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    1964/65 Thunderbird

    Good question! I'm not sure and cannot check as I no longer have that beautiful car. Best solution might be to get on a specific Tbird forum and look for a car locally to investigate. I've been known to contact owners of cars similar to one that I am currently restoring and asking for detailed pics and dimensions. Good luck and sorry I couldn't help more.
  2. kgreen

    1964/65 Thunderbird

    Found this pic on ebay. The locking lever is force fit upwards onto the tab that you might notice just below the handle as referenced in this picture. The skirt is then clamped onto your body. I never had any problems with mine getting loose. The pin I mentioned is in the lower forward section of the fender skirt as viewed when on the car. The pin is missing from this skirt. This one ig currently going for about $20. If you are missing the hardware look at something like this and pick the best. Odd that the hardware is missing as it is not a bolt on, but rivited.
  3. kgreen

    1964/65 Thunderbird

    There is only one hole for the skirts. It is 3/16 or so in diameter and is located low on the front of the wheel opening on the inside edge.
  4. Looks good enough to drive for an ice cream run and to bring to a Buick/car show. A runner always sells better. Of course it has potential but a purchase to drive-it-like-it-is will keep it out of the fields and bone yards a little bit longer.
  5. kgreen

    Rhd 1940 Buick

    The Century, Special and huge series 80 and 90 Limited's would have fifth and sixth wheels. Parts that are valuable include exhaust manifold on 320 cu in engine, vent windows, window cranks and escutchions, all stainless trim, grill halves, wheels, jack to name some off the top of my head.
  6. Yeah, but there is a price to pay for that!
  7. kgreen

    Car phones in 1946

    Perusing an old trade magazine from February 1946, we see an announcement by Philco Corp regarding the production of mobile radio telephone equipment for cars. I'm not sure of the technology, but suspect the service would be within a short distance. Not sure what strength of an FM signal could be generated.
  8. kgreen

    Found a phone book from 1954

    Fun to look at aren't they!
  9. kgreen

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    Oh no, I whole heartedly disagree about not getting your insurance involved. Definitely report it, they will subrogate the claim with the shop insurance company. Let the insurance companies fight this one out. This can work out two ways: 1) The shop has insurance and your insurance company collects, then you get repairs at the shop of your choice. Your rates do not go up when the shop's carrier pays. 2) The shop doesn't have insurance, now you are out of luck. Your insurance pays and your rates may go up or the claim is small enough that you pay and your rates don't go up. This brings up a good point for all of us that may rely on a third party to do all or some of our work. If they are insured, AND you have proper insurance, then you will most likely get reimbursed. If the shop is bubba's back yard shed and he is not insured then you have to rely on your insurance. Without another insurance company to subrogate, your carrier pays the loss then decides what to do with your premiums for next year.
  10. kgreen


    That's what it looks like when I search for the Pontiac, thanks Ben. It looks like I can add Pontiac as a potential parts car for the Buick.
  11. kgreen


    Quite sure this is a Buick. I recognize the back of the seats being similar to a 1940 seat, but that is not a 1940 dash. Is it a '39? If this young couple ducks down further I could see more of the dash to identify the car. Anybody?
  12. You might also try BAT (Bring a Trailer). I've seen parts cars sold on that site and if yours is a special interest cars as suggested by Mike (above) you may find a good home it.. It'd cost you $99 to list it.
  13. kgreen

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    For a jig, how about a wood box built to be slightly oversize of the valve covers, filled with bondo. Grease the valve covers or use plastic wrap on the top side of the valve cover, turn them over with the flange up and sink them into the bondo. Maybe plaster instead of bondo, then just use the box to secure the valve cover for your work.
  14. The rates of expansion between the two materials is different, meaning that one will shrink or expand quicker or faster than the adjacent part. Leaving the joint open with a fibrous welting as suggested above would be acceptable. Yes, that will allow moisture to enter the car but it was not likely made to be waterproof to begin with. Alternatively, you could use a filet bead of flexible sealer at that joint. Even if you painted that, it would crack as it is flexible, allowing differential movement between the wood and metal.
  15. kgreen

    Sears Allstate tires

    Ace Hardware carries Craftsman tools now and have honored warranties on my old tools. Not sure if Craftsman was bought by Ace.
  16. kgreen


    I'm going to go with '50 Chevy. It's definitely a GM body but the vent window matches the Chevy better than the Olds. No, now that I look at the trim on the rear quarter, I'm wrong.
  17. kgreen

    1940 Buick Special

    Seems the Supers are hard to sell as I see plenty of them on CL for long periods of time. You are correct, this one will likely have a price adjustment or will stay in the barn. I'm guessing that the generally affordable and plentiful 1940 Buicks with running boards have greater appeal because they have the distinctive prewar, older appearance.
  18. kgreen

    1940 Buick Special

    This car is a Series 50 Super. No running board, tail lights distinctive of the C-body. Front seat suggests 103600 miles. Looks like later model hubcaps which would not fit 1940 16-inch wheels. Other wise looks complete from photos provided.
  19. Came down today to help out. It’s a war zone here. Many Panama City residents don’t have homes to return to. It was sad to see people picking through piles of what was once their home. The odd turn here is the wealthier beach front areas are in great shape and open for businesss. But that area is served by the people that live in the hard hit area. Many people say they wont stay here and have to towards out of state relatives which could leave a huge employment void.
  20. kgreen

    looking around Hershey this year

    Thanks for posting Joe!
  21. kgreen

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    I wonder what the inside of our lungs look like? Do you suppose they have the same haze as the windshield?
  22. kgreen

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

    This dash panel doesn't look rusty as much as the lacquer or other clear coat has weathered from UV exposure. It would be a pain in the drain to remove the panel and clean it up, but if you ever get around to replacing the 1941 speedometer with the 1940 speedometer, you might be impressed at how good you could make it look.
  23. kgreen

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Here's one, same color as yours, foist this one on them: Actually, here are several, though this is asking price: Would there be any validity to the argument that depreciation isn't the factor in price, it's the replacement cost that dictates the value?