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  1. First Snow!

    Thanks , g-g-gO ! Yeah , sometimes in certain cloud , wind , and lighting conditions , you lay down the tools and watch. The view into my "Front yard" encompasses over 180 degrees in which nothing made by the hands of man can be seen. Uh , well , actually my 45' Great Dane is temporarily parked out in the distance by my high gate. And I guess MY is accurate for the , maybe , 5 or 600 sq. mi. plateau you see the approach to here. Actually , mine , yours , all of ours. National Forrest. OUR land. Anyone can come and play ! Large elk herds , (I've seen over 200 on my property). They and the cows ignore each other , while the horses seem to fascinate , and get respect from elk. Large lion population eat elk. Me too ! Big cat does visit us on rare occasions. In fact , the top , above me is called "Lion Rock". - Carl
  2. First Snow!

    This is what a day after first light dusting looks like out at the ranch. First wide angle , next intermediate , then in true perspective. Next tiny town is about 30 miles on. By and by after that , you get to my neighbor , Bloo on the forum here. Central Washington , here at 2760'. The road you see snaking along Reecer Creek to the right , takes you up top , about a dozen miles to around 6500'. My driveway is 900' or so , and when it REALLY snows , yes , you do need a very substantial snow shovel. My house is the last house on Reecer Creek Road. Tracked vehicles only allowed past my place in snow conditions. Sounds like an invitation , or a challenge to me. I am not the only one. - Carl
  3. Looking for career advice

