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  1. I doubt ANYTHING including his ex-wife or her adress is real. - Carl
  2. So can't this S.O.B. just make up another name etc. and carry on ? He is not using his REAL name , so how can he be caught ? - Carl
  3. Yeah , I thought that thiefs name looked familiar. I entered it in the "General Discussion" search box. The discussion took place there on April 14. I hope the S.O.B. didn't get you . - Carl
  4. And poor "little Pure station" above has numbered days. First the roof goes , and then soon the rest. - Carl
  5. Almost 2 months have gone by. Did you find help ? Exactly where in WA or OR are you ? - Carl
  6. Right. I used a brush also. Absolutely no brush marks. It is water based. Very easy application. - Carl
  7. We all love the look of sidemounts on many cars. We all love the look of dual rear spares on many cars. But , BUT : when push comes to shove out where rubber meets road , the same sidemount car will handle better than its otherwise twin with rears. Give it a try sometime on a series of very tight curves. I have mentioned this before. This has to do with polar moment of inertia , and center of gravity. Gabriel Voisin (of course he designed airplanes too) , realized that aerodynamic stability was also becoming important , as speeds were now at the point where aerodynamics were a factor. The center of gravity must be ahead of the center of pressure. All you (model) airplane and (model) rocket tinkerers will know this well. Voisin's son was killed , leading to Voisin's realizing the importance of this in automotive design. But the dynamic stability issue can be felt by just thrashing your dual rear car about with and without spares mounted. They will also tow truer with the spares carried in the tow vehicle , or lashed over the axles. - Carl
  8. I would be happy to help your friend find an oil pump. I do not think it will be extremely difficult. How well does your friend speak English ? The only other language I speak is Spanish. Yes , it would be a very good idea if he and I are in direct contact. - Carl
  9. Frank (oldford) , I am also rather old and certainly slow. I only just now realized that the vinyl dye that Bill Hirsch sold 30 years ago WAS SURFLEX ! Do you recall ? I got my Sureflx from him ALMOST 30 years ago. If you bought your vinyl dye prior to his carrying the Surflex , if it had been something different , Surflex would have superseded it for some reason. Do you recall if you bought Surflex ? Sounds like it was the same ! In any case , it certainly does hold up well. I am still curious if there is a good top dressing that is also a sealer. A problem might be that it would almost certainly alter the grain of the material it would be applied to. Geoff , I am sure you will be quite pleased with Surflex , particularly in that apparently Frank has given a testimonial to it also ! - Carl
  10. Hi Jenz ! In my new pump , the gears are original. The pump housing and the flanges were made in order to put a full flow filter in the line. New bushings were made to the shaft dimensions. If your friend can make gears , the shaft diameter amd centers at the crank case could be determined by the existing bushings , or to a new bushing if you need to make them. The gear face profile and pitch could be determined by the remains of the original gears. At the new housing , machine according to the new gears. But I think it is possible to find an oil pump. There are still parts engines with friendly owners. The "Early V8 Cadillac" yahoo group might be able to find one. I will place a posting there for you. Tell us more about your friends Cadillac. Do you have pictures of it ? Is he in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club ? That also could provide an oil pump. They are certainly a simple device , but the dimensions and tolerances are critical. Do you have an international telephone service like Skype ? - Carl P.S. My car is a 1924. I think the oil pump is the same for 1922 - 1925 . Perhaps earlier also. What year is your friends car ? If you will be making gears , once you have the set up , it would be a good idea to make a run of the gears and housings and flanges. I am sure that you would have a market for these in order to incorporate a filter. I will propose this also on the yahoo group. It would also be a good idea to put a priming port in the modification . More later.
