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    I enjoy both classic and modified (hot rods) cars. I'm lucky in that I enjoy doing all my own work, because I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it for me!

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  1. capngrog


    I'll ask again: "What's wrong with driving your classics displaying Vermont tags?" Cheers, Grog
  2. capngrog


    What's "VT"; Virginia Tech, Valley Transit or the State of Vermont? If it's the State of Vermont, what's wrong with driving your classics around with Vermont tags? I'm in a State of Confusion over your post. Cheers, Grog
  3. capngrog

    Log truck

    Well, sooner or later that rig will be going downhill (literally and/or figuratively) somewhere, sometime, somehow. Where ever that photo was taken, there are probably some hills around ... unless it's Florida. Oh, wait, there're hills here too. Cruising around the ol' "Net", I found the same photo on a Model T Ford forum: The photo was described: "I was searching for some more old T truck pictures and ran across this one that I thought was really slick. Very clear picture of a T touring at the pump with a Garford tanker sitting to the side. I thought some of my old truck buddies here might appreciate the Garford tidbits and a couple other pictures I found. The old logger was taken in Washington state and that is a cedar log on the back. One ugly little truck but I think I could make room for such an interesting rig." That's one story, but there may be more. Cheers, Grog
  4. capngrog


    Xander; Did you check this out yourself as suggested on the website? Not sure if this is legit? Check out our reviews from Facebook & Google ! We will even add the links below to make that extra step easier. I have no idea whether or not it's legit. Maybe, since you live in Idaho, you might ask the company ("titlegods") for some in-state references. You might even be personally acquainted with one or more of the references. Just my $0.02. Cheers, Grog
  5. capngrog

    Buying on ebay. Don't use your phone!!!!

    That it's a good way to kill a thread. Cheers, Grog
  6. capngrog

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    Not only great pictures of cars, but excellent photos of the surrounding countryside and architecture. Thank you for posting. Cheers, Grog
  7. capngrog

    Say it ain't snow !

    I can remember the western plains of Montana being coated with a light dusting of snow just after Labor Day. As I recall, this was in 1970(?). Another reason I live in Florida. Cheers, Grog
  8. capngrog

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    Not much (if any) visible rust either. When did we start salting the roadways during winter? The photo was taken in 1941, and we went to war in December, 1941. I wonder how many of the cars in this junkyard went to war, repurposed into bombs, guns, tanks etc.? My guess would be: "Most of them". Great photo, by the way! Cheers, Grog
  9. capngrog


    A lease is not a sale. Cheers, Grog
  10. capngrog

    Radial tubes in bias tires....comments?????

    What is the difference between a radial tube and a bias tube? Cheers, Grog
  11. capngrog

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    I like this thread, and as Kgreen pointed out in his post above, the techniques/skills involved in modification are often the same as those used in restoration. I'm sure that I'll learn something from this thread, and to quote the Faber College motto: "Knowledge Is Good". Cheers, Grog
  12. capngrog

    Change in selling trend

    Exactly why my cell phone is usually off. Cheers, Grog
  13. capngrog

    Triple plating over JB Weld????

    As I recall from my younger daze, when I built plastic model cars, the plastic bumpers, trim etc. were all chrome plated. Cheers, Grog
  14. capngrog

    Give the people what they want

    I think that our British Cousins would refer to that style Jag as a "shooting brake", not a station wagon. Although it looks like a Jaguar (1966 Jaguar S-Type Saloon?) rear-ended by a Morris Minor "woody", I like it. Actually, I like it a lot. If "They" produced it, I'd probably want one ... but I doubt I could afford one. Cheers, Grog
  15. capngrog

    Give the people what they want

    Wow, what make of car is that with the one-time use oil plug? I can foresee the day when individuals will no longer be allowed to change their own oil, due to environmental concerns. It sounds like the manufacturer of your car is "clued in" as to what's coming ... legislation-wise. Maybe I'm just overly paranoid about our "benevolent" big brother ... maybe not. Cheers, Grog