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  1. escutions wanted

    Dug out a set of 8 1937 Dodge escutcheons, Here's a pic of them.
  2. escutions wanted

    thehandleman is correct, not original 37 Dodge escutcheons. I probably have some in my inventory.
  3. I agree... appears to be a series 62.
  4. 7-lug wheels and hub brake assemblies

    Appear to be 1929 Chrysler model 75 wheels.
  5. 1920s-30s outside horn... need ID

    Have no idea, never tried it.
  6. 1920s-30s outside horn... need ID

    Cool, Dave. Thanks for the info... would love to see a picture!
  7. Aluminum Head Info

    Will also fit Desoto. Should work on all 6 cylinder Chryslers and Desotos from 1937- 1954.
  8. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Matt, Still working on the wire wheel situation. I own a restaurant so I have to work the car stuff into my program. Haven't forgotton you!
  9. Aluminum Head Info

    Easy to tell. Airflow heads have the water neck outlet coming out on the driver side of the head, while regular Desoto and Chrysler Airstream six cylinder heads have the water outlet on top.
  10. Got this horn out of the estate of a longtime Chrysler and Nash collector. Appears to be the style that mounts on a headlight bar, but haven't been able to ID. As always any help in identifying is greatly appreciated!
  11. 390 Car Collection plus parts, Medford Oregon area

    Looks like long time Ford collector Don Babb's stuff. Does anyone know if Don passed away?
  12. 37 Dodge windshield regulator

    Just put one on ebay last night.
  13. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Hi Matt, I'll be digging those wire wheels out and get you some pics this week. Haven't forgotten you.
  14. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Matt, Your wagon definitely takes the large Imperial bolt pattern wire wheels. I have a set if you're looking for some nice used ones. If so, drop me a pm and I'll dig the out and send you some pics. Great car, the only thing better is if it would have been a New Yorker which had the hemi.
  15. Unusual unknown handle

    I picked up a bunch of inside door handles from an estate recently. In my 50 years of collecting this is one I've never run across. Was hoping someone here on the forum can ID. A very unusual and unique looking handle. Thanks as always for everyone that shares their knowledge!