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  1. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    I like them with out clutter as well. I even prefer them with out the super-charger pipes. That was the way Mr. Buehrig designed it. Alex Tremulis of Tucker fame added the super-charger pipes for the 1937 model year. Mr. Cord just about fired him for doing so. But when the public fell in love with the pipes all was forgiven. Attached is my phaeton in front of Mr. Cord's home in Auburn.
  2. Wanted 1936-7 Supercharged Cord Aircleaner

    I know there was one for sale at Auburn this year at the ACD swap meet. They are called AIR-MAZE. Good luck with your search.
  3. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    That is actually a Cord accessory hood ornament. It is a flying lady similar to Auburn.
  4. Hood ornament

    It means that it was sold by a store like Western Auto or a catalog like JC Whitney. You would buy this and add it to your radiator cap to dress up you car. It was not made by a specific car manufacturer. These are very collectible. It appears yours is of high quality and made of bronze or copper. So yours may have been sold by a more high end source. Could have been made in the late teens to early thirties. These are often referred to as Mascots. Here are some more examples.
  5. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Boy that poor car sure has been run hard and put away wet. Early external exhausts. Missing front bumper and transmission cover. Paint issues and trouble folding the top. Lets hope it has fallen into better hands.
  6. 29 Fox firetruck

    That is an impressive engine!
  7. Hood ornament

    I think it is an accessory aftermarket part.
  8. Pre War stuff I will have for sale at Hershey in Red Field

    Walt, Looks like some great stuff! I see the 1931 Packard Prestige Brochure, Wow! May I ask how much for the Alpha racer? Thanks, Andy
  9. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    You bring up an excellent point. This is why a title is so important in the first place.
  10. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    Yes sir you are correct. The issue is they are worried about giving the car to the daughter. When the issue is really proving it was legally the brothers car. If this car is in the estate and is not properly titled then the estate cannot be settled.
  11. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    Perhaps one of the gentlemen who know how to "fix" this problem would be kind enough to explain all the steps to us.
  12. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    I see that as well. Do you think we are looking at a car with some sort of aftermarket wheels?
  13. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    In the eyes of the law the car dose cease to exist until it has a proper title. that is why a title is so important. But you are correct there will be a lot of leg work, waiting, pain and suffering to resolve this. Which there should be because somebody did not do what they were supposed to. But a title of a Cracker Jack box and a vin plate from the local trophy shop is never the right answer.
  14. What is it from?

    I think aftermarket. Or a marriage of the wings and the lady.
  15. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    Here is an 11 Cadillac.