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  1. 1917 Studebaker 4 engine

    Could Fernando please contact me at lucky7@succeed.net about the waterheader. I see in the pictures that he has 3 and would really like to purchase one. Desperate, Art.
  2. Waterheader

    Please contact me at lucky7@succeed.net
  3. 1917 Studebaker 4 engine

    Art here in N Cal. I thought I contacted you about a man who might have the part you need. I do not see it listed so I guess I did not. The man who claimed to have a waterheader for my 4 cyl engine scammed me for a lot of $. He has no parts. What I need is a good waterheader to finish this engine. Would you be willing to part with one of the three that you have? I am in N Cal. Thank you. I have been working on the car for 2 years and this is the only thing holding it up from running. I will try to find your part if I can. I am a member of Antique Stude and Studebaker Drivers Club.
  4. Waterheader

    Looking for a good waterheader [water cover] on top of the `17 Stude. 4 cyl. engine. All `16 thru `19,s are the same. I was just scammed for one out of this forum and lost a lot of $. So please be prepared to answer questions. I know someone has a good one laying around. I need it to complete another Studebaker lovers `17. Art, lucky7@succeed.net.
  5. 658Z distributor

    I forwarded your info to a local friend who wanted it. He should be contacting you shortly. Art.
  6. Wanted replacement wiring for 33 roadster

    The Lark Works in Stockton Ks. is also a good company to contact. I had a new harness made for my `31 Commander and it came out great. I shipped my old one to them. They even called me once with questions. That was appreciated. 785-302-1488. Art in N. Cal.
  7. Waterheader

    I need a waterheader for a `17 4 cyl. engine. Fits on the top of the engine. Mine is cracked. Had it welded but it leaks. No rust thru please. Stude. part #16731. Fits the series 16 thru 19. Thanks, Art in N. Cal. lucky7@succeed.net.
  8. 658Z distributor

    It fits, `29 thru `31 Dictator 8, `30 model 61 8, `31 Commander model 70 8 . Also the National book states the 658Z and 658V will interchange. lucky7@succeed.net.
  9. Need a complete distributor, 658Z. Contact Mort Lindahl, Northern Cal. 530-895-0948.
  10. Does anyone out there have a complete distributor for a `29 -`31 Dictator 8. Please contact Mort Lindahl at 530-895-0948 in N Cal. He has no e-mail . Art Smith, rvanti2.
  11. Looking for ignition parts for a 87-A Remy distributor. Have tried Van Meeteren. Would like some other competition. Thanks, Art. lucky7@succeed.net. Northern Cal.
  12. Ignition parts

    Have been there and done that. Good luck on a speedy recovery. When you are sure let me know, and a price. Art in N Cal. lucky7@succeed.net.
  13. Ignition parts

    Thank you very much. Will contact him immediately. Art I made the contact and he has all of the parts I need. Thanks again Old Buicks.
  14. Ignition parts

    Thank you very much. Will contact him immediately. Art
  15. I am restoring a `17 stude. 4 cyl. touring. I need some ignition parts and tried to contact John Hart. We had communicated a year ago but now the demon stated the web cite was no good. Who can I contact for ignition parts? Thanks, Art in Cal.