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  1. Frantz

    Engine scanner

    Any old OBDII scanner will pull codes. It's universal, that's the point. Some will try to tell you what the code is but that would get obsolete. The phone ones are nice since that can be updated. I wouldn't spend more than I have to on a normal code reader though and then just look the codes up online. It's worked for me for years now.
  2. Frantz

    gardner automobile

    Congrats on the car! I'd assume any parts needed will mostly be custom jobs, but your car looks pretty complete, and you're already in touch with folks who are preserving the brand, so that's not too bad of a start! It'll be a new experience for you it sounds like in not simply going online and looking for the parts needed, but hang in there, you'll have an awesome reward when all is said and done.
  3. Frantz

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    I don't see that as always being the case, or even enough to consider it sound advice. The avg new car price is $30k. The 3 year residual is generally about 50% for a domestic (IDK the import market). So how can you save $14k buying used on avg, unless everyone is paying full sticker and not getting rebates? I just helped my friend lease a Fusion last week and get got almost $9k between rebates and discount off a $30,500 car (Hybrid SE). I don't think folks are paying full sticker for the other domestics, and I'm sure the imports have to take something off, or else why wouldn't you buy a Ford and take advantage of the savings (FWIW buying the car rebates were $2300 lower than leasing last week, still a significant percentage discount). Now if you are buying 6-8 year old cars that can be a different story. This is when cars sorta lose their value and have a higher utility value than retail value, but the late model buying craze is being driven by lease turn ins and the factories flooding the market with them. It's been a known coming for some time since leasing started really picking up a few years ago. I think folks who buy used cars as an old habit should at least shop for new ones and see. There are cars that depreciate like a rock, but it's for a reason of quality or they are unpopular, sound desirable vehicles tend to sell for used close to what new ones do and the mile depreciation doesn't always make a whole lot of sense. Used trucks sometimes sell for more than new ones optioned the same, I've seen it happen. Of course all this goes out the window if you're talking private party sales, but that's a whole other risks and cost benefit analysis you have to go through!
  4. Frantz

    Cheap slow block cleaner?

    Thanks for all the ideas. I'm certainly not in a rush just tired of not getting started on this car. Spent the day tagging and bagging parts. Motor is almost free just gotta get transmission bolts.
  5. I don't disagree but I think saying they are worthless is a bit misleading too.
  6. Frantz

    Cheap slow block cleaner?

    I've somehow never seen one of those pressure washers. That thing looks handy.
  7. The price guide examples all gave figures close to what you just said as a feeling.... Just a thought...
  8. Frantz

    Questions about VIN numbers and trim tags

    It's simply not the nature of the AACA to discourage a clone so long as it's done correct. An owner can sit in their chair and tell the team captain that the car is a cloned SC Rambler that started as an American, so long as everything is where and how it should be on an SC Rambler, then it's just fine. Most members I know and have met are more about the historic context, what it represents as a machine and time, than ensuring the max value, or certify authenticity. You'd be surprised how much our judges do catch, being one of them, I can attest that we don't know everything (or is that anything?) I'm fully sure we miss many things too. We spend maybe 5 minutes per car in the judging process with a team of 5 people, so just under half an hour of total time. Considering the hours and years that go into a restoration, and a lifetime of knowledge that isn't well documented or able to be tested against a VIN or data tag, it's a good process that promotes the hobby with historic interest.
  9. Frantz

    Cheap slow block cleaner?

    Will that get clean out the greese too? I sorta thought that was more for rust.
  10. I'm in no rush at all but have lots of dirty blocks. Is there a reason I shouldn't just take a drum, stand the block up, and pour in some diesel? Would like to rebuild some motors on a budget.
  11. Frantz

    Push button won't shift

    Haha. If no parking brakes and questionable starting conditions stopped me from driving vehicles I'd have a much shorter list of enjoyed vehicles in my life.
  12. Frantz

    Push button won't shift

    1964 Dodge 880, so a later style.
  13. Frantz

    Biggest new car per peaves

    The Ford (and Chevy) 10 speed isn't like others. It skips gears so it ends up feeling more like a traditional automatic, well... like a 6 speed, which anymore, is sorta traditional. As for CDs... yeah, other car companies are going that way too. I haven't used a CD for several years. You can pretty easily transfer anything you have on CD onto a digital medium. It's really easy and when you see how many CDs you can store on a USB drive you'll understand why it's a bit silly to bother with CDs at all. They take up a big part of the dash that can be used (or not used) for other purposes and a cleaner look. Also to go with the above comment for how much cheaper a car could be without all the crap on it... a CD player is more complex than any of the sensors you are complaining about, and it's something a many of today's buyers don't use.
  14. Frantz

    New to the forum

    Welcome! I don't know how you can say "that's about it" when it sounds you're tackling some of the big jobs! Looking forward to seeing your work and pride!
  15. Frantz

    Biggest new car per peaves

    I mean... you guys know most cars with touch screens have voice control too right? What are you doing touching the touch screen? That's not what it's for =-D I got my 2015 Fiesta just the way I wanted it though. Simple radio (with bluetooth), crank windows, manual transmission. Going to my comment on the Ford thread, with you can't sell a young person and old persons car, I would be the exception. IMO luxury is a nicely appointed interior without technology. But then again, I'm in your club, not the young people club, and I bought the cheapest car Ford makes, so they aren't really making much money off me.