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    Church Street, the main drag through Burlington, VT. The city closed it to traffic 30 plus years ago.
  2. It looks like the original wire bundle passed to the right (photo perspective) of the voltage regulator. Did the wire clips give you any hints for wire placement?
  3. 1928 Buick Model 54C Country-Club Coupé

    WOW, what a car and in amazing unrestored condition.
  4. Please introduce yourself...

    That's a great looking project and will be a hot little number when finished. You should contact Dave Tacheny for drive train parts that are missing, this car is worthy of a restoration!
  5. Swap meet phun!

    That was a rewarding day!
  6. Definitely not too many pictures, I continue to enjoy watching your work.
  7. Picking Up Women Using My Desoto

    You are doing your part for humanity for certain. I'm sure each of those ladies talked about this back home.
  8. So badly damaged that it is hard to tell the make. The wheel wells don't look familiar for a 40-41 but the rear turn signal suggests that this used to be a beautiful 2 door convertible Buick. This would make a great parts car today.
  9. 1940 Buick 51c

    Wow, great looking car. Doug sure knows how to build them back doesn't he?
  10. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    SAE? insert secret handshake - glad to know ya!
  11. Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome Brent. Glad to have you as a part of the forum. Because of your 40 year experience and knowledge, I would like to encourage you post your home and cell number on this forum. Probably your home address and that of most of your close relatives and friends as well just to be sure we can get in touch with you for help with our cars. (Surely I jest - you cannot do that!) Ken
  12. Recasting steering wheels

    JD Walker 602.278.4505 I think he will clean up the chrome, possibly even rechrome the wheel. Price: $900 to $1,400.