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  1. I'm too old for this new fangled crap. Just glad I lived when I did. Best times ever for the middle class. - Carl
  2. Are there 16" wheels which fit this car? Better selection of light truck tires. And I guess you could go through D'back for the white walls if you really have your heart set on "bling". You sure could keep the kids busy cleaning the 'walls on this trip!! Or just run blackwalls on 16" wheels for the punishing trip, and save the W. Walls for the stock 15" wheels when you get back. What is that new D'back radial called ? The one which masquerades as a bias ply ? Available as 8.20. X 15. Starts with "A". Oh, my aching memory. - CC
  3. C Carl

    Just found on line

    That's it, Mike. That's IT !!! Problem is, however, that it only comes as a Coupe. ðŸĪŠ. - CC (Still fillin' smarta$$ of the day)
  4. C Carl

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    Mark, way out yonder in that parallel universe where you have the money, Ed's P.A. already belongs to ME. And it is not for sale. Sorry ! (Now just where is that "wormhole" so I can go drive it ? Come along with me, Mark. In that enlightened and equitable universe, lunch IS FREE, too !!!!!!!!!!!!!). 😎😊😂. - CC. ðŸ˜Ē
  5. C Carl

    Just found on line

    The junk I played with back then was XK120s and 140s. Maybe in some ways in the same parking lot as these various glassmobiles. I really like the Jags, actually prefer them to the K.D. or the one that starts with C and ends with e, but can't afford even the Jags now. Glad I "been there and done that" when cars were more for "fun" than "mun". (Hmmmm............. Remember that little ditty Lonnie Johnson sang called "Crowing Rooster Blues" ? I can hardly, but vaguely do recall him asking and then answering : "Lawd, what make a rooster crow every morning fo' the break of day?" He then repeated this short humble supplicative interrogatory. Can't quite remember what exactly Lonnie's proposed reason for this early natural avian alarm clock's familiar canto was, but I believe it had something to do with the plight of the working man on the way to his mundane travails. "..................... with houserent and groceries to pay : no mun, no fun" - would that be an accurate description of the situation fate has placed you in, Wayne ? It sure describes the shape I'm in these days, too. Believe me, I feel your pain. Pity.) Reminding and warning you all, I really DO feel a bit of a smarta$$ at present, - Carl
  6. C Carl

    Just found on line

    Yep. I was kinda thinkin' it was one of those. - CC
  7. C Carl

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    Hey Ed, you up ? Anyone know what the poor old thing went for ? - CC
  8. C Carl

    Just found on line

    Oh, and after clicking into higher resolution, I see 12314 on the license plate. Curiouser and curiouser ! And what a smarta$$ I am this morning ! - CC
  9. C Carl

    Just found on line

    Maybe one that starts with C and ends with e ? - CC
  10. C Carl

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    If I had to live with them, at least someone else had already painted the wheels a dark color. - CC
  11. Always great to see you getting closer to hitting the road ! By using the search box, I see very little discussion about tires. Way back in December 2016 at that. Are your wheels 15 or 16 inch? The proper radial light truck/off road tires with dual spares is a good idea. Here is what is left of my 1971 Eldo which has seen severe service all over Baja, and Mexico until 35 years ago. It has served as a hunting rig since. Nothing quite like a buck flying high lashed over the spares and Jerry can on the trunk ! Some kindred spirits love the sight, others perhaps squeamish or ignorant of game management, not so much. Compare ride height with the stocker behind it. I am not familiar with the current state of the art for tire selection , but would be happy to give you some pointers from my Mexican and South American adventures. Keep up the good work ! - Cadillac Carl
  12. C Carl

    Buick 1946 special 2door

    Hi 1946coupe, and welcome to the wonderful world of AACA forums ! Also thank you for posting the picture of your "new" old car. Just beautiful lines! First, where in the world are you that the roads are so rough that you need a lift ? About 35 years ago I modified a '71 Eldorado convertible to stand tall and explore all over Mexico. If you need to modify a car for rough roads, off roads, and no roads, part of the equation must be correct choice of tires. Also you have to consider low clearance components (transmission pan in the Eldo for example - I did not protect it with a skidplate. Needed all the clearance I could get. I just carried a spare pan, gasket, and Trans oil. Did I eventually need it ? You bet I did ! You will get good advice from me and the REAL experts here. More from me later. Glad you joined us. - Cadillac Carl P.S. What is wrong with the engine in it ?
  13. C Carl

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    As in a much better deal than this one for free, right ? - CC
  14. C Carl

    Gerat Chadwick Six

    Welcome to AACA forums, RayO ! This is an extremely friendly, helpful camp. Send private messages as needed. Click on the big Green box with the A in it under A. Ballard 35Rs name. A message box will be in the upper middle. Click on it and fire away! You will make real friends here. You can be sure we are glad you are with us ! Hey ! I will send a private message so you can see how cool it is ! - Carl
  15. C Carl

    Commrades a good Communist Motorcycle for Sale

    Well now, maybe ol' Edgar was right after all. Looks like the commonists who actually just may bury us in the end are the ones who hail from China. The Russkis never had a chance. I'll spend hours at the Goodwill looking for old used "Made in USA", (or Europe for that matter - some high quality Japanese too), trying to avoid having to buy new Chinese junk they dump on dupes. - CC