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  1. If you want one.. pm me.. I will only make the darrin part.. just for me..
  2. Did anyone post this??

    The car title is the key. It show who owns it.. He could of added his kid.. Before he pasted.. tenants in common. - 50 % owner or 20 % owner.. joints tenants with wros. Your will or trust will not override what is named in the beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy, annuity, or retirement account (like an IRA or 401(k) plan). The beneficiary designation takes precedence, or as one poker player put it "the beneficiary designation trumps the will". I have 9 cars.. in my name only.. I could add Bob the guy down street . with wros.. My wife would have no say, I got them before I got married.. I think Neb. has a law if you are married for 10 or more years.. It is common property.. But read the quote above.. We spent 8500.00 to clean up a 14.00 title .. Change..
  3. Did anyone post this?? I found this on line..
  4. Did anyone post this?? Shipshewana now has a month to save a $4 million car collection. Estate Planning -- I talked about this before..
  5. What is it..

    Still cool to see it..
  6. scammers

    She looks great.. I just parked her..
  7. 5000th birthday

    Just 5 more.. Jake..
  8. What is it..

    I did not know where to post it.. It was from a car show this week.. It is one of three still around...
  9. What is it..

    I will try to post it in the picture.. It was nice to see I am not the only one bring a Jr to a car show..
  10. What state did the car go back too??
  11. scammers

    I would set up two email accounts.. One to use daily.. One to use for online shopping or other sites that want your info.. My wife does this to me all the time.. She gives them my email.. So I get victoria's secret stuff.. Your bill is do next week..
  12. You can look it up in the Kaiser registry. Not sure if the site is up any more.. or google.. Carleton Spencer --- look for 1951 Kaiser and 1953 Kaiser..
  13. Car shows..

    No I am not in ks.. Just a 3 hour drive.. 30.00 to park and fly.. I can post a picture.. I sent it to my wife.. We can get away for just under 500.00 .. Hotel food and air fare.. Just about the cost of a fuel pump on a kaiser darrin installed..
  14. Swamp Cooler

    I have one also .. Montgomery Ward. Pm if you want pictures..