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  1. Alfa , please read posting #38 above and read the referenced 33 page pdf. In your case , you already being a car guy , when you are through reading "Widman" , you will know more about motor oil than 99% of the car guys who have not yet done so. Norse Vikings , or Greek Oracles don't hold a spark plug against Mythology which still persists in some modern realms. I am sure you are very good at learning. I expect you could teach me more than I could teach you about most things. Please allow Richard Widman to "Learn you up" ! You will get to a graph which will reveal the correctness of Rusty's assertions. Most people reading op.cit. have a myth or two busted. Oh , and my very good friend Rusty busted mythology I had held for a very long time. I think of him often , and always when driving one of my '20s cars. This forum is a vast "reality check". Thank you for the European perspective. Heavier oil ? Maybe then for some reason. I do wish I had modern multigrede synthetic way back when I had my 120s and 140s. My Maserati 3500 called for straight 50 ; 20W/60 full synthetic would have been VASTLY superior. But as you know that is a hoss of a different hue. You know about that huge external oil pump those detuned race engines ran. Make a soft kind of a popcorn whistle underway. 160 psi at startup, 80 running after getting up to temp. I've run on again. I'll let you get back to "Widman". CC
  2. I'm just wonderin' if all that Wheaties eatin' made a champion of someone. - Carl
  3. All : please don't blame Carsnz123 for the tip of the hand here. I was tapping my plea for secrecy through another portal (editing a mistakenly posted blank page) , so '123 did not see what would have been a blank page , later what would have been seen as the latter became the former. Wormhole ? No doubt '123 and I shared a telepathic moment ! What a great simultaneous illumination ! Don't worry , I have at least one more trick up my sleeve. - Carl
  4. Shhhhhhhh , Moe . Don't tell Leeroy about the good ol' NO turn on the crank start. Shhhhhhhhh ! When I was a kid back in '64 or '65 I was shown the No Turn Trick by a very nice gentleman considerably older than I. I would visit Luther Losey in my XK120 MC roadster. He had a predilection for British cars , and even had a 1938 LaSalle along with his 2 old Rolls Royces. He had a P2 Contintal , and a 20/25. We had been talking for a couple hours when he decided to try the No Turn. Fired up the 20/25 , I believe he said the Continental was less reliable for such stunts. Did he say it had something to do with the cam profile of the large , hot RR ? Might have been. Rather long time ago , and I am older now than Luther was then. Shhhhhhhhh---------- Don't tell Leeroy yet ! Shhhhhhhh , I promised to tell him a couple of tricks if he would be so kind as to experiment and quantify startability between full advance and full retard. Don't TELL him Moe ! Don't tell him. -Carl
  5. Right , Moe. But withhold judgment until he learns the secret of retarding a start ! Hmmmm...... I think I will edit the above for fun. - Carl I'm back with a pic I believe never seen before here. All thumbs owner/shadetree mechanic was EXTREMELY careful not to cross wires , hoping a new coil might cure it. If I had screwed up and crossed (actually UN crossing them) the wires , I would have spent the rest of my life cursing South of the border quality control. Anyone want to buy a perfectly good 6 volt Mexican coil ? - Carl Fun ! Past midnight PDT !
