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  1. For breakfast?? I'm looking you up.
  2. B\Lamar, beginin' to think you've past the age of 30 now. Do tell...
  3. What did you do with the 15s? are they 1940 15s?
  4. Sure would like the dimension on those stripes. Slightly wider?
  5. Pulled the engine to give full access to the firewall and so I can check it out while the body goes to the beauty shop. The engine is reportedly rebuilt; we'll see. It sure is a Hoss, I've never seen such a big engine in a car! I wouldn't dare put this on my engine stand, the furniture dolly groans under the full weight of the engine. The engine compartment is cleaned out giving clear access to the firewall and to ease any sort of frame-off body work by Dan and his sons. I will rebuild the front end when the car returns. Not sure if the weight of the engine will help with the removal and re-installation of the front springs. The engine and transmission was supposedly rebuilt; we'll see. I pulled the cover off the transmission and see that rebuild might mean "drain oil, observe for obvious, visible damage then reinstall the cover plate with liquid gasket. Hmmm. I've got to yank those wheels so they can be cleaned and painted body color. I'll have a spare set shortly to keep it as a roller. I've started re-assembly of the body to help figure out alignment. Most of the fasteners that came on the car are missing or incorrect. I've been checking the fasteners on the Super for comparison to measure and search for replacement sources. The old Mustang I did a couple years ago was easy in this regard. I could buy a complete bolt kit for the interior and the body. Does anyone know the proper bolts for the front fenders at the cowl along the door?
  6. Just read a months worth of posts in this thread. Good call on the radiator shop Lamar! I think the refund on recycled brass could be nearly $50 bucks, that would help bring the radiator cost down.
  7. I doubt I will ever put a 100,000 miles on this car, when driveable. I have driven just over 5,000 miles in three years on a recently completed Mustang. Knowing that the Buick will likely see no more than 20,000 to 40,000 miles in the next 20 years, gives me justification for not striving for perfection in the running gear. The gearing and road conditions at the time of this cars' production would make sense. Leaving the car in 3rd gear for much of a drive would seem like a benefit, never thought of that.
  8. The choice for the replacement would seem to be in a motivation to "just get it rolling". No way of really telling. After all these years and at some point, this car was considered junk, so short cut decisions were possibly made. Thank you for your insight. I have my sights on a 1940 chassis where I can use the better of the two cars/parts.
  9. With a standard tire size (7:00 x 15) for the Roadmaster in 3rd gear (1:1) at 65 mph, the engine rpm for three rear axle ratios available to my car are: 4.45:1 = 3351 rpm (series 40 and 50) 3.6:1 = 2711 rpm (series 70) 3.4: 1 = 2561 rpm (available from later model car)
  10. I'm not fond of the 4.4 rear axle, it is 1) not correct and 2) won't be able to keep up with Atlanta traffic. Another indicator of a problem is that the left brake backing plate is worn from the car being drug on pavement of some sort. Just another indication that this car was beat to hades and back at some point. I have an option for a Roadmaster axle that I will look at this July. If that one is in better shape, the swap would be worth doing. This axle also comes with a couple 15-inch Roadmaster wheels as well, so the cost was right.
  11. I'm on the verge of changing the title of this thread. My discoveries are leading me to believe an accurate representation of this project is "Junk to Jewel". On the advice of Greg (2carbcars) I inspected by differential gears. It is total junk. Wrong ratio for the series (4.4;1) and I have internal rust. Greg explains that when the axle is stored outdoors, condensation occurs and as the oil thins from sitting so long, the exposed steel begins to rust. The oil in this chunk was gritty and the trapped water emulsified. The following pics tell the story. Here's the gear ratio notated on the ring gear. Also note the rust on the gear. This views show the gear face damage with rust but also an unusual wear pattern.
  12. Then in Phoenix, a 55 Buick Horn Ring - pretty nice looking part!
  13. Here is the link. Looks like the interior isn't installed. "Nice older restoration. Running driving lots of new and extra parts that came with it and picked up. Has a factory four barrel. I have all the parts nothing missing. Has new tires fun and cool car. 331 motor and automatic."
  14. Nice car! I didn't realize it had an aluminum nailhead in it. If it's not a straight-8 I have trouble identifying them. Good luck with the repairs and recoveries. I'd like to hear how that engine performs.
  15. I'm interested in your comment: good not to be a full classic? You may have an obvious answer, but then you might have an answer not quite to obvious to me.