    A little more automotive biography in order to preserve this topic : When it comes to transmissions in my ancient Cadillacs , I am also a bit picky. I like the crash boxes behind the late (inherently balanced) Leland V8s. 1924 - 1927. Of course the first year of the new Nacker offset blocks V8 (side by side rods replaced fork and blade) did retain a crashbox in 1928. I have never driven a '28 or '29 , so I guess I can not speak from experience. Alright. I did re-read and see that in fact you do have two young sons. It might be beneficial for me to wrap this up without going on with more biographical experiences. Yes , it could be interesting to some (My attorney at one of the world's foremost international business law firms told me : "You could write a book about it") , I have actually been trying to do a rolling censorship of this long-winded soliloquy. I was tempted to describe in some detail the mods we made to the Air Micronesia (a subsidiary of Continental) 727 , and the subsequent Ethiopian Air Lines 707 , but though certainly entertaining , it does not further the discussion here. I also decided not to go into detail about the Rx "Big Mike" forced upon me in order to relieve my fellow tenants of my whining about my "Summer cold". It has to do with drinking , but the hangover from the every three day dose had its own drawbacks. Lets see then if I can skim through relevant life chapters. After PAC , back in the clean Northwest air , I joined an old friend and became a tent maker. We developed the finest 2 (3 in a pinch) man expedition tent the world has still ever seen. I could go into fascinating detail here , but I would rather have you Google the thing up. It was cleverly called the "Omnipotent". And it was indeed such. Overwhelmingly labor intensive (originally more than 170 pieces in an integrated double structural wall - inner water vapor permeable , outer wall waterproof - tapering truncated conical tension structure) , 12 hours per tent !!!! We worked well together - for a while. As I spoke Spanish , I went to El Salvador in '75 to set up a slave labor sweat shop as per then current U.S. practice. Commercial attaché at our embassy sent me with a letter of introduction to his counterpart at the embassy in Quito , Ecuador. He sent me to the H.Q. of the Pacto Andino , a South American Common Market , in Lima , Peru. So I developed the most favorable arrangement for production and sales in S.A. , and export back to the U.S. Manufacture to be done by Ecuadorean military , sales to Peruvian military (each country had different regulations , made for distinct necessities). Then 2 things happened to make my efforts irrelevant and inadvisable. Luck. Bad and good. You just never know what is just around the corner. NUMBER ONE : some of you guys will remember in the mid '70s , our gummin made it illegal to bribe foreign officials in furtherance of biz. Now the playing field was tilted against us. Bad luck you wouldn't be prepared for. NUMBER TWO : Our incredibly sophisticated product caught the attention of some ex-DuPont guys. Long , great story , but we ended up making the world's first Gore-Tex (TM) consumer product. A winning , easy to produce tent called the Light Dimension. At that point , I figured I had it made. We grew and grew. You know : Inc. Magazine "100 Fastest Growing" list several years in a row , $xx,xxx,xxx in sales , (and that is in early '80 dollars) , 157 employees , even made Time Magazine. We even had sharp guys using a Wang computer which was pushing us in the direction where Amazon ended up. THIS trend , and my long range planning , gave me the knowledge to pick Amazon as a winning survivor off the bottom of the tech bust a generation later. I would love to give you the details of the rise and collapse of our company. It would give you an enormous perspective of the potential pitfalls of your own business. I did come out O.K. In a way. As I said above : "We worked well together - for a while". Real estate and construction in a rising market followed. Great luck. And then came land development. I learned how to , and why NOT to do it in King County , Washington. Bad luck. Next came buisiness adventures with an embezzling , sociopathic , strangely connected ex contract operative for The Outfit. He had almost 20 years in when he got re-assigned (should he choose to accept it) , to a Middle Eastern country where his cover was blown. He did not accept , and out he went. Good luck ? Bad ? I kinda think our gummin wanted him out with a lesser level of retirement benefits.The first adventure was absolutely fascinating. Went down to Bolivia to broker the sale of some of their natural gas infrastructure , Y.P.F.B. , which was being privatized. I had a perfect apparent customer ! What luck ! I had a super connection to His Excellency , The Minister of Oil and Gas of another Middle Eastern country. Lucky , huh ? Unfortunately , however , His Previous Excellency had become previous due to some ill-advised , expensive joint venture in yet another Middle Eastern country. Left my guys country strapped for cash. In any case , I was awarded an audience with His Excellency , and a most impressive leather Ferrari briefcase emblazoned with an elegant gold leaf Coat of Arms , and beautiful Arabic script. Good luck , bad luck , you just never know. These adventures go on , and on , and on , and on , and on , and on. Good guys ; the best was a Captain , U.S.N. , ret. , led Seal Team 6 at one point. I could go into fine detail about the projects we worked on together. We lost one due to Nine - Eleven , but I will not complain about our relatively insignificant , comparatively miniscule loss. Far worse luck was inflicted that day. You just never know. I had meager goals. Just wanted $5 - 20 million in the bank. Nothing extravagant , mind you. Just a nice comfortable retirement. Did I tell you how I hit the high end of my range by running up the land development money in the stock market ? All my dough in Intel as the bubble went up , out on Monday just after the bubble burst. Out only 2 or 3 bucks off Intel's peak at $145 on Friday before. Ya just had to glue yourself to CNBC , and pay particular attention to Abby Joseph Cohen , and ignore guys like Lou and Alan with their "New Paradigm" nonsense. Anyway , put it all in Amazon at $6 , yes , that's right Six Dollars ! Hard to believe ? It is true. Amazon bottomed out at $5.71 , IIRC. And I ought to. I was there ! Check me out. See where Amazon was in the basement. What INCREDIBLE good luck ! Oh , I spent an enormous amount of time figuring it all out ! A LOT of time. And every last bit of my entire life's experience. All the good luck and bad luck led up to that bubble , burst , and recovery. Now would you like to know how I got screw balled out of my well-deserved small fortune ? Clue : it had everything to do with some looney lady born on December 7th , 1920. Oh what miserable bad luck. I'd'a still had quite a garage full , and 10 , 15 , 20 or more left. I can't go on. I have never written so much about all this. I just can't go on , Chris. I hope nothing like this ever happens to you. I averaged 70 hour weeks for about 30 years. I had to work fifteen 20 or 21 hour days in a row at one point when things were going sideways in three time zones in the U.S. and another in Holland. You wonder why I have had two heart attacks ? My doctors don't. Oh yeah : I needed 4 phone lines. I needed to always have a spare. Sometimes I was on three simultaneous calls. That is why I needed a 4th. Always had to have an open line. Sound like fun ? Wanna give it a try ? Start a business. You might just have the "pleasure". My doctors are very concerned about present stroke danger for me. And I never smoked. Clue ? Listen Chris : Think twice before you even think about starting your own business in your 40s with a wife and children. Think about luck , and the lack thereof. If you do make that fateful decision , work with O.P.M. And : be prepared to sacrifice precious , priceless family time. And be sure to give your wife the final say. I am a very loving kind of guy. I give a massive amount of my time to others. You will not be imposing on me to personally communicate with me. P.M. , or phone if you like. Or not. You see how I do tend to run on. But I really am sure you get the point. I will post this now , and proofread it later. Thumbs beginning to ache. - Carl
  4. 1926 Buick Master Six

