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  1. A member of my BCA club in the Raleigh, NC area is selling his 65 Riviera. See his Craigslist ad: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1965-buick-riviera/6424646247.html I have not seen this car but I may be able to look at it if anyone is seriously interested in it.
  2. My new purchase

    Chewy, Welcome and congrats on the new Riviera purchase! I will be looking forward to hearing more about your new car and the experiences you are having with it. You should also consider joining the Riviera Owners Association to get access to an extensive treasure trove of Riviera information, classified adverts, and a pretty sexy club magazine! Membership is not required to be a participant of this forum but it doesn't hurt either! Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season (Merry/Happy Christmas!)
  3. '72 Side Windows Wanted

    RivRider Search ebay for the following: (1971,1973,1973) Riviera Window You will find several listings for Riviera door and rear passenger window glass. Not sure if any fit the bill for your particular application though
  4. 64 on Mad Men

    (Waking up a sleeping thread) I am re-watching "Mad Men" right now and I saw this episode last night. I was pretty excited to see this Riviera as I have been watching the old cars to see if the producers used any Riv's in the show. Now I know. The quality of the cars used on the show seemed to be excellent, even the 'grocery getter' station wagons that were used on the show. Don's '62 Cadillac had me drooling for a short period of time. The Don's ’65 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is also an awesome car. I spotted a 2015 article that stated the car was being auctioned off along with other 'Mad Men' memorabilia. It sold for +$48K. I wish my car could be used in a TV series... (sigh)
  5. Courtesy light kit LED

    I have mentioned in an earlier thread that I have replaced a majority of my incandescent bulbs with LED's. I can post some pictures later after I take some of my 68's interior. Mustang Project has a turn signal module that allows the use of LED bulbs and creates a sequential turn signal sequence. I purchased the kit for the 67 Riviera and had them send me two extra two-contact light bulb sockets to illuminate the center tail lights on my 68. I replaced almost all of my interior and dash light bulbs with LED's. Here are my thoughts now that it's done. Most LED bulbs run in the cool range (white light). All incandescent, (in my experience), are warm [yellow] in color. Changing from incandescent (warm) to cold LED's creates an unnaturally lit car interior, IMO. The two sail panel bulbs are bulb number 1004 for 68's. The only LED versions for these bulbs are marine grade that fit but are very cool (white) in color. This creates a mismatch in interior illumination (see #3 below). I had cool flat face LED light bulbs in the foot wells. I did not feel there was intense enough illumination plus the cool white "felt" odd to me. I changed to warmer color LED's that have almost 360 degree illumination. The foot wells are more fully lit and have a much more "inviting" feel to them. The instrument panel bulbs were replaced with cool LED bulbs because I could not find any in a warm yellow color range to duplicate the feel of incandescent illumination. Thus the gauges are VERY well lit when the lights are turned on. One down side is that the intensity of LED bulbs cannot be turned down with the instrument panel light adjustment switch. They are either "ON" or "OFF". I will keep my eyes open for warmer bulbs and probably replace the cool ones at a later date. I have not replaced the glove box, AC/heater control, radio or "See-light" (fiber optic system) light bulbs yet. I just purchased and received those LED bulbs (#1892 equivalents). I will replace these bulbs when I replace the instrument cluster bulbs, since removing the instrument cluster is such a PITA. FYI, there is a MAJOR risk of pulling the vacuum hoses off of the back of the AC/heating controls when removing these controls for any reason. Be sure to have a factory repair manual handy so you know where to reattach the hoses if they come off. [I am speaking from experience here. ] If you still have the original rubber vacuum hoses, they are color coded to aid in identification. Otherwise your AC or air/heat may not flow as it should.
  6. These drums are listed on Ebay without the wheel cylinders. If an ROA members buys them, mention your ROA membership and I will include the wheel cylinders in the deal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132424023890
  7. I have not watched the show yet. Why did Jay give Carol a carb in the first place?
  8. Gran Sport H2 option

    The ride height on my 68 was 28" on the front and 26" on the rear. I had an Air Lift kit installed in the rear coils and now the front and rear are both sitting @ 28" measured from the ground, through the centerline of the wheels to the lip of the wheel opening. I posted a picture earlier but here it is again. Top picture is car rear end lifted 2" and the bottom picture is the car prior to installation of Air Lift system. I opted for this kit after the HD rated coil springs I had made for the car turned out to be 2" shorter than those that are currently installed on the car. Despite the fact that I had the springs made for the Heavy Duty option, I did not trust that these shorter springs would actually raise the rear of the car the 2" I wanted. Anybody need some new 16" tall rear coil springs? I'll make you a good deal. PM me if interested.
  9. Not that I am aware of. There are several sets of used front aluminum drums for sale on Ebay right now but it is buyer beware as to whether or not they have enough of the iron linings left to be useful. As Ed already stated, there is a company that advertises in the 'Riview' [https://www.jgrelining.com] for relining aluminum drums. i called them and they are not cheap. Sometimes they have relined drums for sale. You have to know how many "fins" are on your drums because they will ask you which version you need. Per a conversation I had with the shop owner, Don Booker: "Hey Mike, I only know of them as 45 Fin or 90 Fin?? We do have both types of drum used on the self, we also have some 45 fin drums done and ready for shipment. I just sold my last pair of 90 fins drums that were done. To reline/refurbish the used drums would run about $305.00 ea. [Emphasis is mine] Our turn around time is about 6 weeks. Thanks Don"
  10. ROA members only: I am selling two new, never used 2nd Generation Rivi cast iron front wheel brake drums that I purchased from CARS. I also have a set of Centric brand front wheel cylinders (part #'s 134.62032 & 33). The drums were $119.00 each but I will take $200.00 for the pair plus UPS shipping to the lower 48 states only. These drums are heavy and cost me $50.00 shipping so plan on a similar amount to get them to you. If you buy the drums I will throw in the wheel cylinders for free. Otherwise the wheel cylinders are $20.00 plus shipping. Payment by PayPal preferred. PM me if interested.
  11. I can use the sway bar bushings. Zip is 28306.
  12. Posting has been deleted from CR.
  13. I had purchased a glove box from Ekler's for my 69 Caprice that was made by Repop's. It was no where near a match for the original gb in my car. My new unit was marked with a Repop's sticker so I contacted them about the problems I was having. I was contacted by Brian House, Production Manager/Purchasing Agent for Repop's, who suggested I send them my original glove box and they would try to create a new unit from it. I sent them the original and a few weeks later they sent me the new unit and my old one. The new unit was an almost exact replica of the original with the exception of one of the screw anchor points was a little out of place. Like Bill stated above, I don't know if Repop's will use the version they made for me to replace the incorrect versions they are selling for non-AC 69 Big Chevrolet's but they were very kind, considerate and very professional working with me to get me what I wanted. I have also used several of their under hood insulation kits and I have found them to be accurately produced. The kit for my 68 even had the circular section cut out above the air cleaner.
  14. I cleaned out the heater core on my 68 using this method after removing both hoses from the feed lines. I also lubed the heater core box controls where the control cable attaches on top of the firewall box controls because they were no longer functioning when I adjusted the temperature wheel on the controls. I am getting nice and hot air into the cabin now when needed.
  15. 1995 Interior - NEW for sale

    Maybe the seats and center console? Hmmmmm....