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  1. Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    I should add if your car came with the cam o matic the arms aren't going to swipe as wide
  2. Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    I'm using the Newport electric conversion.. No complaints here...
  3. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Don't worry Ben I get the same reactions almost everytime someone learns I daily drive mine..I like to use what I collect otherwise it's no fun to me😊
  4. 56 parts for sale

    I'm in Albuquerque
  5. 56 parts for sale

    I have a few parts to clear out Power steering pump assume it needs to be gone through $100 Power brake vacuum tank holds vacuum $75 322 distributor...core $50 322 oil filter housing assemble clean $50 All plus shipping...
  6. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    I haven't received a pm is what I'm trying to say
  7. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    No pm seen on this end..
  8. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    Here's the set I have..I actually have seven of these all in similar condition.. If you're interested I'll sale all seven for 50 plus 20 shipping...
  9. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    I have a set..I don't remember what style I'll have to look..
  10. Gas Tank Straps

    Did they happen to mention where their mistake was in the listing year range? Mine is a 56 I'm guessing they don't fit the earlier years? My shipping zip code is 87114:)
  11. Gas Tank Straps

    If you still have them I'd be interested depending on shipping.. Tight month
  12. 322 Camshaft Replacement Yes -No ??

    That's what I'm saying lol.. Been a pet peeve of mine for awhile.. Anytime someone brings up that bolt or you read about it online they instantly say gotta be 200 plus foot pounds on any nailhead... Umm no just no
  13. 322 Camshaft Replacement Yes -No ??

    Looks like in 59 they changed it to 200-220 foot pounds of torque however that is far from true on anything before that according to the shop manuals...
  14. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Nice to hear and see that Bob's sender works very well.. It's on my list..
  15. 322 Camshaft Replacement Yes -No ??

    That's what I'm seeing Beemon🙄