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  1. Questions about an old car

    I am very impressed with the ability of AACA to survive and thrive. The late Nickle Era cars I have loved for 70 years were just 20 year old undesirable used cars back then. It is a brilliant move to classify 25 year old used cars as "antique". It brings a fresh stock of cars and owners into contact with the much older machinery. Love happens ! And hey ! my '93 Cadillac 60 Special will make the cut next year ! YaHOOO !!! - Carl
  2. numero de chassis de lincoln zephyr 1947

    Casi imposible vender carro sin documentacion. Sin saber como se arregla en Peru , creo que se necesita un abogado , no ? - Carl
  3. Guide Super Ray Driving Light!!!

    Well , you have my curiousity up regarding your V16 Cad. Could you please post various pics of it ? Thank you ! Carl
  4. 1910 Reo parts wanted

    To me it appears to be just a series of truncated triangles (each corner cut to make a hexahedron ? , uh reminds me of "the mathematician named Paul") , drilled and laced together with a dowel. Each interlaced row inverted with respect to the adjacent one(s). Seems like a fairly easy set-up to jig and mass produce , doesn't it ? Then glue to whatever thickness backing. It just looks like that to me from this perspective. - Carl
  5. I have to Brag

    P.M. sent to Jack. Vic', make sure you take the short drive down to centerline for the total eclipse. Leave very early , and take a very little travelled route along back roads you know. Amateur astronomy is my second most expensive hobby. I must say , I am a bit of an expert on total solar eclipses. P.M. , or call if you like. - Carl
  6. Can anyone ID this car?

    A very convincing case could be made that your family could not have picked a more capable car than a V-63 Cadillac for their 1926 trans-continental adventure. Certainly the Nairn Brothers would concur. They said if they could have bought a more rugged , reliable fleet , they would have done so. Treat yourself to a copy of Maurice Hendry's definitive work. Readily available used , I have several , in order to lend out and travel with. So inexpensive that you don't have to worry about beating-up a copy. Over 30 years ago , I read this 14 page chapter , and the previous chapter regarding the successful development of the inherently balanced V8 engine for the V-63. I ran right out and purchased this fine unrestored example shortly thereafter. Do you have any other pics or written accounts of your family's great Cadillac ? - Carl
  7. 1913 REO

    DOWN PAYMENT TO HOLD POSITION. CC has spoken. If he had made a down payment 55 years ago , "his" 1930 Mercedes Benz SS 38/250 factory bodied tourer would not have got away. $2500 back then. (I have finally tracked it down - still cryin' over it - would like to see it one more time). Now you don't want to be pining away over lost car like many of us do. Down payment. I'm tellin' ya ! Again , you have some real heavy hitters pulling for you here above , with more to come. And don't forget : at least one snake slithers amongst us ! Not me. - CC
  8. 1913 REO

    I have been trying to post on the forum since yesterday afternoon. I don't know ............... OOPS ! Hey : M.b.s. ; if I could not get to a car like this until Friday , (I have been in a similar situation) , I would try to secure my position with a small non-refundable down payment against a price agreed upon if possible. The main objective is to OWN this car , and not to try to get the very best deal on an o.b.o. sale. The deal you get will be a good one by the terms of the offering already. Original , complete cars of this era , and in this condition , (and a ROADSTER to boot !) don't pop up every few months. I do like your idea of keeping this car in the preservation category. The paint and accent stripes do appear original , and preservation is a labor of love , with meticulous cleaning and correct start-up sequence. It is great fun , and does not require decades of experience or huge amounts of money. I sense a fairly new involvement with such cars on your part. Tip off was your hesitation (lights , horn , wheel).This is a very fine car to begin with in the pre-16 era. And it is very nice looking , will clean-up well. You will have a transformative experience at Hershey , and make some wonderful friends. I am the guy who wanders about with multi-colored wish lists (alternating colors for each item) , felt penned on fore and aft pizza boxes. If you don't do that , you will walk right past a half dozen or so leads every day. You MUST display your needs , particularly as a first , second , third , fourth , of fifth-timer at Hershey. Seal the deal ASAP. You will not lose on this car , unless you lose the car. Please let us all know your experience level , age , some introduction to yourself. As I have said , you are In the very best hands possible here. We will enjoy your ownership and participation. You will have help here with each step , and in every aspect in this cars revival. (You have already attracted the favorable attention of some of the very most knowledgeable and talented experts in the hobby !) DON'T LOSE THIS CAR ! - Carl
  9. 1913 REO

