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  1. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    Besides ; look : if you are not going to drive it enough warrant putting the best SAFEST tires on it , (radial light truck tires - perhaps with D'back WW , or even WWWs applied) , then probably good enough as is. You certainly do want to do all diagnostics , and deep maintainance suggested above , partial dismantling as per SOP , taking advantage of easy access. Bearing condition as others have mentioned , and also timing chain if you or someone else has not been there in many thousands of miles of recorded history. Here you you see very simple inexpensive diagnostics while fixing bad radiator , and cracked r.h. cyl head. New timing chain tensioner , rebuilt carb and distributor , water pump had been done by previous owner who had been told radiator was O.K. It wasn't. Everything else checked out excellent , and we zipped it back up without having to do expensive machine shop work , or even rings and valves. The old Lesters continue to serve me well. No radials are available in 7.00 X 21 or anything close. I really enjoy driving slowly on the scenic remote Western Backroads. I try to stay under 40. Have been forced to 60 in extremely rare circumstances , e.g. through a tunnel on a short necessary freeway run where no other way to proceed was available. If you DO drive that heavy old car far and fast as the esteemed adventurous old leadfoot "SaddleRider" does , take the gentleman's advice to heart. Lives depend on it. Please keep us in the loop as your restoration progresses. Good luck , and I hope you don't have to go deeper than I did ! - Carl
  2. Heavy Grease

    Synthetic. - CC
  3. Spark advance 1926 DB

    Cadillac was quite proud of the slow speed , top gear performance of its long stroke (3-1/8 X 5-1/8) , Nickel Era 314 cu in V8s. In order to drive at , and accelerate very slowly from 10 mph in 3rd , you MUST fully retard the timing. This was a desireable characteristic to the chauffeurs of the day , so as to impart to the passengers the smoothest possible ride. I use this technique frequently. Try it. - Carl
  4. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    And I have given up trying to figure out that license plate ! - CC
  5. Welcome to AACA forums. This is an old posting , and he has not been active on the forums in over 4 months. It does look like he has a large inventory of ignition parts. Good price , too. Try sending him a private message. What Cadillac of these years do you have ? I have an original , unrestored 1924 7 pass touring. It was repainted many decades ago , but still has the original top and headliner. It runs well. I got it almost 30 years ago , and have driven it thousands of miles. Very strong reliable cars. Here are some pics of it. - Carl
  6. Hi rbf ! Welcome to AACA forums ! I am going to assume that from your decades long association and friendship with Mr. Karr , that you are no kid either. You certainly have given an insight into the present situation , and the possibility that through Mr. Karr's children , and the husband and wife in the back , that something will have been salvaged. Your characterization of Mr. Karr's state of mind , the the torment and pressures he was under , and the great empathy you exhibit , is inspiring. Here at AACA , the people are kind and helpful to one another. I am old , and more than half of my best oldest friends are gone. I would love to meet any and all of my friends here , and this is a place of camaraderie and support in many ways. It is wonderful to have you with us , and I sure hope you stick around ! What is your period of interest in the old car hobby ? Do you/have you had hobby cars ? Your new forum friend , - Cadillac Carl P.S. Since you are new here , I will bore the regulars with yet another showing of the two oldest Cadillacs I have ever had. Each original and unrestored. 1924 7 pass touring , 1927 standard 5 pass sedan. Til death do we part. I am training some youngsters to drive them in case I can't at some point. I love these old crates. Where are you in California ? I am planning on driving through quite a bit of your state this Winter in the '27. Would you like to meet and drive it ?
  7. Pair of 1953 Cadillacs

    Congratulations , Dan ! Glad you and the new owner were able to save them ! - Cadillac Carl
  8. 1928 Buick Opera Coupe

    Hi Chris ! Welcome to AACA forums ! Yes indeed. DO post in Buick - Pre War below also. Some of the Buick guys are so hard-core they seldom stray far from their beloved make ! It is always wonderful to have a new kindred spirit here. Now , we all love pictures , it helps to include as much info and specificity as possible. Here : let me throw a couple pics of my soon-to-be picked up 1930 Doctor's coupe at you. Wasn't it Rod Stewart who asked : "Every picture tells a story , don't it ?" ? You will find an answer to every question you have from your new AACA friends ! - Carl
  9. That aspect of these "hoods" (?) would not be functional for fog. A proper fog light must be FCO , located and aimed low. You must not Illuminate the fog you are trying to see through. Always in a fog , - CC
  10. By WW2 , this car and its ilk would have been prime candidates for the scrap drives. This accessory exudes a Nickel Era period correct piece. To tool-up for such a limited wartime market (there were EXTREMELY few cars of this vintage left on the road by the '40s - I remember) , in an obsolete headlight diameter , just doesn't make sense to my somewhat nonsensical mind. The car does have front and rear accessory turn signals , also somewhat uncommon , so maybe Dr. Diagnosis should be called upon to unravel the owner's "illumination fixation" Rx'ed by the evidence. Or , better yet , I think I am overdue for a chat with 93 y.o. Roy Lassen. He's been in the accessories biz for over 65 years , (check him out at classicaccessories.org) , and if he hasn't seen these , I suggest a fair size lunch be packed while the sleuths suss this one out ! - Carl
  11. Good Chrome Shops

    Hi Bloo. Perhaps more convenient to you , is Art Brass Plating in Seattle. 206-767-4443 , or 800-828-3186. I have used them , and the Big Boys do too. Please let me know if you find someone closer yet , as I am just over the hill from you. - Carl
  12. Need a Brass Plating Shop

    I have used Art Brass Plating in Seattle , WA. 206-767-4443 , in buisiness for over 100 years. But a good shakedown Google search might get you someone closer to you. I am often in Seattle , I can't picture a situation in which my presence could be of service to you , but I would be glad to do so in any case. - Carl
  13. Hershey 2017 show field pics 1

    I'll second that , 'dog ! And , from my perspective , just the right balance of old and new cars 😉 ! - Carl
  14. Color versus Black and White

    Hi Mark. So sorry to see the horror of the fires not too far from you. Yes , as an impartial observer , in this case I definitely prefer the B&W. I turned a pic of mine to B&W , but prefer the color in my case. Certainly an element of applesauce and orange juice , though. - Carl
  15. FS -Signal Stat three light beehive light bar NOS

    I would like it. - Carl