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  1. Auburncoupe

    1964 Wildcat

    Well. The plastic inserts are horrible but zero pits. I was showing the chrome. I have not polished them up at all.
  2. Auburncoupe

    1964 Wildcat

    A 1964 Wildcat now available for parts. Dry desert car.. Excellent salt free metal. The "C" pillar emblem castings are in great condition with all three tabs intact. Several have asked for these. Please send a private message if you can use them. Thank you.
  3. Auburncoupe

    1972 Centurion Convertible

    If any member buys it and find that they need parts I have a rust free two door hardtop donor car that I am peeling apart. Thank you.
  4. Auburncoupe

    '60 Cadillac Biarritz wiper escutcheon

    The ones I have on my shelf did not match your photo. I am going out to the cars tomorrow and look.
  5. Auburncoupe

    '60 Cadillac Biarritz wiper escutcheon

    I have nice shiny wiper tower bezels with the nozzle for a standard Cadillac(62 series). Is this what you need? Please send me a private message as needed. Thank you. Sorry...I have them for the 1960 Cadillac.....
  6. Auburncoupe

    53 buick rear bumper overriders

    I have a good solid pair from the dry desert country. Write me a private note as needed. Thank you.
  7. Auburncoupe

    WANTED: PARTS FOR A 1954 2DR HT Super 56R

    I have all that you need except the bumper bolts. Please send me a private message as needed. Thank you.
  8. Auburncoupe

    Wanted: L29 Cord Shift components

    I know of a L-29 that is being turned into a hotrod. Message me and I can give you the contact information. There might be some mechanical items available. Thank you.
  9. Auburncoupe

    1957 Buick Front Bumper Guards

    I have these. Please send a private message as needed. Thank you.
  10. Auburncoupe

    For Sale: 1955 Buick Roadmaster Bumpers

    If his bumpers are bare I have nice front bullets. Please send a private message as needed. Thank you.
  11. Auburncoupe

    58 Bonneville sheetmetal wanted

    I can do rust free floors/trunk pan from a '58 Pontiac sedan if this helps. I also have solid front fenders and hoods. Write please a private message as needed. Thank you.
  12. Auburncoupe

    1971 Buick Riviera back seat and dash

    Pics of seats sent. I checked all the dash assemblies again. Every one broken. Lots of little goodies if you need anything. Seems the dash shells are pretty brittle. At least in rattle snake sagebrush country.
  13. Auburncoupe

    WTB: 1947-1949 Buick convertible

    i have a great stash of convertible parts if you find one and need anything.
  14. Auburncoupe

    1964 Wildcat roof emblems-SOLD

    SOLD-------Someone had contacted me a few months back looking for the '64 Wildcat round emblems on the "C" pillar of the roof. I am sorry I looked in my inbox for your direct contact info. If you see this and are still in need reach back to me. I just picked up a car that has a beautiful pair. I pulled them off today thinking of your request. The chrome is great,no pits and lots of shine.....AND....all three mounting studs per emblem survives along with all 6 speed nuts. I ramble. Reach out if you still need them. Thank you.
  15. I have two pair that are crack free and nice chrome. Please send me a private message as needed. Thank you.