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  1. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Ah gotcha didn't realize yours came with the cam o matic..I was always wondering if those would create a problem kinda figured it would... Mine has no problem with a dry windshield... My first car was a 59 Chevy truck that had the factory two speed electric set up.. Talk about powerful.. Low was about what you'd expect but high man I always thought my arms were going to fly off lol...I had thought about using that set up on my Buick but didn't feel like trying to adapt it etc.
  2. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Beemon...I have the Newport system installed on my 56.. Can't say I find the motor weak.. Although there isn't a big difference between slow and fast.. As for the blades slapping the stainless.. When you installed the motor did you remove the arms and then reinstall them or did you leave them installed.. You're suppose to remove the arms then install the motor..I had to tinker with the arm indexing and I had to tighten my shaft pullies which was the opposite direction of what I had read.. But now no problems for a few years even in nasty down pours. Just food for thought.
  3. 1956 Buick 322 V8 Spark Plugs

    That's up to you.. You certainly can..I run the msd super conductor wires but I'm also running an msd distributor..
  4. 1956 Buick 322 V8 Spark Plugs

    For the record I own and daily drive my 56 Buick special with the 322..I run ngk xr4 plugs.. Stock number 5858.. Which are an extended tip type
  5. 1956 Buick 322 V8 Spark Plugs

    The longer electrode "s" plug will cause no damage but does offer some benefits

    Any chance it's the same as a 56 non ac motor?? If so pm me
  7. 4 barrel air cleaner question

    Oh I agree and that's exactly how I plan on shipping it lol
  8. 4 barrel air cleaner question

    It almost looks like it'll separate..I gave it a real half hearted attempt and it didn't budge.. I'll have to look closer
  9. 4 barrel air cleaner question

    You're correct.. But can the muffler but detached from the top lid??
  10. 4 barrel air cleaner question

    1956 322
  11. Does anyone know if the air intake silencer can be separated from the actual air cleaner..I don't wanna damage it by trying but if it can that would make shipping way easier.
  12. 1957 radiator

    You might try contacting cap a radiator.. They're one of our sponsors..I bought one for my 56 from them not cheap but very nice..I checked their website and they don't have 57 listed but I'd still contact them
  13. Steering box interchangeability

    Ouch!! Lol
  14. Steering box interchangeability

    If the column is still attached to it you can get an idea of play.. But really it needs to be running to check for leaks both internal and external
  15. Steering box interchangeability

    The box is a Buick only one year only item.. You can find a reseal kit for it but that's it no other parts.. And replacement boxes aren't easy to find let alone in good shape