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  1. 1031 Exchange

    I found it: 2017 Tax Relief Act
  2. 1031 Exchange

    1031 exchange - can i sell 6 cars and buy one car for more money and not pay any gains?? Can it be a 2018 car or does it have to be a Antique car..
  3. Need a Mopar?

    My kind of stuff !! also.. Way to far for me to buy another project car.. It has been five years for me on this one.. Nothing got done..
  4. Do you take your car(s) to car shows?

    I get this all the time : Park your car in the foreign section ..
  5. I have a few tops.. Not sure what box it is in. after I moved..
  6. 1970 fj40 for sale

    It is a vintage Toyota land cruiser.. Yes rare.. I talked by dad into buying it.. Great car to remove snow... Now it is for sale.. It has rust. My 80 years old dad ran the car into a few things.. so some dents... But he enjoyed it to remove snow... It has three on the tree.. It also has new brake lines in the rear.. Number of Cylinders: 6 Last ran 6 years ago..
  7. 1949 Kaiser Virginian

  8. I just want my old cars to run... No more than that..
  9. 1970 fj40 for sale

    1970 fj40 for sale Price 6500 .00
  10. 1952 Kaiser Virginian - 2700. title status: clean
  11. 1949 kaiser for sale. Price 1700 Good body no motor
  12. 1953 Kaiser Dragon for sale Price 17,800