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  1. How have you handled this situation ?

    As several have mentioned, the easiest way is to go to a branch of his bank in your area, if there is one not too far away. They will issue a cashiers check to you as you stand right beside the buyer at the tellers' window. The funds are deducted from his account right then, and there is no way for him to stop payment or recover the funds in any manner. I have bought and sold several this way and it is painless and safe for both parties. I also had my wife ( joint account) do a wire transfer to the sellers's account when I bought a car out of state that I wanted to view in person. That worked ok too, and the funds were in his account fairly quickly. Whatever you do, DO NOT take one of these: Genuine, but still worthless.
  2. Cord

    The car s/n is listed in Josh Malks' book "Cord Complete" as a cabriolet. Seems to be a real car.
  3. Engine block, head and crank shaft to ship

    I've used YRC Freight several times for engines and transmissions. You can get an on line quote without talking to anyone, and the quote will be very close to the actual charge if you estimate the weight closely. Whenever I shipped items like this, I wrapped them and banded them to a pallet and took them to the nearest YRC terminal which is about 40 miles away.
  4. And The Bottom Line Is......

    The listing is ended. Maybe his ad worked for him, and I hope it did. What do I know anyway?
  5. And The Bottom Line Is......

    Ouch. I also own a Cuda.
  6. And The Bottom Line Is......

    I don't mean this as criticism. If nothing else, my post here will get the seller a little more exposure for his car. It is 24 degrees here, and having some interest in C2 corvettes, ( I've owned several, and currently have a 327/350 '67 coupe) I found myself reading this sellers lengthy ad. In all honesty, I found it to be entertaining, and not a bad way to spend some time on a cold morning with a cup of coffee. However, what struck me after digesting it all, (this probably ruins it for you) was the realization that what he has for sale is a wrecked 67 coupe with NOM. He's honest about that if you read everything. The ad is the finest example of a diversionary, written smoke screen that I have read in a long time. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Chevrolet-Corvette-427-Tri-Power-3x2-UNRESTORED-ORIGINAL/263413402665?hash=item3d54a98c29:g:a2wAAOSwO7haSaOF&vxp=mtr
  7. The worst of times

    I completely understand, and am truly sorry that the difficulties took away from your experience.. I vividly recall my drive by ( participation award only) at this years Elegance at Hershey. My wife was sitting beside me without a care in the world ( and I'm happy for that) waving like the Queen to the spectators. Me, I'm sitting there thinking " you've never quit on me before, PLEASE don't do it now", with my eyes darting back and forth between the oil pressure and temp gauges. I was so wrapped up in that aspect of it that I didn't look at the crowd or hear a word the announcer said during my time stopped at the review stand. And then it was over. I regret that I didn't even allow myself to enjoy the experience. I can only imagine the pressure at say, Pebble Beach with a high dollar car. Sounds like you handled everything very well. Congrats.
  8. If you can't have them all, have them all in one, lol. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-Other-Makes-G80-/253185689233?hash=item3af30b0691:g:45AAAOSwf5NZ0VBj&vxp=mtr
  9. "The car was never mistreated."

    I'd be interested in owning the bed liner.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Chevrolet-Corvette-convertible-/192318643130?hash=item2cc7159bba:g:AS8AAOSw0w5ZzE8L&vxp=mtr
  11. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    I'd bet he was having some sort of shifting problem that explains the missing bumper and trans cover. I owned an 812. You can manually select gears from the front of the car with the cover off. To get the cover off, one has to at least drop one end of the bumper down. Depending on the specific problem. one might have to manually select 2nd or third, then start the car, and ride the clutch to get going - maybe the problem was only with certain forward shifts or perhaps only with reverse - who knows. Just saying it would explain driving the car with those parts missing. You're right though, she wasn't taken care of for sure.
  12. 1937 Pierce Arrow limo

  13. 1937 Pierce Arrow limo

  14. Cash in hand. No hulks wanted. PM me. Thanks.
  15. Cash in hand. No Hulks wanted. PM me. Thanks.