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  1. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    It's been awhile for an update. Work has been really busy so that was the biggest factor in not getting much time on the car. I did have an issue with the rear main seal. It started to drip pretty good and I wasn't a happy camper. I was able to unbolt the oil pan and have enough room to slide it forward and have access to the rear main cap. After changing out the seal and getting everything all bolted back up it was good to go again. No more leak. So it's time to start on the body work again. I started working on the trunk. The rear edge (closest to the rear window) had a big dip in it about a 1/4". I managed to get that back into shape with a sledge hammer and a 1/2 x 1 piece of aluminum bar stock. Now that it's back where it needs to be I'm going to work on the lip of the rear panel. It's pretty beat up and dented in. I'm hoping with the nice weather were having that I will be able to get some stuff done in the evening hours.
  2. Locomobile

    It would be a really NICE car if you put in a Chevy 350/350 combo. It may make it even more rare.
  3. Locomobile

    How about a Packard instead?
  4. Need title for news article

    The Golden Wrench Grannies or Gals
  5. I too have been amazed at the work you are doing. I still can't get over how you can make so many small parts. I always look forward to your posts.
  6. 77 Seville Noise update

    Just going to throw this out there. I remember an issue my brother was having with his shop truck. It was a Ford, but it had little power and was back firing and sounded pretty rough. Come to find out it caused by the cat on the exhaust system. It was plugged up They replaced it and it worked fine. Just another thing that COULD be a possibility.
  7. Define replica

    Here are some Shay's for sale. At least they look like a Model A.
  8. Now the question is. Where is Roger going to take it to get a front end alignment when it's all done?
  9. i sold everything and bought that ONE car!

    My brother in Wyoming has been working on his for a while. He still has a ways to go on it.
  10. 1929 Nash 433 (?) value?

    Here is a nice one in Arizona. It's a four door, but a lot less rust.
  11. 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Survivor (back on the road)

    Nice car. I think some wide whites would give it some pop. Just my opinion. Enjoy that Caddy.
  12. How do we really know it's just a table top. Haven't seen that quarter in awhile. The amazing things that Roger does, he could be fooling us all and it's really a full size car.
  13. 1960 Windsor trans mount question

    Try these guys. They may be able to help you out. Then & Now Automotive447 Washington StWeymouth, Ma 02188Ph: 781.335.8860Fax: 781.335.1925
  14. Mercury Montcalm

    A lot of those trim pieces are hard to get pieces and could bring some money if they clean up good. The 61 body style was a one year only. Makes it hard to find trim parts. The frame and running gear is the same as a Ford Galaxie. The dash is the same except for the dash cluster.
  15. Mercury Montcalm

    It's a 1961 Monterey. The ones in the pictures are a Meteor 800 4 door hardtop (no posts) The Monterey had a chrome strip on the edge of the trunk and also the side moldings had a black insert in them. The 800 has just the stainless side trim without the black. The Monterey was the top of the line, then the 800, and then the 600 which was the base model.