior work, just a lot of cleaning and conditioning, for a nice driver and small show type car.
  4. No price, means bend over....
  5. No price, means bend over....
  6. Interesting. I like the BMW style wheels although this aftermarket brand lacks depth. I also noted the burl walnut trim which looks "OK". It appears to be a real wood addition, which makes me curious. Was there an aftermarket seller of wood trim kits for Reattas then and now? Like the last Gen Rivieras.
  8. Thanks guys. Nittany, with your good photo, that does help. Kevin Thanks for the numbers. As with the Silver coupe a little further down for sale for $1000, these are collectible bargains. They may not go up in value, but as a collector, we can enjoy the knowledge that these are rare cars and when among friends they will be appreciated. I guess I never saw a 1991 Claret. And, the further I get away from the hobby the worse my memory gets. Like you guys, Claret "has to" pop or they are one of the worst looking tired color Reattas. The details seem to get washed away. But when shiny they represent a rarely seen color almost perfectly blended at the factory. How many Claret shades have you seen on any make in the last 30 years?
  9. Jim I am going off a poor memory but I did not think Claret was offered in 1991.
  10. I have not, but it's a good deal. It's a one owner Reatta, last year rare and reasonably low miles with new parts recently installed that exceed the asking price.
  11. Thanks. Nice project car.
  12. Well yes. That would be a 1948 Kaiser, but it is not restorable like that 1950 Buick
  13. Doug That is a stunning car in those colors and I would hardly call it "Standard". I know that is what the factory referred to it as BUT few American cars came from the factory with a 346 Straight 8 in 1930. Beautiful colors, fair price.
  14. Hi Jeff I am set to go to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum soon and can specifically inquire about this issue, if you like. Note: The Hoover Library just released a movie that Lou Hoover (wife of Herbert) had made in the white house years and it shows a Hoover car in the background. It is a sedan, but not sure it's a Peerless.
  15. Wow that would be fun to visit. Almost makes me want to jump back into the hobby and grab a full size 60's Buick. I do like Kaiser and Frazers so wonder what he has there. (Shadetree has a 53 Kaiser too) It looked like a sunny and nice day. Those are great days for walking yards like this. I am stuck on the lake front right now in Chicago for work. I find it amazing that the 62 Special has a/c. That had to be a very small sample percentage wise of the 62 Specials. 1st A/C was still not common in full size cars in 1962 and was an expensive option if included. 2nd, engineering a/c for a car the size of the Specials precluded use of the full size a/c units which could be homogenized along all GM lines. True, the Special's shared components with the Olds and Pontiac mid sizers, but still - a/c had to be uber rare. Next - that 50 Special would be a fun project and about as low cost as you could restore a car but it is a time warp car. He says there is no interest and will begin parting, but there probably is not much interest in the parts. It's a vicious cycle. No one wants the car as a project, and no one is doing projects that would need these parts.