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  1. kgreen


    I can help you with that familiarity issue. Pull out your checkbook and I start sending car listings your way. You need to buy one!
  2. kgreen


    Unfortunately burnt to the ground in 2002.
  3. kgreen


    Note the gas ration sticker on the upper location of the windshield. Any idea what the round white thing is that is attached to the license plate? This car looks like it is either a Pontiac or possibly an Olds. Still a looker (the car too).
  4. kgreen

    Questions about dual carbs on a straight 8

    Post the engine serial number, someone can then tell you the year of manufacture. I'd also touch base with @2carb40, (Greg Johnson) as he is very familiar with these engines and the carb set up.
  5. kgreen


    I wonder if these same discussion occurred in about 1900 when motor cars were overtaking horse-powered transportation. Think of all the horse manure on the streets of major US cities. NYC was reported to have a 100,000 horses in the city at that time, depositing 2.5 million pounds of manure on a daily basis. Gutters were full of the stuff, when it dried it blew in the wind, how many flies do you think would have been in the city at that time? Imagine that volume of waste being shoveled into the adjacent rivers. I can hear the same arguments; Henry Ford just went bankrupt, the motor car is a nuisance, it's loud, it stinks. Motor car people are obnoxious, etc, etc, etc. The more people we have on this planet, the more we need to change to accommodate our masses. Personal transport is already a super luxury in NYC. It costs to drive into the city and it costs a small mortgage to park in the city. It's just a shortage of space and the alternative of public transportation that have made changes from horse-power to car to public transportation. Government intervention can make change happen, regulate something and people will move another direction. Increase the gas tax, change the gas formulation, charge user fees and carbon tax and require strict car inspections and you will see a shift somewhere else. We may very well change to an electric car in some regions of the country such as metropolitan areas, but in the end, I wonder if we will just lose the freedom of personal transportation. Personally, I don't think we will run out of gas first. As crazy as it may sound, I think we will run out of water first.
  6. kgreen

    1940 Running Boards

    For running board, check with Gary @Gary Best on this thread: He has/had a pair that he wasn't going to use since he found a decent set of used running boards. You might talk him out of his extras and save yourself a ton of refab money.
  7. kgreen

    71Riviera questions

  8. Salvageable rear bumper??
  9. Back up at 20 miles an hour, lose track of your surroundings even though your passenger is holding your beer, turn the wheel hard left and the front end zips around. Not only did he hit the pole, but his passenger dropped the beer and soaked the carpet!
  10. kgreen

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    The post first appeared in the General Discussion of the AACA General Discussion thread, that's where all the venom first appeared. This thread has since been moved into the Modified forum so we should be safe here. BTW Evan, the valve stem caps are wrong on your car, you should be ashamed ; - )
  11. kgreen

    Value estimates Please

    Along with pictures, you should also post the engine serial number. Someone may want as near a correct replacement engine in their car possible based on production sequence. No, not implying "numbers matching", just accurate to early mid or late year manufacture. I'd guess that aside from having a good serial number for the engine, 70% of your value is in the manifolds and carb set up.
  12. kgreen

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Outer body shell repair at rear fender: The repairs noted above were part of the inner fender well. The area where the rear fender bolts to the car is comprised of the inner fender well sheet metal containing the nuts, lapped over by the outer part of the body. Continuation of the repair was to reform the outer part of the body shell. This was accomplished with a piece of steel punched to allow access to the contained nuts on the inner fender well, and welded along the outer ridge of the body. Maybe it is best to see the photos: Both sides complete with new inner fender well metal and outer body shell metal. You can see the two layers at the bolt holes.
  13. kgreen

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Repair to inner fender well: The inner fender well contains the nuts for fender attachment. That was repaired first:
  14. kgreen

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Rear Fender Mating Surface: Rust was promoted by the fender welt holding water between two pieces of steel. Here's the damage: