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  1. Knowing the huge difference in value between a running car and a dead one brings up a question. If the engine "should start with a little tinkering" , why have you , who can tinker a Franklin with the best of them , not done so ? - CC
  2. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Did you search for Bentley , or "Bently" as quoted ? I do things like this frequentley. 😏🙂 - Carl
  3. Unless I am thermodynamically challenged at the moment , I can't see the efficiency of anything other than an internal combustion engine in super cold conditions. The necessities of survival and comfort in the cab , make good use of the "waste" heat from the big diesels. Wouldn't that be a huge draw on the batteries ? Or would they carry oil fired heat ? Hmmmmmmm ........ ! I guess THAT might be more efficient yet ! What fascinating times we live in ! - Carl
  4. Bedford Tires 700x19

    Sorry to hear that , George. Certainly something I needed to know. I had made a gift of the tires to a member with a sick wife. I sure didn't need the rollers and would just have dumped them. So to make it a Christmas present with some real meaning to me , the shipment was my real gift to him ! Looks like the "Dog" might have been playing Santa too ! The young gentleman down at the "Kennell" was also infused with Christmas spirit. He actually took the time to do the calculation for me , and print my label for me too ! Gave me the entire then steep discount. Under current conditions , is the 'Hound" still significantly cheaper than UPS , or FEDEX ? "MERRY CHRISTMAS , GEORGE" , greeted everyone to Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" after he had learned a lesson. "I.a.W.L." trivia : At George's friendly neighborhood bar , the bar where nobody knew his name while trying to bum drinks with still wingless Clarence : just who is the piano player ? You know ; the rotund gent in plaid shirt and slacks , with braces ? Playing some bizarre repetitive boogie/ragtime hybrid with complex dissonance ? That's all right. I have asked every blues and piano type I meet , none have known yet. I am a lifetime member of the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society , and nobody there knew either. So don't feel distraught if you didn't immediately know. F.Y.I. , that is none other than Meade Lux Lewis ! He , along with his Chicago childhood friend Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson out of Kansas City , formed the "Boogie Woogie Trio" of "Cafe Society" in New York City fame. I would have loved to have made that scene ! I picture the enthusiastic patrons and fur clad patronesses being delivered to the popular venue in every possible huge pre-war luxury car pulled out of the basement garages of their expensive apartments and penthouses. Now that I am back on an AACA relative topic , I somehow seem to remember Lux Lewis died in an automobile accident in his "Antique" Cadillac , IIRC. Minneapolis , back in the '60s. Missed the " 'Trio" , but I got to meet and hear Clifford Jackson in 1965 , in N.Y.C. He was one of the finest Stride piano players ever. Had a mighty left hand. I had stopped over while delivering a '52 XK120 I had worked on from Seattle to D.C. Took a short drive North and made a U-turn when a gaggle of great old cars caught my attention on the left. Turned out to be David Tunick. Among the treasures out in the Fall air was a type 51 Bugatti. HAPPY HOLIDAYS , GEORGE , AND ALL ! Whether you are content in Bedford Falls , or in hock in Pottersville ! - Carl
  5. Bedford Tires 700x19

    Two years ago I shipped 4 large tires by Greyhound from Seattle to Allentown , PA for $78. I taped two tires together , with tubes and flaps , making two packages , about 90# each. Nothing the least fragile , so I just wrapped clear shrink wrap around each pkg. The money saving procedure is explained on their website. Just follow it , and then print your own shipping label. Of course Greyhound is "Doghouse" to "Doghouse" , but the savings are substantial. They are also set up to pick up , and/or deliver , from , and/or to the customer. I don't know what that service would cost if needed. GLWS , Scott. Good looking tires and tread. I am one of the slowly growing set of car guys who prefer the businesslike look of blackwalls on attractive wheels on attractive cars. Never seen one turn into a brownwall either. - Carl
  6. Rolls Royce Meteor V12 Merlin Spitfire Engine

