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  1. dpcdfan

    34 dodge engine valve tappets

    Try Lester Harris in Minden, Nevada.
  2. dpcdfan

    Hood grilles right and left

    Yep... good call!!
  3. dpcdfan

    Hood grilles right and left

    Pat... Does it have the DPCD logo near the number or the letters DG?
  4. dpcdfan

    Grille shell ID help

    It's definitely an original '38 Plymouth grill insert.
  5. I ended up with a Nash emblem as part of an estate sale. Haven't been able to find one like this. The emblem is circular and slightly larger than a silver dollar. Any ideas? As always, appreciate everyone's knowledge and help!
  6. Tuesday would be better as I have a guy at the shop from 8am til 4:30. Only way I would be able to meet you Monday is if I could sneek away from my restaurant which is unlikely.
  7. Hi Greg, Happy to have you come over to my shop in Colton and look at my 2 owner, all original, 38 Plymouth coupe. The original upholstery is under vinyl, but you should be able to see everything you need. Send me a pm if you're interested and we'll set up a time.
  8. dpcdfan

    1920s old sidemount spare tire locks??

    Dave, That's what I was thinking as well. Now the question is, what do they fit?
  9. dpcdfan

    1920s horn button & lever

    Got this born Button & lever from the estate of a longtime collector of early Dodges and Chryslers who also had Model Ts and Model As. He also had a variety of other cars over the years. Was unable to ID this although it appears to be very similar to Ford Model A. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
  10. Have a pair of what appears to be some type of sidemount or spare tire locking hardware. One lock is missing. Any ideas as to what these came off of? As always, appreciate any help from our AACA experts!
  11. 1935-42 Chrysler products didn't have a 3 window coupe till 1941.
  12. dpcdfan

    Many things unidentified from garage

    Top two pictures, 1953 Plymouth parts.
  13. dpcdfan

    1920s-30s Packard emblem

    Fleek... You're right on the money! Thanks for the help!!
  14. dpcdfan

    1920s-30s Packard emblem

    I looked around the internet and it appears you are correct. Couldn't find a close picture of the rear bumper, but from a distance that's what it appears to be. It's a pretty heavy duty piece and that would make sense. Thank!