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  1. I forwarded your info to a local friend who wanted it. He should be contacting you shortly. Art.
  2. The Lark Works in Stockton Ks. is also a good company to contact. I had a new harness made for my `31 Commander and it came out great. I shipped my old one to them. They even called me once with questions. That was appreciated. 785-302-1488. Art in N. Cal.
  3. I need a waterheader for a `17 4 cyl. engine. Fits on the top of the engine. Mine is cracked. Had it welded but it leaks. No rust thru please. Stude. part #16731. Fits the series 16 thru 19. Thanks, Art in N. Cal. lucky7@succeed.net.
  4. It fits, `29 thru `31 Dictator 8, `30 model 61 8, `31 Commander model 70 8 . Also the National book states the 658Z and 658V will interchange. lucky7@succeed.net.
  5. Need a complete distributor, 658Z. Contact Mort Lindahl, Northern Cal. 530-895-0948.
  6. Does anyone out there have a complete distributor for a `29 -`31 Dictator 8. Please contact Mort Lindahl at 530-895-0948 in N Cal. He has no e-mail . Art Smith, rvanti2.
  7. Looking for ignition parts for a 87-A Remy distributor. Have tried Van Meeteren. Would like some other competition. Thanks, Art. lucky7@succeed.net. Northern Cal.
  8. Have been there and done that. Good luck on a speedy recovery. When you are sure let me know, and a price. Art in N Cal. lucky7@succeed.net.
  9. Thank you very much. Will contact him immediately. Art I made the contact and he has all of the parts I need. Thanks again Old Buicks.
  10. Thank you very much. Will contact him immediately. Art
  11. I am restoring a `17 stude. 4 cyl. touring. I need some ignition parts and tried to contact John Hart. We had communicated a year ago but now the demon stated the web cite was no good. Who can I contact for ignition parts? Thanks, Art in Cal.
  12. I can not at this time but would be happy to send photos snail mail. Art.
  13. Still have the complete air conditioner for the Maxda RX2. Was told by our local Mazda dealer that it would be `70 to `79. In the original factory box. Never installed. Asking $4oo OBO plus shipping. In Northern Cal. Approx. 70 lbs. 530-743-2942. lucky7@succeed.net.
  14. I have a NOS still in the box radiator cap for a 1930-1931 Studebaker S series truck. Never installed. Asking $175, free shipping. Art, 530-743-2942. lucky7@succeed.net.
  15. I am restoring a `17 Stude 4 cyl. touring. the distributor is a Remy Electric Mod. 87. The condenser and coil wire are crimped into one harness at the base of the distributor. A nut screws it to the distributor from the top. I have an original Stude. parts book but I can not find that wiring harness with condenser in the book. First, is the 87 the right unit and if so I need a NOS or rebuilt harness. Art.