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  1. I was thinking the same thing Bleach. The only thing is that the old style caps screwed in and these new caps pop in. I will have to do some research on it and see what I can dig up. Or I can see if the screw type are larger on the threaded end and turn them down on the lathe and put an O ring groove in it. Then I can use an O ring to secure it inside the battery.
  2. Thanks Chris. Today I got the wiring all cleaned up and worked on a few little things. Still hot as heck. I didn't like the "new" look of the battery and I know I can buy a NOS battery for about $300 of more, but I decided to make a decal and just paint the top satin black. I taped the vent openings so not to get any paint in them. Just enough to make the white lettering disappear on the caps. I think it looks better. It has a more toned down look.
  3. Looking good. Your making progress. Before you know it you will be painting the frame.
  4. You ALL are the best. It's great to see how everyone looks out for one another. I'm glad to be part of this forum and the great people that make it a top notch. I hope Frank gets the medical help that he needs.
  5. That's ok DJ. It seems that you can find just about everything for the older ones up to 1959 and from 1962 and up. 1960 and 1961 IMO have been harder to find parts for. Yes it's a little toasty out here. It was 115.
  6. Thanks for the comments fellas. DJ, I looked high and low for a NOS speaker and no such luck. I just found used ones that were in just a bad as shape as mine. I'm keeping the original basket for later on down the road when I can get it rebuilt. I made the same mounting frame so changing it out wont be a major task and I installed the original wiring so it still plugs in like the original one with out hacking up wiring.
  7. As promised, over Fathers Day weekend I finished getting the dash all installed along with the steering column. I still have some little things to take care of, but the hard part is done. I still have to install the speaker, do the wiring, and hook up the heater and vent control cables. I also purchased a battery and cables so I will be ready to fire it back up. The other inner fender well was installed and the vacuum can is hooked up again. Just have to get some gas, transmission fluid and should be ready to run again. I know the pictures of the dash aren't as clear. Bad lighting in a garage.
  8. What a gem.
  9. Thank you for the comments guys. I'm in the process of doing the dash pad. It's about as much fun as pulling hen's teeth. It's coming along. I will be posting as soon as I get it all in. Getting there.
  10. coOverwatch. I had to have mine rebuilt since it's no longer available. Salinas Radiator in Salinas Ca. did it. They have good prices, a warranty, and do great work. Talk to Sam. 231 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93901 (831) 424-5647
  11. Try Salinas Radiator Shop in Salinas Ca. They rebuilt my heater core for my 1961 Mercury which is no longer available. They do great work, Have good pricing. And gave me a two year warranty. They redid my radiator too. 231 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93901 (831) 424-5647
  12. Today I was engraving plates with my laser and decided to cut the lens for the brake indicator I made. It was cut out of 1/8" plexi. It worked out great since it was designed to engrave and cut. It was the first time trying the cutting feature. I then painted it with transparent red paint and then printed the words Brake on some clear vinyl and stuck it to the lens. I left a little vinyl overhang so when I push it into the housing it will give it a nice snug fit. Should be installing the dash pad this weekend. The auto paint supply store had a hard time trying to get the adhesive for the pad so I'm going to have to find something else.
  13. Thanks for all the comments guys. Paul, it's an import brand made by GMC. The size is 14" x 40".
  14. Today was a busy day with yard work and 104 degrees. The heat is here. Yea. I did take a break later on in the afternoon to go pick up my ignition switch assy and key cylinder. I should have the dash glue by Wednesday. I also wanted to change out the brake warning light bezel with one that's a little bit more clean and matches the shinny chrome on the dash. The car just came with a sleeve that sits flush with the dash trim piece and didn't have any flash to it. I saw that you can buy them for $25 or more, but after looking at it I decided to make my own. With all the machining going on in some of the other threads I fired up the lathe and went to town. After about a 45 minutes I had it done and polished. Fits nice. Just have to make the lens and done. Looks good and with give the dash a little extra pop. The steering wheel is all ready too.
  15. Thanks Chris. Today I had to run into town and was able to pick up all my dash pad painting supplies. I wiped it down and prepped it. Sprayed on the adhesion promoter. A few nice light coats of primer and then the final paint coat. Came out nice. It has a little shine to it, but it should flash out nice and cure out to a more satin look. Going to do the steering wheel tomorrow. I still have to get the glue to mount the pad. Once that's done then time to start putting it back together.