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  1. Nah, I don't think it's the same car, although remotely possible since the Bohams auction was several years ago. It could have been freshened, but there ARE a lot of differences.
  2. http://www.jjrods.com/classics/1929-lasalle-convertible-coupe/ J.J. Rods is Jerry Jurden. Very nice guy, but I can't say if he will divulge who he sold the car to. He currently has a '31 355A convertible coupe for sale also. Actually, I'm not sure - firewall tag not shown/ engine number not listed and this car looks better than the one you're looking for. It could be it if some paint work had been done to the fenders and wheels.
  3. Who's the go to guy for 1930's window regulator repair? I've seen a few ads from time to time, but can't find any at the moment. Thanks.
  4. Back in '74, I had a '72 Ranchero GT with a 351C. It had been running fine, and I was getting ready to go on a trip. Threw my bags in the back, and cranked it over - nothing but popping back through the carb occasionally - would not start although it had both spark and fuel. Confirmation of it having jumped time was that when number 1 cylinder was brought up to TDC, the distributor rotor was nowhere near to pointing at the number 1 position on the cap. Teardown revealed nylon ( or whatever the plastic like material was on the cam gear) broken off leaving small nubby teeth which the chain had jumped. I had shut it off not 30 minutes before. I suppose the torque of cranking it to start caused it to jump at that moment.
  5. LOL. I recently was sitting in a chair beside my car at a Meet reading a magazine, when a gentleman I had never met came by and pointed to a part on it and said "You know that's incorrect, don't you?"....... "You're right", I replied and continued reading for a few moments. Happily, I think this caused him to rethink his approach, and we wound up having a good conversation.
  6. Wow!, a '65 fuelie coupe! Wayne, let me borrow this fine vehicle, and I'll fix it for free. Thing is, I'll need to test drive it for a year or so afterwards.......just to make sure everything is working properly, you see.
  7. Hope so! I've never seen a forecast that changed so much. ( and as a former airline pilot, I've seen my share of wildly inaccurate forecasts) It's like they can't figure it out at all. Since your post, it went back to 60% rain, then cloudy and 20% rain, and at this moment mostly sunny!
  8. I'll defer to your expertise. It was a long time ago, and I was 17 years old. Certainly not the car expert that I am now, lol. That's how I remember it - but I'm sure I have the particular problem wrong. I remember going out into the shop area with my friend and the mechanic had the driver's side valve cover off. I recall him mentioning some drilling and tapping involved. A few hours later we were on our way. Lesson learned - don't try to share 45 year old memories.
  9. My brother took me and a friend to the Dodge dealer to pick up the friend's brand new 73 Charger with a 340. I was looking forward to the 40 mile ride home with him. He drove it gently about 11 miles, when bad engine noises ensued. After getting it towed back to the dealer ( remember, no cell phones to help out then) it was found that a pressed in rocker arm stud had pulled out of the driver's side cylinder head.
  10. It turned up today. My bride had her own little stack of unopened mail that I didn't know about. It went something like this: "honey is this something important?" "Why yes, my lovely and intelligent wife. Thank you for asking." LOL. The mirror hanger that was enclosed gets you onto the auction park grounds. Rest of packet is picked up at AACA/CCCA registration area there.
  11. WHAT mirror hanger and event info??? I mailed my form and check on 3/30/17, and it has cleared the bank. I also sent forms and check to the CCCA on 3/2/17 (also cleared) and have not received any type of confirmation from them either. I actually didn't expect to receive anything (didn't enclose SASE) - figured they'd have a packet waiting for me when I got there like most national meets.
  12. Ed is correct that the LaSalles had the decorative intake cover, while most Cadillacs had variations of a stamped metal cover that covered the whole intake. The car may have had an intake manifold replacement, as the aluminum castings have a high failure rate. ( "Blowout" around the exhaust cross over area). The intakes are interchangeable between Cadillac and LaSalle V8's of the same year.To tell if the Cadillac engine has been replaced with a LaSalle engine, request the engine number that is stamped on the passenger side of the aluminum crankcase. A 1929 Cadillac engine would be in the range of 500001 to 511005. A 1929 LaSalle engine would be 600001 to 614995. The cylinder head in the picture is a 1929 part. ( Cadillac/LaSalle)
  13. I'm no good at managing MY OWN money.
  14. LOL
  15. IMHO the answer depends on what you want to do with the car. If you can be happy with it pretty much "as is" ( I wouldn't be, but that's MY curse) then it's an OK buy. If you planned to restore it properly, then you would be backwards on it even if they gave you the car. I'm not talking about taking it to a shop and saying "do it" either. I'm talking about you personally doing everything except paint, interior and chrome - still better off buying one already done - especially when the car involved is a sedan. I'd be very interested in this car for $9-10K, and then I'd part it out. There's $20-25K there in parts. I know this because I've already parted out two '31 Sedans. Blasphemy? No... the cars live on as parts of other cars.