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  1. 1927 finer 70 roadster

    I have locate a SG2 Filter but it is missing the pot metal section! Hoping someone might be able to help me out in locating the parts. Must say thanks to all, that have taken the time to help !!!!! At this time I have only leads which are better than nothing!
  2. 1927 finer 70 roadster

    Thanks for the chart, it was interesting to see that alot of vehicles used the same filter cartridge around 1927 But is the metal work and fittings the same? Maybe someone might have a photo Just have to wait and see!
  3. I am after the orginal oil filter unit that came with this model ,not sure if it was used on other models and no photo? Also chasing a set of the hard top pivot bracket (see photos) Any informations or where I might find them would be helpful!
  4. Rim color for a 1926 DB

    Was just wondering what you used to seal the raw wood? I do have a 1928 sedan that are painted and I am restoring a 1927 roadster which I want to leave natural.
  5. 1927 Roadster

    WTB The windshield pivot clamps complete or just parts off. All I have are the posts only! Any parts would be a great help! I'm restoring a Finer 70 but having trouble with the windshield parts!
  6. 1927 Finer 70 Roadster

    I thought that maybe no one understood what parts I was referring to! It might be the same or similar to other models. So I thought that a photo might help!!
  7. looking for information on the front windscreen pivot assembly on a 1927 roadster. Any pictures would be a big help or Information on where to buy parts to suit? Terry
  8. Overdrive box

    Thanks for the input! I don,t have a main drive gear to compare with the one I removed! But looking at various photos it does appear to be the same. The only way I can be sure is to take the punt and purchase a new standard one. Then compared the two. When I get it I will let you know!
  9. Overdrive box

    No , I didn't call George. I am located in Australia. Maybe an email address would be easier.
  10. Overdrive box

    Thanks for the reply! On further investigation, It appears to be R6 -1 OD and a T86-1P W.G.DIV 11.19.35 box. But I am still after the main drive gear plus 2nd gear.
  11. Overdrive box

    It could be a 33 / 34 free wheeling overdrive unit?
  12. Overdrive box

    Re: building a 1935 Chrysler overdrive gear box for my 1937 Dodge D5 sedan. The input shaft and 2nd gear need to be replaced! I have found a few input shafts, part number 661300 without overdrive. They look the same as the one I removed! Can these but used? What is the difference between the two shafts? What is the part number of the overdrive shaft? Any help would be appreciated! Does anybody have any that they are willing to part with? Terry
  13. 1935 Dodge

    It does have a tow bar. Now that was a great suggestion ! I do like the idea of a extra luggage rack.
  14. 1935 Dodge

    Thanks for your replys, but it seems it got everybody baffled! More I think about it, I feel it might have been extra trunk locking unit for a traveling salesman. No one I have spoken to has ever seen them.
  15. 1935 Dodge

    This car belongs to a friend but we do not know what these bracket are for on the bottom of the trunk. Does anybody have any ideas?