    HI Mark. Along those lines , I shall quote Andy , from our Mother Country , who collects antique aero engines , and plays with same powering vintage terrestrial conveyances. Regarding these METEORS : "they are a difficult engine to place in a suitable age related car." I may be going out on a limb here , but I suspect a bit of classical British understatement. If anyone pulls it off , it might be an understatement to say it would be a real show stopper anywhere , and on any forum. - Carl
  7. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    OH , and I am building up to a response to Greg's original premise of this topic. It has to do with comparing 3 dimensional travel in airplanes , with 3 dimensional travel in old , original earthbound iron. But I FINALLY have the opportunity to go retrieve my latest acquisition of old iron. T.B.C. .................... - CC
  8. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    When I show pics of each of my "Roaring '20s" Cadillacs to the ladies , they prefer the 1924 7 pass. touring. In the "flesh" , however , different story ! The 1927 5 pass sedan wins OVERWHELMINGLY. Not that the '24 doesn't present well , it certainly is (listen up young elegibles) , a greater "magnet" than a new Ferrari. Howsomever , I am here to tell you tomcats , there is something about the sedan that I have never experienced before. Here you see my first event in 'Vegas , early April , 2016. Rain fell occasionally. I put some plastic over the vulnerable levels of the car , and all those doors sure made the cozy original , unrestored interior a welcoming refuge. The ladies did indeed take advantage of the opportunity ! - Carl
  9. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Click on "Swap Meets" under "Meets and Tours" above. Enter "Passey Estate Sale" , (please note spelling) , in the search box. Send a P.M. to Linus Tremaine who may be of some help to you. Keep us in mind as having interest in your find. To keep us pacified for a while , please show us some pics of your car(s) if possible. Also , I am particularly curious about comparisons between the Leland single plane crankshaft Lincoln 60 degree V8 , and it's Cadillac 90 degree V counterpart from 1915 - 1923. 1924 saw the introduction of the inherently balanced two plane crankshaft V8 for Cadillac , so it might or might not be fair to compare this with the Lincoln. I have always thought that since Leland's Lincoln came so much after his first V8 for Cadillac , there must have been a very good reason to go to a 60 degree V over the original 90. I have a fair amount of experience with Cadillac engines of the Leland era , but zero Leland Lincoln. Maybe best to start a topic in "General" , maybe simply titled "Leland Early V8 Engineering". Great place for pics too. What do you think ? - Carl
  10. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Advice ? Advice you ask ? O.K. , George here is some : Don't let your engine end up like this - ( 🤔 🙄 🙂 - Carl )
  11. I should have elaborated just a bit more about the t'stat. Indeed it must have a certain travel between two exact temp points. BUT , if it just starts to open at PRECISELY the spec temp , and , I repeat , PRECISELY the exact temp (you would have to be an obsessive lab tech and the right set up to dead nail it) , you can have a certain degree of confidence in it. HOWEVER , with it out , in any case , it should be rebuilt to original spec. The master engineer for this is Jim Otto in Tennessee , phone 865-966-9494. He is a retired Sylphon engineer. He rebuilt mine , which as you see works perfectly. I always recommend everyone to send theirs off to Jim while he still provides this service. He is THE expert , reasonable price , fast turnaround. As I say , there is a shelf life to these. No one should just plug one in that has been sitting around for decades , even if not used. - Carl
  12. First Snow!

    Thanks you so much , Ben , John , and you all who get a kick out of this. I didn't really expect so much follow on ! Kept me busy last night ! It is just so much a part of normality for me that I take it for granted. I have been up and down that road for over 30 years. Yes , the view is really an order of magnitude or two beyond what my cell phone camera can portray. The shock of taking a nice drive over the mountain and through the woods to finally see this after the slow , rough last 1/4 mile (most people walk , but us car guys don't need the exercise 🙂 ) is truely overwhelming ! At that point you have to get out and look over the cliff , and then suddenly you see it all !!! It really drives home the scale of all this to look off to the North and see wilderness , TRUE wilderness stretching beyond what your eyes can see. Continuing pretty much line of sight takes you over the Canadian Coastal Range , the St. Elias Range (I could be wrong , but I think St. Elias is the highest coastal mountain range in the world. I am not sure , but it certainly was impressive from sea back when I worked on the towboats) , and then on and on through Alaska to around Prudhoe Bay on the Beaufort Sea. Flying over these areas is somewhat of a reality check. Even just the small part you see to the North in the pic , still in Washington State. Especially for you Benjamin (Beemon) , is part of the bounty Dr. Bob reaped (yeah , he did get his Big' Sheep too) , when he won the rare triple crown lottery several years back. The guys honored me by basing out of my digs , and Doc' did his thing not far away. He is a thoracic surgeon , and he performed a bit of his corrective cardiac magic on that bull ! Bull got caped in front of the shop door , carcass swung from a chainfall dangling off one of the trusses within , and his soul rests in eternal peace in Ungulate Heaven. Tasted GOOD , too , as we all know ! - Carl
  13. Fuel pumps. Probably worth saving for cores to be rebuilt. I know the guys will be able to cross examine you to determine the exact cars for them. These days , some people carry a recently rebuilt spare. - Carl
  14. Hi Vic'. I thought you might like to see what these do. First is a pic of the bare radiator in the '27 without the shutters installed. Next , totally cold with the shutters completely closed. Next barely cracked open , then almost open , and lastly completely open. That pic with cormorant crap "decorating" the old Cad , is getting close to Death Valley. Temp in the 90s , strong (25-30 mph) headwind engine temp around 170 - perfect. You absolutely MUST have a new radiator and thermostat in these relics if you intend to play with them in this way ! - CC