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  1. came upon an interesting roadside attraction :
  2. C Carl

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Sell it to George. He is a good man, and loves machinery like this. I am Cadillac Carl, and recently noted that George supplied two old 1920s Cadillacs with sets of wheels to put them back on the road. And the wheels which were in excellent condition went fast because Generous George was more than fair on his prices. This is an unsolicited testimonial, although I do communicatie with George occasionally. - CC
  3. C Carl

    Thanks for all the help

    Do you have country of origin for that NIB, NFG coil.? - Carl
  4. C Carl

    1929 DA ignition coil

    And of course there is the condenser. - CC
  5. C Carl

    1929 DA ignition coil

    I have done a little armchair troubleshooting myself regarding your predicament. Have tentatively identified a problem. I found a potential source which often causes compound aggravation. You will find it in the fifth word from the last. We all make them, couldn't operate without doing so, but in this case, you must go back to simple basics. Square one thing. Assumptions are, and throughout human history have proved to be, the cause of more folly and failure than anything. Check the coil by testing for continuity and resistance, or have someone do it for you. If the coil IS good, (they are rugged devices), do the sequential electrical system evaluation starting with the battery and working downstream from there..All connections, all polarity. - Carl
  6. C Carl

    1929 DA ignition coil

    Hi Bob. KM.......... is the name for the venerable Atwater -Kent. They have done very good work for me. Coils don't care about polarity as far as grounding goes. Just don't get the + - wiring crossed when you replace it. (I am hesitant to ask if you are 100% absolutely sure it is the coil which is bad.?) - Carl
  7. C Carl

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    I should have included to further make my point about the reliability of machines, both simple and complex in the late '20s : the simplicity of the airplane is even more obvious when you consider the absence of clutch (multiple plate clutch pack in the Cad) and transmission. Direct coupling between engine to fixed pitch prop could not possibly be less complicated. I want to fly a simple Jenny. Anyone have one? I am a licensed pilot. If one of you lets me fly your simple "kite", I'll let you drive my complicated 1920s Cadillacs. Heads up though. These ancients are closing in on 100 years old. Unrestored without having a need for an air worthiness certificate, they do have their quirks. Thanks , - Carl
  8. C Carl

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    It sure is, Greg. 127 Northbound out of Baker. Temp at midday is still rather cool, not quite triple digits, as it was early April. Up over the pass through the gap slightly to the left ahead. Turned East past Tecopa, later up over a steep pass where the reliable 1927 technology at last got up to operating temperature. Last leg, I hit the highway over Blue Diamond to 'Vegas climbing at about 35-40 in top gear. Here you go :
  9. C Carl

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    I think about that quite often, Padgett. Here is another relic from 1927. Everyone has seen the color pics, but the B&W might be better to compare the technologies. When this old thing goes slowly droning down the line, hour after hour, day after day, the dual glaspacks sound a bit like a low r.p.m. aircraft engine. This is A VASTLY more complex machine than some brakeless, air cooled, kite with bellcranks and cables, the simple radial slowly twisting an incredibly efficient prop as it screws through the air. There were no flies on 1927 Cadillacs (please excuse the Cadillac-Johnson Carb), fewer less on simple air cooled aircraft radials. Of course multi engine aircraft with multi folk at the controls had made the hop earlier, but the endurance of the brave young solo pilot is probably more remarkable than that of the machinery of 1927. I go out solo lone wolf long distance cruising in this unmolested, unrestored, original, well lubricated veteran, but I do carry my cell phones and Triple A card. 'Course you can't pull over to the shoulder in the airplane, but being an old man, I shoulder my ride from time to time almost always for hydraulic imperatives. And I'm not talking about the brakes. They are mechanical, and in and of themselves, most likely more complex than the entire Spirit'. - Carl
  10. C Carl

    Trade advice,comments

    Well, I had been thinking more like apples to pepperoni pizza. Both fodder, but uhhhh........... Looka here, Buick35 Greg. You will most likely not be able to pack a lunch big enough to last 'till you get such a specific trade. Sell, then buy, or buy, then sell. But like the guys say, enjoy shopping around. Check them out. You might just fall in love. And if "divorce" eventually puts your then stale love on the market, there is always another guy to come 'Round and take your place. Moving Model As is easy. Simply put 'em out there at a better deal than anything else on the market. You will have had a lot of fun for your money. - Cadillac Carl
  11. C Carl

    Saw this following me around today

    Ahhhhhhhh, yeah.! That's it. They had among the very best San Francisco style Chinese -American Chop Suey I have ever wrapped my lips around. Yet another one of Oregon 's delights. That style of Chop Suey I remember from maybe 65+ years ago is getting out of fashion these days. But Oregon has an admirable track record of not wanting to mess up good things. Sandy was just hankering for exactly that treat yesterday. I think she was saying the tea leaves read a trip to Tai Tung in the International District is in order. - CC
  12. C Carl

