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  1. hidden_hunter

    Several million dollar collection for sale.

    Wonder if he’ll actually respond... he advertises in the caddy magazine and has never emailed me back
  2. hidden_hunter

    Buying on ebay. Don't use your phone!!!!

    I've bought most of my literature on eBay for my Cad and have never had any problems - some of this stuff is 100 years old you're not going to get something perfect.... The worst quality stuff I've bought are the repro's, the scans are usually terrible
  3. hidden_hunter

    Government vehicles (GOVs) - first ones?

    Our archives have lots of early photos of government cars coming into regional towns - there doesn’t seem to be any consistency with makes so I guess they just bought what was available. Mostly American/Canadian made stuff visiting regional towns and English cars/trucks in Melbourne
  4. What's the most unexpected thing you've come across when looking for parts? Mine happened recently, when I found (on ebay) a NOS Delco coil resistance unit that was specific to 2 years of Cadillac only (1921 and 1922)... Mine had been resolded at some point and someone just happened to be selling a NOS one, what are the chances!
  5. hidden_hunter


    When they’re properly setup it doesn’t actually take that long to draw fuel through when the vac tank is bone dry. 10 seconds or so is enough on a 26 Buick to get it started
  6. I have a heater in the rear of my closed 5 passenger Cadillac coupe (how you supposedly got 5 people in it is also a mystery) It has excellent visibility because all of the windows are massive including the rear. All four passenger windows are roll up as well i suspect another reason for the popularity of touring will be the sheer amount of heat and fumes some of the engines produced. Even on a 30c day, it gets pretty hot in the 26 Buick tourer and one of Buick’s not so great designs has excess fuel drip on the hot exhaust pipe...
  7. hidden_hunter

    Is this an on board air compressor for a car?

    Looks similar to the design Cadillac used, does it have a brand name on it (I think mine is KASCO or something like that)
  8. hidden_hunter


    Isn’t it more correctly cars before they stopped manufacturing of civilian cars for war production? It’s always a bit of a funny term given the war had been going for years at that point
  9. hidden_hunter

    NOS ignition parts

    What have you got for a 1922 Cadillac?
  10. hidden_hunter

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    I'll grab some photos when I get a chance, the top cover on mine is a bit cracked. I think the heater jacket on these are interchangable - it's listed as an accessory for earlier cars and the earlier cars were water driven (so might be easier to block) I wouldn't light you up for costs, I'm used to being reamed on shipping to Australia - but I can understand the challenge. I normally just use a package forwarding business that send it on (and take a nice chunk for themselves)
  11. hidden_hunter

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    Guessing you wouldn't have any Johnston's to suit a 1922 Cadillac Type 61?
  12. hidden_hunter

    Ladies, Gals, Girls, Woman, Las, and All...

    Depends on where you come from as well, “guys” is used for both genders here normally
  13. hidden_hunter

    Re-production license plates

    We can get new “old style” plates here that are manufactured the same as they were in the thirties https://www.vplates.com.au/heritage They look pretty neat but they’re not cheap
  14. hidden_hunter

    Now I can Throw away the Crowbar

    Guessing they err might have updated their logo at some point....
  15. hidden_hunter

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Most Australians' seem to have a much dimmer view on GM's closure of Holden compared to Ford's local manufacturing. GM retained the name Commodore for a car that had exactly zero in common with the car it replaced, presumably for marketing reasons and now Holden is one of the worst performing brands in Australia (doesn't help that GM's cars aren't really market/price leaders in any categories here)