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  1. Part number is the same for all three the number is new departure 909065
  2. I have three nos outer wheel bearings they are the new departure brand.. Of course made in the USA..I know these will fit a 56 Buick and maybe other years. They are 40 bucks each plus 10 shipping in cont USA.
  3. I ran an 8 gauge wire to the battery 10 gauge wire on the voltage regulator..I removed the regulator and spliced the two wires.
  4. Powergen installed so far so good
  5. Hi guys I have two generators for sale one is a beck arnley reman that I used for a couple of years no problems with it comes with no pulley 50 bucks.. The other is a Wilson reman that I also ran for a couple of years no problems with it comes with pulley 60 bucks. 25 shipping for either one in the cont USA.
  6. I have a healthy one if you need it still..pm me and we can work out the details.
  7. Lol ok thanks.. The 56 manual mentions a bracket and the clamps but shows no pictures and of course when the car was originally manual steering I never looked at how it attached had no need to.
  8. Is this all that's needed to mount the box or is there another bracket needed
  9. So I found these on eBay but I'm not sure if there's another part I would need the manual mentions a bracket.. If someone could please post a picture of how the manual box is attached eBay item number 401236440350
  10. This is the Borg Warner brand.. Once I find a good one I'm set for awhile but this is getting old and clearly unreliable...I don't remember anymore how I have it set up...I thinII used one light silver and one blue spring with maybe the biggest or second biggest bushing.
  11. I'm running the mad distributor have for a few years now.. Pricey but no problems.. Points are great but just one the voltage regulators it's getting hard to buy a decent set
  12. Maybe it's just me but I have to wonder if the guy telling the story was an insurance salesman;)
  13. Did you ever end up getting a powergen?
  14. No I don't have a use for that.. Running Running starter button...
  15. I posted this in the buy sell forum but thought I'd try here as well.. I'm looking for the bracket and clamps needed to mount a manual steering box for a 56 special.