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  1. Bearing help!!!

    Marv, Have you tried an industrial bearing distributor? I’ve had luck with them in the past finding replacements for obsolete bearings. You might have to add a thrust washer or something but they can many times find a solution for you. Chuck
  2. 1931 Buick rear hub removal.

    Dave, I do have wire wheels. Not sure if it would work on a wood wheel hub. My hubs have a small lip that the jaws can just grab, and with the Posilok locked down the puller was able to keep hold of the hub Chuck
  3. 1931 Buick rear hub removal.

    I used a Posilok puller on mine. It also comes in handy for other pulling jobs.
  4. I bought this from Roger Fields a few years ago with the intention of making my 31 Buick a touring car but I've decided to keep it completely stock. So if you want an OD for your Buick this would be the way to go. It comes with literature for maintenance and a box of cabling, etc. From the literature it might have been a Bob Green setup. It looks like it is basically an R10 OD grafted onto the torque tube. I never installed it but Roger had it on his 31 and it was removed when he restored and sold his car. He said it worked fine but I can not guarantee that so it is sold as is. $500 or BO. Shipping on you but I would recommend pick up as it is long and heavy or I can deliver to Carlisle or Hershey. What you see is what you get. Thanks,
  5. Should Craigslist ads be deleted?

    I am with SpecialEd on this. I think the ads should be left up. One of the things we like to do is research our cars and old ads help the bread crumb trail as they say.
  6. 38 Buick on Craigslist in Philadelphia

    Mr Earl, Wish I knew, just a listing my brother sent me. Chuck
  7. 1937 Buick Special - Opinions re. condition

    Philip, i can’t help with your questions but a 38 showed up on Craigslist you might want to investigate. Not mine so I don’t know anything about it. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/d/1938-buick-8/6450991375.html
  8. Not mine, I would be interested if I had a bigger garage though https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/d/1938-buick-8/6450991375.html
  9. FOR 1931 60 SERIES:

    I think you’ll find the the “B” on the 32 caps are different than the 30 and 31 caps as well. The cap in the picture is correct for the 30 and 31. Also I believe the smaller diameter caps are for the smaller series cars. The diameter for the 31 and 32 big series cars are the same though I can’t remember what it is. Chuck
  10. In the spirit of the Christmas season I have to say that the vast majority of my transactions on EBay have been positive. With over 3,000 since 1998 I’ve only had one obvious scammer try to take me by returning an item that was obviously not the one I sold them and in much worse condition. Luckily the item I sold had a serial number which I had stated in the ad so it was easy to prove the person was trying to pull a fast one. Most items I buy are packed well, though some were really crappy, but overall I guess I’ve been lucky. Now ebay itself and what it’s turned into.........don’t get me started!!!
  11. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Not sure, but this might be the same trim.
  12. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Running board trim would be L&L Auto Trim. I believe they are still in business. (417) 476-2871 The correct mat I got from a guy who advertises in Hemmings. Can't remember his name but I'll find the invoice and post it.
  13. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    I have a clutch cover assembly but not a disc. I have 2 exhaust manifolds,. Neither is perfect though. One is slightly warped and the other has the tips of the mounting ears chipped off. No cracks or other damage though. The running boards you can make, and there is a guy that repops the trim and another that does the mat. I have a used set of trim if you want though. I'll get pics up when I get out to the garage.
  14. The Fooey face is freakin awesome! Terry, can you post any pics of the other pieces of the set?
  15. OK, I picked up this little desk calendar. So lets see some of the unique calendars you have out there.