    Moonbeamspecial : A warm and hearty AACA welcome to the forum ! Now , grab a wad of cash and buy that great , solid pre-16 roadster for the O.B.O. price you can agree on. That is not just another T-Model Ford. And that exposed pushrods F Head mill ? Hey now! Don't waste any time reading the rest of what I am going to say. Go ahead ! Go ! Go on and get that car right NOW ! We don't know how much experience you have with Brass Cars. Therefore , it might take longer for you to find the EXACT , PRECISE pieces for "your" 1913 Reo than it will take someone to beat you to the cash register here. I know for certain of one guy who would jump you in a New York Minute if he wanted to get this car. Now , go get it. Because listen : there are more brass headlights and cowl lights around than there are cars to mount them on. You will fairly easily be able to buy those items (horn too) , which will be good enough that only you and 7 other guys in the whole world will know that car and parts did not meet until the 21st century. Buy it , and come on back to the greatest bunch of old car experts ever gathered under one tent. We will enjoy getting to know you and your car. As I say , it really is quite a find , in great original shape , and , really , remarkably complete. I can hardly wait to see that gleaming ancient machinery in all its glory here on AACA forums. Again , that is one loveable 100+ year old roadster. If you don't get it , you will regret it for the rest of your life. And carefully and methodically , step by necessary step , with all the friendly help at your fingertips here , you can bring that horseless carriage back to life ! There is a chance that may be relatively easy , quite possibly not very expensive either. The thrill of coaxing one of these things back to life is a thrill worth the modest sum we are talking about here. And then , you will always be able to make a small profit for a running car in the unlikely event that you have fallen out of love at that point. I hope you took my advice , and didn't take time to read all this. Congratulations with your purchase ! Welcome , again to AACA ! Go join HCCA now , too ! - Carl
  10. Oh , honestly , this is starting to sound like psychobabble. I see on Steve-V's website that he is the son component of a father and son business which has been around for almost 40 years. My suggestion is to help the gentleman out and possibly make a friend if you can. I feel second guessing his motivations is inappropriate , and somewhat demeaning. We all have our reasons for living our lives as we choose. There you have it. My "Sunday Sermon". Peace be upon all of you. - Carl
  11. Babbitt Engine Rebuilder in Pennsylvania Area

    Chuck , the first thing you will need to know is the combustion chamber volume , cc's. I do hope it is not too late to take advantage of an opportunity you are paying for anyway. Who are you having make the new pistons ? I called Arias , and spoke with Steve Montrelli , who has been with Arias for going on 40 years now. He is one of the great old school guys , even older than I am. He is at extension 44 , 310-532-9737 for the record , and benefit of anyone needing the service of this esteemed company. See if you can take a little extra time in order to make the most of your situation. Flat top ? Dome ? Dish ? Dimples ? Hey ! You are getting FORGED Pistons ! Break out the clay ! - Carl P.S. : Also for the record , perhaps an overbearing spellcheck is trying to turn the name of Arias into some sign of the Zodiac. And I don't think it is Leo , or Capricorn. No it is not a goat. Ram , niether. - CC
  12. Can anyone ID this car?

    1925 Cadillac , model V-63. Who is standing next to the car ? - Carl
  13. He got a free Chrysler

    Could be the season. Contagious ? In my neck they are choosing Bu's for gift hosses ! I can't help taking a few glances mouthwise , tho. So as not to be labeled a hijacker off of Mark's happy topic , I'll save the D.D.S. commentary for my own thread soon to be started on Pre War Buick. I figure when I actually take possession of the car itself , (I have already loaded all the parts) , in my name , that will be an apropriate starting point. - Carl
  14. numero de chassis de lincoln zephyr 1947

    My buenos dias Peruano ! Permitame el honor de ofrecerle un gran bienvenidos a nuestro conjunto del AACA ! Aqui qualquier cosa o pregunta automovilistica se resuelve. Ahora voy a tartar de traducir para mis compadres. A ver. Our Peruvian friend would be grateful for help in locating frame and engine numbers. The shown number , 7H1677 , was found on the front (frame rail ? or crossmember ? - I have not heard the term "puente" used in an automotive sense , literally "bridge") drivers side , near the motor mount. He wonders if this is the complete serial number. The car was purchased in Peru. En qual parte del Peru vive Ud. ? Su carro parece bien original. El interior , o sea la tapiceria , se ve bien conservado. Como marcha ? Quantas millas de uso lleva ? Necesito installar un programa traducir Ingles - Espanol y vice-versa. El "Auto-Correct" maldito me molesta , ni me permite escribir correctamente su idioma. Bueno , de todo modo , me alegro encontrar Un Peruano aqui. Perdoname qualquieres libertades indecentes que he tomado contra la lengua Espanola ! - Carl