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  1. Laughing Coyote

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    Here's a nice one ready to run.
  2. Laughing Coyote

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    ^^^^^^^^^ What he said. Nice find.^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. It's really hard to tell if it's a model or a real car with that grey background. I think it's a real car and Roger has us all fooled again. Just incredible Roger.
  4. Laughing Coyote

    1962 chrysler newport

    Still got it? Do you have interior pictures? Any rust issues?
  5. Drum roll please.
  6. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    I made some more progress on the front fenders. Last week I did the seam sealing on the front seams of the fenders where it had a bit of rust. The factory sealer was totally gone so I re added it to keep the water out. I sprayed the inner nose part of the fenders with rubberized undercoating to prevent rusting in there. There was quite a bit in there too before they media blasted them. I also found out that you can use one of those long red spray sticks that comes with a can of carb cleaner will fit the nozzle of the undercoating can and it actually allowed me to spray it in the hard to reach areas. I wanted to get behind the rear panel of the fender to protect and seal it from water. Worked pretty good. Comes out like a water version of spray foam, but you can get into some tight areas with it. If the carb cleaner nozzle fits a spray can you can use it the same way, but using paint. That was one of those "I wonder if this will work" times.
  7. Laughing Coyote

    1935 or 1937 Dodge Brothers Truck

    Keiser is one of the Wizards of knowledge on the Forum. Usually he chimes in vary fast on posts. He lives in Phoenix Oregon too.
  8. Laughing Coyote

    1935 or 1937 Dodge Brothers Truck

    Ah, where's Keiser? It's an old truck, a Dodge at that, and in Oregon.
  9. All I can say is WWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!
  10. I don't care which camera you're using. It all looks amazing no matter what. The craftsmanship is just incredible.
  11. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Paul the car has been here since 1969. Was built in the LA plant in 1961. Not sure what year it migrated to Arizona. The body has mainly surface rust here and there, but very solid metal still. This was in the glove box when I bought the car along with several other documents.
  12. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks for the comments guys. I had to run errands today and the powder coaters had my fenders done so I picked them up. Now I have to fix the little issues and get them in primer.
  13. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Here's where the mystery flaps (guards) mount. They will hang below the bottom of the rear bumper some. Maybe they are designed to disrupt air flow to keep dirt ans dust from getting all over the back of the car. I'm sure the engineers had a plan.
  14. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Paul, The rock guards as I call them attach to the rear of the frame. I don't think they block any rocks since they are in between where the wheels are located. Not sure the purpose. The rear bumper has a rubber strip that attaches to the rear panel and fills the gap between the bumper and the body. I just put back on what came off. Jeff, The socket has an outside bevel edge and I used a center drill bit to cut the inside out since its pretty had material. Anything that has a sharp edge can be used as a cutting tool. I will be posting pictures later tonight.
  15. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    I was able to get the fenders dropped off at the coaters Thursday. I told here no rush, just when she can fit them in. I received my piece of rubber sheet I ordered today for my rock guard pieces at the back of the frame. I got them all cut and holes punched and ready to install tomorrow. I had to sacrifice a Chinese socket for the punching tool. Cut the holes out like butter. Had a rain storm come by and it looked ugly. We just caught the edge of it, but had some scary pieces of hail that hit the ground. Good thing there was only a handful of the big ones. That would've cause some serious roof issues if it all was that size.