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    I was born into a family of a car collector..

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  1. nick8086

    1962 chrysler newport

    1962 chrysler newport for sale.. This is a one owner car.. Price 6200.00
  2. nick8086

    What cars use this..

    I was thinking Van Auken bumper guard. I only looked at one of them.. I need to start to move a few parts soon.. Cars: 1948 Packard Kaiser any more?
  3. nick8086

    What cars use this..

    I think I have four of them.. Before I sell them what cars had them??
  4. nick8086

    V-12 1938

    Raymond Andrews collection auction on Sept. 8th, 2018 in Clear Lake, IA. And a few Kaisers for sale..
  5. nick8086

    Yellow vinyl seat material.

    High quality yellow vinyl seat material. (Kaiser Darrin)?? For sale Price 210.00 plus shipping. Have about 6 yards.
  6. I listed on eBay a nice 1951 Kaiser Frazer hub cap.
  7. nick8086

    What is it

    I had an old kaiser guy drop by today.. He told me I have a front and a rear over ride bumper - 1953.. The look the same. but he told one was thicker..
  8. nick8086

    What is it

    What is it- car it fits..
  9. nick8086

    What should I do with old yellow fabric..

    Enough to keep me posting odd stuff for the next 10 years..
  10. nick8086

    What should you do with old car paint?

    I think that happened on the farm back in the 70's.. Oil was just poured out next the gas pump for the tractors..
  11. What should I do with old yellow fabric.. I have four rolls of it.. It is all labeled kaiser darrin. Not sure if it is enough to use to complete a car..