    Please go all the way up to "General Discussion" above. Scroll down to "Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Parts" , with last posting on Dec 2. Info you need to know. - Carl
  5. Maserati 3500

    You can fit 45s also if the cookie crumbles that way. The 3500 (101 524) I had as a kid 50 years ago was so retrofitted at the factory. It came to me directly from the factory via Genoa to the docks in Seattle. Three DCOE 45s definitely does not overcarbuerate these cars. Have you driven yours or another yet ? Or for that matter any "Spaghetti" with strong racing heritage ? Beautifully predictable over steering , classic opposite lock cornering with perfect throttle steering control. Have you seen Jay Leno's video of his 3500 GTI ? - Carl
  6. 1941 Cadillac 4 -DR 61 Series Fastback.

    "Used to be the heart of town". - Grateful Dead , from "Shakedown Street" - Cadillac Carl
  7. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Yes indeed my friends. Just like all of us , I love talking about my cars and those of others. I welcome constructive criticism , and sometimes , in defense of my own departures , like redundant mechanical modern temp and oil press gauges , I'll gladly take a ding in judged points , particularly in that I drive my cars to meets. - CC
  8. 1941 Cadillac 4 -DR 61 Series Fastback.

    Hi Chris ! Sure wish you could post the smell of that fine old veteran ! 😊 The aroma , and the manual trans would have already made that Cadillac mine if not for the stage of life and otherwise I am in. I hope the lucky next owner will leave well enough alone , other than to rebuild the steering wheel , as this is a superb survivor driver. I love these monoblock flathead V8 Cads. They really are able long distance drivers. Handle well , and know how to stop too , with their huge brakes. GLWS ! - Cadillac Carl , CLC 10797 , (life)
  9. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Greg , has this barbarian actually vandalized this '33 Bu' yet ? (Soft spot for '33s , as my dad had one into the mid '40s - first car I ever rode in , leaving the hospital). If not , tell him Cadillac Carl has a fiddler friend (concertmaster in his metropolitan symphony) with quite a collection of "bows and boxes". Among such ancient obsolete odds and ends , reside a Strad' and a , ah , oh here I go again with a Sr. Moment. And a B......... , a B.......... , no , maybe I will remember while I tap. Anyway it starts with "B" , another $x,xxx,xxx violin. Interesting and great fun to get a private audience as Master , (of course as present conservator , he also passes on and preserves centuries of heritage by teaching) , demonstrates the tonal subtleties of $xx,xxx,xxx worth of well seasoned wood. O.K. Let's cut up "Them thangs". Stick sensors all over 'em. Yowallie , dowallie , doodallie , DO ! Lil' feedback here , some reverb thar , oh ! And a pedal and lever. HOW SWEET IT IS. Wow , wow , WOW , wow WOW ! Yay - HOO ! Yeah make 'em yowl , howl , and growl like the roar of Jake Brakes coming down the high grade into town in a lower gear ! And think : you just might land a gig ".................... playing electric violin on Desolation Row" - Bob Dylan. Now , I guess you could make a passable electric fiddle out of a dresser drawer. Go find one of those , and work your magic on it. Strad's and their ilk are only original once. Any chance we can help save this , this , oh what is it ? This um........ , this ah , this B........ , this B........ , this "B" while it is STILL a "B" ? - Cadillac Carl
  10. Looking for career advice

