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  1. I'm guessing it's like my old Mercedes after so many miles it would light up a light for the o2 sensor.. It was a one time thing once the light went off at 30k miles you were suppose to replace the o2 and literally disconnect the light
  2. I had that same problem on an old Rochester model B one barrel drove me nuts but never seemed to affect performance
  3. Now does anyone have spare knobs one of mine is pretty shot
  4. I put the original back in last night hopefully she'll last awhile if not I guess I'll be pulling her to put in a solid state vibrator etc
  5. Just tested mine.. Seems to work..I can suck air but I can't blow through it
  6. Looking for correct radio knobs for a 1956 sonomatic radio.. Really only need one knob but will take extras.. Let me know what you have.
  7. So when I got my car it had nothing in it but did have 6x9s in the rear deck and some little speakers mounted behind the grill..I goIA usa-230 radio and it looks and sounds alright however I just came across a fairly clean original radio and it actually works and sounds healthy.. What do you guys think should I convert back to original??
  8. Power brakes.. The vacuum check valve not the hydraulic one that the lines go to
  9. Can anyone tell me where this check valve is or maybe post a picture??
  10. I checked Russ martins site cause I swore I saw them there before but not anymore.. I'll check again
  11. It's my understanding that this gasket is suppose to have a metal layer but all I'm finding is a fiber type gasket.. Anyone know where to get the"correct" one
  12. Is the one or two oil passages per cylinder head? Trying to figure out if the head can leak oil from the rear as well as the front or only the front.
  13. This is a four barrel intake off a 56 322 it does have the heat passage... It's in good shape no cracks nothing broken no stripped threads...200 plus shipping
  14. This is a resleeved unit that white post did about 10 years ago.. Still have the paper work.. Worked fine when I pulled it off a year ago when I converted to power...200 plus shipping...
  15. Just out of curiosity what are the symptoms of it being dry