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  1. Judging for Newbies

    Here is the link to the flier for the NC Region event this weekend: And here is the agenda: If you want to attend, I would call John or Bill ASAP
  2. How Many Are Enough?

    If I had room, I'd have a lot more then the 2 I currently have and since 1 is for sale, I'm making room for a new one
  3. Here I go again...Another New TV show

    Interesting concept! Don't think they'd want either of my trucks. lol
  4. If you could?

    While it's hard to choose just one company, for my husband, I would select Oldsmobile, since he's an Olds guy
  5. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    We had 3 recalled, entered the info online and got 3 back already. They really are making good on this!
  6. 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

    Merry Christmas to you too!! Look forward to seeing YOUR car again
  7. 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

    Just wondering if you're in VA? I think I judged this beautiful car this year at your local Chapter show
  8. AACA National Winter Meet - 2018

    We've booked our room! Look forward to seeing Alabama!!
  9. Antique Mall Finds

    What great finds you all have had! Makes this girl jealous! Then again, I need to go to some antique shops before I start to complain about what I've NOT found However, on one of my estate sale weekends, I came across one that the owner used to recondition license plates! Unfortunately, my time was limited, so I couldn't spend too much time rummaging through ALL. THE. STUFF!!! But... I found a 1941 NC license plate that was really rough, but beautiful - gave that to my brother in law for his 1941 Packard collection. I also found a primered 1965 NC license plate. brought it home and painted it for my father in law, for his 1965 Econoline pickup Like old cars, I love old stuff!!! You can't beat the quality and the beauty
  10. 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck Gauges

    Would love to sell these... make me a good offer
  11. 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck Gauges

    Bumpity bump bump
  12. For sale: Original stock 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck gauges Prices are in the pictures. Please feel free to ask questions, but give me a little time to answer as I am selling these for a friend. Shipping within the continental US or pick up here in Raleigh NC
  13. The worst of times

    A. Congrats on the win!! Very exciting! B. Sorry for all of the excess "excitement" C. I need to take my shoes off to count how many times my 454SS has broken down while out of town... someday my husband will make good on his promise of lighting it on fire! lol
  14. hpof

    When you enter HPOF, the owner of the vehicle is asked to disclose any and all modifications/repairs done to the vehicle on their evaluation sheet. If someone doesn't disclose that it has been repainted, i'm not sure if the HPOF judge can question it or not.
  15. That is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing the article Charlie!