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  1. I recently purchased 1979 Penske PC-7 s/n 006. Driven in the 1981 Indy 500 by Tom Bigelow. Driven in other races in 1981 by Bigelow and in 1982 by Gary Bettenhausen. Restored to its Indy 500 configuration with an all aluminum, Hilborn injected SBC running on methanol. Track ready. See you at Hershey.
  2. It will be "on Boat House Rd with the entrance from Sand Beach Rd ( by the Tanger Outlets.)" Take Hersheypark Dr to a left on Sand Beach Rd, to a left on Boat House Rd, (ONE WAY) to parking on your right. I believe this is the area that is used for the Cars & Coffee show during the Elegance. ( adjacent to the Hill Climb starting area on Boat House Rd.)
  3. Hershey Region really stepped up to the plate on this. I got a letter today with a trailer parking pass for Saturday night. They have provided Saturday night trailer parking ( in a different area than the regular trailer parking that closes at 5pm Saturday) for those that signed up for regular trailer parking AND the awards banquet when registering for the Meet. Thanks for recognizing and solving this problem. Great job!
  4. Penske PC-7

    34 Cherolet VIN issue

    I believe the OP's concern is that there are no numbers on the car that match the title he has. Almost all auctions now do a VIN check when a car is consigned. They are mainly looking to see that whatever number is on the cars tag matches what's on the title. Some states also do a physical check of numbers when a car is being registered, particularly on cars coming from another state. Whenever I buy a car, my first action ( before handing over any funds) is to ensure that the VIN or serial number ( whatever is used on that particular vehicle) exactly matches what is on the title. If not, no deal. Perhaps a repo type tag riveted on the car will suffice, when combined with the existing title and his long ownership. Certainly better than having nothing on the car that matches the title. The OP stated that he has already enjoyed the car for many years, but is trying to ensure that his wife does not have problems selling it after his demise. I think he has reason for concern/worry about this, and is to be commended for trying to ensure that his toy does not become a burden for his wife.
  5. Maybe it leaked even heavy gear oil like a sieve and the last guy shot it full of grease. Valvoline and several others make a sticky blue grease that comes in tubes for grease guns.
  6. Penske PC-7

    Need Help Identifying This Car-Theft

    When you ran outside, you were armed, right? 😟
  7. Penske PC-7

    AACA Car Show Signs

    Thanks guys.👍
  8. Penske PC-7

    AACA Car Show Signs

    I seem to recall that personalized vehicle information signs could be purchased through the AACA. I think they were the only ones approved for use at an AACA meet. Is this true, and are they still available? I don't see them offered on the on line store.
  9. Steve?? Anyone?? What to they expect you to do with your truck and trailer Saturday evening after the show??
  10. Regarding trailer parking for Hershey 2018, the meet brochure states in bold that "all trailers must be removed from the trailer lot no later than 5 pm on October 13th (Saturday) or they will be towed at owners expense." First off, if one doesn't leave the show field until like 4pm, that's cutting it close. More importantly, I guess I won't be enjoying the awards banquet I paid for, and probably not my room at the Hershey lodge on Saturday night either. I have a hard time finding a place at the Hershey Lodge to park a car in the evening - no way I'll be able to park my truck and trailer there. Why would they set it up like this????
  11. Penske PC-7

    1931 Nash 890 Ambassador Club Sedan *SOLD*

    Great Full Classic for the money. Although it's tough to recoup money on a sedan, far better to buy a nice car like this one and be able to enjoy it from the get go. Elegant body style, pleasing colors, beautiful dash. Good value.👍
  12. Penske PC-7

    Help Me ID These Traction Bars

    I found this thread interesting. Being a teenager in the muscle car era, I was really into this stuff then (and still). I was always familiar with Ansen (especially their slot style wheels and valve covers), yet I never knew they made traction bars. Also, I believed that the OP's bars were homemade due to the spring clamp being located at the extreme forward end. As 1912Staver mentioned, most sets had a rubber snubber located there. If a clamp was used, it was usually attached to tabs welded about midway along the bar. Lakewood bars were the "hot setup" back in the day. They came painted yellow, and many had a small Lakewood decal towards the front outer side, with the words " traction....action" beside the decal. Corny, I guess, but this brings back some memories of good times. Thanks to 32plywood for posting the Ansen ad.
  13. Penske PC-7

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

    Carl, a guy who spotted it on ebay bought it which was a shock, as I've never had any luck selling a car there. He was within 3 hrs of me and came and bought it in person. On the other hand, I've had great luck in the past with Hemmings. Also surprised as the cheaper cars like this usually take me longer to sell than more expensive ones. Despite it being a clone, this Cuda had the right color, a 4 speed and the 6 pack setup going for it.
  14. Penske PC-7

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

  15. Penske PC-7

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

    I have a 1973 Plymouth Cuda for sale. Originally a 340/4 speed car it now has a 440-6 and 4 speed. Asking $46,500. Located in Danville, Va. No trades. Here is a link to the Hemmings ad: