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  1. 1990-1991 airbags -

    I fixed my loose horn buttons last fall and inspected the airbag on my 1991 coupe. Everything looked great, clean and as it should. I asked my trusted mechanic about it and he said that as long as things looked good and remained un-rusted under the wheel center cover, the air bag should be reliable for a very long time.
  2. 1991 Front Lower Contol Arms

    Thanks so much! I just wanted to be clear, and yes I don't understand it either but the mechanic has been rock solid and very reliable for years with my cars, so while I will question him further and get back about it, I trust what he says. I didn't have the car for its first 125,000 miles, but the seller did say it had a small front-end'er though other than my passenger headlight door opening about 1/2 inch less high than the driver's side, you cant tell. My steering wheel isn't super-tight and I've had a squeaky left front suspension for a long time, until the car gets very warmed up, when it quiets down. Much more quiet in the summer, but in the winter its annoying. Recently had new struts with strut mounts all around and front cradle bushings. When I got new tires a few months ago, while doing the alignment the mechanic said he couldn't get it perfect because of these lower front control arms. So here we are. Keep putting $ into the car, but trying to pace it. I'm sure you understand loving these Reattas. By the way Mr. Eaton, I'm the guy that used zip-ties to fix my headlight door motor cover....its still working great, but I will replace it in the next year as per my last email exchange with you. Thanks again!
  3. 1991 Front Lower Contol Arms

    Hi Mr. Eaton, I appreciate your response. My mechanic told me my 91 coupe needed a new set of front lower control arms, left and right, so although the left and right may differ, I understand your response to be that a Riviera's left and right front lower control arms will be the same as a Reatta's left and right? Am I understanding this correctly? If so, I will go ahead and get my parts. Found a really good price.
  4. 1991 Front Lower Contol Arms

    Does anyone out there know if the 1991 Reatta and 1991 Riviera front lower control arms interchange and can be used in each model? Thanks!
  5. No start 1990 Reatta, Needs ignition switch??

    HUH?! There is a turn signal chime? 7 years of ownership and I never knew that, I just assumed it was very quiet, in direct contrast to my new Envision, which sounds like being in the first row at Wimbledon. Just looked at the Journal, nothing on this. What is the turn signal supposed to sound like if any...can I do a test, replace, etc? Thanks Ronnie
  6. No start 1990 Reatta, Needs ignition switch??

    I had the tumbler replaced late last year on my green 91, and that's when this problem started, prior to that the car just wouldn't start MOST of the time. Now it mostly starts, just not always when warmed up, limiting my confidence to take it places and do errands, and most of all, do the expensive repaint. I've cleaned the keys, but then again, its a new tumbler, with new keys. I've tried taking out the VATS module to examine....JEEEEEZ, not easy for a man with normal size hands (am I supposed to admit to normal size?). Retired Mechanic offered advice on Ronnie's old site, and I'm going to have my mechanic try that, hopefully it works. Just to be clear, sometimes it takes an extra-special strong tumbler turn to start it, sometimes a little twisty type extra push with my thumb, and sometimes (usually after I've parked it running an errand) it just wont start. It seems finicky which is why I think it needs an adjustment. Ronnie, I was scared about this new (for me) forum, but feel great confidence knowing your here. What do I do about a cranky chime module? Also Ronnie, have you seen the Polo Green 91 just put up on ebay? I'm thinking of upgrading.
  7. No start 1990 Reatta, Needs ignition switch??

    Hi all: I'm having the same exact problem with my ignitions. Bringing into the shop next week. Retired Mechanic from the Reatta Owners forum site suggested that I may need to adjust the screw at the base of the column on the ignition switch (this is NOT the lock cylinder) or that I may need a new such switch, however the problem is only intermittent, but enough that I don't feel comfortable using my Reatta more. Anyone have any updated info? If Breather sees this, did you get to resolution on your same issue? Thanks.
  8. Bushings or Strut Mount?

    Getting back to the Reatta world after Christmas.....my mechanic suggests that same sound on my '91 may be the lower control arms. The noise stops after driving around a while and the car warms up, so I'm undecided on if I should spend the bucks to replace.
  9. Considering buying a Reatta

    I did the front cradle mounts (there are 6, parts are easy to find) and it changed the car's ride for the (much) better. Also did the splices under the front seat which got so many of the fun accessories back to work, in addition to much more things, one step at a time. I have 135k miles and you need to be aware that you would be making a great commitment here. "Everything" is gonna go eventually....all sorts of modules, engine parts, suspension, etc. I have a polo green 91 coupe, IMO the best Reatta color, but a repaint is due and thats gonna be several thousand. You may be wiser to search for a lower mileage and better condition car even if its further distance. If you love the car, I understand, just get ready to pour $ into it. I am also a Buick nut (the Reatta, 65 Skylark and 17 Envision) and the classic car hobby ain't cheap. Even though the 65 is "done" every so often (like now) it needs to go in for a comprehensive look-over. If you have the dough, great for you, just be aware.
  10. Visual check of connectors under the drivers seat revealed nice tight connections, still no auto-door locks, power mirror or remote fob operation. Fuse was fine. Now what!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! Thanks for the responses Reatta friends.
  11. Please Reatta people, help me. The driver door lock switch on my 91 coupe stopped working, and I had my mechanic fix by replacing the acuator/switch and put in a new window motor while he was in there. The door lock switch now works great but........the remote unlock (and all other remote functions on both fobs), power side mirrors, auto door lock (shift to park-door open, shift to drive-door lock) and door courtesy light have all stopped working at the same time. I've checked all fuses, and after some research, checked all the harnesses under the drivers seat. Has anyone encountered this problem or have any suggestions? Also, the power recliners have been d/o/a since I got my beloved Reatta last year, although the motor seems to be working. However, the seat backs seems stuck, luckily bound up in acceptable positions. Any suggestions for this problem? Thanks Reatta Family!