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  1. Looks to be a transmission brake on the rear of the unit attached to the hand brake, so that should help narrow it down
  2. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    That's one of my big bug bears, I have come across several people that have horded huge amounts of parts and say how much they're doing for the hobby but won't even talk to you unless you're restoring a pebble beach car. Thankfully carbking is not one of those guys :-)
  3. Rayfield carburetors general information

    Excellent post as always
  4. Need a big wallet for this one

    I believe Thailand has a heavily protected domestic industry, our car makers were complaining about it before they closed shop.
  5. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    Just to add to that, there are plenty of makes where there has been a consolidation of suppliers which has resulted in either crap service or high prices
  6. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    Average wage in the Melbourne/Sydney is around the $75k-$85k + 9.5% mandatory retirement fund contributions so pretty similar - our tax rate is pretty similar. Income tax + GST is what makes up the bulk of our taxes. Pretty much every mortgage here is variable interest rate as well so most (smart) people factor in the historic 7.5% average interest rates have been here in the last 30 years (even though its been sitting at 3.99% for a long time) - unsurprising Australian banks are hugely profitable (the 'worst' performing major bank made $8b profit last year) . Long story short, most people can only afford a tiny 1 bedroom apartment which hurts the hobby a lot. Which is a shame, given our climate is great for protecting cars.
  7. Cork float in oil pan question???

    The cadillacs rod is in two parts, so you can always shortern one piece if it floats at a different level
  8. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    I'm the same age as you and own a 22 Cadillac, so that's what my perspective is based on... Melbourne property prices are among the highest in the world now (most suburbs are now US$1m+ for anything with a garage) so that's a huge barrier for entry for those that didn't buy before the boom. Having said that, purchase price of the car is less of an issue compared to parts. There are elements of the community that paid a couple of bucks for parts would rather them sit on a shelf for 40 years collecting dust than sell them for a reasonable price - I'm not looking for a fantastic deal but your parts aren't gold plated either.... That sort of attitude has two problems: it prevents people from being able to do things; sours people on the community
  9. Cork float in oil pan question???

    Can I just say, Cadillac does a similar thing and it's an absolute pain in the %$* to get it back in the motor
  10. Locomobile

    I paid less than the asking price for a 22 Cad 5 passenger coupe, which is a very practical rally car because it has a back seat and lockable storage
  11. Vacuum tank/electric pump

    The one in our 26 was a bit fiddly, but works fine now it has all been cleaned out. When they're working properly you should be able to start from an empty tank it will be able to draw fuel from the rear tank and start within about 15 seconds
  12. Purolator rectangular bypass oil filter has been reproduced!

    Looks like it would be a good match for the 26 buick
  13. Convert slides to digital?

    There were a lot of poorly manufactured CD's in the late 90's (as CDR drives became popular) that basically the internal structure of the disk starts to seperate. Generally it will look cloudy or milky in certain parts of the disk when this start to happen. Lots of laserdisc also suffers from poor manufacturing where the disk cannot be read any more.
  14. Radiator Woes

    Don’t know about the UK but a guy here in Australia makes them here using original machinery http://www.ftrs.com.au/ also has a price estimator

    Australia used to have huge asbestos mining operations which have resulted in some towns being abandoned. Its been a big deal as long as I can remember to the extent one of the territories pulled down 500+ houses. Importation of asbestos has been illegal for some time, its being enforced now is the change