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  1. Horn ring I.D.?

    50's Pontiac?
  2. interesting tow vehicle

    Was common practice in the 1900's thru 1920's for dealerships to take a used sedan or touring and turn it into a "crash car" or "wrecker".
  3. Can Anyone Identify This Car?

    My first thought was Nash.
  4. So whats under the hood?

    Here are a coupe sbc for you.
  5. So whats under the hood?

    A few more.
  6. So whats under the hood?

    So whats under the hood? Here are some great engine compartments. Enjoy!
  7. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    Yes sir all of those chrome items were chrome in 1931. As for the side mount tires they were personal preference in 1931 and still are today. The AACA and other similar clubs CCCA ACD etc... want to see a car returned to an original condition or a condition that could have existed when the car was new. An exception being vintage Hot Rods but that is another topic. Google some images of 1930 - 1931 Cadillacs. Look at the V-16 models. These cars were the epitome of style and craftsmanship. Also look at Classic Era Packard, Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Automobiles. Bright colors, Exotic Leathers and woods are common. As are multi cylinder engines and all kinds of mechanical innovations. This was probably the zenith of the automobile. We will never see such style and elegance again. Here is a 31 Cadillac with a V-16 engine. When it is running you can balance a nickel on the intake manifold. That smooth.
  8. 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe

    The beauty of restoring a car yourself is that you get to make it just the way you want it.
  9. Selling Classic Cars on E Bay ?

    It is amazing the number of ebay buyers who forget to check with their Wives, Mothers, Bankers, Buddies in the car club they are in, Priests, Witch Doctors, Psychologists, Parole Officers, Etc... before they make a deal. But they are always very sorry they cannot complete the purchase.
  10. Scammers very active on eBay , using fake PayPal

    They are using stolen photos and stolen descriptions so everything looks good. They just want the $400 or $500 instant deposit via pay-pal. REMEMBER if it looks to good to be true it is. Nobody is selling MARC winning model a roadsters for $15,000 or 1941 Buick Super Convertibles for $25,000 with AACA senior badges.