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  1. '68 Riviera "The Aqua Zephyr"

    Topper, thanks for the kind words. We really feel blessed to have gotten this car and we are looking forward to enjoying it for a few years. Mike
  2. Not my listing but I thought it is interesting
  3. You should supply pictures along with your questions to make answering them easier for the group.
  4. Here are some of these Circle Racing Wheels on a boat tail Rivi (taken from Instagram today) I think these look awesome! Size is probably 17x7 or 17x8?

    I would never have allowed her on top of my Riviera, no matter how light she is!!!
  6. Beauty and the Beast. Which is which? The "Aqua Zephyr" and a M41 "Walker Bulldog" at a local National Guard armory.
  7. The "Aqua Zephyr" out for a Labor Day weekend Sunday lunch and a cruise. Fayetteville, NC.
  8. Way to go Gordon!

    Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I have been thinking about ordering some of the trunk mat material Stock Interiors sells to see if it is similar to the original trunk felt. I want to make my own trunk mats using my original pieces as templates. I bought a trunk mat kit from another retailer and it was not a complete kit and one of the largest pieces was not correctly cut for a 68 Riviera trunk.
  10. Ed, I took your suggestion and used some lacquer thinner to break the staining on my white walls. I then used Bleche White and a stainless steel scrub brush to deep clean the tires. Though not bright white, the WWs are whiter than they were. Thank you for your suggestion. FYI, lacquer thinner will soften rubber and plastic so rinsing with soapy water between applications of thinner is highly recommended. Before cleaning : After cleaning front tire : Before cleaning back tire : After cleaning back tire :
  11. Could you post a photo of the FM unit?
  12. I thought I'd share an image in my classic car photographic slide collection 1973 Buick Riviera in Burgundy Poly Metallic. This image is from a 1973 dated Kodachrome slide. The watermark is for my Ebay listing of this picture.