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  1. Frantz

    Parking passes Hershey

    I was thinking that too, but that's a big technological jump for AACA =-P
  2. Frantz

    Parking passes Hershey

    Just a complaint for the sake of having the conversation... Might the folks who run Hershey consider a better solution to parking passes rather than sending SASE? It know it's not a big deal, but it is one of those extra PIA things that I can't fathom a reason for. Every other meet I've judged at mails the passes when you register automatically. If it's about the postage, why not just give an option to pay for the postage as well when you register as an add on? Because it's one of those things every judge needs, requiring an added step seems like it also is an added step for whoever has to constantly check their mail box and send the passes out.
  3. If its cl they ought to be local. I mean who scrolls the nation looking for prople who want to buy door panels? Also the text wording seems vague with "part". Ask for pics and then a specific pic not attainable by just zooming in. Edit... sorry I was tired this morning and for some reason read "craigslist" rather than "classified"... definitely a scam.
  4. Frantz

    Headlight supports???? HELP!

    Based on your handle probably in a box marked "1937 parts" 😛
  5. Frantz

    Hershey 2018

    For sure... but just for judging Saturday morning. I had to get off work just for that much. It's my daughters birthday too so I sorta have to get home quick for her as well (-=
  6. Frantz

    Headlight supports???? HELP!

    Google shows several 1937 dodge and plymouth headlight mounts with that part number and they look the same.
  7. Frantz

    1931 Oldsmobile 2 DOOR

    I don't know how much they'll have but you could try the GM media archive site. They don't have much olds stuff listed but I've found the info on early chevy trucks to be pretty extensive... it looks like you'd have to contact and order for a 31 olds if you felt it was worth the cost for what they might have. Or else of course check out AACA library. GM Media Archive
  8. Frantz

    So whom would you sell it to?

    I sell cars (late model and new). Got a sorta rare one in and let a woman know who has been waiting. 5 years old 30k miles... lowest mileages available in the country and still falls under certified pre owned for manufacturer. She wants me to call her back when it's through the shop for check up. In the mean time another sales person gets a sight unseen deposit... he and his customer win. I have no problem with that. My customer wanted more info to make a decision, his did not and was ready to act.
  9. Frantz

    Ouch, bought in Hershey

    Without sounding like I'm offering legal advice (because its not allowed and I have no clue what I'm talking about), you could still sue for negligence. But yeah... insurance is good to have. At least the owners are trying to help save some other cars out there with the parts.
  10. Frantz

    71Riviera questions

    Don't forget to save the factory manifolds then too! You wouldn't be the first guy to spend a whole lot more money down the road if you decide to go back to stock trying to find factory originals! If you're looking at a street car on somewhat of a budget then I would stick to the factory size. Easier to find headers that way and fewer pipes to engineer. 71 Riviera is one of the best looking cars of the period, congrats and welcome to the hobby!
  11. Frantz

    firing order on a 28 standard 6 motor

    Funny you should ask... Check out this thread... 2nd picture. Garden Gnome ID
  12. Frantz


    I once inquired with a local attorney on the cost to get a title for a vehicle here in PA. He said costs normally start at $800 for their service and go up. Is that too high? Maybe... but if it means they'll have my back if down the road something comes up, and after I've put thousands of dollars into the vehicle... it's cheap insurance. There are certainly ways to get a vehicle title by switching between states with various laws on titling, but if someone turns up down the road with the original title, do they not have claim to the vehicle? Maybe the original owner isn't that sort, but what about when their kids go through the estate and out of curiosity run a pull for the vehicle. I have two cars stored about 3 hours away from me so I don't check on them often enough. They've not been registered for some time. If someone stole them and sold em to someone else who then got titles made for them What happens? Shouldn't I be able to lay claim with my original titles? I'm no attorney, and I would certainly buy a project without a title, but theses are things that concern me and I'd rather pay the money to get it done as right as possible.
  13. Frantz

    Hudson Truck

    That does seem like a solid starting point for someone. I've always liked those.
  14. Frantz

    HPOF Class

    I think it's good to have HPOF be at 25 years. Frankly too many cars from the 1990s, 1980s and 1970s are being point judged that really are better in HPOF. It takes an unnecessary long amount of time to point judge a car that simply hasn't had a hard 25-40 year life, but hasn't been through an actual restoration either. There are some survivor exceptions that do great on points. I have no problem with a car starting the preservation and being awarded for it at 25 years of age. Further, what harm does it cause to the mission of the club?
  15. Frantz

    HPOF of '27 Chandler

    Your car looks awesome! I would encourage you to go HPOF without the repaint. What a treasure you have!