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  1. Not my club but I noticed this was missing from the list of upcoming events. Heartland Regional Meet July 19-21, 2018 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  2. Heartland Regional Meet July 19-21, 2018 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  3. The Maine car doesn't appear to be in bad shape. Just not an exciting color nor a BS/console car.
  4. Thanks. I think your opinion of my car would change if you saw the underside!
  5. Have you been able to look at the one going up for auction in Maine? The two pictures I saw seem to indicate that may be a nice car. Looking forward to hearing more about it (and seeing pictures too!). Good luck.
  6. Not sure if this is a true GS or not. It doesn't have a chrome air cleaner lid but does have BS and console. Custom stereo and speakers in the doors are not my cup of tea but at least there are no speakers in the rear arm rests or package shelf. $25k
  7. Wow, nice color and very clean! Even the tail light bezels are not all pitted and still retain the silver paint inlay. The turbine wheel covers really go well with the maroon color, too, imo. $32k seems a little steep though.
  8. Tom, Thanks for this info. I am having the front end aligned on my 68 this week so this info will come in handy at the shop.
  9. NC68Riviera

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    Thanks Bob. Much appreciated.
  10. You may be able to retract up to an hour before an auction ends. I have done it but I can't remember what the cut off point is.
  11. NC68Riviera

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    Though technically not correct for a 68 I have been thinking about having one made for The Aqua Zephyr. I am not sure where I would place it though, since I don't have a center console. Maybe on my seat cup holder console?
  12. Can someone chime in the "alignment specs"? I am putting in a new custom made adjustable trac bar this week in my 68. It will have rubber bushings. I also had the front suspension rebuilt, (tie rod ends, tr sleeves, control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, ball joints and new center link). I also put new shock absorbers on it last summer, both front and back. I have not yet replaced the front or rear coil springs. I have heard the front end alignment should be slightly modified when new trac bar bushings are installed. What are the recommended alignment settings?
  13. NC68Riviera

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    Rupert Carollo is also making these console plaques and selling them through FB. From his FB posting: "I am now making these Riviera Dash Plaques just like they did back when our rides were brand new. I am now taking PRE-ORDERS for them, They will be 60$ each Shipped. If your not in the US then we will figure it out but I want to make sure that everyone can get one. Anyone that PRE-ORDERS will also have there name engraved at no charge! To order please email I will keep the pre orders open for about a week or so and then they will go into production. All Pre Orders will ship in 3-4 weeks or less.. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or DM me. If you want to order you must email Thanks guys!"
  14. Whom did you finally get to transport the car? Looking forward to seeing it.
  15. The latest rendering of the Aqua Zephyr by automotive artist Brent Gill of Brent Designs. Check him out on Instagram @brentdesigns The drawing was photographed under indoor lighting so it looks a little yellow. It's on white drawing paper. This low resolution picture doesn't do it justice.