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  1. 5w 30??

    You're right zinc isn't a myth what is a myth is that there is zero zinc in modern oil.. That's not true even slightly.. What's also a myth is that there's not enough zinc in modern oil for old engines also not true for the large majority of old engines out there...
  2. 5w 30??

    Zinc didn't really come up although that was one of my concerns about running regular off the shelf oil..I know see it's a myth that really shouldn't affect most people
  3. Oil drain plug

    The hex head has seen better days.. It's fine has been for years but I'd like to replace it at some point
  4. Oil drain plug

    So you just used the 18-1.5 plug with I think a 19mm hex and no problems thread wise
  5. 5w 30??

    I didn't see any 10w 30 listed but looking at the castrol 5w 30 it has about 800ppm zinc which is supposedly what was in the oil back in the 50s
  6. Oil drain plug

    I'm guessing a copper crush washer
  7. Oil drain plug

    No idea but the book does say that both the engine and transmission drain plugs are 18mm.. Now 18 by what it doesn't say lol
  8. Oil drain plug

    So the book says 18mm which the few I find have a 19mm hex.. Online they are saying 11/16-20 with a one inch hex... My current one has a one inch hex.. Hmm... The 18mm ones I'm seeing do look to small
  9. Oil drain plug

    Does anyone know where to find a non oversize oil pan drain plug for a 322.. All I'm finding are the self tapping oversize ones
  10. 5w 30??

    I think this next oil change I'm going to try castrol gtx 10 30... Not really concerned with pressure rise just couldn't help but notice that with the 5 30 it pegged quick compared to the 5 50 I guess my assumption was if it pegged the gauge that fast it would be reaching other areas just as fast
  11. 5w 30??

    I normally run castrol syn 5w 50 but noticed it takes a second to build pressure and it's slow.. The previous owner was running castrol gtx 5w 30 and it would build instantly and quickly... Hence my thinking of going back to that
  12. 5w 30??

    Anyone running a 5w 30 in their nailhead
  13. escutcheon Tools

    I know all the tricks to removing the dash and wiper escutcheons but I'd like to get the actual correct tools...I found on eBay a Mac brand sc18 tool that says it's for old buicks and the measurements seem about right for the headlight switch.. Anyone experience??
  14. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Well I stole your idea.. Just rigged up my own brake light switch pretty much like yours.. Always annoyed me u had to be pushing on the brakes a bit before they would light up.. Not anymore:) be safe out there
  15. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    I think I read that post.. Wasn't there mods that needed to be done to get that box to work??