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  1. Dei, The trains are cool, but I'd like to see the stuff with wings hanging from the rafters in the shop. I love those WWII aircraft. The car is looking good and hopefully the wheel issue has been solved for you.
  2. Eric. Where did you purchase the tires and what brand are they? Just the look i'm wanting. The bias-ply look with the radial ride. Who did you use for powder coating? I do a lot of stuff with Anderson's.
  3. Don't you hate these kind of issues? You're moving along on your project and making good headway and then, Blam! The auto Gremlins pop in and cause all kinds of issues and slow you down. I have my own issues with a new fuel sender that's not working in a new tank that is leaking fuel around the sender mounting area. So now I have to drain the fuel, drop the tank, pull the sender, check why it's leaking, clean the fuel off the outside of the tank, repaint the tank outside and start over with the whole process. Even put an NOS fuel gauge in which was a PITA. Aren't cars just wonderful. Keep at it, you will get it figured out and be back on track.
  4. Early Factory Aluminum Wheel Options?

    Here is a Pontiac GP ready for a restore with those exact wheels.
  5. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    I did get some time in to work on the car. The rocker was caved in pretty good. it was covered in the old green/grey bondo. Once it was cleaned up I used a stud gun my friend let me borrow for the project. Works pretty cool. It spot welds a metal pin to the metal and then you put the slide hammer on it and bang it out. A lot of the damage came out. Not to much left to do. May have to use some filler on it, but not a 1/4" thick. The body guys that worked on it before just punched a hole thru the sheet metal under the door threshold and pounded out they could and covered it up. So I will have to patch that hole too.
  6. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Broke off from work early today and decided to get the front panel painted. Did all the final sanding and priming yesterday. Now if the weather is decent tomorrow and I get the honey do list done quick enough I will start on some rocker dent repair.
  7. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks John. Yes they are a matching left and right. One looks different because I still had the studs in the back of one when I took the picture.
  8. Those wheels will look classy with the cap and rings on them.
  9. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Picked up my outer rear trim panels from the powder coater. They look good. I will start to get them ready for primer and set them aside for later when I get to the painting step. I managed to work on the front filler panel today. I still have to do some final sanding and it will be ready for paint. I still have paint left over from the fire wall so I will shoot it when i'm done with the prep work.
  10. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    I have the rear trunk trim piece almost ready for paint. I fixed all the little dings and scratches that were in it. I wet sanded and primed it several times to make sure it's nice. I just have to wet sand it with some 1500 and do the final primer sealer coat. I will be working the front piece next and then I guess start working on the rockers. The passenger side has a area that needs some work. I will post pictures on that when I start.
  11. Nice work. Great attention to detail. It will be one nice looking car when you get it done.
  12. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks for the comment Jeff. I hope everyone had a good Turkey day. As for an update, I stopped by the powdercoater and picked up the front filler panel and the trunk rear finish panel. I had them blast the filler panel with the AO media and used the plastic media on the trunk panel. I just took off the paint and left the red oxide primer. I didn't want them to blast it with the AO stuff and have it generate to much heat and warp it, it's a cast part. I also dropped off the rear corner finish panels while I was there. They too are the cast material. I wet sanded the trunk finish panel to remove the primer so I can look it over. I will be applying new primer and using glazing putty afterwards to fill any small scratches and pits before I do another coat of primer. The front filler panel will get a coat of primer and maybe some paint. The weather has been unseasonably warm so I best take advantage of it and start getting the body work going.
  13. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Looks good. I like how the aluminum parts and nice clean looking hardware breaks up the black on the frame. It gives it that little detail that shows you took the time and not just painted everything black once it was all together.
  14. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!