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  1. nick8086

    1958 Chevy Apache

    I just have this. It was parked in 1985.
  2. nick8086

    Just found on line

    Someone told me of a story of 75 cars in an airport hanger. (not sure on location) - I talked to a kaiser darrin owner in PA. He told me he got to see 43 Kaiser Darrin's.. In one spot.. Not sure if any one took a picture.. Back in 1992 - you could buy a restored one for 21K.. Back in 2012 - I took a pic of 12 cars..
  3. nick8086

    What to use to clean this?

    Here is one more.. How to clean this?? It smells like diesel.. Need help before the wife gets home on Sunday..
  4. Buy them a toy box.. He just picked it up tonight for his first job.. Next month I need to pick up some Gojo Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner.
  5. nick8086

    License Plate Frame

    License Plate Frame for sale Price 65.00
  6. License Plate Frame for sale Price 65.00
  7. nick8086

    To pay or not to pay?...

    If you get a free t shirt and lunch.. Not bad for 15.00.. I would pay it.. I talk to some of the old guys . They will never pay to show the cars..
  8. One reason the young cannot even think about buying an old car. They still live at home with their parents.. Just drive dads cars... It is cheaper..
  9. Check this out one day left on the auction. The bid is at 100.00
  10. nick8086

    This is why you should have spare parts

    This is why you should have spare parts: You can not find them any more..
  11. nick8086

    What do I have?

    What year is this jack? Or for what car. Need to sell.
  12. nick8086

    Need a Part.

    Thanks I found it for 16.00. Not sure can I put a red flag on the back of the trailer ??
  13. You can use a shower curtain.
  14. nick8086

    Need a Part.

    7-Way RV to 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector Adapter. needs to be two feet. Any links: Would be great.. need to buy..