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  1. What year is this toy..?
  2. Found it : Just going thru dads stuff..
  3. What year is this book for??
  4. This is Art Griffin trying to sweet talk a balky Darrin hood latch. That is why I never close mine.. He will be missed.. I talked to him a few times on the phone.. From the kaiser club.. I posted it to let them know: This it what they posted.. Art was previously the manufacturing fund manager and was instrumental at getting it off the ground. Without him, the fund - and the KFOCI - would not be what it is today. His obit mentions he was with NASA but what it doesn't mention is that he was the lead electrical engineer on the space shuttle program and everyone involved reported to him. Quite an accomplishment to say the least.
  5. Any one use this company ??
  6. This came home ..
  7. He own a kaiser.. But he is young..
  8. What is it??
  9. No Harrah door cards .. Just an old aaca member .. I kind of like the old willys one and the H/J..
  10. They are from a private museum to tell the guest - what is it....
  11. Here is what they were used for: