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  1. 31 Caddy

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

    Carl, a guy who spotted it on ebay bought it which was a shock, as I've never had any luck selling a car there. He was within 3 hrs of me and came and bought it in person. On the other hand, I've had great luck in the past with Hemmings. Also surprised as the cheaper cars like this usually take me longer to sell than more expensive ones. Despite it being a clone, this Cuda had the right color, a 4 speed and the 6 pack setup going for it.
  2. 31 Caddy

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

  3. 31 Caddy

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

    I have a 1973 Plymouth Cuda for sale. Originally a 340/4 speed car it now has a 440-6 and 4 speed. Asking $46,500. Located in Danville, Va. No trades. Here is a link to the Hemmings ad: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/plymouth/cuda/2123714.html
  4. For some reason, the color appeals to me as well. 🙂
  5. 31 Caddy

    It Just Ain't Right

    It just ain't right to accuse Bohman & Schwartz of building a car this ugly. They're long dead and can't defend themselves. 🙄 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-Cadillac-Other/123134669142?hash=item1cab65f156:g:D60AAOSwYrJa37P5&vxp=mtr
  6. 31 Caddy

    1934 Packard 1108 Dietrich Victoria project

  7. 31 Caddy

    Race Car Certification Class 24A

    Thanks Wayne. I emailed him back on May 9th, but haven't received a reply. No worries. Rick.
  8. 31 Caddy

    1967 Corvette Coupe SOLD

    Sold. Thanks for your interest and kind words.
  9. 31 Caddy

    Race Car Certification Class 24A

    I am looking at purchasing a vintage Indy Race Car. Several are under consideration. I would like to show the car in class 24A . The Judging Guidelines state that "First time entrants must apply to National Headquarters to receive an Application for Certification. The owner will provide all required documentation." All of the cars that I am considering made at least one start in the Indy 500 or a Cart race and this is easily documented. However, some of the cars had a different engine installed by the original customer than what is currently installed. Examples: 1) A Lola chassis had a Cosworth DFX engine installed by the original customer. It was later converted to a "stock block" Donovan Chevrolet during its racing career. 2) A March chassis originally fitted with a Cosworth DFX was converted to an Indy Buick V6 - also during its racing career. Would cars like this be allowed in 24A? I'm wondering if the "Application for Certification" requires the engine type that was first / originally installed. Obviously, I will be requesting an application, but some info now would be great.
  10. 31 Caddy

    SCORE!!! I will take two!

    You're right! Especially when they're EXACTLY like the one he's trying to sell, lol.😲
  11. 31 Caddy

    SCORE!!! I will take two!

    Hmmm, and all this time, Alex Dragone in CT. thought it was his consignment. 😲 https://www.dragoneauctions.com/1933packard1004supereightcoupe
  12. 31 Caddy

    What does a red ribbon mean?

    It's the Concours version of a police tow sticker.
  13. 31 Caddy

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    Wow!....ummmm, errrr, gee Thanks! That's the nicest compliment it ever got. 😃
  14. 31 Caddy

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    I rebuilt this one several years ago to what you see in the picture. Lots of people said it was ugly, and the corvette club types took a dim view of it - which added to my enjoyment, lol. The car started life as a 68 convertible that was subsequently wrecked and had an Eckler's vettewagon kit installed, probably in the '70's. I found in on ebay (really need to stay off of there) derelict in S.E. Missouri. I enjoyed the project, and didn't have much money in it when finished. Sold it at an auction.