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  1. Club Members, I am sad to report the Passing of Bobby Roades . He was a Active Member in this & other Clubs. Bobby Roades ( May 23, 1928 - October 13, 2017 ) The services Celebrating and Honoring the life of Bobby E. Roades, 89, of Waukomis will be held 2:00 P.M. Tuesday, October 17, 2017 in the Waukomis Cemetery Chapel with Pastor Bud Laubach officiating. Military honors will be conducted by the National Guard. Services are under the direction of Brown-Cummings Funeral Home
  2. 2018 Glidden?

    Here is one more from the tour..
  3. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    How many car guys - do not tell their wife what they spend on the Vintage cars?? The cost of paint , insurance, car parts, the cost of the car.. If I told my wife a spent 10k on kaiser darrin parts I may never use. I would hear #$v%$!@#.. But I have the part for the guy that may need it..
  4. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    I found a web site that told me the rate of return on buying an old cars.. It would tell the percent return for that make and model.. The sad thing is if you wait 3 to 5 years.. maybe the market will be full of cars for sale .. and the price will go down.. I posted this in the past.. 86% of all the cars owned that are antique. The owners are 65 years old or older.. I found out the hard way I inherit some china from my dad . It was worth 1200.. today I am lucky to get 100.00. So I just kept it and enjoy it.. If you want a car for an investment do your home work.. If you want an old car.. Just buy one.. It will not make you any money..
  5. Forum Rules Interpretation

    I like to find a good home for my parts.. The price may be free or what I paid for it.. I gave stuff away.. and l have Listed stuff for full retail.. The price should not matter..If you no longer need that stuff you will pick our option . Gift or retail...
  6. Forum Rules Interpretation

    I some times do not put a price on an item.. for two reasons.. 1. I may not know what it is worth.. 2. It may be a rare part and if they want it they will find you.. 3. Car parts are worth nothing until some one needs it for his car restoration.. - so why price it..
  7. Hershey Car Corrall 2017

    Nice post.. The 57 Chev Truck for sale was it .. 5K or 55K??
  8. Estate Sale Cars & Parts

    Kinder Surprise eggs are banned. also.. I shipped a few back 5 years ago from Germany.. Every one likes chocolate...
  9. Radiator Repair

    I have the same problem.. No one is doing this any more.. I found a guy but I have to travel 80 miles.. It 650. or less..
  11. Kaiser meet NOV 3-5 South Central Region Fall Meet, Ardmore OK That is the only meet near Tx.. this year..
  12. "The car was never mistreated."

    It is a POS.. Maybe some one may have parts and make it a running car some day..
  13. The only reason I have the rim and the tires .. I needed a part from the guy I bought it.. He wanted to sell me more stuff.. I relate this to eating out.. you buy the meal and tip.. I tipped him on stuff I did not need,,
  15. I have two with a born date of 1962.. They do not have the white ban - it is more yellow..