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  1. HI Leeroy , don't you have primer cups ? Full cup is a dose. - Carl
  2. Buy the car , Bryan. Place a non-refundable deposit on it RIGHT NOW. Do you have to wait around dithering and delaying to fall in love with this car ? Having seen a few of your car hunts , this is starting to seem like where I came in. You will have more fun with this car than you could possibly buy with the relatively small amount of money you will have spent on it when you sell. And who knows ? You actually MAY fall in love with it , 'till death do you part. Nickle Era 4 door sedans are far and away the very best pre-war car experience you can get for the buck. Here is my '27 Cadillac , looking exactly as I bought it except for the under-visor turn signals which I added. Now , go out and put some money on it. - Carl
  3. In your case , my prolific fellow Northwesterner, with you shortly to hit 26 thou' (!!!!!) , we all would suddenly notice a rate reduction. Please make sure to let us know in advance if you will be off-line for whatever reason ! Hmmmmmm........... I will be very busy the next few days. Short if any responses. I am/will not be , too busy to hold Frank in my thoughts and prayers. What a great skillful energetic guy. Speedy recovery , Frank ! Please drop us a line when you are up to it. - Carl
  4. Uhhhhh ............ $20 from where to where ? And just how much machinery would you be sending in terms of weight ? (Whew!!!!) - Carl
  5. Jack M , I just read this. Although dc-8dave is in WA , he says the car is in Northern Texas. dc-8dave , how much of the interior is original ? Absolutely spectacular car ! I am one of those weirdos who loves ancient 4 door sedans. Getting too old for multi-thousand mile trips with the top down. All those doors makes it so much easier to share ! - Carl
  6. That is very perceptive. I had noticed his writing was becoming frequent , and not packed with the remarkable technical information typical of his genius mechanical aptitude. Yeah. Extremely kind and positive writings , however. I started projecting that he , like I , might be spending just a little too much time living here. (Just saying I need to do more wrenching , and less time talking about it). That was my concern , but I didn't make the connection. Burning the candle..........., etc. VERY IMPRESSIVE , guys. Lots of love here , and Frank is at the top. Profound thanks to the alert , savvy , "doctors" here. (Maybe I should not have put quotation marks - Real doctors hang out in AACA too). I sure hope to see you back here soon , Frank. We need you. And please follow doctors orders ! - Just one of your many friends and admirers , Cadillac Carl
  7. Yes on the carb , but I would check the timing the easy way first. If you need full advance just to START , you may be WAY retarded. These cars should RUN some ADVANCE over factory spec , (making full retard on start even more important) , against the VASTLY higher octane of fuel today. Mid 40s back then. Always use the lowest octane fuel you can buy. If you can find it without the "moonshine" laced in , better yet. If it APPEARS timed right , verify by establishing true TDC. Keep up the good work ! You'll get it right ! - Carl
  8. If you had been in Sweden when I was in Sweden , you might never have left ! - Carl
  9. 😋 Thanks for the first belly laugh of the day , Roger ! I was in Iceland about 50 years ago. It seemed so incredibly different to me , having been to only Canada and Mexico , our neighbors. This was so strange that it just didn't compute as a culture. I was only 24 at the time , but I did realize that I had no framework, no cultural perspective, no way to integrate what I was seeing and hearing. It was far more foreign to me than Mexico. Next stop was England , which seemed like going home. Denmark followed , and fortunately, I got stuck there. Over several months time , I began to get some realization of why Iceland was so different. Anyone who has spent significant time in Scandinavian countries will know what I mean. Those who have not , will not. - Carl 😉
