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  1. Just on a side note..: companies are paying 20K to 50K to get skill workers.. In job that no one wants.. !. welding 2. hvac 3. Diesel Mechanic. .
  2. Not car related.. I hope you read this,, They are or will be the next guy that may buy our cars,, I bought a house for each my kids.. Just for this reason. They won't be able to afford it..I get the tax write off. "Rental". until they move out.. May be some day.. He will post I got dad;s car.. Here is a pic of him . behind the wheel.. ..
  3. It is nos.. or new.. That guy is working on one of my cars..
  5. wow - they are not cheap..\\
  6. What is it??
  7. what is it?
  8. Here is a question. Could I buy the car back? If your family took the tax write off.. But not me.. or is that a grey area??
  9. She is doing the same thing I am doing.. It just took me five year to get to this point.. Jake..
  10. I was at the DMV cleaning up car titles for 4 hours,,. The car was donate in the 80's.. They just told me here is one more in your family name.. I just picked up the old titles from the bank today. I have not have time to look yet.. It is a Imperial 55-56.. My only question I have . Do I need to fix this one also??
  11. Donating a car to charity.. or museum.. I was at the DMV.. They still have the title in my dads name?? Can I get the car back.. I have no place to put it.. I just wanted to know what happens to a car you donate.. I never had to do this.. Any input..
  12. I looking to sell a few used and nos kaiser parts.. I only have the 1947-49 stuff and some 53.. This is a kaiser member from the 60's stuff.. I have a lot the Frazer stuff also.. .
  13. I Bet this was used on them.. fixing car stuff..
  14. Update i got the walk in shower.. It is very nice.. I did not get the four stall garage . maybe 2019..
  15. I hope he gets a lot of support from us.. Frazer of 1947, manufactured in the United States by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, which despite its short history, marked a milestone in the history of automotive development and had links in Argentina. This crossing will commemorate the seventy years of its launch. Departure date: December 1, 2017  Estimated date of arrival: 10th January 2018  Kilometers to go: 12,300 km Je Suis Pret - Travesía Frazer 1947-1(1).pdf