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  1. Casper Friederich

    1920’s or early 30’s Sedan

    1929 Steyr XX with 2-Litre six-cylinder and swing-axle at rear, made in Austria
  2. Casper Friederich

    Mystery disc wheel touring car

    GM product?
  3. Casper Friederich

    Is this a Buick?

    The 490 Chevy has quarter-elliptic springs.
  4. Casper Friederich

    First car in the town of Abie NE - what is it?

    The shorter wheelbase Model K.
  5. Casper Friederich

    Anyone know what this car was originally?

    I hate this current rat rod trend. It's really sad that orphan closed cars from the '30s are turned to rods. Restorods would have been more OK, I know it's not worth it with all that body supporting wood. But I would be happy driving a six-cylinder (= non Ford!) mid-'30s sedan than a much later sought-after collector car.
  6. Casper Friederich

    A 1920 hot rod? Gow job?

    There was at least one aftermarket speedster body for Model T with exactly that radiator, perhaps it's a Morton & Brett?
  7. Casper Friederich

    European car 1913-20???

    Puch Alpenwagen had still RHD in 1920-22.
  8. Casper Friederich

    European car 1913-20???

    Not a Steyr, production started with Typ II in 1920 and they were also pioneers of central gear level and parking brake. I myself was more thinking about another Austrian, Puch. But the same problem arises, the Alpenwagen from 1913 seems to have get a V radiator only in 1919 to my knowledge.
  9. Casper Friederich

    Christchurch, New Zealand, mid 1920s

    Ca. 1924 Star made by Durant, marketed in some countries as Rugby?
  10. Casper Friederich


    Named after General Anthony Wayne (1745-1796) according to an ad from 1908.
  11. Casper Friederich

    Unknown limo

    Googled Canadian Pacific R.R. station Victoria yesterday and came up with this intriquing photo: Isn't it the same car in the picture?
  12. Casper Friederich

    This one is labelled Hollywood Boulevard circa 1903

    Yes, Pope-Toledo very muck like the somewhat smaller tan coloured rear-entrance tourer Gustaf LM Ericsson, son of the Swedish telephone-pioneer, had. That car is included in the by Ny tidning för idrott printed automobile register of Stockholm, dated 1 October 1905.
  13. Casper Friederich

    Jno Brown Model 650 Saferay Headlight, circa 1915-20... From what?

    Information about Jno Brown headlights on Model T forum, could be of interest: and the Company's catalogue from 1924:
  14. Casper Friederich

    What make and year?

    By Heinels in Malmö, Sweden:
  15. Casper Friederich

    What make and year?

    I feel that I must comment on that, in 1982 a classmate of mine said that the car of the President of Finland was a Chevrolet! Probably the finest US car he could think of, but after all he had quite recently been transfered from a small village school to my bigger one