    Boeing had advised PAC not to take the job. Said even they could not do these mods themselves. If they COULD do it , it would take them 6 months. I don't think the ink was dry on a 60 day to certification contract when I sat down to interview. I got to teach them how a modern Boeing airplane was wired , and where the truth really resided. NOT in wiring diagrams (remember the "round file" above ?) , but rather in an alpha numeric system in RJ charts , also in EPRs , and MCOs. They just didn't build 'em like they used to , and they don't now , either. I might have qualified to sweep the floor a few years ago when I was still strong enough to do so. Next I pointed to an engineer's signature on some material B. had sent. Yeah , Mike there was my boss ! I've got his number. He likes me a lot. I was also a pilot with flight engineers training , and had done well in off hours courses at B. I could talk the talk , and I could do the work. I did do the work , 12 , 14 , sometimes 16 hours a day , all 7 days of the week. We needed each and every one of those hours , and just barely made certification on day 60. PAC liked me a lot. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes not. Those meddling , commonist , big gummin , over regulating , business busting , tree hugging , agitating , EPA (there was no EPA back in those Great American days) , jerks hadn't stepped in to ruin a good thing yet. I don't know. Maybe they were responsible for the walls caving in. I really just don't know. But what I do know , was that things were booming back then. Maybe a bit like England in the early 19th Century under George The 4th. L.A. had that infamous smog. Cal kids these days know nothing of smog. Eye burning , choking toxic atmosphere , reducing visibility and making people sick , some dead. "Summer cold" was the diagnosis of my ailment according to the native Californians living in the complex where I got my sleep. Further details might make a somewhat humorous read , but let's get to the bottom line. I had to get out of that foul "air". Too sick. I NEVER got sick in the clean Pacific Northwest. Once I left , I never got sick again. I might have risen to very high levels with that great company. Too bad those pointy headed scientists messed up a good thing. They cleaned up the So Cal air , made it a wonderful place to live , and in came everyone. It would have self limited with the poison gas folks had to breathe , would have become unlivable , would not have become so overpopulated , and now look at the resultant fires. Too many Southern Californians. Regulation. Ugh. Bad luck. Luck , both good and bad followed. And therein may lie some pertainant insights for you , Chris. It has to do with the element of luck , particularly in running your own business. Let's see : I can't remember. Did you say you have children ? If so , you can't trust to luck , particularly by the time you are in your 40s. But it it is after 2:00 here , and it is not the Day of Infamy anymore. I am glad the discussion has become more automotive related. The Mercedes-Benz electronic transmission began for the 1996 model year. I have 5 and 7 speed examples behind 6 , 8 , and 12 cylinders. I particularly like driving the 5 speeds in the vehicles with proper shift gates. You always know where you are by feel. Some people like paddle shift. I am too old fashioned for that. Gimme a 'gate , please ! Past old man's bedtime. I will get to it , but it takes me a week to accomplish what I used to be able to do in a day. In part , a concentration thing for me. Tired , old , - Carl
  11. Looking for career advice

    Luck , Chris. Your own business ? I am sure THAT subset of this topic would go to dozens of pages , and run for many moons. Luck. Luck. Mom turned 21 the day Pearl Harbor was hit. 76 years ago to the day. She became a .45 toting Naval Officer because of it. I came along and ruined her military career. So many soldiers , sailors , and airmen lost not only their military careers , but their entire universe , that , and subsequent days. But you know much more of that than I do. We all know so many examples of good and bad luck , but I promised you an explanation of my good fortune when I was slightly more than half your age. My learning curve had flattened significantly at Boeing. A lot of my work consisted of checking other people's work. Sometimes we were working double overtime , and in the interest of productivity , I would just re-do the work of others , submit my substitution up the chain , and submit their mess to the "round file". I had a great Canadian friend , a REAL engineer , (McGill grad) , at "The B" give me a bright idea. Gordy , whose learning curve was also leveling off , said "you know Carl , with a very small amount of training , you could do MY job". Hmmmmm............... (!!!!). He and I took off for the Promised Land. He relocated to 'Frisco for United Airlines , I walked through the door of Pacific Airmotive Corp. directly across the runway from Kelly Johnson's Skunk Works (ever see and hear a U-2 take off ?) at the Hollywood Burbank airport. Lucky , lucky me. They had JUST papered up to do complex novel engineering on a Boeing 727. The only heavy jet experience they had to date was the interior of the Playboy Black Bunny DC-9. The cumulative Boeing electronic engineering experience at PAC at that time was one engineer with early , (Pre-War) B-17 time. Uh , oh. I just got a call. GOTTA GO ! I'll be back , sorry. But MAN I got LUCKY ! ............... , T.B.C. , - CC
  12. Parts availability 1950's Buick vs. Oldsmobile

    ........... at which point Cadillacs had to use Dynaflow for a while. - Carl
  13. Looking for career advice