  10. Hi okimar ! If you click on the Icelander's profile , you will see that he was active only for 9 days in 2011. His birthday is there , 3/13/93. It is possible that you might be very lucky with a private message to him. Also , almost all of the other participants in this topic are still quite active here. I would send p.m.s to all of them , since they all have Skoda awareness. This is an extremely knowledgeable bunch of car people. The forum is very well engineered , very mature , and constantly tended. The search engine draws from a vast base , and the accumulated postings over the many years cover most automotivedom. Welcome ! Stay with us here , it is good to see this revived by you. I missed it first time around ! - Carl
  11. Hi Bob ! Yeah , as it inevitably must for all of us , there comes a time when you have bought your last car. I am in the particular set who must do so with a temperature of 98.6. But of course I enjoy the vicarious thrill of the hunt on forum , and sometimes get to hunt for others. Your recent successful efforts really gripped me. Fun ! Thanks for sharing real time ! Now , it apparently being one of those revealing true confession times : yes , I will be 73 in a few days. Yes. OH yes. I have indeed been to a number of monumental rock concerts/festivals. West Coast functions. Didn't make Woodstock. Didn't make Altamont either. Contemplated it , reluctantly stayed in Seattle , only to be relieved to find out why I was actually lucky not to have gone. (Were any of you at Satsop ? Watermelons ? - or was it corn ? Altamont Lite ? To keep it car related , if you were there did you see my '49 Cad fastback ? The beautiful grey one with the sun visor ? Confessions time again. That Rinelander Orange color vehicle pass you saw on my windshield was a prefect forgery. Cut exactly from : What else ? A Rinelander beer case , that being EXACTLY and conveniently , precisely the same color as the real ones ! Fortunately being a draftsman at one time , I just happened to be carrying a lettering guide and drafting pens in the car ! I scaled a real one , and whipped up an excellent copy !). Remarkable how young and energetic we once were. And we got to enjoy our precious youth in the very best times that ever were or ever will be again. And unlike so many of our friends , we got to grow old. Long live the Dead. - Carl
  12. Cap'n' and all. This is a multiple plate clutch. Your car probably has a MP Clutch. Most likely similar to this '26 Cadillac. Might be some "do and don't" tips from the guys in Chrysler Products - General below. That is where you are most likely to get specific info on your clutch. I would do a parallel posting there with more detailed needs than your title here has. Get that thing on the road best by asking the man who has done a clutch job similar to yours. - Carl
  13. Glad to see that you let a few low pitches go by , Bob. That satisfied feeling when you get exactly the right one after being tempted by a few which might have caused regrets is worth the time spent. In the back of the mind of a car hunter is the fear that if you settle for less , the one you really need will pop up shortly after transferring the title. It has been fun riding shotgun with you and the guys offering so generously of their help. You will be smiling 'till your face cramps when you take your favorite cruise route with your almost new '69 Corvair. Congratulations ! While you wait delivery , if you have not yet done so , Google up Selection of the Right Motor Oli for the Corvair Read and heed draft 17. Your engine will thank you , and you will know more about motor oil than 99% of the people who have not read this. I am old and in decline , so with deteriorating concentration, I had to read it twice. I must do so again because I forget important things. Happy , safe , trouble free driving ! - Carl
  14. Not necessarily. I have spoken with the gentleman who I recruited to our Early V8 Cad group a couple months ago. (And , Stuart , he is not ALL that much older than you are ! I hope you become lifelong friends , and visit each other throughout ! Great old cars to share on opposite sides of the globe. He , like you , also has another great Nickle era car). See his postings about his '20 , He needs interchangeability data. He would love to get as much help in that regard as possible from us. If he can't use it , you will be able to. I hope we can have very productive dialogue among us in group. - Carl
