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  1. I bet there's a part there somewhere that fits my car.....or your car......or his car..... or her car, ....or your brother's car..............
  2. You might want to google 'torque tube" before you get in too deep. It is a key part of your suspension system and is what transmits the torque of the wheels through a torque ball to the back of the transmission, through the engine mounts and to the cars' frame. It may have rods running to either side of it from the rear axle that serve to locate the axle from side to side. If your Buick is one with coil springs in the rear, the torque tubes' function is arguably even more critical than in a leaf spring car. Yes, I've done the street rod thing too, and I'm well aware that torque tubes are eliminated all the time. My point is that to do it safely requires more than eliminating the torque tube and installing a late model rear end. Even if the car has leaf springs, their mounting points were not designed to transmit the torque load to the frame. Rather than cutting the car up, I would recommend a Gearvendors overdrive. I did a topic under Technical a couple of years ago detailing the installation of one in a 1931 Cadillac Sedan. It accomplished what you want to do beautifully, and allows you to easily put the car back to stock simply by procuring an extra torque tube and inner drive shaft, as these are the only pieces modified. Also, you can elect to remove the overdrive for use in the next car if you sell the Buick. Good luck.
  3. Huh?
  4. Thanks Dave. Either way I'll look forward to meeting you.
  5. Thanks very much for clarifying. Actually, I am registered for Charlotte and will try for the Senior there. Was trying to plan out the rest of the year. Thanks again.
  6. Now I'm REALLY screwed up! I just reread the judging guidelines, and it appears that I have confused the rules for Preservation with the rules for attending the Grand National Meet. If a car won its Senior in 2017, does that mean it cannot participate in the 2017 Grand National Meet?? ( page 3-26 of the Judging Guidelines) , but it CAN get a Preservation award in 2017, possibly at the very next national meet after winning the Senior?? If this is how it is, I fail to see the logic. (Not criticism, I just don't get it, which will come as no surprise to you once we meet) Since all restorations tend to go downhill with the passage of time, it would seem that these rules would be exactly opposite - a Preservation award would be more meaningful after the passage of time, whereas a Grand National award would seem natural when the restoration was "fresher" and all of the cars at the meet are at a very high level. Straighten me out!
  7. In the same calendar year that the Senior was won??? Don't think so......
  8. My understanding is that except for attending the Grand National, a Senior car would be a "do not judge" at any other national meets in the same calendar year that it won its Senior. Is this correct?
  9. Spot on. I have had nothing but grief with mail order exhaust systems including those from the vendor mentioned in this thread. Their stuff just never quite fits right - close but no cigar. There is nothing like having a muffler shop that knows what they are doing bend and fit the pipes to your car on the spot. As Rusty said, ask the gearheads in your town who is good. The guys who have top notch 60's and 70's muscle cars are always having this work done, and most of them are picky. In my town there are several shops that are mediocre, and one that is excellent. All of the car guys know who he is. If you want an EXACT OEM appearing muffler, the shop may or may not be able to supply it. If you give them the chance to procure what you want, and they are unable, most shops have no problem installing a new muffler that you supply, if they are going to install the entire system. The point of all of this is that there is NO substitute for having a SKILLED person bend the pipes for your car on the spot. Also, use stainless, which is what most good shops use now anyway.
  10. Matt & Marty, Thanks! I did do some searching on the website prior to posting the question, but was unable to locate the info. Thanks for posting.
  11. This is pretty basic I suppose, but hey, I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer: What are the Divisions of the AACA, and what Regions are encompassed within each Division? Are Eastern and Western the only two Divisions? Thanks.
  12. It'll buff out.
  13. We're hosting a region CCCA tour that weekend, but we'll look forward to seeing you and the 'Burb at Charlotte!
  14. Great pictures! I bet that was you passing out the flyers for the Triangle Chapter meet. I was talking with someone, and it didn't hit me until later that the lovely young lady giving out the flyers had to be Annie SS. It was a surprise to be handed a flyer for an event that is so close to home, when I was far from home. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious. I'm sorry my wife and I didn't make time to speak with you.