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  1. Have you checked all of your rubber hoses attached to the carb or running to the air cleaner canister (if any) or attached to any vacuum switches in the engine bay?
  2. My aunt has a set of what I believe to be plastic bumper fillers for 79-85 Riviera. They are currently advertised in The Riview. Her contact info is in the ad.
  3. NC68Riviera

    Engine Removal

    You can ask to return the mount for a refund.
  4. NC68Riviera


    We weathered the storm with minimal property damage and the Riviera had no damage what so ever! Thanks for the well wishes. There are a lot of people on the NC/SC coast and low lying areas that are still without power or are still evacuated. Keep them in your prayers, please.
  5. We are high and dry where I live. We only had a couple of small trees knocked over. We will be picking up limbs for weeks, though. I hope everyone else in the storms path faired as well as we did.
  6. NC68Riviera

    New eBay Listings

    I bought an Unobtainium part on Ebay the other day. A NOS 1968 Buick Riviera fuel level in tank sending unit. Part number 6428180. It includes a perfect filter sock and rubber gasket. It also includes a 1977-dated dealer parts tag. This will be for a future project to replace the sending unit in the Aqua Zephyr and cleaning out the gas tank.
  7. I wedged The Aqua Zephyr into my garage in an attempt to get it out of harms way of Hurricane Florence. Yes I have stuff on shelves but space is limited. The hurricane was projected to make a bee line through the middle of North Carolina but now the eye is tracking further south. It looks like the Myrtle Beach, SC area will bear the brunt of the storm. This storm is 500 miles across so Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia are still expecting devastating winds and rain. I pray everyone in its path either evacuates to a safe location or has safe shelter to weather the storm out in.
  8. Seen on Instagram. I don't know who the owner is.
  9. Kongaman mentioned the following on another thread: "upper ball joints are spot welded into the control arms (if they're the originals)." The upper ball joints on my 68 were spot welded to the control arms when we replaced them recently. My mechanic thought someone had done this on a previous replacement. Could they have been the original ball joints? The picture below shows one of the spot welds on the right side of the ball joint. (the red grease is kind of an eye sore, isn't it?)
  10. You can use this tire size comparison tool to determine which different tires sizes have same outside diameter, (and other factors as well)
  11. NC68Riviera

    Correct 65 tire size

    You can use this tire size comparison tool to determine which different tires sizes have same outside diameter, (and other factors as well)
  12. I posted this one earlier but Kreed stated it was not to his liking. :-(
  13. NC68Riviera

    Correct 65 tire size

    I love the look of these triple WW's.
  14. Wish you had posted this earlier! How much are you asking for your switches?
  15. Randy, I ordered a turn signal switch from Lectric Limited and took the lower connector off of the harness as you and others suggested. I had to split the 8 wires into two groups of 4 to get them to snake through the tilt collar. With the aid of a small flat metal ruler I finally cleared the collar and snaked the wires down the column.