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  1. Brass is Best

    Winter Buicks

    Looks like Special is having a Super time. In perhaps the storm of the Century? Though due to the cold his time in the snow is Limited.
  2. Here are my early and late picks. Both are Cadillacs. 1950 and 1959 Coupe deVilles.
  3. Brass is Best

    Tulsa Firefighters 1915

    The Ladder truck in back is a horse drawn unit with a Christie Front Drive conversion. The hose truck pulling the steam pumper may be a REO. The large engine second row left is probably a 1913 Ahrens Fox. Here is another view of the Tulsa apparatus.
  4. Brass is Best

    1951 Ford Custom Convertible OUTSTANDING!

  5. Brass is Best

    1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sport Coupe Hardtop

  6. Brass is Best

    Protective mud

    Yes Packards use mechanical brakes until 1937.
  7. Brass is Best

    Remembering our Veterans

    God Bless America! Thank you to all who serve and have served.
  8. Brass is Best

    Find the Buick

    Guess the bus driver couldn't see the locomotive because it wasn't big enough?
  9. Brass is Best

    Find the Buick

    Sure is! 1953 Skylark.
  10. Brass is Best

    What do you display with your car at a show?

    Lap blankets, tool rolls, period road maps and license plate toppers. They help make a car look as used in days gone by.
  11. Brass is Best

    Recognize this dash panel w/gauges? Automotive?

    I vote boat.
  12. Brass is Best

    Tires as Art

    Anything can become art if presented properly. Anything that is designed is already art. Tires are designed and have been for years. Hard to tell the scale but it looks like a huge woodblock print.
  13. Brass is Best

    1940 Ford Coupe with Mullins Red Cap Trailer

    With the hotel shortage at Hershey next year that trailer should be in high demand!