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  1. The owner of that Suburban made me not want to buy it. He was quite rude so I walked away lol Definitely nice stuff out there!
  2. AnniesSS

    Hershey pictures?

    Alrighty, here's my google link to over 500 photos mostly taken by my husband Joel! Enjoy!
  3. Sadly, I found nothing that caught my eye in the car corral or the show field. I'm still looking tho!!!
  4. AnniesSS

    Thank You

    I agree - I kept saying to my husband and father in law, "I can't imagine how much work this was to put together every year!!" Just amazing... so well done, everything was great, although I'd love to see another beautiful day like 2017 Show Day in 2017 See you in 2019!
  5. AnniesSS

    Hershey pictures?

    I'll post my photos shortly - my husband did us right, as usual, and got lots of great photos of the cars pulling in
  6. AnniesSS

    Hershey 2018

    My husband always says that I don't know the real Hershey experience without the mud! I, for one, am ok with that! My father in law has been going for over 40 years. My husband has been with him many, many times. I've gone 6-7 times since 2001.... however, this year is 5 in a row for me and the first without a vehicle on the show field! This will be the first time, however, that I'll be working at the Membership tent on the Chocolate field Friday afternoon! Come say hi!!
  7. AnniesSS

    Hershey News!!!

    Wow!!! Guess we need to go in the Summertime in 2020
  8. Why did I sell it? I had a buyer lol And I want something smaller, although my husband thinks a station wagon isn't smaller, only shorter! What can I say?! Thanks for the words of encouragement guys! I'm really looking forward to the search. BTW, I've volunteered to work the Membership Booth on the Chocolate Field 2-4 Friday! Come say hi
  9. AnniesSS

    Parking passes Hershey

    Sold it on Memorial Day. I've been trying to sell since last October and found a buyer. I'm still sad that I let it go, but it was time.
  10. Thanks so much! I've got my fingers crossed that I'll find my next baby
  11. AnniesSS

    Parking passes Hershey

    Sounds good to me! I'm trying to find something myself since I am without a vehicle Gonna be so weird being at Hershey without my Burb!
  12. Sniff sniff... I was hoping someone might have something for me! oh well, maybe I'll luck out when I get there.
  13. AnniesSS

    HPOF Class

    Since all cars in AACA are eligible at 25 years old, why single out one class to 35 years old? Seems quite unfair.
  14. AnniesSS

    Parking passes Hershey

    A side note, if you are able to show your car and judge, you don't need a parking pass