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  1. Dodge Dee 2

    Hershey 2019

    Thanks everyone for your excellent tips and advice . I am ready to start booking and looking forward to my 1st Hershey .
  2. Dodge Dee 2

    Hershey 2019

    John & Terry Useful and helpful advice advice . It sounds like from your post John that Saturday is when the show cars drive / parade along a route for everyone to view . Can these cars be viewed before Saturday around the venue . ?? Is there a mass exodus on Saturday with big traffic jams to get out ? Do most people then start heading home late Saturday afternoon ? Are the car makes grouped together so for Dodge would all Dodges be in the same area and for spare parts / flee market are they grouped my car make ? Thanks for you time in responding my numerous questions Farrol
  3. I live in London , United Kingdon and would like to plan a trip to Hershey next year ,2019 . I would really appreciate any advice . My questions may sound a bit basic but its naturally a big trip for me and want to make the best of it and maybe pick up some parts for my 36 Dodge So questions are When to arrive ? -( day before it starts ? ) What are the hotel options - are there hotels nearby with shuttle buses or do you need a car to get to the show ground ? Is it realistic picking up a rental car in New York and driving to Hershey - or Catching a train or bus ( I will be flying into NYC ) Whats the best way to plan my visit with so much going on every day All suggestions welcome Farrol
  4. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Dodge wing mirrors

    Keiser Thanks for your response - You must have sent the cover to a previous owner in UK - I would be be interested to hear the story how you came to send this heavy cover to UK .Thanks for your offer to make contact when we are traveling in Oregon Can you send me your contact phone number and email to me at or through private message service which I think this site has and I can ring you when we are on the road heading south to see if we can meet up Farrol
  5. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Dodge wing mirrors

    I have tried in the UK to buy a wing mirrors to fit onto the doors of my 36 Dodge Coupe and have tried a number mirrors made for British classics and none work . Does anyone have source of supplier or maybe have a pair I can buy from you . I am travelling into USA in the next 3 weeks so can arrange for it to posted to my last address in San Francisco before leaving back to UK See my photo uploaded of the mirror position Also does anyone know of any Classic Car museums in the state Oregon as we will be driving down from Seattle through Portland to San Fran and Yosemite Thanks Farrol
  6. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Chevrolet Cabriolet

    I am now convinced by all your theorising and deductions that this Chev is NOT an Australian but more likely to be a South African / Brazilian hybrid . When I get to SA later in the year I will get to the bottom of this as there are still some old timer (guys ) who remember GM s production plant Thank you all for your contributions Farrol
  7. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Chevrolet Cabriolet

    Curti II am based in UK and I have friend in South Africa who is checking the car over so I will get him to look for plates in the engine bay and take some photos underneath Thanks Farrol
  8. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Chevrolet Cabriolet

    Guys Your response is been truly appreciated and very informative . Now that you have described the differences between a Cabriolet and Roadster I can understand the differences externally . Would there be difference in the engine and mechanical parts ?. I understand GM had car plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in the 1930's assembling rolling chassis . I have been told this is one of two 36 Roadsters in SA and the 2nd one seems to have gone off the radar .This means it could have come from Australia or Brazil ( As BRB 62 mentioned ) In the 30 s both SA and Australia where part of the British colonies so lots of trade between the two so my bet its Holden version , however further research needed Anyone know why these Roadsters weren't built in US and are Roadsters generally regarded lower spec across the different brands ? Can anyone tell me if the engine in the photo looks like the original 36 Chev ? Thanks for all of your wealth of knowledge Farrol
  9. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Chevrolet Cabriolet

    I am trying to find out more inforamtion on this 1936 Chev convertable and have uploaded some photos - Can anyone identify if the body styling ,head lamps , body trim etc is authentic .? One thing I have noticed is that the windscreen is straight and not V shape as seen in some google photos of the same model . Is it possible that it started as hard top and has been cut down ? This car has spent its life in South Africa ,hence the right hand side steering wheel . Thanks for your help Farrol (you will see I am a Dodge man about to become a Chev one as well )
  10. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 dodge regulator

    Thanks for all your advice . Frank - The system was changed to 12V in the UK and the regulator is probably UK brand . I will clean the contact using white paper and get the dynamo brushes checked Curti -I have googled the reference items and found some good data Keith - .if my checks dont succeed then a new regulator will be bought
  11. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 dodge regulator

    I have recently had problems with the AMP meter suddenly dropping back to zero whilst driving .In the past it would hover between 0 and 20 when driving and flutter about erratically presumably the voltage being regulated . I have adjusted the left hand side yellow screw ( clockwise ) in the attached photo slightly which has helped but then after driving for a while it goes back to zero .( I only do this as I watched a mechanic do it some time back ! ) The amp meter display seems to working correctly as when it was on zero for a journey of 50 miles I tried to start the engine and their wasn't enough power in the battery .I have also tested with voltage meter . Has anyone got any ideas what the problem is . I have attached photos of the regulator and amp meter .My Dodge was converted to 12V about 10 years ago but still has a dynamo Thanks Farrol
  12. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Dodge propellor shaft

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I will have another go today and If I don't succeed and I will take your advice Jpage and order a couple leather boots from Auto Parts Obsolete !
  13. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Dodge propellor shaft

    I have attached the page from the service manual. What is the best way to remove Centering Button , are they on a thread or push fit ? Once this button has been removed will the other fitting /parts release easily Is item 16 on the diagram the Trunnion pin ? As you can see I haven't done this before and dont want to damage something that is going to make this into a big repair job - Thanks
  14. Dodge Dee 2

    1936 Dodge propellor shaft

    I am replacing one of the rubber boots on the prop shaft and need help in how to remove the Universal Joint /casing as in the photo so I can remove the damaged boot and replace with the new one . The photo shows a cleaned up joint but I cant see an obvious way to remove it ? Thanks Farrol
  15. Dodge Dee 2

    Starter 1936 Dodge

    Thanks for advice and will try the test