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  1. I would guess some of you know this antiquity ? Please do tell. - Carl
  2. I want to drive this :
  3. Hi Terry. Classy circles from time to time. But friends in low places ? Man do I have 'em! 😏. And I think I could have avoided confusion by writing "Type 46", rather than "type 46". High, low, everyone knows what a Type 46 is. In any case, to make amends, I should deal with a few more of the cars we got to see. I think I will start with a posting regarding the Maser' you see in this arc winding away from the Bentley. The thing brutally bifurcated (or eclipsed by my poor framing - I really should have paid more attention to my snapping and less time yapping), THAT thing is a 1904 Mercedes. OK, I will start a new topic with the red racer. - Carl
  4. At another VRM gathering of our local Mercedes-Benz Club of America Section. - Carl
  5. Another couple pics of the Mullin 46. Oh and not a Bug. A Bug' , the apostrophe makin' it a contraction. I do however confess to taking the occasional indecent liberty with our rich , magnificent, maleable mother tongue. - CC
  6. C Carl

    1940 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe. Spectacular!

    Yes. I had a friend who's father, a prominent lawyer so many decades ago here, had a '39 Cad. I learned to drive a manual transmission in that car. I loved it so much that by and by I bought my own. A '39 60S. They hold up well at modern freeway speeds, and handle well due to the no flies independent front suspension. Great brakes, too. Very high swept area to weight ratio. I must confess, I believe that if I had this beauty, I would corrupt the originality and put A/C in it so I could drive it anywhere, anytime regardless of conditions. I hope someone in AACA gets this car and shares it on forum so the rest of us can "ride along". - CC
  7. C Carl

    1940 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe. Spectacular!

    I'm here to order tell you, Mike. And I greatly prefer these '39s and '40s to the ever popular'41s. Don't expect that I am the only one who has this preference. And for better (or worse as the case may be), you don't have to worry about a hydramatic (though I had those too back in the day when I could just drive these used cars into the Cadillac store for any part or service), doing your shifting for you. As always, Andy, another truly spectacular car! I know you would not have it any other way. - Cadillac Carl
  8. C Carl

    L78-15 Tire Pressure

    I'm not 100% absolutely sure, but isn't that the size of the relatively new Diamondback Auburn radials.? Initial reports I have seen are enthusiastic. Bias look, radial advantages. Radial tires have a very large range of operating pressure, so may be tuned for conditions, speed, and ride. Safety first, if you actually drive your car. - Carl
  9. C Carl

    1929 Studebaker flat Head 8 Or a motor

    Glad to see you back, Rich. I hope you find your cylinder head soon, and that you have completely recovered your health. - Carl
  10. C Carl

    1932 Other Makes Packard Super Eight

    Seller has amended to $250,000. - CC
  11. C Carl

    Why? Why?

    Say "pim". No, not the word"pin", it is not misspelled."Pim". OK. Now repeat the non word "pim" a dozen times as quickly as possible. For an inside glimpse into that lifestyle back in the '60s and'70s, listen to Curtis Mayfield's "Diamond in the Back". That type of cruising, particularly when done with a "gangster lean", was often referred to as "profiling". Yer old profilin', Cadillac drivin' friend, - Cadillac Carl
  12. C Carl

    Why? Why?

    Fly ! - CC
  13. C Carl


    Click into high-res and read the fine print. I side with Spinney' and dictator' and G' Man. - C C'.
  14. C Carl

    1968 Cadillac Deville Convertible

    WOW !! To my old eyes, that is one of the most attractive Cadillacs I have ever seen ! And that includes going all the way back to 70 years ago when the still proud, still current, flathead V16s were on the road. Lined up in Morton's parking lot in Chicago, they addicted young me. What a beauty you have!!! Honestly, at that price it SHOULD sell by this weekend. - Cadillac Carl P.S. By the way, is this the earlier '68, or the later with disc brakes ? I considered the drum brakes on these cars to be completely adequate for normal driving, including fast touring. - CC
  15. I'll tell you how cool that is, Mike. That is SUPER COOL, and I LOVE it ! - CC
  16. Are you a member of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club ? - Carl
  17. Curious : Just exactly what does one get here for $5000 ? I see 2 unfinished incomplete halves of some toy. Is there something of value not shown? I don't get it at all. Is this $5000, or $50.00 or something else ? Certainly not in the market, just curious, as I can't figure it out. - Carl
  18. Hi Dave, I am a Washingtonian trying to dump the Seattle dump to retire to a high class "trailertrashdom", (well not quite - a very nice Marlette manufactured, on 50 acres, 12 miles NNW of Ellensburg). And it does have a 36x72 shop, 13' to the trusses. Beautiful views. All this by way of introduction. Here is what I suggest. PARTICULARLY for the reason Joe up there in Canada stated, do not part it out. For less time and hassle to do just 1/4 the effort to part it, you could get it running well. Proper response from both the go pedal, and the stop pedal. And we all know the value enhancement from doing that. Another potential possibility which I ask anyone who might know : is there any easy paint process which could mimic to a passable extent the original remaining paint? In other words, go to some primer which would show well through an over polished single coat matching the existing paint ? A "faux patina" compatible with the original paint, interior and cool old trunk & rack. Then, with a quality top replacement, you would have a totally operable, turn key old sedan. Drive and enjoy while tending to details like the instrument panel, etc. BUT, it really should drive if it is indeed just some tinkering needed. I really don't know if this could be easily' done, but it would allow the original interior to coexist with an acceptable exterior. Does the car preserve that irreplaceable old car smell ? Evidently middle class guy toys are becoming very difficult to sell. The decline of the middle class in the USA is quite obvious to this middle class guy who is in his middle 70s. Patience, my friend. Patience. Supposed to be a virtue. I hope our paths cross some day. Your forum friend, - Cadillac Carl Last week at my place out of E'burg :
  19. C Carl

