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  1. C Carl

    Classic BMW 1973 restoration

    Also post on Our Cars & Restoration Projects, above. You can be sure you will get help from AACA members in that category. There is not as much initial attention paid to the international makes as there is in the general categories. Some of the projects people work on here go on for several years. Where are you located ? Welcome to AACA forums ! It will be very interesting to follow your progress on the BMW ! I hope you stay with us. - Carl
  2. C Carl

    glass reflectors

    I have been playing with reflective optics for 60 years. In the context of the use these reflectors are being put to, the answer is : No. "Meaningful" is a relative term, and I think the curiosity stems from the thickness of the glass. There is always some light loss in any reflective or transmissive optical system. In this case the thickness would not play a part. I am trying to avoid TMI, but I could say that in the case of a backsilvered zero power, (uniform thickness - I assume that is what the subject reflector is), meniscus, thickness variation would only impact the spherochromatism. The good news here is that most of the very minimal light loss in this particular system (reflector and lens), actually ends up somewhere in the illuminated field. I hope this helps. - Carl
  3. Hi Jack, give Steve Hammatt a call. 360-661-6060 He might be able to help, as he transports to and from Hershey. He lives in Mt. Vernon, a bit North of Seattle. He also does runs down to the Los Angeles area. Good luck, hope you score these parts. - Carl
  4. Don, my advice to you is yield to your temptation and buy this car. It would have been mine already if not for insurmountable circumstances. Most of us know the huge amount of prep work needed to return an otherwise fine car back to transcontinental cruiser condition. I've done it with a couple of mid '20s Cadillacs. I feel confident in saying that if you had to farm out all the resurrection that has been done by experts on this P.A., the cost of the work alone would exceed the price of this entire car. Get it or regret it. And then, if the putoes who owe me the millions they have stolen from me grow a set of ethics and pay me, you can sell the car to me at a profit. Just keep it HPOF for me, please. I love this car and it's exquisite interior. - Carl
  5. Glad you made it before your date with Florence, Bob. I hope you all are prepared for the heavy weather, and will be as safe and dry as possible. - Carl
  6. C Carl

    1932 Auburn

    This is frequently done with unusual cars. Selling unique vehicles implies a limited set of potential buyers. Exposure in metropolitan areas with car culture demographics makes sense. What a "find" ! Thanks for the heads-up, "X" ! I sure hope this car ends up in an AACA member's garage. - Carl
  7. C Carl

    1924 Cadillac Opera Coupe for sale

    Yes, I have put several thousands of miles on my original, unrestored (was repainted decades before I bought it almost 30 years ago) '24. But if you are interested in buying the subject car, please call me. I see you posted a 1/2 hour ago, it is 11:00 PDT, I will be up until 12:30 or 1:00. These are very fine, well engineered cars, with absolutely no weak points whatsoever. Run strong and cool, very smoothly with the world's first inherently balanced V8, very good brakes for the era with a primitive ABS system. I will elaborate, but someone should treat themself to this car quickly. If it is you, call tonight or tomorrow , if you just want general info I can summarize for you. - Carl. 206-790-6912
  8. C Carl

    Car spotting in Victoria B.C.

    Red Cad is '58. Twice as many headlights, more gaudy, more chrome than the '57s. Shhhhh........... don't tell anyone : I prefer the cleaner '57, just as I prefer the cleaner '60 over the'59. But I do understand why garish is "in". I really do. - Cadillac Carl
  9. C Carl

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    Oops. I should have used the word "shock absorber" also. - CC
  10. C Carl

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    That is a hydraulicly damped air spring. The cylinders are attached to the shortened frame horns. The ends of the semi-eliptic springs are then linked to the piston inside. Made by Westinghouse, they were an aftermarket suspension mod usually fitted on large heavy cars of the 'teens - early'20s. Sometimes only on the front, but also used on all four corners. Here you can see a bit more detail on a picture I took of a 1914 Stearns - Knight back in 2013 Hershey before our AACA museum was usurped. I understand these can be somewhat problematic, and require experienced service. I think they are super cool, and most likely would try to put up with the p's in the a for a while if they were on my mid '20s Cadillacs . - Carl
  11. C Carl

    Duesenberg watching

    Anyone have a picture of it ? - Carl
  12. C Carl

    How should I price a 1987 Cadillac?

    Low mileage for a 30 year old Montana car. With all records, the new engine enhances value. Sell LOCALLY via Craigslist and local ad rags. No real "collector" item. Could be stylish, reliable, comfortable, good handling transportation. A bit on the slow side, but nothing like the earlier few years with the infamous HT4100 engine. You couldn't give me one of those if I were to be forced to drive and maintain it. BUT : REALLY impossible to give you an accurate estimate without many detailed pics. Can you post a few ? I agree with everything written so far. Where exactly are you in Montana ? - Cadillac Carl
  13. C Carl

    Please help Identify this luggage rack

    I suggest factoring in and paying for robust non flexible crating. I am among the majority here in having experienced shipping damage. Insurance may (or may not), pay for the damage, but they will not pay for your time. That time may be substantial, both in terms of getting a settlement, and also in finding another piece. I have had something arrive which seemed to either have been driven over or caught in a lift gate. $800 item, insured. Became too time consuming after UPS was a no show at appointment. There was an extremely delicate, expensive critical component I had asked to be removed and shipped separately. It arrived just fine, so I gave the thing away to a friend who spent quite a bit of time and fixed it for himself. Another well crated insured item arrived cracked from a high G force impact. It still functioned fine, so not worth my time hassling about it. Over insure it and take good pics before crate is sealed. It is somewhat delicate and vulnerable. Good luck ! - Carl
  14. C Carl

    Old buick motor and transmission?

    Hi Jason. Welcome ! The radiator shell is 1930. The serial number is stamped low and aft on the r.h. side. It is above the starter, and to the rear of the water pump. Lift the cover and take a look at the rocker assembly. Show us a few pics of that. Don't try to turn the engine without step by step guidance here. - Carl
  15. C Carl

    Branson, Missouri

    Well, if you are carnivorous, and like barbecue, go to Arthur Bryant's BBQ in K.C. I have had 2 heart attacks, and would risk a 3rd to munch some of his hog ribs and brisket. To your health ! - Cadillac Carl