    Saw this following me around today

    Hi there you lucky Southern Oregonians! I'll tell you a funny Medford/Ashland shop incident. Way back in the old days before I-5 was built over the Siskyous, I got turned around Southbound before the steep grade after Ashland. Chains Required. So I went back and bought a set of roller chains from Les for the Michelin X radials on my '65 Eldo drop top. Threw 'em in the trunk, started the engine, and the starter would not disengage. Right next door was Skinner Pontiac - Cadillac. While they replaced the ignition switch (had to pull the top off the dashboard), we enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch at that now long gone joint about 50 yards South of Lester's and Skinner's handy locations. Cad now ready, I went in to bail it out. They informed me that they had cracked the windshield pulling the dash, and would replace it for free. Well, we were headed to 'Frisco for a 'Dead concert, and now being a bit behind schedule, opted for repair on the return leg. (Made sure to coincide with lunchtime). By the time we got back to the grade, the Chains Required sign was off, and we blew over the pass PDQ. Never did use the chains. I figure that was the best ten bucks I ever wasted. And factoring in the time not needed to drive slowly, chain up and remove, actually very little time was lost overall. Just think : at the point the engine was started at the motel that morning, the next time I shut it down, it would have inconvenienced me at a huge expense and loss of time. It might have even happened as I was enjoying the view at the cold summit while making "yellow snow" !!!!!!! ðŸ˜Ē-----------😂. - (Just another of them there - Cadillac Carl tales) P.S. : I hope I get to visit y'az some time. I am sure you will know the best Chinese food around. I do try to eat at Chinese buffets while traveling. My diet must contain lots of vegetables. Never better than at those buffets, or elaborate salad bars. If I really need to have more heart attacks, I hope they are many, and VERY infrequent. 😏 - CC
  13. C Carl

    Saw this following me around today

    Vic' , have John recommend a shop to diagnose dnd fix that noise ASAP. Even if you were a good mechanic, you wouldn't have time at this point in your new job to fix it yourself. Unexplained noises from suspension/brakes cannot be fixed too soon. - Carl
  14. C Carl

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    You guys sure have had a series of unanticipated setbacks. Sometimes it just feels like system overload. Great patience you two display. But then again, in this hobby, there is no alternative. You know that tremendous feeling of satisfaction when you finally fire them up and take to the road. I have done so after too, too long ; tears of joy streaming down my face! Courage ! - Carl
  15. Yes , Greg and John. Hypoid gears shear the oil down. I have gone to 140 to stop a pinion seal leak on a disposable beater. Dried the old thing right out even with thousands of miles of subsequent use. - Carl
  16. C Carl

    1973 Cuda 440-6 / 4 Speed!

    That sure was fast, Rick. Did it sell through Hemmings , or to some lucky forum member ? - Carl
  17. C Carl

    Saw this following me around today

    Looks like one beautiful day for a drive, Vic' ! Go for it ! - CC
  18. C Carl

    Saw this following me around today

    Yeah, I am going to be 74 in a few days. I usually feel like I am 89. Kinda like the "Big Boss Man" of song and fame. "................ just talk and that's a just about all.". - Pretty much useless these days, - C Carl
  19. C Carl

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    What about you, Larry ? Did you have Ross bring your compression up a bit ? - Carl
  20. C Carl

    TOP IRONS Cadillac 1924 phaeton &upholstery

    Yes, I just keep thinking that, Kyle. Might be time to take more critical measurements, and talk to a trimmer around here. It really might be the only way to have my cake and eat it too. I am about to sell my house, and will have money for the toys. Been a while. - Carl
  21. C Carl

    2018 Grand National Photos

    Yes indeed. Thank you very very much ! What a gathering ! Wish I could be there. - Carl
  22. C Carl

    1940 Buick Special Convertible

    Hi Lucy ! You can get suitable escutcheons Tom refers to from Rich Baumgarten , thehandleman@comcast.net , as he has quite a selection. Most of us here are interested in Cuba to some degree, certainly in part due to the old cars still rolling around there. As you can tell, we are all very happy you have joined us ! A number of the stronger, healthier, among us have been, and will go to Cuba. Unfortunately for me, I am older and in worse shape than most of the old Detroit iron rumbling and rattling around Cuba. I will see it only in my daydreams. Tom Gibson with his wonderful photographic and journalistic skills has done fantastic, informative postings here. I suggest you enter Cuba in the search box above, and scan for his work when you have time. !Bienvenidos al AACA, Nieta! Nos vemos aqui. - Viejo, cansado y gastado, ya han pasados mis aventuras y locuras dichas, - Carl
  23. C Carl

    1940 LASALLE

    Where are you and the cars located ? - CC
  24. C Carl

    1926 Auburn Brougham Sedan

    Two "IF"s : IF the interior is at least as presentable as the "can" it is in, and IF the Auburn sedan were mine, I would totally go through it mechanically and drive on, and on, and on. I would drive it all over the country and visit all of you. Then you could call me "Auburn Carl". ðŸĪŠ. - Cadillac Carl 😎
  25. C Carl

    ROLLS ROYCE parts from the 1930's

    Thank you, Bob. I will take them. P.M. Sent. - Carl