  11. Whew ! I keep coming back here from time to time , kinda interested in what things are trading for these days. I , uh , I , umm, I'm a little hesitant to .......... But since observations were solicited , this car is a poster child for the kind of car I walk away from every time. Now compare it to the above linked original example at $79k. Take time (about seven nanoseconds should do) to carefully compare the engine compartments. That gives the scale to judge comparative value. The "Blue Beauty" reeks of deferred maintenance. Regard the quick cheap and dirty patchwork and missing parts , interior (hey , door panels , window sills , carpets , and so on) , surface corrosion on shift lever , steering column , and other dash chrome , etc , etc , woooooooWEEEEEEE !!!! I think I'll join Jim and 30 Dodge Panel in the apprehensive camp. I can only imagine the mechanical condition. I don't like it , but at the right price someone will. George , I am not putting you or your client down. Nothing personal here. My feeling is that if you really can get a $50,000 offer on this sad sack , take it and RUN ! Any charitable donation potential against tax liabilities ? But I am not a lawyer. I just benefit from hiring many. Cars just like this do have a potential as "movie stars". A quick paint job in whatever color the Art Director designates , and roll camera ! Very photogenic ! Desmond's in North Hollywood had lots of interesting vehicular props. I got a super deal on a couple of old trucks off their huge lot on Laurel Canyon Blvd. This ol' Bu' would look better than that "new" Cadillac "Jerry Lee" drove. You know , the one with that showroom cracked steering wheel ? Again , PLEASE don't take this personally. You asked. I just couldn't keep a lid on it any more. I'm not the gentleman some of the other guys here are. It's just that when I see a car that needs about everything , I cringe. I think that along with the cheap cover up paint , this car has been sprayed with "C Carl Repellant". Industrial strength. Sorry. - C Carl
  12. Yes , Bill has excellent products. You can't go wrong there. He used to carry Surflex. He supplied it to me for the '24. When I talked to him re: the '27 , he referred me to the present distributor. I have great confidence in Bill and his products. He always seems to have time to talk and explain things , too. By all means give him a call personally and ask him about the use for your top. Please let us know how you get on with this. Lots of interest in top dressings. Good pics before and after would help others also. I should have done that , particularly these days with digital cameras. - Carl
  13. Yes , that is what I figured too. I have been running 15W/50 , or 20W/50 synthetic in the ancient machinery. Recently switched to the fairly new 20W/50 Amsoil with zinc and phosphorus levels apropriate for old engines. I used to run the heavier synthetic in my modern engines also. However , after talking to the Mobil 1 rep. , and reading Richard Widman's paper , I have gone back to the owners manual specs for the more modern engines. I don't second guess my doctors or my lawyers either. Smooooth sailin' ! - Carl
  14. What beautiful tastefully done Nashes ! Could you post front quarter and interior views ? Wow ! Perfect ! - Carl
  15. Hi Graham' , I think these pics of the '24 will give you some idea of the finish of Surflex. If you click or tap into hi-res and zoom in , you will see the grain of the old top material is perfectly preserved. This was done shortly after I bought the old Cad almost 30 years ago. One coat. The top is original , so I wanted to keep it and never have to replace it. The previous owner , Ray Pierce of Akron-Canton OH , advised me not to put the top down. I have followed his advice in order to preserve the fragile top. Even the headliner is original. I sure don't have to justify preserving originality to all of us who by our nature are archivists and historians. My initial intention was to keep the top up until it would begin to come apart. At that point I figured it could be folded in a position not quite as low as the original top rests would have held it. Then to chock , pad , and cover it. But happily it has lasted the 4000 miles I have driven it , with as little exposure to sunlight as possible. The Surflex has not degraded whatsoever. I could not find any good pics of the top of the '27. These 3 are about the best I have. Sadly , the car is over 1000 miles from me at present , so I am sorry I can not provide any better. Prior to applying Surflex during road preparation about 2 years ago , a good wipe down was done with industrial grade denatured ethyl alcohol. This is also the original top , also a bit delicate. It looks extremely good with the Surflex. This is a fine top dressing , but I have wondered if there is another product which would be like a "membrane". This old top is not totally waterproof , so I keep it out of all rain , and of course limit exposure to sunlight . This can be somewhat challenging on the road trips I enjoy. Plastic sheet and car cover have to be deployed on rare occasions. An overpass came in handy for an hour or so once. I enjoyed your Graham writings immensely ! Your big , original '29 sedan is one of those love at first sight cars , aging so beautifully and gracefully. The delicious aroma of such cars cannot , or has not been replicated. I am happy that most sedans are not as pricey as the open cars. These 2 old Cadillacs are original cars. The '24 was repainted in original colors long before Ray bought it. I desecrated the wheels , as they had already been painted twice. The original painted wheels and drums on the '27 have been stored and preserved in the good shape they were in when I bought it. The original pinstriping on the wheels was replicated on the new ones I had made. But you probably already know about my cars to some degree. I have also had fun with some of my cars and trucks in movies. Once , with only 18 days to "shoot date" , the schedule was moved up by 10 days !!! I was preparing my 2 large old twin screw custom bodied Gillig 743Ds for a major studio. Just a bit of panic on the part of the transportation coordinator resulted in a rather delicate "dance". They were worried my trucks would not be ready in time. But they did not know me. Sweat and ingenuity had them on set , on time ! I would be very hesitant to put my old Cads in the flicks. Thanks for the happy writing on your site ! - Carl
