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  1. Memphis Tennessee - will be going for work .. Any great car guys or car museum to see??
  2. 5 day sale.. Just found online.. He must must have a lot of stuff.. In a town of a population 78..
  3. It is very auto related. That person patented the first auto brush. I just got 4 more from them..
  4. So that is an African or Australian car .. Not USA??
  5. I have one more.. date on the picture is 1941
  6. What is this car .. ??
  8. CASA Partners With Kuck’s Motor Sports to Host Benefit Car Show Saturday, March 25 from 2-5pm Cost to attend: $25 – Advanced Purchase/Reserved Tickets 2-5pm Public Tour; $35 – Day of the event, at the door; $75
  9. I have a box marked Kaiser.. no numbers and this part.. Not sure about the cork.. Is this correct.. To find out what car it may go to .. Do i need to test the ohms?? I know what it is.. I just need to know for what car??
  10. I do not think I have any thing.. I may list other stuff..
  11. If your into collecting.. Some of this stuff is old.. Just pm me if the price is too high.. I may take your offer.. Cheers Jake.. PS Darrin stuff.. maybe not..
  12. Any one what to buy a picture of a 1968 Chevrolet Impala.. That is room 306. My I dad took it.. not sure of the year..
  13. What is this car? Front and back of the pic..
  14. REMEMBERING AN ERA .. A.O. Smith