  15. You will find shop manuals of the period to be rather incomplete from a contemporary standpoint. There is a logical reason for this. It has something to do with the typical master - apprentice structure of skilled labor 100 years ago. Imagine an eleven year (old) young apprentice working in no better than slave conditions just after the end of the Civil War. The Industrial Age has just started to roar. A feudal economy (I owe my soul to the company store) , produces the most famous wealth concentrated in the fewest hands , provided by the blood , sweat , tears , backs , and lives of disposable labor. Hey ! Ya don't even have ta BUY 'em here in the North ! Eleven year young kid is an apprentice foundryman. Works for Studebaker Brothers hoss drawn Carriage . Or Baldwin Steam Locomotive Works (my grandfather worked there in better times , late 'teens , early '20s) , Philadelphia , PA. Kid starts out fueling forge fires , mess up at his extreme peril. Works unimaginably hard. Learns on the job , and ends up at the right place 30 years later. Now a foreman , he is building the first automobiles ! Fast fwd. 30 more years. He is now a repository of the sum total of the entire institutional knowledge of the industry! And HE has an apprentice ! Foreman now making , what ? You tell me. Two bits an hour ? The kid ? Four cents ? (You would have to multiply by about 20 or 25 to translate into modern equivalent - still , do the math , skilled labor is VERY cheap). Foreman needs no manual. Kid neither. He too will learn on the job. So yes. Get a manual , sparse as it may be. But for a more comprehensive tutorial, please apprentice yourself to the Chrysler Products - General forum below. Some of those guys were , or still are foremen. And around here , skilled information , as was labor in days of old is VERY cheap , but of VERY great VALUE ! Here' hoping you too make foreman ! - Carl
  16. Welcome back to the forum , Ross ! I bought a new Blazer in '77 , and drove it to Panama. Went to Boquete. While there I met the Vice - Counsul from the Embassy , who also had a Blazer. We decided to climb that big volcano in our rigs. We made it , but the VC got stuck in the mud at one place. I can't remember the name of that volcano. What is it ? I absolutely LOVED Panama. Boquete is super beautiful. The beaches too. And the canal is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Hard to get enough of it. The train which goes across to Colon is mile for mile perhaps the most interesting railroad in the World. I even got to transit the canal on a tuna boat. Wish I could go see the new Chinese Canal. I drove as far South as I could. Maybe , what ? 15 or so miles past Chepo , I forded a fair sized River , but only a tracked vehicle could continue. Heavy machinery was building the road , so I turned around. I see you can drive all the way to Yavisa now ! Have you done that ? I hope all goes according to plan for you , with no problems. Hey , it is a long shot , but do you know Cowboy Dave from Seattle in Boquete ? If so , tell him you met me on the forum ! - Cadillac Carl
  17. My money is on Rog' talking Lex' : Roger I did get a call back from Bernie Long. He then had to tend to something , said he would get back to me. But he is very old , and in far worse health than I am. I had planned on seeing him over a month ago , but it may well be a month yet at this point. I'll place another call. Is this a Lexington ? It was something somewhat obscure starting with "L" , but my health condition is about 1/2 way between yours and Bernie. I don't have too many moments which are NOT senior ! Best of luck to you regardless of the make of head. I can see you are going into this eyes wide open. It will be interesting to see how you make out. - Carl
  18. Maybe quality control will eventually get better , but probably not in monopoly sizes. Perhaps you will find rare NOS still serviceable (eg. Bernie Long at some point). We are lucky to have Coker for the unavailable anywhere else sizes , and some never to be run again inventory. And for Stuart : plan ahead. Among present "Real" Antique Car owners on AACA at this time , you may very well eventually be the "Last Man Standing". Always keep your eyes open for consumables. That includes ignition from Tom Van Meeteren. You need a much longer haul strategy than most of us. Keep up the good work ! - Carl P.S. Sorry , I didn't place my bet. Brian , I'll say your Birthday back in 2010.