  6. Compare starting full retard vs. full advance. Part of the reason your timing control was installed in your car , is because full retard is the proper timing for a very slow turning engine. Engines don't run as slowly as they turn on the starter. If indeed your timing is at spec , set it 4 or 5 (perhaps more) degrees advanced over spec. Remember ? You can thusly enjoy better combustion on modern gasoline which has twice the octane of the fine gasoline necessary in the days of EXTREMELY low compression. And then put your timing control to the purpose for which it was designed. Please continue to keep us in the loop. After this info is reported to us , I will enlighten you to another cute trick or two one can play with this seemingly vestigial appendage. Your recent experience again proves the wisdom of going right back to square one in troubleshooting. Among my friends here who are usually not too bored with my tendency to use 43 words when 18 would do , are some who shared the agony I underwent last year. I put over 1000 miles into shakedown for , and eventual beginning of a rather long trip , in continuous frustration. Running very poorly , almost threw in the towel , started looking for a box to ship the car to destination. Another mechanic recommended to me by a friend , an Old Bull (92 at the time) , of the hobby , went right back to basics , assuming NOTHING. Positive ground : check. Coil connections -------------------- "uh , are you SURE this car is positive ground ?" " Yeah , take a look at the wiring diagram. See ?" "Take a look at your coil connections" "Lemmee see -----------WHAT THE ......................?" Coil wires were crossed ! For the remaining almost 2000 miles the car ran just about as well as a new one ! It had never run right for the previous owner ! That was a 1927 Cadillac. But I know very little about magnetos. - Carl
  7. 31Buick80 : Welcome to AACA forums. Glad you are here ! Are you not seeing the pics on your device ? Help is available , and pics are more than just icing on this camp's cake. I am a computer moron , so I can not help you if you are having problems downloading pics. Let the guys know if you need to. It has been calculated that one pic is worth several hundred words. Rumor has it that figure is more like 1000 words. Perhaps more in some cases. Couldn't help it ! Just having some fun ! I hope you will stay with us ! - Carl
  8. Uh , Bryan , where are we ? Down payment ? - Carl
  9. Synthetic grease will work in the General search box. The other I speculated will get you nowhere. Richard Widman motor oil will do it . Please read Widman's 33 page pdf. Yes , it will be easy in some places , you with your high intellect and verbal abilities , will slog through it . In the end , you may well know more about motor oils than perhaps in your case , 92% of the people who have not studied Widman. I had to read it twice , and should do it again. I am old , and failing physically and mentally. You will be oiling and greasing machinery for many years to come. Might as well get on the right track now. Several of us had long held dogma corrected by reading op. cit. One never learns so well as when having myth dispelled. - Carl
  10. Do not introduce another optical element in the light path. It will compound your problem in unexpected ways. If you have proposed this as a solution , I can see you are serious. Go to an automotive glass shop. See if there is a source for flat safety glass with state of the art anti-reflection coatings. Astonishing what that technology can do ! Replacing your windshield and polarized sunglasses will work wonders. Do you use prescription glasses for driving ? If so , get a fine pair of prescription polarized sunglasses. Even if you have slight astigmatism (most adults do) , just that mild correction combined with the polarizing will make you smile ! Please let us know how you make out. - Carl
  11. 20W60 is WAY too heavy !!!! Take it back and get 10W/30 or 10W40 FULL SYNTHETIC. This subject comes up every couple weeks or so. Please use the search box. Selection of the Right Motor Oil might get you there. Read what "Spinneyhill" , a PhD Kiwi professor who really knows his stuff , has to say. Do not use too heavy an oil , and use synthetic grease also. You may find my extended comments. Search for synthetic grease. Gotta go. - Carl
  12. HI Leeroy , don't you have primer cups ? Full cup is a dose. - Carl
  13. Buy the car , Bryan. Place a non-refundable deposit on it RIGHT NOW. Do you have to wait around dithering and delaying to fall in love with this car ? Having seen a few of your car hunts , this is starting to seem like where I came in. You will have more fun with this car than you could possibly buy with the relatively small amount of money you will have spent on it when you sell. And who knows ? You actually MAY fall in love with it , 'till death do you part. Nickle Era 4 door sedans are far and away the very best pre-war car experience you can get for the buck. Here is my '27 Cadillac , looking exactly as I bought it except for the under-visor turn signals which I added. Now , go out and put some money on it. - Carl
  14. In your case , my prolific fellow Northwesterner, with you shortly to hit 26 thou' (!!!!!) , we all would suddenly notice a rate reduction. Please make sure to let us know in advance if you will be off-line for whatever reason ! Hmmmmmm........... I will be very busy the next few days. Short if any responses. I am/will not be , too busy to hold Frank in my thoughts and prayers. What a great skillful energetic guy. Speedy recovery , Frank ! Please drop us a line when you are up to it. - Carl
  15. Uhhhhh ............ $20 from where to where ? And just how much machinery would you be sending in terms of weight ? (Whew!!!!) - Carl