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  1. Brass is Best

    Tax and your cars

    The SUV uses more gas and pays more gas tax. If you leave the cell phone at home you are not being tracked, unless there was another way...
  2. Brass is Best


    The caption for the bottom photo should be: "Service Manual? Naw we ain't much into book lurnin round here.
  3. Brass is Best

    Tax and your cars

    The gas tax is a per mile tax. the more you use the more you pay. Tax electric cars by the mile and leave gasoline powered cars alone. However this is more about the ability to track everybody than roads. Be very careful who and what you vote for.
  4. Brass is Best

    1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air 4 door Sedan

  5. 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sport Coupe. OUTSTANDING! Restored. Built in Atlanta Georgia. Finished in Onyx Black. Trim Code Correct Red and Black interior. Powered by the 235 cubic inch Blue Flame 6-cylinder engine which Chevrolet rated at 140 horsepower. Automatic Transmission. Radio Delete. Clock. Power Steering. Wide White Wall Tires. Fender Skirts. Numerous SHOW WINS. This is THE BEST 1957 Chevrolet Sport Coupe we have ever seen. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. For someone who truly appreciates excellent quality. $59,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch the great Chevrolet in action:
  6. Brass is Best

    My car smells bad - mice urine odor reeks - help!

    All I can think of is this scene from The Blues Brothers:
  7. Brass is Best

    1953 Mercury Monterey Station Wagon Woodie Woody OVERDRIVE

    V8 with 3spd Overdrive.
  8. Brass is Best

    Wanted Model A Ford

    I have some great Fords at this time. More photos and details at Thanks!
  9. Brass is Best

    Tin Woody experts....need your assistance

    Buy the best car you can afford to start with. Restoration is not cheap or easy.
  10. Brass is Best

    1936 DeSoto S1 Airstream Touring Sedan! WOW!

    Yes Airstream is what DeSoto chose to call this car. I think you are thinking of the Airflow.
  11. Brass is Best

    1936 DeSoto S1 Airstream Touring Sedan! WOW!

    Matt, I get the memo all the time that I am single handedly ruining the old car hobby. I'm used to it. I think your 3-5% may be out of hand. We are supposed to buy high, sell low and make up on volume. The funny thing is the "pure hobbyists" always want the highest dollar when I try to buy from them. It is weird. I wish I only had $11.000 in that DeSoto. But that is not the case. Thanks for helping me get up to speed on how things are supposed to be. See you at Stan Hywet, Andy
  12. Brass is Best

    1936 DeSoto S1 Airstream Touring Sedan! WOW!

    I wish that is all I paid. When did you take over my accounting department?