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    I enjoy both classic and modified (hot rods) cars. I'm lucky in that I enjoy doing all my own work, because I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it for me!

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  1. In my opinion, the 1953 Studebaker Commander is the best looking American-made production car of the 1950s. I would love to have one of these today: Cheers, Grog
  2. capngrog

    ALSA Chrome Paint

    What sort of "power unit", and what is a "minispeed shape"? By the way, the brush used in the video did not appear to be "deluxe" grade. Cheers, Grog
  3. capngrog

    ALSA Chrome Paint

    Aside from the astronomical price of the Alsa chrome paint, it seems to me to be almost too good to be true. I noticed that the video did not show the entire curing (drying) process, but pulled away from the brushed surface to a shot of an apparently finished item. Where is Alsa located? Perhaps it is near one of our forum members who can drive over and take a look at the process. Skeptical, I am. Cheers, Grog
  4. I could be wrong, but I think those are intended for indoor storage, to keep the dust off and manage the humidity etc. As you pointed out, I recall that a feature of these tents was air movement, which would help to control the enclosed climate of the tent. Cheers, Grog
  5. capngrog

    1953 Merc?

    I agree with Dave in that if the seller can't spend the time to sell (show it, answer questions, allow test drive etc.) the car, then I don't have the time to buy it. On the other hand, if you don't have to drive far to see it, just go and take a look. Ask to see the title. There are some on this forum who don't think that a valid title is of any great importance; however, I'm not one of them, and I'm in a State (Florida) where it's most difficult to register a car without a valid title. In what state are you located? Good luck. Cheers, Grog
  6. capngrog

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    Wow, Mike, great detective work! Cheers, Grog
  7. capngrog

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    That's a great looking truck. If you'd post the general location where you found it, that would give a useful clue to someone who might have the information you requested. Do you plan to restore it? Cheers, Grog
  8. capngrog

    Year make and model

    Photographs of the car and of the (I.D.) tags in their mounted positions would be very helpful. Cheers, Grog
  9. capngrog

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    Where is "over here"? Just curious. Over here, the better-known foreign (read European) makes that would fit the Original Poster's criteria are either beyond his budget or are cosmetically rough and/or in no condition to drive reliably. Parts availability would also be a problem in that one could not just go down to the local parts store for spares. On the other hand, a good friend of mine purchased a beautifully restored MGTD last year that I would've been proud to own ... if I'd seen the deal before he did. Of course, he spent about 3X the O.P.'s stated budget. Cheers, Grog
  10. capngrog

    early motorcycles.................

    "Fake"? Heavens to Nimrod, such a harsh, judgmental, negative term! So, can I interest you in a "clone" Mercer? No, how about a "tribute" Mercer? I believe that some are "out there" for sale. Cheers, Grog
  11. capngrog

    Piston question

    My guess is that the pistons are from a previous re-build, and the mechanic stamped their numbers in the piston crowns. The pistons could be 10 over as you say and the ring end gap was set for each cylinder, hence the numbering. As to the "E", "D" and "993", I don't have a clue. Oh by the way, my two previous guesses were just this side of clueless, so don't spend too much time pondering them. Cheers, Grog
  12. capngrog

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    I think a 1946 - 1954 Chevrolet would be a good summer ride. They are relatively inexpensive (I know of a 2 door '47 for sale here in Paisley, Florida for $4,000), easy to work on and parts are readily available. Although I'm partial to Chevys, don't over look Fords of the same era. Good luck in your quest. Cheers, Grog
  13. capngrog

    Protective mud

    That's right on both counts. These days, "barn-find" mud, dirt, dust, droppings (of any kind) and universal crud are in high demand for that "original, untouched, just-found" look. There's gold in that thar mud! Cheers, Grog
  14. capngrog

    1977 AMC Pacer

    Well, if it's already mated to a Blazer chassis, one might be able to restore the stock Blazer suspension and make a reasonable looking resto-mod (resto-rod?) out of it using the Blazer 4.3L V-6 and running gear. As I recall, the Pacer was a unibody, so it would be interesting to see how that was mated to the Blazer chassis. Xander, that would be another project for you to work on in your spare time. Cheers, Grog
  15. capngrog

    Anyone got one?

    Was the guy in the chicken coop when the car hit it, or ... ? Cheers, Grog