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  1. What's the better buy?

    Thanks for all the info and comments. The coupes look nice and are out there for a good price, but the sedan offers more room for passengers and they wont be out in the elements while riding in the rear seat. I'm leaning more toward the model A and was thinking more around $7000 not $10000. I included others that may be a good project for someone. Davlet, go to the CL link and contact the owner of the Buick and see what he will let it go for.
  2. What's the better buy?

    Here are the cars in question. As far as maintenance and doing things myself, that's not a problem. I appreciate all the info so far. Been looking at purchasing a pre war car, but don't know much about them. Yes I have one in work right now, but may want to have another in waiting that doesn't require a major restore.
  3. Saw these three oldies today while out and about....

    Speaking of ash. How's the fires up there John? I know it's pretty bad right now. I have in laws up in Red man.
  4. What's the better buy?

    I'm wanting to get general information on what would be a better buy. The 2 cars I'm interested in are a 1930 Ford model A sedan and a 1931 Buick straight 8 (4 door). The Ford had a restore in the 80's, but needs TLC. (repaint on the fenders, new top material, general maintenance for safe operation. Does run and drive.) The Buick needs a full paint, interior needs redone, needs general maintenance for safe operation, new top material, does run and drive. My questions are as follows. 1. Availability of parts and cost. (high, low, average) 2. Which one is a better return on resale if need be. 3. Which one will have the better ride and ease of operation. 4. Difficulty of maintenance. 5. Any known problems with these types of models. Thanks in advance for any information.
  5. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    That was fast. I ordered my parts for the generator on the 11th and got them today. Thanks C&G. Now the fun begins when I get a chance to breath.
  6. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Well it's been a while for an update so here is what's going on at the moment. I got tired of waiting for the generator after a month. The company kept pushing the delivery date out farther and farther. I canceled the order and ordered the new fields, armature, bearings, and brushes. Should be here next week. Going to purchase a new regulator as well so I can cross it off the list. I also received the steering cylinder hoses. I still have to put them on. Other than that nothing to exciting.
  7. I don't know if it's art. But I like it.

    The mount on the front fender lines up with the others on the side of the bed. Maybe it was used to haul pipe, steel, or lumber along the side of the truck. Nice looking old truck.
  8. Finally put the Hudson into service!

    Oh. I guess it does make it a problem. I must have jumped the gun on the reply to the post.
  9. My 1910 Mitchell "parts car" project

    I bought an old tow motor forklift years ago for $1500. I knew a guy that needed one for his shop. He had the Bridgeport in a corner that he wasn't using. I wanted a mill so we traded. I ended up tearing down the entire head assembly and replaced all the bad and worn parts. The upper part works great. Once I get the other pats re built it will work like new again. It's still usable, I just can't use the full range of the table.
  10. Boy you're on the other side of the world from me. I'm out in Vail. Enjoy the new (old) ride.
  11. Finally put the Hudson into service!

    I bought a complete system with OEM mufflers from Waldon and it fit perfectly. I was looking at the ones on the Bay, but not knowing the quality I decided to go with Waldon. Just my 2 pennies.
  12. Roger. I use a vinyl with an adhesive backing (sticker type material) that can be printed on with an ink jet printer. If you have a way to import the real decal image into a program that you can scale it down you could print it on the printable vinyl. Not sure whats available in Switzerland. I do it all the time for the plaques I make. Just a thought.
  13. My 1910 Mitchell "parts car" project

    I would love to get a better Bridgeport mill. I have a 1962 series 1, but it has sway back pretty bad. The table and saddle gets really tight at the ends of the lead screws. There is a company in Phoenix that can rebuild the ways, re-scrape, and redo the table for around $6 -$7K. If I could find a nice one in good shape back east it may be cheaper even with freight than doing the rebuild. There's not a whole lot of machinery around here. Makes for slimmer pickens. The only good thing is there isn't all the humidity so they dont rust up as bad. Anyone have a good mill for sale?
  14. My 1910 Mitchell "parts car" project

    There's been a few for sale around here. I would love to restore an old lathe. Just don't have the floor space for it.
  15. My 1910 Mitchell "parts car" project

    Nice old lathe. What year and make is it?