  19. Hi Bill ! Thank you for opening this large parts source ! I just sent a fwd. to my group. It is earlyV8cadillac@yahoogroups.com , and we have 80 or so members on at least 4 continents. Some of the guys may well be very happy to pay whatever it takes to ship. I am 100% sure the first thought which comes to mind with us is : what is in the several other boxes of stuff ? For example we have a highly motivated, extremely energetic and smart , young (still in his 20s !!) member in Australia. This fine future "Old Bull" of the hobby , (he also has a '26 Buick) , got burned seriously on a misrepresented 1922 Cadillac he had shipped to him , "Ready to drive and enjoy" , but instead the engine has SERIOUS problems. No driving for Stuart this last "Driving Season". But our exemplary member just rolled up his sleeves , and is becoming a world expert on this period of V8 Cadillac engine. The top cover which carries the pivots for the roller finger followers for the valves was badly damaged. Hard to find , Stuart is having an expensive , time consuming repair done at the machine shop. So , in the interest of efficiency , is it possible to lay out the contents of box by box , and take pics from 2 angles ? That will save large amounts of time digging through the boxes for the inevitable "do you have this ?" and "do you have that" questions everyone will be asking you. Again , thanks for making these parts available. I certainly don't have to tell you the importance of keeping such treasure for their intended purpose. I have recently spent a large amount of time saving about 20 engines , 'teens to early '30s. There was a time imperative with the seller who realized the value to old car guys (his father collected old engines , but tragically was killed by a falling tree over 30 years ago) , but did not know about AACA until I met him. We worked very well together, and he gave me a transmission for my '27 Cadillac for my efforts , which I hope I never need. But I drive it long distance , and teach interested people how to drive and double clutch up shifts on it. I will not let them double clutch downshifts on it unless they already have the technique. So you never know. I am confident, you being who you are , that all these parts will go to a good purpose. Extensive , massive parts inventories are being made available (eg. The late Ed Jacobowitz) , but the task is monumental. I feel it is imperative that make specific parts must be kept together for distribution. Hard to implement the most efficient means to do so. We are fortunate that this electronic medium has become viable. However , it is still to a large degree "old boy network dependent". I think the "cyber boy network" could and should become more powerful. Many large reservoirs of parts are being opened up , with more to come. I am sure all your parts will be saved. - Carl , 408-621-8261 , or P.M.
  20. Thank you very much , guys ! Looks like you have saved this one ! Looks like Fallbrook CA wil be the new home for this. - Carl
  21. It has already been mentioned , but please get in the habit of fully retarding your spark before turning on the ignition. It is a very good idea whether using the starter or the crank. You can damage the starter or your arm if this is not done. Don't forget to advance it fully when it starts , and back the hand throttle off when running smoothly. - Carl Addendum : As per Carbkings advice below , I have noticed the ease with which my '24 Cadillac lights up with a pull or two of the crank. Hotter spark is indeed beneficial. Just do it right , fully retarded on an upstroke with your thumb tucked safely out of the line of fire. I have never had an incident , but if I ever do , the crank will pull safely back , pushing out of my fingertips.
  22. Oh , I was encouraging you to get those two original Cartercars you expressed interest in , before someone else does. Like what happened when I snoozed and lost out on the above 'Benz when I was a kid. $2500 back then , what ? 3 ? 4 ? , I don't cruise at those levels , but how many million $ today ? I really don't know. But surely a few of them. At any rate , as you and I and so many more and more these days prefer well kept original cars , I am just saying : GO GET 'EM ! We all have regrets over cars we should have bought. Right ? - Carl
  23. o.c.f. : Go get that brace of original C.C.s. You'll wish you had someday if you don't. Please see "my" 1930 Mercedes-Benz SS 38/250 above. - CC
  24. HI AK' ! Please allow me to introduce my special friend. Early on in my forum existence, I had the pleasure of being led to the water , and drinking of the knowledge there in. Something I NEEDED to know , but held a misconception. I got set straight on the path to understanding the "whys" , and the "why one should nots" , regarding period fuels for , and intake "ovens" on , late 'teen - early or mid '30s cars. The result allowed me to better understand my '24 and '27 Cadillacs , and improve their running. Hey ! Another example of where you are going on the forum ! From your local Marque club guys , you will indeed become a bit of an authority over time. I did on this particular aspect of proper engine operation in cars of the stated period. Anyway the prolific , very generous (note he has recently passed 9000 posts , a high percentage of which are thorough , detailed , informative , and in many cases he has several follow on words of wisdom , indicative of a very high level of involvement and care. I aspire to be like him). My benefactor is he to whom I refer to as "Trusty , but Crusty" , as Rusty certainly is. He has poked fun at me , well taken , which has caused me to laugh so hard I almost spewed ! From time to time , we PM. A great , knowledgeable guy he is , and I have a feeling he would be the first to stop , wrench in hand , if he found you with your hood up by the side of the road. But , as you can see , there IS a crusty sarcastic side to the kind , highly experienced old master mechanic. Have a laugh , and ask him another question ! (You will get to know personalities of some here , and believe me , we all hold you in high esteem. That is why you are getting so much help ). - Carl