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  1. Retired #oldcarprincess

    Best of luck to you Victoria! They are lucky to have you
  2. 2018 NC Region Spring Meet

    Thanks! Us too - And Joel took the day off from work, so he'll be there taking photos for us while I'm judging
  3. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    According to the brochure: 2-4 today, in the in-field tent. You can't miss it!
  4. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Judging will start at 11am regardless of the weather
  5. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    Thanks Terry! It was truly my pleasure to help out! I was honored to be asked to be the assistant and I learned so much from Stan and Mike. I couldn't have asked for better mentors in this amazing club . I too am sad to be missing Charlotte next weekend, but we've committed to raising funds for St Baldrick's for the 10th year in a row and next Saturday is a big occasion for Joel to shave his head in solidarity of children fighting cancer. We hope there will be a time when we won't need to do any fundraising, but we've committed. (I just hope next year our event is a different day then the Charlotte meet.)
  6. 2018 NC Region Spring Meet

    I'll be there!!!
  7. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    I will pass along the Thanks for the car show photos to my Husband
  8. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    I was able to upload my photos: USS Alabama Park: Henderson Collection: Car show: Misc photos from the long weekend: Naval Air Station Museum, Pensacola FL:
  9. Likewise my friend! I have to head way more west and you east... and since I was just in Alabama.... I think we missed the mark this time lol
  10. I'm on the opposite end where my father couldn't even change the oil and although liked cars, knew nothing about them. Sadly he sold the 1969 Chevelle and the Mach 1 Mustang cause he was bored I'm sorry you have to let his things go, but I guess they are his things and will help keep him comfortable I wish you all the best in the sales
  11. Great post and well written! I'm 46 and a woman and have vented about this topic for some time! I was at the AACA National meet in Mobile this past weekend and while at the Rountable discussions, I commented on how I was treated at the Virginia Beach National meet 3 years ago and it wasn't well treatment I received! Another woman commented that my 1989 Suburban was "just another used car". My response... they are ALL used cars! Of Course, she didn't like that comment, but it made me so angry that I wrote a letter to the editor of the AACA Magazine, West Peterson, about the treatment of new members and what vehicles they enjoy. If this car hobby is to grow, everyone has to be welcomed, whether they own a vehicle or not, or if it's a Toyota or a truck! As for grumpy old people, I meet them all the time when I'm on a judging team usually.... usually they warm up to me and we are all good friends at the end of the day Give them a chance too ;-)
  12. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    It's really so sad how this has come down All because of money... it's always about money.
  13. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    we got home late lastnight and all we can think about is how much fun we at in Mobile! What an amazing city.... full of fantastic people, great food and things to see and do. THANK YOU Deep South region for a wonderful time!!!
  14. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Another year we have to miss Charlotte The past few, it has coincided with the St Baldrick's event my husband and I participate in . Hopefully 2019 I can make the trip out
  15. 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck Gauges

    It's been a while - no one interested? Can anyone recommend someplace else to post these?