  16. Surflex. You will find it by Google SURFLEX(STANDARD Colors) Let me see if I have any pics which will show you how my 1924 and 1927 Cadillacs came out. - Carl
  17. On the somewhat humorous side , I am counting 4 wheels on the above. On the sad and somber side , how much destruction and death was about to befall the World. - Carl
  18. What viscosity are you guys using in your '20s cars ? - Carl
  19. Jenz, do you have the gears from your pump ? Or is it damaged beyond repair , or missing entirely ? Obviously this is a custom modification made for me by an aero-machinist. - Carl
  20. Well with my passion for closed cars , I sure wouldn't banish that P.A. from my garage for drips on the floor ! Met a CCCA gent here with a drum headlight P.A. , early '30 something. Said it was originally sold in Canada where this was required. What else can factor in this ? - Carl
  21. Looks like the jury has reached a verdict ! After putting in another 2 hours diligently scouring Mike's source , I came to the conclusion that the winner for YOU in YOUR position is : at $409 after $60 rebate , HANKOOK DYNAPRO HT RH 12 ! And then came back to the forum and saw my forum brothers also have run and like "Kookies" for performance and value. Please click on the first link provided by Mike above in posting #48. I think when you get this much agreement on the wonderful AACA forums , you can go to the bank on it ! (Ha , ha , RIGHT , guys ?) These tires are on the narrower side of the chart , which will look best on your car. They will steer very well , and be quiet. A large percentage of noise is generated by the level of "aggressiveness" of the edge of the tread , the shoulder region. These tires are very "gentle" in that regard. Steering depends on the straight parallel uninterrupted "grooves" going all the way around the tire. Check. Seriously , from everything ALL the guys have been leading up to here , I think you will be extremely happy with these tires. You are good to go , and HANKOOK is a deservedly popular tire which should have easy availability for you. In the next few days , I will write up more observations for the general forum use. A couple tires I found on Mike's list have a very nice "retro" looking tread , with very quiet and great steering characteristics. I will also tell you what MY pick is for MY purposes. Hint : Tale a closer look at the pic I posted of the tire on my Eldo. But , Trisha , since you don't want to be frivolous with your hard earned loonies , spare yourself the extravagance ! I hope our gang has been of some help. A truely great bunch here. - Carl I thought you might want to see an example of an ultimate "steer tire". Zoom in on the tread. To the extent that a tire incorporates elements of this design , will depend on the steering quality. Take a look at the front tires on some of the big rigs next time you are hanging around the truck stop or marshaling yard. Compare the tread with that of the drive tires. Oh , and if you are curious , this is my oldest Cadillac. It is a 1924. An original , unrestored 1924 7 passenger touring. Even the top and headliner are original. Unfortunately it was repainted many years before I got it , and I have had it for almost 30 years. Well , at least they painted it in original colors. Since the wheels had been repainted too , I got to have my way with them. See ? See how the old car chatter goes ? And now you are having fun explaining YOUR car ! Now you are a "Car Girl" ! As you meet more old car people , you will see that they are the friendliest folk around. We all depend on each other for information and for sourcing parts and service. And if those guys you hire to mount your "Kookies" try to tell you your rims are too narrow, get your brother to convince them that is absolute rot. Tell them you heard that from - Cadillac Carl
  22. Again , thanks , Mike. I am very old fashioned , and enjoy in person shopping , do not depend on my iPad as much as I really should. You have given me valuable encouragement to become more modern. I will be using this tool you came up with. Arranged in order of price , with very comprehensive specs , you just can't go wrong here. I have to get going , running late. I looked at tread pattern at the low and high priced end. This for more period correct appearance, noise , and steering tread. Lowest priced at $331 is the MILESTAR STEELPRO MS597. At the top : $693 , MAXIS BRAVO SERIES UE (N) ; $702 , BRIDGESTONE DURAVIS R250 ; $876 , MICHELIN LTX M/S 2. Really gotta go out now , but I will get back to it , and you can bet your ears I will have more to say. - Carl
  23. WOW ! MIKE ! Our postings crossed. THAT is one fine resource. Thank you so much ! I have quick scanned. Let me see where I would go with this. I'll get back on here. Fascinated , Carl
  24. Greg , with all your experience and all the cars you have owned , restored and built , looks like you found an ideal tire for this purpose ! With all my playing with many radial types (and GROSSLY violating rim width specs - narrow rims with wide radials - over many scores of thousands of miles , on road and off at all speeds and loads) , this looks like a PERFECT tire. Looks quiet , and good pattern for steering. And , as you say , looks good too. What is the sidewall spec for max load pressure ? Good call ! Hmmmmm....... It just occurred to me that you and I had a discussion , and concurred about the advisability of high pressure light truck radials for old cars. It would have been some time ago , like a year or two maybe. Funny : In a way , many old cars are similar to light trucks in certain respects. Safe , happy , trouble-free cruising , all ! No matter what you are in , or what tires you are rolling on ! - Carl
  25. Yes , by all means take Greg's advice. The tires probably will run quiet , and certainly steer well. As you know , radials are safer and handle better. Radials can adjusted over a very wide range of pressures to tune for conditions. Softer for driving on city streets for greater comfort over roads which might not be highway smooth. Significantly higher pressure for higher speed and/or winding roads. Greg : What is the sidewall spec for pressure at max load ? Oh yes , I heartily agree with Roland. Stay with blackwalls in this case. No doubt a certain percentage will disagree. If you search the entire world , I am sure you could find someone who would put whitewalls on a Ferrari 375MM , or a Mercedes W-196 ! - Carl