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  1. 1955 New Yorker St Regis h/top I'm having trouble with the auto choke on a 4 barrel Carter carby. The vacuum line keeps blocking up with carbon. I have blown air down it, soaked it with brake cleaner but nothing seems to stop it from blocking up. Any suggestions how to fix this problem would be a get help. Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    I found a fellow who has 3, new old stock. He said that they are very dear, and that I could not afford to buy one , and wouldn't give me a figure! I can always live in hope for one. But I'm very thankful to Jack who supply me with a damaged one! Which is better than what I have now!
  3. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    That's great! I just hope I can find someone in Australia that can repair (weld) it! Thanks Terry
  4. aunty norm

    1955 Chrysler parts

    I am told it is the same as 1955 / 56 imperial, newport , windsor , town & country and 300. This might help with finding one
  5. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    Looking at your photos , you appears to be right ! The 1955 new yorker was not export to Australia in that year , it had to a private import.
  6. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    I believe that the imperial, windsor, newport and new yorker use the same steering wheel.
  7. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    JACK M you could be a life saver if you have and if it is not broken, and are willing to sell it, as I'm trying to get this car registered. Can you check and let me know? Send me a PM.
  8. aunty norm

    1955 new yorker

    Can anybody tell me if any other year horn ring would fit a 1955 new yorker. Because I'm having trouble finding an original one and I thought that I could possible use a different year like a 1957 ring?
  9. I'm looking for a horn ring to suit my 1955 New Yorker plus a interior light lense. I know these are hard to find but I'm hoping that someone can help ! Not having much luck!!!!!!! Some photos to help.
  10. aunty norm

    1927 Chrysler front bumper

    Thanks for the info viv w Still looking for oil filter top!
  11. aunty norm

    1927 chrysler

    Hi! Bob What I can make out , it has 5/16 to the wheels then tees of in 3/8 to the master cylinder tee . The existing master cylinder has a fitting that suits 5/16 but I'm not sure if that is correct or should it be 7/16? It appears that ever time it tees off it decrease in size. I need to know what right so I can chase up the right tee I have rebuilt all the wheel cylinders and want to get the brake lines correct! Terry PS I will catch up at the October rally.
  12. aunty norm

    1927 chrysler

    Please , can someone tell me what size pipe OD that runs from the master cylinder to the 1st tee joiner Thanks Terry
  13. aunty norm

    1927 Chrysler front bumper

    Thanks for the help! Just one last question, what was the finish on the bracket , paint , nickel or polished ?
  14. aunty norm

    1927 Chrysler front bumper

    Thanks! 28 Chrysler for the great photos. Now that I know what I am looking for , it will make it a bit easier to find! Do you know whether it was on any other model or years? OR who might have one for sale? Terry
  15. can anyone help me ? Does the front bumper on a 1927 finer 70 roadster have a central emblem? If so, does anyone have a photo of one or better still one that they can part with?