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  1. nick8086


    The car was a KIA or another car.. You add camera and road car sensors. It is 5k to repair.. This is just a new car. They are adding the stuff from the high end cars in the daily drivers.. It is cheaper for me get insurance on my old cars per year I have 20 old cars. I pay more on my kids car per year so he has a car to drive.. My point it is great to have a green car.. but the cost may not make sense.
  2. nick8086


    The most expensive car to crash according to IIHS and HLDI data is the Bentley Continental GT. Claim frequency for the luxury coupe is 7.1, while claim severity is a $35,744, which is around the price of an average car sold in the U.S. Overall losses on the Bentley Continental GT is $2,536. The cost is passed on to us..
  3. nick8086

    1948 Tucker for sale

    It is not mine..
  4. They did a nice job on this car.. Just found this online..
  5. nick8086


    Any one talked about the cost to repair the car after a wreck? camera car sensors computer repair I just saw MSN talk about a 2018 car cost could be 30K. to replace all the bells and fun stuff in a new car.. If you got into a wreck..
  6. nick8086

    Radio Id

    I was thinking it was for a ford.. I can not understand why we have these parts.We never collected fords.. The only thing I can think of - It must work on a kaiser darrin.. Not the radio. but other parts..
  7. nick8086

    Radio Id

    Radio Id
  8. nick8086

    What do I have?

    It was cut. I got to keep anything from my dads shop. I just take two pickup loads every other day..
  9. nick8086

    Need id

    Need id
  10. 1954 kaiser darrin top for sale It look to be original - to use for pattern to have a correct car.. Price 85.00 or OBO
  11. nick8086

    1955 kaiser for sale

    Joe give me a call. I talked to you about my cars last week..
  12. nick8086

    Need help on id

    Need help on id. I have three of them..
  13. nick8086

    What do I have?

    What do I have?
  14. Update on Ron in Michigan:
  15. nick8086

    What will this fit..

    So it could fit a : Ford Maverick Willys Aero Willys Jeep Station Wagon Kaiser