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  1. 1929 STuTZ Blackhawk Differential Lube

    Thanks to everyone that has replied. It appears that there are two and maybe three lubes suitable for the worm drive rear with yellow metal used in the 1926 to 1934 STuTZ cars. 1. Penrite T140. 2. Mobil SHC 634. 3. New Holland if L6 can confirm a part number. Oldcartech: I enjoyed the article on Machinery Lubrication. Thank you. I spend my early years, many many years ago, in a hot strip mill where we rolls steel slabs into coils of thin steel. We had many large (10K HP) gear boxes. I was not involved in the maintenance of these gear boxes since I was in the electrical group but I know that a lot of time and thought went to the selection and constant analysis of the lubrication. Dan
  2. 1929 STuTZ Blackhawk Differential Lube

    Hello C Carl and Smile, The 1929 STuTZ Blackhawk differential (as all STuTZ models from 1926 to 1934) is a worm drive unit with a "yellow" metal crown gear. I have had a few replies via internal STuTZ Club email to my question. I will share what I find out once I receive a little more data. Lubricants are the life blood of these old machines. Dan
  3. I am looking for the modern lubricant to use in a 1929 Backhawk differential. Thank you all in advance. Dan
  4. Brake light switch - placement

    Hi John, I sent you an email. I will take a photo of my switch for you. Dan DiThomas