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  1. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    The shadow played tricks on my younger eyes as well. Bill I think your still going strong.
  2. 1947 Buick disassembled project convert seattle craigslist

    Here's what the car could look like. Whose up for saving this beauty?
  3. 1940 Buick 70-76C

    The body has been removed from the frame with all parts ready to sand blast.
  4. Can someone with a 1941 Buick shop manual tell me what the starting serial number is for a 1941 frame?
  5. BCA Insurance discussion

    Thanks for your response Alan. I'm not in the insurance business either and have to go through numerous explanations each year when I review and renew coverage for our companies. I think people go to college for a degree in business with a specialty in insurance. NTX..., as far as common sense, reasonableness apply to loss and liability control, well there is a very vague relationship. It's unfortunate but loss and liability control also require legal consideration in the age where people can and will claim a loss over something as simple as a hangnail. I'm not a lawyer either, and I wish it was easier to understand. I get your points and don't invalidate them, I just understand this to be a complex topic and hope that BCA business is protected as well as reasonably possible.
  6. 1941 Buick color example request

    Thanks guys. I took a couple pictures at Nationals of two colors that I was considering; Verde Green and Sudan Blue. The Verde Green pictures looked better as a picture but not to my liking in person. The Sudan Blue looked great in person and had lost its' appeal in the picture. I'm going to have to stand next to one one these beautiful cars to see the truth, huh? This is Sudan Blue This is Verde Green
  7. And an option in Athens, TN but without price
  8. Here's a$3,500 option in the Atlanta area
  9. Wow, they really do go for big bucks: I would agree with auburnseeker, keep shopping, increase your initial budget.
  10. BCA Insurance discussion

    I understand that the Club is discussing an increase in insurance coverage type and limits. I am curious to know the types of exposure that the club sees. For instance: Does the club have any liability for a members travel to and from a sanctioned event either with or without their cars? Does the liability at a club sanctioned event consider trip and fall, car fire with injury to bystander or owner, or other injury? I could only guess the variety of injuries. Is there liability for the Club events where cars are driven rather than just parked such as in a parade or possibly a race? How much liability does a hosting site expect to be covered by the Club. That liability could be damage to rooms occupied by Club members, parking areas, etc? I have never registered a car for any event (yet) but would I as well as other car owners be required to name the club as additional insured? This question presupposes an example where a car fire occurred and caused injury (or worse) and/or property damage. In the case of additional insured, would the club would be able to subrogate against the car owners insurance, thus reducing Club liability?
  11. Small Town Car Show

    Nice pics, good to see that many cars showing up. I notice the dog particularly likes the white walls on the Ford.
  12. (1) I'm asking for pictures of owners cars in red for 1941. (2) I'm asking if any member of the BCA owns the car shown below. In 1941 Buick offered three red colors, Titan Maroon, Permanent Red and Sienna Rust as shown on the following color chart: The color chip for Titan Maroon doesn't show very well. Does anyone have a clearer picture with that color chip? Which color does the following car display? Does this car belong to any of our members?
  13. Wheel ID Request

    I wish to identify the wheels described and shown within this post. They are 15-inch wheels with a 5-1/2 inch width. They appear similar to those used in a '37 Buick but they do not have the recessed concentric depression on the rim at the edge where the hubcap would fit. One unsubstantiated opinion is that they are 1941 - 1946 Cadillac. Full face view: At location of hubcap edge: 5-1/2 inch width Approximately 8-inches at the outer edges of the hubcap.
  14. 1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

    That is one impressive car - nice work!