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  1. verify D 500

    The top of the block in front of the valley pan will read KD- ********. There should also be a D500 emblem on the lower right hand side of the trunk lid.
  2. 1940s-50s Clock... Need I.D.

    Here's a pic of the back of the clock.
  3. Help me ID this speedometer, please

    1941 Chevrolet!
  4. 1940s-50s Clock... Need I.D.

    Have a real nice clock. Appears to be somewhere in the 1940s or early 50s. Have no idea what it fits. Outer face is plastic. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. 1920s Cowl Light... Need I.D.

    Have a real nice drum style nickel plated cowl light. Have no idea what it fits. Big 1" threaded mounting. Outside diameter about 2 3/8" lens says STRATOLITE 53. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi Gunsmoke, I had 16 caps I sent to Switzerland about 6 months ago, befoe I bought the coupe. I'm getting some caps with the car, but not sure if I'll have any extras. You're correct, they are getting tough to find but the good new is you can peel the outer brass skin away from the backinh and straighten them. The CD8 I have has the canvas roof framed in wood. The wood framing and mechanism for the rear window is inside the rumble seat. I have most all the parts. The car is a dual side mount car with a luggage rack.
  7. Those are actually 32-33 Chrysler 8 caps. The 3 CD8 has the old english C and is also just over 6 1/2" opening. 31 CM looks the same but has a 6" opening. Sending you a pic of the correct caps and a photo of the CD8 coupe I recently purchased.
  8. Chromed 50's? Bumper grille part to what?

    1959 Chevrolet accessory front grill guard. Small piece that goes in the center of the guard. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-CHEVROLET-GRILL-GUARD-/182213884959
  9. Mopar radiator

    Dave… A rule of thumb in IDing MOPAR parts is that pre WW II parts are almost always 6 digits. In 1946 most, but not all, parts started using 7 digit #s. I've had many 42 Desoto/Chryslers parts and they are typically 6 digits starting with 9-----. A tank number starting with 7 would most likely be around 1939. Hope this helps.
  10. 1920s ? Dash Ignition & Headlight Switches

    Thank you 1909schacht… you nailed it!!
  11. 1937 Plymouth Headlight Lenses

    Hi Selmer… I have a pair of 37 Plymouth headlight. 38 Plymouth lenses are larger. Please send me a private message if interested. Regards, Gary
  12. Need expertise to help ID these ignition and light switches. Appear to be 1920s era and they are quality constructed so I'm assuming off a more high end car. Any help in ID-ing these greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  13. Help identifying Desoto

    It's a 1959, not a 58.
  14. 1937 Dodge Truck Hood Sides

    Hi… those appear to be 38 Dodge truck. 1937 is different.
  15. Wanted Old Phlilco Radio box

    Are you just looking for the box, or the entire unit with the head?