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  1. Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

    While this is not 'my' car, I do own the AUG 03 1941-dated Kodachrome slide this picture is created from. I just determined the make and model of this car from my recently purchased slide. 1940 Buick Century Series 61 Phaeton convertible
  2. 1940 Buick 51-C Super Four Door Convertible Statistics

    I am waking a long sleeping thread to upload a 1941 picture of what I believe is a Buick 1940 Buick Century Convertible Phaeton, Series 61C. I collect 1940's-60's color slides of interesting looking cars and I just discovered the make and model of this car in one of my recent purchases. This is a rather large file so it may take a few moments for it to load in your browser. It appears to be one of the available gray colors with a red interior.
  3. I am not associated with this listing : 1968 Riviera instrument cluster with speedo and Speed Minder option: $115.99 plus shipping
  4. I am not associated with this listing Seen on Instagram
  5. This show was first broadcast in 2014 so it might have been discussed previously. A gorgeous burgundy 1965 Riviera is featured in this episode. I just watched it on Netflix but there is a copy on YouTube also (though in a truncated format). Watch it on Netflix if you can. (episode C4:E13) The credits list the car courtesy of James A Roberts. Read about the Riviera here:
  6. Painted drums

    Wow, you are making me feel bad for having had my drums painted
  7. How did you paint your brake booster? I recently had my brake master cylinder replaced but not the booster and mine is very dingy looking like yours was. What did you do to clean it up and repaint it? Which brand of gold cadmium paint did you use?
  8. It will be interesting to see if any of these "Sold" cars end up getting relisted due to the sale not being completed by the buyer. I don't have stats but it appears a fair number of "Sold" Ebay listed cars are relisted for one reason or another, often several times before the deal is finally consummated. (so to speak)
  9. Where did you order your springs from?
  10. Cheap shocks for a 63-65

    I found and ordered a front and rear set of original NOS fluid filled shocks for my 68. I was concerned about dried seals in them. My mechanic checked them out and said they were good in his opinion. I had them installed at the same time I had the bags installed in the rear springs. The ride of the car is a lot less bouncy and not harsh at all since getting rid of the old shocks. The old shocks were the old spiral body units, so maybe they were the originals? I don't know.
  11. I have been tracking this one for several weeks. I almost wish I had seen this one before I bought the Aqua Zephyr last year. I like that the rear tail light bezels don't appear to have any major pitting. Rare for these cars, it seems.
  12. Winter Buicks

    Nice article in the Bugle. Congratulations.