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  1. I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?
  2. Ed, this sounds like a science experiment. I don't have the ability to perform the test as you suggest it. I will go with cleaning the sensor, testing the gauge reading afterward, then probably replacing the sensor with a new one and testing the gauge reading again.
  3. Retired Mechanic, Good advice. I already ordered a new sensor but I will pull the old one and clean it. Do you recommend using Teflon tape to seal the threads?
  4. I am wondering if my temp sensor is defective. I ordered a new one. We will see the results after it's installed.
  5. Resurrecting an old thread to ask a thermostat question for my 1968 Rivi. I recently replaced my 195 degree thermostat, radiator cap and upper and lower radiator hoses with new parts. My new thermostat is a 160 degree model and the cap is a NOS 15# model. Prior to the switch, at operating temperature, the engine temperature registered firmly in the middle of the temp gauge. After the installation of the new thermostat, my temp registers only to the 1/4 mark of the temp gauge. Should I also replace the temperature sensor with a new unit also? I assume running cooler is a good thing for an engine but are there any downsides to my engine running so much cooler than before? Thanks in advance.
  6. More pictures of Mr. E's 1965 Riviera GS
  7. I could have mounted this manifold in the original location but it would have meant installing another set of longer vacuum hoses. I don't want to do that. All of the newer manifolds that I have seen have the smaller 5th port but none have had a rubber cap for that port. They have only had one or two of the larger port rubber caps. Thus you have to be a little ingenious to plug the smaller port.
  8. I met up with long time ROA member Bob E. and his beige 1965 Riviera GS at Hwy 55 restaurant in Hope Mills, NC. It was great getting to know another ROA member who lives very close to me. Mr E's 65 Riviera is beige. It sports a black vinyl top, GS options and black vinyl interior. He recently had the dual carb 425 engine rebuilt.
  9. GM part number 1239606 vacuum manifold installed on the Aqua Zephyr today. The top left port is smaller than the other four ports. I plugged it with a small strip of double sided emblem adhesive then slipped the rubber port cap over it to hold it in place. I tested the lights several times and they go up and down in synch as they are supposed to. I used short sheet metal screws to secure the manifold to the firewall. I have a couple of extra manifolds available if anyone wants to purchase one. DM me if interested.
  10. It will be interesting to see if this one even makes the reserve price, (what ever that may be). It appears the eventual new owner is going to have a lot of rust repair and body work to do.
  11. 1969 Blue Riviera

    It looks like a pretty car.
  12. My 68 is configured the same way. Below is an extract from the 1940-1972 illustrated parts catalog showing the 68-69 Riviera rear bumper parts. The red circled part, #1387813, is the center panel kreed is referring to. Apparently it was a 1969-only part. The left and right panels on the '69 must have been year specific also. Link: Wild About Cars Online Buick Illustrated Catalog (Frame_Shocks_Springs_Bumpers) This is my '68. The left and right panels appear to be slightly different from the '69. The '69 panels appear to have an additional "step" to accommodate the center panel attaching to them. (Yes I have a rechromed '69 gas door on my '68. It's much cooler than the plain Jane '68 door)
  13. Paul, good catch! I just notified Hossrod I need one of those also.
  14. Hossrod, I need a very good condition gas pedal set also! I spotted at least two in one of your photos! :-)