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  1. nick8086

    Keep it or not..

    They are gone..
  2. It is not for sale. Just a picture..
  3. I let mom and dad take a picture of the next car collector..
  4. nick8086

    Need id

    My kaiser guy stop by. He told me I have two rears..
  5. nick8086

    Need id

    The only bad thing. Each letter is about 5 to 10 pounds.. The back looks like it is filled with mud. or something else.. any one found this on line..?
  6. nick8086

    New price

  7. nick8086

    Just found this on line He would only show his car to raise money for kids or charity.. He will be missed..
  8. nick8086

    Need id on an air cleaner..

    Jim you can post it on Facebook for me.. I need to get rid of it..
  9. nick8086

    Need id on an air cleaner..

    Need id on an air cleaner..
  10. nick8086

    Need id

    OK here it is:
  11. nick8086

    Need id

    I sold one set to a guy in new York.. I think I have two left..
  12. nick8086

    parting out

  13. nick8086

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    Maybe this one.. I think it get 36 mpg. Or just find a H/J