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  1. I have one power steering box.. It worked fine but had some play and leaked bad... Also have a power brake set up.. Booster master and reservoir.. Unknown history on it..
  2. wtb.56 buick super 4 dr hardtop parts

    I have a nice four barrel air cleaner.. And if you're looking for those hub caps pictured I have a set that is mostly clean but one has a little dent..pm me if you're interested
  3. Oh yes I should have snapped I had an annoying chirp a couple of years ago.. Sure enough dry linkage..I had to relube it this year cause it started making a different bad noise at idle but if I lightly put my foot on the pedal it went away..lubed it up and noise free again.. I've been using 3-1 oil
  4. Hub caps, port holes

    Guess I forgot to hit submit last night lol.. There are seven of the dog dish let me know how many you want
  5. Hub caps, port holes

    Most of it is in good shape but obviously needs a wipe down.. The smaller dog dish style hub caps.. There are seven of those.. One of the bigger red center ones has a little dent I tried to show in the picture.. The port holes are kinda rough with pitting throughout.. Three of the five have the back bracket with them... If you're interested in anything let me know.
  6. If your dis ends up being junk let me know
  7. Hub caps, port holes

    I'll take some pics tonight
  8. Hub caps, port holes

    Anyone needing some hub caps or port holes for their 56??
  9. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    I think the important thing about using the gaskets is don't keep retorqueing them
  10. 1956 radiator recored

    Anyone need a radiator for a 56.. It was recored 15 years ago still have paperwork.. It has a high efficiency 3 core in it.. Never had a heating problem with it but it does have a small leak on the bottom tank.. About every six months it needs a little adding to it... I'm not interested in shipping due to size and weight... I'm in Albuquerque nm .. Thinking 300
  11. Buick and olds

    Not the best picture but the 56 is mine.. Daily driver.. The Oldsmobile is a 52.. Customers car
  12. Popping noise when turning the wheel

    As far as I've been told 57 is different.. Don't know if it's different but still usable..
  13. Heater box noises

    Right now a good comprise seems to be defrost out vent halfway.. Adjust temp as needed
  14. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Dual point double the fun double the trouble lol