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  1. Panel is bolted on but is not currently being reproduced by the usual suspects likely due to it's size and complex curvature where it connects at body and fenders, not to mention where bumper attaches. There is likely a demand for this as many sedans are out there while the ones currently available are for a coupe. Put me down for one when and if it ever becomes available.
  2. You could also try Gary Goers if he is still operating. He is the go to guy for Imperials.
  3. PlymouthPE

    1934 Dodge

    Just out of curiosity why no shipping to Canada? I believe I previously bought these from you and there was no issue with paying the shipping.
  4. PlymouthPE

    1933/34 car horn's not working

    As stated by "ply33" the adjustment screw is sensitive and on my 34 Plymouth there was no sound at all from one of the horns until a slight turn of the screw.
  5. PlymouthPE

    NOS Running Boards

    I checked the running board on my 34 Plymouth PE 4 door sedan and the dimensions of mine are 53" long x 13" wide at front x 9" wide at rear with only 8 ribs instead of the 9 on yours.
  6. PlymouthPE

    1918 & 1924 Buick for sale

    Not mine - just passing along as it is not often cars of this vintage come up for sale in these parts, namely southern Ontario, Canada.
  7. PlymouthPE

    1937 Roadmaster?

    Currently listed on Ebay with a starting price of $9,500.
  8. If you think back to the hood removal effort when an errant scratch may not have been that significant a doubling of the effort on the install errs on the side of caution. Rustle up as many warm bodies to steady the 4 corners and one for front center to protect the rad/grill shroud etc.
  9. PlymouthPE

    51 Dragon value?

    Love the "dragon" vinyl interior and overall the car seems to be solid and worthy of reinvigorating. Scarce parts and not being a sought after marque likely would affect desirability but given what appears to be good bones someone may be keen. Curious as to location and asking price.
  10. PlymouthPE

    1934 PE headlight switch

    No but can be located under the sold section.
  11. PlymouthPE

    1934 PE headlight switch

    If the issue is the handle being wobbly it may be missing the little metal tang which the set screw pushes against the headlight switch shaft. May be a little hard to see in pic I copied from Ebay site but bottom edge has a little metal tang or flap imbedded. Easy enough for it to break off over time.
  12. PlymouthPE

    Canadian shipping

    Shipping to the US for small parts by weight can be calculated using the Canada Post guide. For objects beyond their weight limit Fed Ex and other carriers can be checked.
  13. PlymouthPE

    1937 or 1938 LaSalle Grill *No Breaks*

    "Once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken" Cheers from the cold white north. Toronto Ontario Canada
  14. PlymouthPE

    1934 Dodge Wheel cylinders

    I know this is an old post but just goes to show that some things sometimes can go from bad to worse. I'm referring to the response which indicates a stepped bore with 1 1/4 on one end and 1 3/4 on the other? Re: Question 11/8/2017 4:05 PM Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts To Diane Miller ok stephen, what we sell on those number is 1 1/4" on one side, 1 3/4" on another side this replaces all the other bore sizes on 1930 through 1938 some of the early cars were 1 1/4" on both sides, some were 1 1/8 on one side and 1 3/4 on the other side all went to 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 by late 1934 is our information we reproduce these cylinders to retro fit the earlier cars and have been selling them for years, no problem small bore faces forward hope that is helpful thanks cp On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 3:47 PM, Website <> wrote: Date Sent:11/8/2017 3:47:42 PM Name: Stephen Miller Email: Phone: 4166222488 Question: G 181, 182 front wheel cylinders Is the piston bore 1 1/4 inch? G 183, 184 rear wheel cylinders Is the piston bore 1 1/8 inch? Also do you have in stock the metal brake shoe anchor b… -- Andy Bernbaum Vintage Auto Parts 93 Border Street Newton, MA 02465 1-617-244-1118 1-617-244-1164
  15. PlymouthPE

    Antique Headlights

    Used on Imperials from 61 to 63. The one pictured based on wire location would mount on drivers side. Value as they are reasonably plentiful would depend on condition ie. pitting of pot metal - in real good condition maybe $100? The bracket that holds the 2 pods is a weak link and easily broken so you may want to take a closer look at it.