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  1. Should We Have Even More Stickys for Repairs?

    Dave I wondered about that. That's what I get for writing down a thought.
  2. 1947 Buick disassembled project convert seattle craigslist

    For starters. that's a 1946. Wow, super rare. In rarity and project condition alone, I suspect this is a $10,000 car.
  3. I just bought 2 Reattas - one will need a running restoration. I will be a "newbie" even though I hate that term. Do we need to consider Stickys for Repairs on Reattas? Such as Electrical, A/C, etc? That way anybody posing a question could go to that specific area, a sub-forum and only those topics would be in that sub-section making it easier for me and others to find solutions without redoing a known issue. or something like that.
  4. WTB Reattas

    Bob Black and tan is awesome. I would keep it.
  5. WTB Reattas

    Chuck Thank you. I purchased a convertible about a week ago. Can't have too many convertibles, or Reattas, in my opinion. But for now I am OK.
  6. Buicks at Country Classics

    Eric I am not sure where they put them or who they sell them to. The Reatta says "Ran when parked". I like that 1940 2 door Special.
  7. WTB Reattas Went and looked at this Kansas City Reatta today. It was always listed as SILVER but it is Driftwood. I sat in the drivers seat and went "wait what"? it was tan leather. It was in the garage so I could not tell it was Silver or Driftwood. I then looked at the front end and said "this is Driftwood". It has 165,000 miles, 2 owner car. Lots of bad, lots of good. Owner replaced Teves within the last 5000 miles. Has good tires, good brakes (per owner). Car would not start. Weak battery - needs battery. He has owned 15 years and never flushed the transmission or coolant. As a former mechanic that's not good. Car could puke a transmission in the next 20,000 miles. Interior - drivers seat is shot, drivers door panel needs attention, dent in passenger door that owner just cashed out, salvage title. Needs new trunk lock (provided). Needs bell cranks - I think he bought them from Barney but not 100% sure, No A/C - it's 99 degrees in KC right now. I offered him $1000 and told him I would buy the battery. There is a chance it's not the battery, right? Could be the CPS. He turned me down! Said he had 2 guys coming on Saturday... been on CL for 8 months.
  8. Buicks at Country Classics

    That place is so crazy. We have all opined over their high prices, but here they are - 20 years later still in business.
  9. WTB Reattas

    Thanks guys. I have purchased two and I am going to look at a 3rd tomorrow. The 3rd one is a silver 1990 for only $1000. Black_Baby - I would love to own a Black and Tan Reatta. It is one of my favorite combinations. Not sure if your interior is grey or tan, but I am sorry we missed each other. toostrong2p - nice car as well but at 164,000 miles $3500 is too much in my opinion. Also, that's $200 more than you posted in your ad.
  10. Reattas at the National meet

    I like the white coupe with the Select 60 wheels. Is that a 1991 and would those be stock (optional) wheels? That's a whole lotta white but the red interior looks great as a complement. Jon - most of Barney's photos are panoramic and not specific. You could always add the photos you took. The more the merrier!
  11. Opinions on Possible Purchase-1963 1/2 Galaxie XL

    Thanks all. For now I have decided to pass. Some of the comments simply point out the divide between restoring cars as a hobby and owning a nice car already done or original to enjoy the hobby. Lump I was not aware that body parts were NOT available. When a person turns to the Ford or Chevy sections of Hemmings Motor News, it seems like they can almost make a car out of the catalogs! I would not go to Tennessee or Georgia for one of these. Part of the appeal is I could go look at it and it would not cost me $1000 to have it transported. To quench my hobby thirst I bought some Buick Reattas, all running and driving, one a convertible. But I sure would like to have a project in the garage. A non running, complete car that I can diassemble and restore. So yes, I am looking for a car that is unique, non running, with some rust (or not) complete as possible, no major dents in the body. To restore. The pans on this car are good. The reason I like the 63 1/2 is because the body does not look as "fat" as the 64's, the grilles and all look leaner to me. Love the taillamps and for me the interior is the right size. Not too big, and I would NOT be interested unless it's a bucket seat interior. To me, the bucket seat console concept transformed the cars of the early 60's, before the bean counters noticed, and by 1965 Bucket seat / console cars - at least in the full sizers - began to wane. I was jazzed to see a 63 1/2 in person. Never have seen one in person. I still like them but recognize some of the issues with this one.
  12. '69 Wildcat 2 dr ( Not Mine)

    John: That's nice, good southwestern dry. It appears to me, unless the vinyl on those seats are brittle dry - there is no need for most of the interior. Dash pad is toast but most are by now. Interesting shorty console, no power windows BUT power antenna. That body looks nice, price is right.
  13. I just purchased a pair of Buick Reattas. I also would not mind a more complete project. I spotted a 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL sportroof on Craigs List for what might be a reasonable price negotiated to $1700.00. Maybe. I have always liked specifically the 63 1/2 500 XL. I like the 64's too but feel like they are not as "lean" looking as the 63 1/2. For those who do not know, Ford suffered from a squared off C pillar area from the conservative McNamara era. Pontiac cleaned Ford's clock in the early 60's Nascar races. Ford understood the "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" aspect of racing and put emphasis on the Galaxies. This resulted in the 63 1/2 with fastback sportroof, bucket seats and console, badging and a 390 FE engine. I have seen very few of these 63 1/2 Galaxies 500 XL's. So I was excited to see one fairly close by. I checked for "Galaxie Forums, etc" but was disappointed. Not sure if there is a Ford Club Forum but I could not find one. I have already ordered a catalog from Dearborn Classics. I would probably buy a Hemmings to get the other new parts / used parts vendors. Floors are fairly solid, what I could tell. Lower quarters are bad. I would prefer to replace both front fenders, the front bumper has rust out and needs replaced but I would expect that the parts vendors would have new bumpers. The original motor is gone. Seller said it was the one in the weeds. It is frozen. The car has a 352 2 barrel. No power brakes, may have PS. No other options, which is good. So I need to locate a 390 or bigger. So, basically I am buying a possibly nice car. Having owned many huge Buicks, Cadillacs and Packards, I found the size of this full size car just right. I thought it was cool how Ford did the package shelf on this car and the buckets and console are awesome.
  14. 1936 Buick road master series 80 for sale

    Joel, calling Joel.
  15. 1950 Special Sedanette - Iowa - $600

    Ben: This is the same car that is in the other 1950 Special thread and your comment is what made me think it really was a 263 BUT according to you it is a Special with a 263 transplant.