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  1. Laughing Coyote

    Show me your Foliage!

    Sweeeeet. Another one awakes from it's long slumber. Happy motoring.
  2. Laughing Coyote

    Inflatable paint booth

    Mumm's the word
  3. Laughing Coyote

    Inflatable paint booth

    Sounds like a business expansion is coming.
  4. Laughing Coyote

    Inflatable paint booth

    I was wondering about those too. Did you spray the floor with water to keep the dust down? What type of power required? 110V, 220V
  5. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Roger, The original one was located on the right side of the rear well.
  6. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Still waiting to put some clear on the trunk area. It's been raining for a while and now that the rain has finally stopped the winds are really bad. So since I can't do much right now I decided to work on my trunk jack instruction sheet. I had one in the car and carefully removed it. It was in bad shape so I decided to hunt for one. I was lucky enough to find a used one on the Bay for cheap and was in a lot better condition than mine, but still far from perfect. They are extremely hard to find. No one caries one for a 1961. I scanned in the image and spent hours cleaning it up in on of my publishing programs. I'm happy with the results. One more thing done.
  7. You will get to see progress unfold right in front of you. I hope you're going to take all those nice aircraft out of the rafters so they don't end up with a new coat of paint. Looking good.
  8. Laughing Coyote

    Build site yields small automobile "treasure"....

    You got lucky and didn't even have to go to Hershey. What's next for Keiser? I found this 1934 bumper while walking on the way to the supermarket today.
  9. That's so coooool. You the man Roger!
  10. Laughing Coyote

    1952 MG TD

    Nice work on the car and bolt. You did deserve a beer.
  11. Laughing Coyote

    Got a new car for my birthday today!

    Happy B day Keiser. Thanks for all the comments and knowledge over the year.
  12. Just wanted to see what the lucky ones that got to go to Hershey bought this year and can share with our forum friends. Did you find that hard to get part or a car that you always wanted? Any unique or special items that you couldn't live without and had to have?
  13. Laughing Coyote

    Why? Why?

    OMG! That's what you would call..........Pimpin
  14. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Today turned out to be a great day weather wise. It got to 82 and no wind for once so I decided to take a little time from work and paint the inside of the trunk. Came out looking good so far. I have to let it cure out then clear it. They are calling for rain for the next 5 days so I will have to see how that's going to go. Hopefully I can sneak in the clear and be done with the trunk inside.
  15. Laughing Coyote

    E15 Fuel

    I can imagine how good it will work when the outside temp is 116 degrees. I get engine knock in the summer with e10.