    Hello again , Chris ! Late night. Had time for detailed follow up now. Read all the great advice you have got since my earlier response. By the time I read your post #14 , I knew what my next offering would be. Your post #19 corroborated this. Response #28 beat me to the punch line. The bottom line therin , is THE BOTTOM LINE ! Having spent quite a bit of time just now studying this incredibly helpful experience based advice , I now have to get back in harness here for a while. However , in order to give formal immunity by making this a car related thread : My present automotive interests focus on electronic transmission Mercedes-Benz , not quite "Antique" just yet , and inherently balanced V8 Cadillacs , those being 1924 and up. No real interest in most Cads of the '80s for reasons so many of us have experienced with a lot of Detroit iron of the decade. Please throw a couple of car lines in , and then we can get back to business , formally protected. I am so proud to enjoy the privilege of being a part of this forum. What a fine group of loving , generous people ! Always ready to "lend a wrench" , so to speak. I am sure that some of these great folk would literally give the shirt off their backs. Oh , and I will reveal how a 23 year old kid could get such a high paying responsible job during the Southern California Aerospace Boom. It WAS a specific experience thing. - Carl
  14. Looking for career advice

    Chris , do I understand that your learning curve flattened out 4 years ago in a now 10 year position in a company which now has become a psychodrama ? Or have you not learned anything at ALL in the 10 years ? Let me know if I am understanding this correctly. I am shortly to go out to dinner with my brother and a friend. Depending on your answer , I will tell you what I did when my learning curve flattened at Boeing , and how I became an aviation electronics engineer at the U.S.' (Or was it world's - yeah I think the world's) , largest aircraft maintainance and modification company. Oh yeah : this was 50 years ago , I was 23 , never took an engineering course in my life , didn't know calculus , gave up U.W. after trying to get through my first year twice , and had read Bill Lear's advice for success. You'll be fine , Chris , but don't waste any more of your time. I'll check back after dinner. - Carl
  15. 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

    Well , I will stand up and vouch for Daniel's truthfulness and direct transparency. I know him from Cadillac & LaSalle Club , and have enjoyed a telephone and email friendship with him. A fine European Gentleman about my age from Belgium with wonderful "Old World" sensibilities. Among his automotive interests , he and I are Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. He is considering a bit of "churn" in his fleet. Last we talked , he was thinking of adding another M.B. I hope he doesn't object to me suggesting opening up P.M. friendship with him if some of you are so inclined. However , I doubt he wants to be flooded with a tidal wave of #3 190Ds for sale. He might be receptive to something rather special. - Carl
  16. Hot Rod Lincoln Song

    Hot rods. Lincolns. Commander Cody. Mamas. Truckers. Anybody remember "Mama hated diesels" ? And Steve9 : Were you in Seattle several years ago when CC played the Tripple Door ? I was there with a plan that had somethin' t' do with "Mama hated diesels". How did that one go ? More or less : "Mama hated diesels so bad. 'Till I guesst it musta had somethin' t' do with m' dad. Fust I ever knowed her to cry ; after one of them thangs went by. Mama hated diesels so bad". Or at least that is my best recollection. The plan was scrapped after a surprising chat with George. My thumbs are acting up at the moment , so the astonishing revelation will have to await dexterity recovery. Anyway , does anyone remember that one ? Can you sing it in its entirety ? If so are you a passable singer ? Opportunity awaits. - C Carl
  17. Wooden Spokes Creaking

