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  1. oh and by the way, I am NOT the Jake in Panama Jake. I am 100% Iowa Hawkeye Fan and would not be caught dead posing as a Spartan.
  2. All this is great information. I don't buy Mike R's argument any more than others that there are some "grassy knoll" conspiracy Reattas out there but I would not discourage those topics either. As I think Dave said, it makes for interesting reading. My 00 code 1968 Eldorado is 1 of 1 and I have many folks calling me a liar that it does not exist or was repainted. I am tired of the censorship. I am going to step back from the forum. You guys with repair knowledge have been great.
  3. Then consider this. DO NOT even allow this topic to come on again. CENSOR right away. PM the offending party that you have deleted their post because it has been discussed before. I believe some comments or most of the supercharging thread was SANITIZED. I know my comments were removed. Mike R. has never written his book that he promised in 2010. Steve is gone. 89REDGREY is gone, Keith Bleakney is gone. RAWJA and others gone. I would just preactively CENSOR topics so we only discuss how to repair Reatta issues.
  4. Car Country Salvage Yard

    I can go check. I need to run back over there.
  5. BCA Members time to VOTE for your Board!

    Well, 4 candidates for 3 positions. Wish my odds for lottery were that good.
  6. Driftwood convertible
  7. An early car, and a bit rare maybe in that color combination. NOT MINE Call Bob at 815-219-0835
  8. 42 Limited For Sale, Not mine.

    A lot of times our discussions lead to someone buying the car we are discussing. I have seen that several times.
  9. Speaking of Black and Red interiors --
  10. N/A

    Steve: I need the door panels for the restoration of 105. Plastic trim on outside of drivers seat I am sure I have. Let me get home and check on Saturday (business trip) Sun visors. I believe I need those too for the 88 because the ones in there now are "floppy" I think.
  11. I thought 1961 Estate wagons were based on the Invicta but I do not have my references with me. I know you have probably forgotten more than I know about Buicks so you are likely correct. Like John I spotted the power options. My favorite colors. Couldn't Ionia basically make an estate wagon out of either the Invicta or the Lesabre? Meaning if a 4 door sedan Invicta trim vehicle was delivered, it could be converted?
  12. 42 Limited For Sale, Not mine.

    Disagree, but if this was one of those phone surveys where they ask you if you "agree, slightly agree, slight disagree, or strongly disagree, my vote would be slightly. The 41 grilles do look tougher than 1940. The 1940's are part of the front end, the 41 grilles stand out singularly. You notice the grille BEFORE the shape. And it's exaggerated. The 1940 grille is subtle and integrated. To explain why the 42 and 46 grilles are good, just look at the photo of the ex-Paul Meyer 42 Limited. The 42 grille was a direct descendant of the Y-Job, as all 42 Buicks were anyway. The pop art grilles of 47-48 I don't like those. Too much, like the 46's on steroids. The 37-38 grilles are also outstanding examples of Art Deco execution. They also accentuate the horizontal while still standing as a face of the 38's. This was minimized on the 39's. I don't like the 39's but I don't hate them. The grille is similar to the 1940 in that it is PART OF the front expression, not an in your face explosion like the 41's.
  13. 42 Limited For Sale, Not mine.

    I kind of posted it like that to get a response and it worked. There are at least 4 or 5 out there. I talked to Paul extensively in 2010 and don't remember him mentioning the series 90. Adding the photo of his car helps a lot because we see these forelorn cars and can't picture them in their glory.
  14. Steve Did you see that Gunmetal Grey car on CL Atlanta I posted a little earlier. Look at that interior and only $700 obo
  15. Thank you for posting. I did not want it to seem like we did not notice. Your ownership and enjoyment of the car, despite some costs, is what makes the Reatta a special car. On white cars I always notice the rub strip color, and yours is black. Some feel it breaks up the white and looks good. Either way is good. Thanks again and good luck with your sale!