    1950 Cadillac Coupe Barn Find.

    Hi Hans ! Hi Daniel ! Hey Hans : no apologies needed for a long read. It is very well written. Everyone here loves Cadillac talk, the more the better ! Also thanks for so many pictures. You will love the way these cars drive. They are very well balanced, and the lack of unnecessary power controls gives them a wonderful road feel. I drove these cars as a teenager, and well into my 20s. A wild kid back then 50 years ago, I once outran and ditched the cops on a winding, slippery snowy road. What fun ! - Cadillac Carl
  20. C Carl

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    Well now we are getting somewhere. Late '70s Ford light trucks are very good vehicles. I've had a couple. If only it had a big bad 460 with the C-6 trans, (you should know, Mathew, an automatic makes for a better tow vehicle for several reasons). Hmmmm............, hey now ! Hey!!!! All this just reminded me of something. A friend of mine has a '79 3/4 ton Ford van which used to belong to me. A 460/C-6. Lots of relatively new mechanicals, relatively low miles.Tough old truck. I looked at a lot of vans before I found this one, maybe 25 years ago. As the song goes : "Ain't very cherry, she's a oldie but a goodie ", by now. Your parents might not approve, though. Im sure you could get it for no more than a grand. Put just a little more $ in it, not much, and you are good to go. With all that engine, though, good as it is for towing, if you have a long daily commute, by and by you will eat up the thousands of bucks you have saved over other trucks. In Seattle, should I ask him ? - CC
  21. Good idea ! As long as you already have the car, get to know it and master it's operation. If you find that you don't love it, then sell it as a turn key antique car. Have fun ! - Carl P.S. Do you ever get down to Seattle ?
  22. C Carl

    6 volt battery maintainer

    What would prevent a solar charger from overcharging if it was being used as a maintainer ? - CC
  23. C Carl

    1925 Cadillac 5 door Passenger Coupe Parts

    Welcome to AACA forums, David! You have come to a wonderful place for "Nickle Era" cars. I would say that I may be the most active member here with a V63 Cadillac, but do not have the parts you would like. As you may know, bumpers were accessories on these cars. So any period correct bumpers will do. I will post pictures of front and rear which I have, but looking online you can see quite a variety. As far as the Klaxon, this will depend on how much of a stickler for absolute authenticity you are. There was a difference between early and late V63s. Many different types do sell through the forum here. I suggest you introduce yourself above in "General Discussion" at the top. Include pictures. I think the majority of our active members here are in our 60s and 70s, many with decades of experience with cars of this era. The same can also be said for the younger and older folks, a number of whom are fortunate to be 2nd or 3rd generation old car guys and gals. The lucky of us in such status literally have a lifetime of experience. I would highly recommend you joining up with your fellow New Zealanders in the Cadillac and LaSalle Club. Do you know any members ? Ron Melville ? Maurice Hendry ? Have you read Hendry's account of V63 service carrying passengers and freight across the Middle East from the mid '20s through the mid'30s ? It was started by some of your countrymen, the Nairn Brothers. That chapter inspired my search for and purchase of this original, unrestored example 30 years ago. The only deviations from original would be the repaint decades prior to my ownership (fortunately original colors), and the somewhat indecent liberties I took with the wheels. As the original paint and pinstriping had been painted over, I felt OK with that. Remarkably, the top and headliner came off the assembly line ! Still holding up, although I have never risked putting the top down. Too brittle. I also have a 1927 Cadillac sedan, original down to the original green paint. At the risk of boring most who have seen the pictures already, I will Incude pictures of it too so you can see another set of aftermarket bumpers. Say : There is another forum you must join. Mike Barnes in Vancouver, B.C. started a yahoo group for Early V8 Cadillacs. I will fwd this to him so as to recruit you. Again, I am quite happy to have another V63 owner here. I do hope you stay with us in whatever appropriate category. I don't really have much of anything to sell, and so don't spend much time on Parts Wanted. Off to do something. Looking forward to hearing from you above, and I am sure everyone will enjoy meeting you and your 1925 Cadillac. Do you have any other old cars ? - Carl
  24. C Carl

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

  25. C Carl

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    That is exactly what it is engineered to do. The better and more synthetic the oil, the better it does this job. - CC