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  1. Larry - The first picture is : Trier, Germany's oldest city, lies at the head of the scenic Mosel Valley near the Luxembourg border. An ancient Roman capital, Trier brags that it was inhabited for 1,300 years before the Romans arrived.
  2. Donated to habitat for humanity. Changed a battery in the truck.. Yard work. . and I got my rare part today in the mail..
  3. I found my pic from Belgium..
  4. I took a picture of this place.. I got back to the states .. My dad asked me did you visit your cousin .. Let every body know what that is?? That is the place that our family is from.. The last picture the real deal.. It is better than a tucker..
  5. I could not find my Belgium pictures .. I would trade car parts for some kinder eggs or a Duvet ..
  6. Lump this one is in town also..
  7. I have a few kaisers pictures.... But I like other cars.. I need to work on this one next .. It does not fit on the car trailer..
  8. I am good on the kaisers .. We sold the two door back in 1989..
  9. wow .. Any one going to buy the two door kaiser??
  10. Maybe this guy??
  11. What year is this car?? Be nice I already know.. I am working on it..
  12. I will list them on ebay next week.. It may start at 20.00 for all of them..
  13. If I wanted a two kaiser. I would find away to take a look at it under the radar.. My two cents.. or call someone to look at it for me..
  14. Charging batteries....
  15. The 1951 kaiser is doing good..