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  1. Ford agency in Washington DC 1920

    I can't either. I am using a mini iPad on AT&T wireless. All I see is question marks in a small blue square. Some other topics have the same problem. - Carl
  2. Famous Car

    I dunno , guys. The seller is actually considerably closer to $10k than 9. Honestly , I think if you average out the astute evaluations of Gunsmoke , capngrog , ragtop4two , and Joe in Canada , you come pretty close to dead nailing a fair price for this scrap. However , I don't know if the 'Slingerabilia has market value. Also , the resolution is not good enough to appraise the wheels. They MIGHT have some value , as the tires themselves have not been burned off. Likewise , it is remotely conceivable that the bumpers have some value. Read the fine print here before bidding. PLEASE NOTE : a $500 none (sic) refundable deposit is required. That might be twice the value of the entire package. Good luck to he or she who bids ! Sitting this one out , - Cadillac Carl
  3. AACA Dues

    Yes. WELL worth it. Even for me way out in the Northwest where we don't even have a local chapter. It is an article of pride for me to be a fellow member of such a great organization with such great people. - Carl
  4. 38 Century Lubricants/Grease

    Phillip ! PHILLIP !!!! NOTHING SYNTHETIC ? The Sun rises in the West , and sets in the East. Right ? At an absolute bare minimum , use synthetic multigrade engine oil , the very best in the entire known universe for your car is Amsoil Z-Rod. Comes in 10W/30 and 20W/50. Probably for your use "in season" in Florida , a 50/50 mix for a 15W/40 might be best. If you and your Bu' can take the Summer heat and direct Sun of FL summers , the 20W/50 would be great. Synthetic grease. Synthetic grease , period - stop. You have hypoid gears in your diff. This calls for EP gear oil. EP is the only way to protect your gears. You are in Florida. Use a 140 synthetic EP gear oil. You absolutely can NOT , repeat CAN NOT use the same lube in a hypoid diff , and a synchromesh transmission. You MUST use EP for any hypoid , but EP lubricates too well against sliding forces for the synchros to work. It can also be corrosive in that case. I have to try to do something difficult at the moment. If I can't do it , I will be back shortly. I always have to add that I have nothing whatsoever to do with Amsoil other than to use it. If I could be convinced there is something better , I would use that. There is nothing too good for my cars. - Carl
  5. 1919 Chevrolet - 490 and Parts

    Larry and John : Click on that whatchacallit , that red square with the C in it under Jan's handle. He has both phone and email contacts in other postings. What a wonderful old Chev & Parts warehouse ! Well organized and stored. Jan's dad must have been a lion in that part of the hobby. Good luck , Larry ! A warm AACA welcome to you ! Please let us know how you make out. Stay here with us ! - Carl
  6. I have supplied vehicles for two major movies , one major minor , and one minor minor. If you want a peep through the keyhole into movie making , read "Fools Die" by Mario Puzo. If you like to go out for Chineese food , don't go back in the kitchen. - Cadillac Carl
  7. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    How are you doing , Ben ? It's been a while. I'm sure there are others who are also worrying about you. We hope you are making progress. - Carl
  8. 25 Buick first start issues

    You hang in there , Ronnie. All of us old old car guys who , in pursuit of performance , have bled , sweated, and been covered in greasy grime , have become frustrated , maybe even shed a tear or two. Don't even THINK of selling your car. You are heading in the right direction at this point by getting local hands on help. Courage , friend ! - Carl
  9. Locomobile

    Now THAT once beautiful old shell is a perfect Rat candidate ! Unlike the sad travesty of complete , solid , original , easily restorable open high period Full Classics* , being rodded , parts scattered to the vultures , this one , this dead Packard is the kind of carcass and bones which should get your generic 350/350 , and other modern components. Let it's angular form be seen cruising again thanks to the metal master's talented touch ! And : Long Live the Loco' ! - CC
  10. Differential drip

    The pinion seal leak I stopped was done on a 1973 Cadillac. I did use a multi. The car was a daily driver which sometimes took long distance trips at freeway speeds. For an old car which spends most of it's life in the garage , the case for a straight heavier weight oil becomes more convincing. I use straight 250 in my 1924 & 1927 Cadillacs , but that also corresponds with factory viscosity specs. Glad you didn't have a pinion seal leak ! But again , for a seldom driven relic , depending on the level of such leak , going up in viscosity should be considered. There are some fortunate guys who look for an excuse to tear into and improve anything on their cars. Sadly , although obsessive about some old car issues , I am not always spoiling for a mechanical confrontation. Such wrenching has become an almost impossible task for my beat up old body. Obviously , I just don't enjoy working on them any more. I'll take the easy way out , and hope it gives me more "saddle time". Luckily I can still drive them ! 😎 - Carl
  11. 25 Buick first start issues

    Well now , Good O'l "CatBird Bill" , not too terribly far from you in the grand scheme , had/has similar problems with his 1920 Cadillac S/G. Difference was , his problem existed/exists both before and after a high quality rebuild. Get hold of him , at the very minimum , you know the quality of the company misery keeps. Don't forget , Bill has invited us AACA guys to come visit and go for a spin in one of his many motorized masterpieces. Bill is an absolutely wonderful guy as you will see when you speak with him. I wish he and I lived somewhat closer. Relatively close to you , he is in Atlanta , GA. - Carl
  12. 25 Buick first start issues

    I could be hallucinating , but I think we have thoroughly ventilated this line of inquiry. Didn't we agree that less torque is required to turn a new engine with the plugs out , than an old engine with the plugs in ? Please re-read and heed KongaMan's response #135. And then we can have a talk about some failure within the ignition switch itself. I can't wrap my head around that , but you electrical "gurus" might just dismiss this idea , then it is on to something else. We all sure want to see you cruising soon ! - Carl
  13. I'll tell you , Roger : Laurent"s story COULD conceivably have been a fabrication. I am a bit too trusting for my own good. However , remember I DID speak with him for some time on the phone. If he was able to perpetrate such a fiction over the duration , and considering the knowledge he acquired of the L.A. target Cadillac market , he may have a job waiting for him right here in Hollywood ! He would have had to been an actor of the caliber of "Bobby" D.N. Maybe even to the level of Sir "Laurent" O. ! And as to your patience in waiting for your Cadillac , patience , in your case , is an obvious virtue ! Admittedly , at times it can be a pain in the pos...ior ! 😂. - Carl
  14. HELP With 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom

    Hi X ! That is extremely well stated. Thank you ! And SERIOUSLY , it is one of the pleasures of having been lucky enough to reach old age , to realize that the maturing process is still available. NONE of us mortals is perfect , therefore BETTERMENT should be a constant process. The world we old folk grew up in was a very different one than the present. Hard to adjust to at times. But as I say , some things are not any of our business , personally , collectively , or nationally. I try not to have an opinion on EVERY SINGLE THING. With everything most of us ailing oldsters have to deal with , it should not be necessary for us to try to manage other people's lives. I must admit , though , that some things just don't compute easily. Sunday Sermon , the day after St. Patrick's , 2018. - C Carl
  15. Differential drip

    Yes. Also you can change to 140 weight at the same time. Or a heavy multi grade , 140 being the top number if that is more comfortable for you. I once stopped a pinion seal leak (!!!!) by doing this. - Carl