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  1. aunty norm

    1927 chrysler

    Hi! Bob What I can make out , it has 5/16 to the wheels then tees of in 3/8 to the master cylinder tee . The existing master cylinder has a fitting that suits 5/16 but I'm not sure if that is correct or should it be 7/16? It appears that ever time it tees off it decrease in size. I need to know what right so I can chase up the right tee I have rebuilt all the wheel cylinders and want to get the brake lines correct! Terry PS I will catch up at the October rally.
  2. aunty norm

    1927 chrysler

    Please , can someone tell me what size pipe OD that runs from the master cylinder to the 1st tee joiner Thanks Terry
  3. aunty norm

    1927 Chrysler front bumper

    Thanks for the help! Just one last question, what was the finish on the bracket , paint , nickel or polished ?
  4. aunty norm

    1927 Chrysler front bumper

    Thanks! 28 Chrysler for the great photos. Now that I know what I am looking for , it will make it a bit easier to find! Do you know whether it was on any other model or years? OR who might have one for sale? Terry
  5. can anyone help me ? Does the front bumper on a 1927 finer 70 roadster have a central emblem? If so, does anyone have a photo of one or better still one that they can part with?
  6. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70

    Hi! still chasing parts for the 70 series roadster! i am on the hunt for a brake line tee , it is the tee just after the master cylinder part number/ Tee 54224 if any body could help thanks also still looking for the top iron support brackets! plus rear bumper iron.
  7. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    They might be easier to make if I had a sample or a few measurements. Plus, l am not that great in making thing like that, I just don't have the skills! I was hoping for the easy way out! But that is not happening.
  8. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Thanks Viv I was not sure what to call them as I have them called many names. But your description sure sounds correct! I will give DFE a ring on Monday and see if they are able to help me. Plus I my try the forum again with the correct description and maybe have better luck.
  9. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Have found a filter and purchased it from a fellow member. It was one item that I thought I would never find! Still looking for the brackets! If anyyone can help with any information and measurement that would be a great help as well
  10. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Things are far from what you think! I thought that the the hood brackets would be the far easier parts to find. But I was wrong! They appear to be not available. Someone must have them hidden away in their shed! Not willing to past on to another restorer. So I will have to try something else. Many, many thanks to all that have tried to help!!!!!!!
  11. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Please find attached a photo of what I have up to date, need the oil line coupling. Also did not have any luck with Jay re: the top brackets. So I will continue to search!
  12. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    I have locate a SG2 Filter but it is missing the pot metal section! Hoping someone might be able to help me out in locating the parts. Must say thanks to all, that have taken the time to help !!!!! At this time I have only leads which are better than nothing!
  13. aunty norm

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Thanks for the chart, it was interesting to see that alot of vehicles used the same filter cartridge around 1927 But is the metal work and fittings the same? Maybe someone might have a photo Just have to wait and see!
  14. I am after the orginal oil filter unit that came with this model ,not sure if it was used on other models and no photo? Also chasing a set of the hard top pivot bracket (see photos) Any informations or where I might find them would be helpful!
  15. aunty norm

    Rim color for a 1926 DB

    Was just wondering what you used to seal the raw wood? I do have a 1928 sedan that are painted and I am restoring a 1927 roadster which I want to leave natural.