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  1. 1956322

    Buick Generators

  2. 1956322

    Buick Generators

    Mine is on top of the brackets just like my gen was.. I'll try to take a picture tonight
  3. 1956322

    Buick Generators

    So weird mine bolted right up no fuss no nothing
  4. 1956322

    Buick Generators

    I think you'll love it.. Like I said don't be surprised if you end up going one belt size smaller
  5. 1956322

    Buick Generators

    I'll have to check my paper work but I believe it claimed 66 at "idle" and 90 at full output
  6. 1956322

    Buick Generators

    I have one in my 56 special..I literally drive it Dailey.. Been on for over a year cause I got sick and tired of awful modern voltage regulators.. Haven't had a single problem since..I did end up going one belt size smaller then factory.
  7. 1956322

    1956 Buick Miscellaneous Parts Most NOS

    What's included in the back up light kit
  8. 1956322

    Torque Ball and Axle Seal Flat Rates

    I have no idea but I can tell you when I did mine with a friend in an actual shop it took us four hours.. Neither one of us had done one before.. This was on my 56...
  9. Sounds like you maybe replaced the ballast resistor for the blower motor and not for the ignition.. There's two one for the blower motor and one for the ignition
  10. 1956322

    1955 Buick general questions

    My craftsman 13/16th fits just fine... Tried others and they just barley wouldn't fit
  11. 1956322

    Which engine oil grade to use with 56

    I'll keep it short..I run castrol gtx 10-30 year round no problems... Nailheads don't really need the lead or hardned seats in fact they can cause major problems do to coolant passages right by the valve seat.. Mine does have hardned seats but that was done before I got it.. And no problems
  12. 1956322

    Blower motor

    I had mine apart while back.. Somehow I managed to install the armature assembly 180 off.. Worked fine except it was turning the wrong away.. Removed and rotated the armature another 180.. Prefect
  13. 1956322

    Blower motor

    Can't you switch polarity and have one turn one way and the other one turn the opposite?
  14. 1956322

    Modern a/c??

    No still playing with ideas if I do anything it'll be in about a year...
  15. 1956322

    Water Pump Options 1938 Special

    I bought one for my 56 from the Dutchman probably four years ago now.. No problems and fast shipping... Granted totally different pump and engine but still a positive experience