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  1. 1947-1965 Buick parts

    I sent you a private message back. Thank you.
  2. Part needed for 1941 Buick Special

    I have several '41's. I will look and see if I have one that is not broken. Give me a few days. Up to a week as I am filling sold orders this week. I will let you know either way via private message. Please let me know if you find on in the mean time to save me some hunting time. Thank you.
  3. looking for 55 buick riviera vent window assemblies

    I have a very nice passenger side. No cracks at the base. Great dry desert shine. These break very easily. Please send a private message if you still need any. Thank you.
  4. 1947-1965 Buick parts

    I will look. If there are any rubber components it is likely that the rubber is badly rotten due to the dry desert climate. I will look. If I have good ones I will get in touch with you via private message. I am under several '57 Buicks this week unbolting goodies so I will know by Wednesday. Thank you for reaching out to me.
  5. parking light housing 53 dodge

    I have good solid rust free painted versions. Write me a private message if you still need them. Thank you.
  6. 56special 4 dr on Nampa ID Craigslist

    That is spooky!!
  7. AUBURN 6-80 , 1929

    Curti is correct. Membership is inexpensive and invaluable. His advise is sound.
  8. 56special 4 dr on Nampa ID Craigslist

    Believe it or not I remember your car. Well I think I do. Did it use to sit south of town near Kuna/Nampa?? If so I tried to buy it while I was in high school. My first car was the same color as yours and a '56 Ford.
  9. 56special 4 dr on Nampa ID Craigslist

    No. Good catch. That is way up north towards Canada. Explains the rusty floors. Lots of snow up there. Floors down near the Nevada/Idaho boarder tend to be rust free. Too bad the seller was rude.
  10. 56special 4 dr on Nampa ID Craigslist

    FYI: I was born in Nampa and raised just down the road. The car pictured above does not appear to be in Nampa to me.... I am not saying it is not an Idaho car but the background was a Big red flag to me. I think I will stay away.
  11. 61 - 64 pontiac or oldsmobile power seats wanted

    FYI: There are differences between Cad,Buick and Olds on the bucket seats. My brother went through this on a '61 Ventura Super Duty restoration.
  12. The Olds will interchange 88 or 98 convertible. If you had a pattern you can take a two door hardtop seat and modify it. My friend in S.Dakota had a '57 Buick Jr. series awhile back. Try to contact Black Hills Antique Auto. Known him for 30 years. Has had lots of goodies down through the years. Good hunting.
  13. 1955 Special 2 door post $900

    I buy no title cars every year but they are mostly parts cars. If anyone ends up with this car we have anything you would need for it. Thank you.
  14. 1947-1965 Buick parts

    Hi Steve, I looked my rear bumpers over and the two I have are bent up. Sorry I could not help. Thank you.
  15. 1931 President front bumper

    Any ideas where I can find one for his car of the models you mention above? The 3-1/2 wide model? Thank you