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  1. I was talking to an employee that worked the shipyard in Brunswick, GA several years ago who told me that cars that became damaged in the shipyard were scrapped, not repaired. He said it was to prevent opportunity seekers from damaging expensive cars then buying them at discount. I would wonder, based on the degree of damage, if the destination dealer would ever have a chance to accept the car, repair it and then sell it.
  2. kgreen

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Think I found a picture of the clip.
  3. kgreen

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    It appears from the diagram that the wires exit the liner on the left like the picture I shared from my car. But then it looks like a clip holds the wires to the left side of the glove box door. Do you have that clip? I'd like to see a photo of it.
  4. kgreen

    radiator 1940 super series 56

    Congrats on your radiator Morten. A friend had his '40 Special radiator re-cored for about $700. Seems for such a large radiator that was the going price. The problem I hear for these older radiators is the lack of availability of top an bottom tanks. The core is apparently easier to replicate or replace.
  5. kgreen

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    A Ford guy could go nuts there. I'm with you on the really neat stuff.
  6. kgreen

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    Fortunately you are even able to avoid on-line bidding. I know you're safe from temptation now. OOPS: ONLINE BIDDING @ PROXIBID.COM CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW
  7. kgreen

    radiator 1940 super series 56

    Oh, BTW, I've used them before and they sell a "good" radiator, not a "low cost" radiator. I just had to replace on in my old Ford, got 28 years out of the last one. Just be wary of low cost radiators, they are usually made of thinner material to get the cost low.
  8. kgreen

    radiator 1940 super series 56

    Here you go Morten: See what they can do for you. They can rebuild your radiator but may also be able to fab a new one for you. Due to cost of shipping between you and this company, you might call them to find out what you can do to strip your radiator of weight. Just an idea but if they had the top and bottom tank, they might be able to replicate something in aluminum for you. I'm not sure of any other material or alloy currently being used than the original copper or new aluminum.
  9. That makes a lot of sense, thanks for pointing that out.
  10. The 1950 dash layout in this example seems to return to the pre-1949 style. In this photo the 1950 dash may be from a higher series car as the finishes appear to be upgraded.
  11. 1949 dash, stylistically updated. The engine instruments, speedometer and radio controls share the same priority in the line of site. The dash panels are painted in the case of these two examples, the same color as the exterior body color.
  12. 1948 dash, best view I could find. Again the layout and finishes appear to be a reuse of the 1946-47 dash. The engine gauges and speedo are redesigned for a simpler less cluttered appearance and from what I can see, use brushed aluminum backgrounds rather than plastic.
  13. 1947 dash which is similar to the 46.
  14. The 1946 dash layout, engine turning not used though it could have been an option. Similar to the 1942 as would be anticipated after having just started production after the war.
  15. Here's the 1942 Dash below. The radio controls were moved to the upper part of the dash possibly to improve the line of sight between the road and the distraction of the radio. The left and right instruments for engine function are lowered and the speedometer position is raised. Notice the foot operated ebrake? that was new for 42. Similar engine turning on dash panels and with a painted dash and a similar center console layout to the 41 at the radio speaker. I borrowed these pictures from a sale advertisement.