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  1. Not mine Text from listing: martinsrods I’ve decided to sell my 64 riviera project. Set up for an LS motor and all body work done. Also have a new red vinyl seats all new rubber and a ton of parts. Perfect for a custom or...$3500 .
  2. Check Classic Industries for the spray plastic paint dyes. Once you find the color you are looking for you can then search other retailers for a better price.
  3. Can you provide the link please? Is it this? BUICK 1964 1965 RIVIERA CENTER HOOD MOULDING WITH NOS EMBLEM GM TRIM Current bid: US $207.50 as of 17 NOV 2017 @ 2:49 PM EST
  4. The Parts Place ( has seat belt retractor covers for full size Chevrolets that my fit your needs. They are in black only and have to be painted to match your interior. If you select Chevrolet Impala then search for "Interior - SEAT BELT RETRACTOR COVERS" you will see three different models listed. You might want to call them for details. These covers are not listed for Buick Full Size for 1965 but they do show the following: (1965 - 1972 Skylark/GS/Regal/GN) SEAT BELT RETRACTOR COVERS RCF-300 (BLACK ONLY) - PR (FIT DELUXE & SOME STANDARD SEAT BELTS. FIT MOST ALL A BODY GM CARS WITH DELUXE SEAT BELTS OR METAL BUCKLE STYLE BELTS) If you can remove your old cover, there may be a part number embossed on the inside. Try doing a web search to see if any one sells a repro of that model or search Ebay for a seller. Good luck!
  5. Not mine
  6. Thanks for clearing that up Tom! This site has what appears to be fairly complete cowl tag decode pages. See here for 1969 Buicks:
  7. Doesn't the cowl tag have a paint code of "D"? That is Crystal Blue according to ROA trim page Copper Mist would be code "W" if I am reading the chart correctly. This car has the pebbled rear window screen panel and the vinyl top appears to have the correct chrome trim pieces in the B pillar. It's interesting that the spare tire well is also copper color and not blue, so maybe someone repainted the trunk floor also? As stated previously, it appears to be a well executed paint job. Removing the door panels might reveal the original color (?). I wonder if the cowl tag has been replaced? Without looking at the paper documentation included, who knows? I am sure there is no build sheet available as that would definitely answer that question. Hmmm...
  8. This seller has also been advertising this lot on Craigslist for a while.
  9. Spam Pie

    One of the greatest inventions, ever IMO.
  10. 1955 Buick Super or Roadmaster Octane

    I run 89 or 93 octane non-ethonal gas in my classics, especially in my 68 Riviera which has the original 430 big block motor. If I run 87 octane, it will diesel when I shut it off. I don't have that problem with mid-grade or premium.
  11. We took our 68 Riviera to the Carolina Collector Auto Fest car show in Raleigh, NC this past weekend. We took home the "Best Buick" trophy. We went home pretty pleased with ourselves and the Riviera. (yes that 1970 Cuda convertible next to us is fully restored and is gorgeous!)
  12. In 1988 I traded a good condition 1963 Chevrolet Impala four door post sedan for a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron. I was in the Army and being reassigned from Fort Bragg, NC to Fort Lewis, WA. I didn't want to put 3k miles on the Impala so I opted for a new LeBaron. I soon discovered the LaBaron had been vandalised on the lot then rebuilt. The damage was not revealed to me by the dealership until I found windshield glass falling from behind the dash and took it back to find out what was happening. By then I had to depart for my new assignment and did not have time to deal with what I thought was a fraudulent sale. The Chrysler was a pretty good car but it had been repainted by the dealership and the paint began fading after 18 months. I ended up trading the LaBaron in on a new Chevrolet Silverado pick up in 1990.