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  1. No idea of the original number its a Wilson reman number 92-01-3002 ran it for a short time before converting to a powergen
  2. If you think the mr gasket is reliable then I might just keep running it
  3. Been thinking about switching to mechanical.. It's always been electric since I've owned it
  4. What is everyone running I'm getting tired of the racket from the mr gasket one nor do I really trust it
  5. The only power seat stuff I have are the metal side moldings
  6. Sounds good to me
  7. If you want all three I'll make you a deal.. They're all the same but one is missing its box.. Still wrapped in wax paper though
  8. I can in a few hours 😊
  9. I'm in Albuquerque new Mexico.. The only part mentioned that I kinda have is the Speedo.. It's in a cluster but the cluster is pretty trashed.. However the Speedo works
  10. Looks like he's trying to link to the power master powergen I'm running
  11. I wonder if the different feel is either a tuning issue or a difference in the cams which is my guess..
  12. 322 4 barrel intake 200 Nos front outer wheel bearings 40 each I have three Recent rebuilt generators one with fan and pulley 70 one without 60 I have other parts as well just ask or feel free to make me an offer on anything listed above.
  13. So how does this one run compared to your old one with all its problems??
  14. Well all I can say is the new Borg Warner ones are no good and non adjustable they usually lasted two weeks till all of a sudden no charge.. Bypass reg and ten was charging... Yes I was polarizing them.. Heck one was dead out of the box.. Once I found a good one it would last two years.. Just got old