    Roger , you use the words "good" , "better" , and "best" in your question. The best and only solution is to have your wheel(s) re-spoked. A creaking wheel may fail catastrophically with no warning at some point. Neither you , your passengers , nor nearby motorists , want to have anything whatsoever to do with that bloody mess. Next stop : your friendly wheelwright. Would Coker be fairly convenient for you ? I seem to remember they are set up for volume production with state-of-the-art equipment. Wait time can be a significant factor when shopping for a wheelwright. - Carl
  18. Wellllll............ , this is an unexpected turn of events , at least to me. What provoked this "retrograde surgery" ? This will justify an extensive list of "as long as I am here I might as well do ................." items. As someone who has accumulated years of "total immersion" Latin American road adventures and exploration going back to 1954 through the end of the 20th Century , I offer what MUST be the cardinal rule of your upcoming trip : DRIVE SLOWLY (do as I say , NOT as I do - I have a couple of unofficial Andean speed records considered impossible , and a stern admonition from a commercial transport driver I had earlier passed) , and NEVER DRIVE AT NIGHT ! At some point you may well find yourself needing to drive at night. Slow down to no more than 1/2 your daytime speed. And with your surplus electrical capacity , install the best brightest off road type driving lights you can buy. Make sure the upper cutoff of the illumination pattern is gradual , NOT SHARP. Weld the threads , or make stealing these lights very difficult. My mileage "down South" includes the Pan American all the way down to maybe an hour and a half South of Santiago , Chile. Many side trips in my own and rental vehicles to coastal delights and otherwise , down into the Amazon jungle , up to 13 , 14 , 15 and 16 thousand feet at many points along The Andes , etc. I am totally fluent in Spanish. What is the proficiency level in Spanish of a member of your family ? If it is quite high , sometimes during Southern "cultural exchanges" , it may be advisable to pretend your linguistic abilities are limited. Of course fluency , or better yet bilingualism , in any Romance language , will make achieving a working level in Spanish relatively easy. It will be thrilling to "ride shotgun" (don't take firearms into Latin America - in any hostile confrontation look humbly at the ground and graciously offer anything or everything you have to avoid harm) , with you by way of the Internet ! Buen Viaje ! - Carl P.S. : NEVER ATTEMPT TO BRIBE POLICE IN COSTA RICA OR CHILE , and very sadly , it is HIGHLY inadvisable to take road adventures in Venezuela anymore. It was FANTASTIC when I was there in 1998 !
  19. Hi Vic' , Dad died early 1995 just short of his 80th birthday. Mom reached 92 almost 5 years ago. They had both re-married , and each survived their second spouses. My two brothers and I were able to devote huge amounts of time to helping them , as our family was not scattered. They both significantly downsized while still able to do so. Still , it was emotionally difficult , and eventually impossible to sift through their lives. At that point , a facilitator was called in. You will recognize if or when that time comes. If the remains are viable for someone to take over , or if a one time price for what is left can be arranged , take it and don't hurt yourself anymore. Go out in the sunshine. Take time to look at the trees and flowers. Listen to and watch the birds , insects , lizards and animals. Feel the breeze. Be proud of yourself for a job well done. Be thankful for the family and friends both old and new , which you are fortunate to have. You see yourself as the self you have known almost all your life. We on the forum see you as a remarkably strong , admirably devoted , fast learner , highly capable person who can do so many things. Hang in there until you feel it is time not to do so. As I say , you and only you will know when that will be. Could you you look at the tires shown in response #52 and give us the size ? Those tires could be worthwhile to deal with , particularly if the rims have some applicable purpose. Another forum friend , - Cadillac Carl
  20. Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Parts

    I met who must have been the original Mr. Ficken over 30 years ago when I went to look at a 1937 Cadillac he had. I took the L.I.R.R. to Babylon where he met me. Sorry to hear this , but obviously need to know. - Carl
  21. Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Part

    Ficken Wiper Service.
  22. Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Parts

    Try Ficken Wiper Service. - CC
  23. More FREE Maxwell pics

    Sorry , I do not have the '24. It is not available. I/we all know the feeling. It is not a good one. I should have updated this earlier , so as not to raise false hopes. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. From the various comments I see here , I wonder how costly a commercial or well equipped and skilled home machine shop solution would be over a small run on this pot metal part ? Sometimes , rather than enduring a long , uncertain wait to get back on the road , you just have to throw money at the problem. I hope you guys can come up with an affordable set up and punch out several , and/or keep a CNC file. I wish I could have been able to help. - Carl
  24. More FREE Maxwell pics

    Must be off property which must be prepared for sale soon. Hey ! Anyone in the market for a house and outbuildings on 2 acres ? Enumclaw , WA. Close to Mt. Rainer with view , but topologically immune from eruption flows. Enjoy watching the drama to come someday from a safe vantage point ! Make a deal now , and keep ALL the engines. I'll bet they would throw in the '30 Buick coupe too ! I am just the nearest AACA member who is able to help save these parts. It is O.K. to call me too if you like. - Carl 408-621-8261
  25. More FREE Maxwell pics

    Only the 1925 is still available. It is one of 6 engines which now belong to me. They are in my way , but I saved what I could. The house was sold at a steal of a deal. The 1930 Buick was also a steal of a deal. To me. Mission creep ! 🤔. - Carl