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  1. Penske PC-7

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    I think you made the right decision. Trying to relive memories from years ago results in disappointment more often than not. The Mecum car sold for $44,000 including buyers premium. Suddenly the ebay car doesn't look so great at $20K anyway.
  2. Penske PC-7

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    On the "buy it" side is "For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been." On the "don't buy it" side is "You can't go home again."
  3. Penske PC-7

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    I hope things work out for you as they should, and particularly your wife's surgery. Also, I know zilch about these cars, and am not interested in owning one. However, your comments about the stone guards on the Mecum car illustrate the importance of having someone who IS knowledgeable on a specific make and model examine it before one makes an expensive mistake. If you are so inclined, I think it would be a fun exercise to have the Buick experts on this forum chime in on what's right and whats wrong on the Mecum car. Hopefully, this is not considered as thread " hijacking," since the ebay car doesn't belong to the OP. I hope that the Mecum car and the $6K car in the Antique Automobile are useful to compare the relative value of the ebay car.
  4. Penske PC-7

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Mecum has a beautifully restored 1941 Model 91 Limited in their Las Vegas auction that is going on now. The car will be auctioned tomorrow. It is Lot F90.1 and the estimate is $60-80K. Plenty of pictures on and you can also watch the auction live there. I realize that the car that is the subject of the original post has sentimental value for some here, but I trust that the same aficionados will enjoy viewing this fine example. Also, I realize it is a fair amount of money, but the $20K car could never be made to match the Mecum car for the estimated sale price. Aw heck, here's the link. Enjoy.
  5. Penske PC-7

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    There's a 1940 series 90 Limited for sale in the current (November/December ) issue of Antique Automobile for $6,000.😕
  6. Penske PC-7

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Thanks for your articulate, thoughtful post. I think most of us enjoy "the chase" - I certainly do. Like you, I "change my mind a lot." If I had the resources, I would have a large collection of cars - but they would be good cars. As it is, I have always had to sell the current car to get the next one, and many times I parted with cars that I truly hated to see go, sometimes losing some money in the process. The plus side is that I have been able to , as you aptly put it, "touch a lot of cars, and it has been worth it." I like to say that I AM a collector - but my collection never exceeds two at a time and is always being refreshed, lol. I think this ( and your experiences, as you have described them) is different than accumulating a yard or building full of hulks that the owner can never hope to complete ( and usually refuses to part with). To each his own, not my money, and I really don't mean to criticize that approach - I just always wonder ....Why? Sorry to the OP for taking this thread so far afield.
  7. Penske PC-7

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    More junk. I've never understood the hoarding mentality. Why not be patient, save your money and get one nice car ( or at the very least one good project that you can complete) instead of buying multiple junkers to junk up your property? To me it shows a certain lack of self discipline, and the need for instant gratification - the rush you get just from buying something. This is NOT directed at Xander. I have been very impressed by the machines that he has built and shared on this forum. I have never shared this opinion before, but its' always what I think whenever I see a collection of hulks like in his link or like the Lincolns.(unless it's a bona fide junk yard business, lol.)
  8. Penske PC-7

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    This is spot on from my limited experience. I restored a basket case '31 Cadillac convertible coupe that was missing many parts. Most of the needed parts were the same as those used on a sedan. I wound up buying two very rough sedans over the course of the project to get what I needed. Most of what was left from the sedans was sold, but quite a bit was scrapped. As Ed stated, it was the "least expensive way to get what was needed right away." If I had it to do again, I would have actually bought a much nicer complete/ running sedan at the outset to get what I needed.
  9. Yann, as a former owner of two lowly V8 1931 Cadillacs and CLC member, I was previously aware of ( and in awe ) your expertise and long experience with V16 Cadillacs. Certainly you are familiar with the instances of 1930 V8 roadster bodies being installed on sedan chassis. In a few cases, my understanding is that fake ID tags were made and the engine restamped using the numbers of a real roadster, resulting in two cars with the same numbers. It's hard for me to believe that such things would have gone on back in 1955 when V16's had comparatively little value. Nevertheless, perhaps Mr Lockhart was in possession of a 1937 Cadillac needing paperwork - perhaps some type of project car. He might have somehow known that the "real" car with that ID number had gone to Europe years before, and that was why he chose to use that particular number for his car - little chance of any problems. Pure conjecture of course. Good luck, and thanks for sharing this most interesting story.
  10. I recently purchased 1979 Penske PC-7 s/n 006. Driven in the 1981 Indy 500 by Tom Bigelow. Driven in other races in 1981 by Bigelow and in 1982 by Gary Bettenhausen. Restored to its Indy 500 configuration with an all aluminum, Hilborn injected SBC running on methanol. Track ready. See you at Hershey.
  11. It will be "on Boat House Rd with the entrance from Sand Beach Rd ( by the Tanger Outlets.)" Take Hersheypark Dr to a left on Sand Beach Rd, to a left on Boat House Rd, (ONE WAY) to parking on your right. I believe this is the area that is used for the Cars & Coffee show during the Elegance. ( adjacent to the Hill Climb starting area on Boat House Rd.)
  12. Hershey Region really stepped up to the plate on this. I got a letter today with a trailer parking pass for Saturday night. They have provided Saturday night trailer parking ( in a different area than the regular trailer parking that closes at 5pm Saturday) for those that signed up for regular trailer parking AND the awards banquet when registering for the Meet. Thanks for recognizing and solving this problem. Great job!
  13. Penske PC-7

    34 Cherolet VIN issue

    I believe the OP's concern is that there are no numbers on the car that match the title he has. Almost all auctions now do a VIN check when a car is consigned. They are mainly looking to see that whatever number is on the cars tag matches what's on the title. Some states also do a physical check of numbers when a car is being registered, particularly on cars coming from another state. Whenever I buy a car, my first action ( before handing over any funds) is to ensure that the VIN or serial number ( whatever is used on that particular vehicle) exactly matches what is on the title. If not, no deal. Perhaps a repo type tag riveted on the car will suffice, when combined with the existing title and his long ownership. Certainly better than having nothing on the car that matches the title. The OP stated that he has already enjoyed the car for many years, but is trying to ensure that his wife does not have problems selling it after his demise. I think he has reason for concern/worry about this, and is to be commended for trying to ensure that his toy does not become a burden for his wife.
  14. Maybe it leaked even heavy gear oil like a sieve and the last guy shot it full of grease. Valvoline and several others make a sticky blue grease that comes in tubes for grease guns.
  15. Penske PC-7

    Need Help Identifying This Car-Theft

    When you ran outside, you were armed, right? 😟