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  1. 1920-30s Radiator cap ID?

    Hi all... This came out of an estate of a longtime Chrysler/Nash collector who also had a variety of other cars. Can't ID it. As always any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Unknown 1920s Dodge engines

    Cleaning out an estate with four early Dodge engines, two with transmissions. Appear to be from the 1920s. Thee have engine #s: A 311-844;, N 619 447, and A 86-078. Engine N 619 447 could possibly be A 619 447. As always, any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Dodge hubcap

    That appears to be a truck hubcap. 36 Dodge cars have a raised area at both ends of the cap.
  4. 1920s Dodge Engines & transmissions

    May have one, as there are some rear ends in the building
  5. 1920s Dodge Engines & transmissions

    Near San Bernardino, Ca
  6. Cleaning out an estate of a longtime collector who had several 1920s Dodges and Chryslers. Here are pictures of some of the engines and transmissions. Open to offers.
  7. Door Handle?

    1953 Plymouth and I believe 53 Dodge as well.
  8. WTB Early Chrysler Four distributor

    Still trying to look thru all the stuff. No luck so far.
  9. 1956 chrysler 300B parts

    Hi Charlie have a real nice 55/56 300 black/ivory steering wheel and horn ring. Send me a PM. Regards, Gary... P/S.. Haven't found a 57 Dodge 2 Door HT seat yet
  10. WTB Early Chrysler Four distributor

    Do you have the make and part number or picture of one? Currently cleaning out an estate of one of the founders of the WPC Club and he had quite a few early Chrysler parts.
  11. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Hi Al, I should have some in my inventory. Send me a PM with your parts lists and I'll see what I have. Sending a couple pics of my 2 owner original paint and interior "garage find" 38 Plymouth coupe.
  12. Need help with ID of this wire wheel

    I'm pretty sure 29 Chrysler Model 75 also used that wheel.
  13. Have four 17" wheels which look like they have a military application. I've been told they may fit Willys. Can anyone verify if that's correct. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. 17" Military Wheels?

    There are 4 or 5 of these 17" wheels at the estate I'm cleaning out. Based on the tire tread and paint color they look to be for some type of military vehicle. Appear to be early Ford bolt pattern. Any ideas as to what they came off of?