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  1. C Carl

    1933 Spun Cam bearings....how to repair them

    See if there is a shop near you which rebuilds hydraulic cylinders. I have had them do similar precision work for me. They can also cut lube channels if it would help. Nothing like those inside and outside grinders for close tolerance work. Oh yeah : Use synthetic oil and grease in your cars. - Carl
  2. C Carl

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Safety glass is required here. Replacing the windshields in my '24 open Cadillac was quite time consuming. The closed '27 would be much easier. However, there is a decal on the windshield (basically a 1944 Idaho "license plate"), which I want to remain on the car. I have a plastic "shield" I can attach to the windshield with 5 suction cups. I think you can see it quite well in these two pictures if you click into high resolution. Broken glass is incredibly sharp. Actually used for some cutting purposes. You can not hone a blade as sharp. We have all had impacts (rock, bird), on our safety glass windshields which would have shattered the old plate glass. Ancient cars like this are death traps. We are lucky we are still allowed to drive them. There may come a time when AACA needs to help keep these old things from being permanently "drydocked". Please, anyone who reads this, if you are not yet a member of AACA : JOIN UP ! Thank you, - Carl
  3. C Carl

    1938 66S Distributor Mechanical Advance Curve

    Would you want to re-curve for modern, considerably higher octane gasoline ? Have you raised your compression ratio ? - Carl
  4. C Carl

    wanted 1933 Cadillac parts

    Hi Dave. I don't know if this car is yours, or if you are helping a friend. Anyone involved a member of Cadillac & LaSalle Club ? If so, contact Ted Raines in California. If not (the owner really should be), and in the event that none of you know Ted, I can put you in touch. Send a P.M. if you like. AACA library, and CLC Museum and Research Center could be sources for authenticity. - Carl
  5. C Carl

    trailer weight question

    I don't tow often, but when I do, I drive slower than when I'm "bobtailing". Even slower than the max legal towing speed limit. I always question the sanity of drivers blasting past me at 10 over pulling a trailer. Any trailer, any rig. - Carl
  6. C Carl

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Me too, Jim. That is why I recognize the syndrome, and speak with such authority ! 😂 Sadly, I am sure there are more here among us. The fortunate organized and disciplined guys and gals are the real geniuses. They are the productive ones that actually finish so many things. The modern means by which genius is recognized and measured is indeed PRODUCTIVITY. Makes sense to me. - Carl
  7. C Carl

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Hmmmm...................... De Soto County. Was that WAY back in the days of Sheriff Frank Kline ? - Carl
  8. C Carl

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Hi Jim ! Nice to see you back with us ! Glad things look promising on the '47 ! Please use your efforts on THAT car, it will keep you busy enough, and be more expensive than you would have liked anyway. Let's just do some cheap and easy no brainer "pickling" on your recently acquired parts. On the "new" Chevrolet, pull the spark plugs and put 3 or 4 ounces of ATF in each cylinder, peplace plugs. Lubricate ALL valve train components, top and side, replace covers. Drain out the old oil and sludge from the engine and replace with 2 gallons of kerosene, diesel or jet fuel, or heating oil, whichever is cheapest and easiest for you. Plug all possible mouse access, exhaust and intake. Now leave the engine be for months, or more. Drain the oil from Trans and diff, and fill as high as possible with kerosene, etc. Leave these alone too, if the kerosene is not slowly just leaking out. If, it does finally leak out, you will want to flush with another kerosene fill and quickly drain. After leaving open until the last drop of kerosene drips out (2 months ?), put 140 hypoid in the rear to proper level, 90 NON HYPOID gear oil in the Trans. (I don't know why spell check keeps capitalizing trans, but I am afraid to ask - shudder). Go around the car with your oil squirt can, and hit everything necessary. Protect the trim, spares, etc, as best as is practical. O.K. Now put your precious and limited time and loot into that '47. You keep hankering after other hulks, and 5 years from now you will wish you had kept focused. Never met anyone who didn't regret being diverted from primary projects by lost causes and pies they found floating around in the sky. There is absolutely nothing positive about regrets, other than to keep you from having more of the same. Good luck, Jim. I wish I lived near you. I love your enthusiasm and energy. Enjoy that while you are still able ! - Carl
  9. Rod is one of the very nicest people I have ever met in my life. He would go out of his way to help any of you in any way he possibly could. He saved my trip 2 1/2 years ago. He was super busy, but dropped everything to come to my rescue at a critical point. Saved me from imminent failure, and welcomed me as a house guest for the duration. He and Cindy are the greatest, and have had a very tough time recently. And the "enemy" is still messing with him. Please help if you are able. - Carl
  10. C Carl

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    $18,500,000. - CC
  11. C Carl

    Firestone tires 6.00/6.50-17 white walls

    Well, nobody asked me, but since I have nothing better to do at the moment, please count me solidly with Steve and Curt, FWIW. - CC
  12. Wow ! Lookin' REAL good, Matt ! What a pleasure to own and drive the rare examples of such well preserved old cars. Best of luck with the auction ! - Carl
  13. C Carl

    1949 chrysler royal woodie for sale only $59,000

    Hi Greg, I'm back. Thank you very much for describing your situation, and your appreciation of help if offered respectfully. What comes to mind as perhaps the most helpful scenario, would be if a kind, respected, trusted member or two near you could pay you a helpful visit. Private message, as has been initiated with some of the guys, certainly eliminates the "feeding frenzy" which might understandably be taken as "hateful". Greg, I think you have borne up well under the circumstances. Sometimes the confines of this particular medium and format can lead to a derailing in which intent becomes warped. Maybe it would be a good idea to extend friendship with some of us beyond the forum. I'll go first. My present phone number is 206-790-6912. It can easily take several tries to reach me, but you are welcome to try absolutely any time whatsoever, regardless of time zone. I almost always turn my phone off when I finally go to sleep. Of course I sometimes forget to turn it back on, or carelessly walk away from it. I look forward to hearing from you. - Carl. P.S. And moderators : Job well done. We have got somewhere at this point. Eeeeeezeee does it, now. Please. P.P.S. All : Eeeeeezeee does it, now. Please. P.P.P.S. Although just slightly early, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, GREG ! I hope you will enjoy a comfortable old age. Glad you are able to join us !!!
  14. C Carl

    1949 chrysler royal woodie for sale only $59,000

    V'boy, PLEASE don't get me started on ralph, (intentional decapitalization). MODERATORS : if you devine any political stance HERE, hesitate, think twice before striking me with lightning, and then go ahead and delete. It will have just been a sacrificial spasm. Thank you all, - CC