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    Became a proud owner of a 1965 Buick Riviera in Mid 2013 and a 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint in Mid 2014.

    Started working for General Motors when I was 18, working at several GM Assembly plants over 18 years in engineering capacities. Engineering Graduate of GMI - 1982.

    After that I worked as an Executive in the Information Technology within the HiTech, Manufacturing, Medical and Government Industries.

    Did all that for 32 years and then started a small manufacturing company in 2009 - Main Street Dream Makers LLC, we manufacture TelePrompTers for Musicians, The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR. I also run a small Audio Recording Studio. Our primary customers are baby boomers.

    Now working on starting a new classic car organization with its mission of saving old Detroit Iron. We affectionately call it D.I.R.T. - Detroit Iron Rescue Team.

    Married to a beautiful car girl, three grown children

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  1. Speakers and Radio

    Jonahboo, I believe the one I got used 24V DC, so I used a 12V to 24V DC converter/transformer to step it up from the 12V I had in the car to the necessary 24V the amp takes. I had a converter hanging around so I used it. This is similar to what I used. If you get something similar to this, they come with a variety power adapters to insert into the back of the amp. Make sure you take the power from the switched side of the vehicle system so it doesn't stay on when parked in your garage. You can also provide 12v from a separate power source, like a portable 12v battery if you like. Alternately you could probably find a 12v Bluetooth Amp and then you don't have to worry about the 12v-24v conversion but you will still need the correct power adapter for the back of the Amp. Incidentally, my setup can be removed from the car or set up in seconds. Rock On gord
  2. Speakers and Radio

    jonahboo, This may be a little late but I used this item discretely mounted Digital Amplifier Mini Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier to drive a dual driver stereo speaker from Classic Care Stereos that fits in the rear seat 6x9 location in my 65. It can receive input from a Bluetooth device like an ipod/iphone for your playlist (that is one way I use it) and it has hard wired inputs that I use for a discretely mounted Satellite Radio input (although it can take input from any line level output). I only get modern sounds from the back as I kept my original 4x10 speaker and original Delco AM Radio in the dash (they both work) for originality. All I had to do is get power to the amp, run speaker wires to the back speaker, set up the satellite radio and voila. Just a thought. Rock On gord
  3. They are pricey, but they provide a great ride and bolt right in. Rock On gord
  4. Frank, when I got my 65 with a 401 cid engine and a Rochester 4GC carb similar to yours - I was getting about 6 mpg. I cleaned and rebuilt the Rochester, with a kit I got from THE CARBURETOR SHOP, 204 EAST 15TH STREET, ELDON, MISSOURI 65026, click HERE for their website. It solved a vacuum leak I had that was impacting performance, as well as the accelerator pump leak, and my mileage went to 12+ mpg. Changing the wires and plugs improved fuel economy to regularly get over 14 mpg. The cleaning will do wonders. Rock On gord
  5. In my '65 I had a similar issue with controlling the mirror and the problem was on the actuator/joy stick end. One of the three wires that attached to the actuator was floating. I put the cable end where it should be. Then to make sure it didn't move as much, I put a zip tie to hold the three cable sheaths together. Works as intended. I have attached a picture that I took at the time, kind of blurry but may give you the gist of what was done. Rock On gord
  6. Susan and I had the opportunity to attend this meet. We felt welcomed by all our new friends. Seeing old friends and making many new ones was fantastic, the weather was perfect, the activities were fun, driving or riding a left drive car on the left side of a road is exciting, and our whole trip was very enjoyable. We suggest if you can make it work, visit Australia and make the meet part of your trip. The next one will be in 2019, in South Australia. Thank you ROA Australia and as always Rock On gord
  7. Jan, I got a vintage (non electronic) VR from a vendor about 4 or 5 years ago and it worked worse than the one I originally had. It was supposed to be brand new, but it buzzed and the AMP light stayed on, just like the original one I had. I looked for a rebuilder, also considered trying to fix it myself, and at the same time got an electronic one from a local Autozone to be able to drive the car. The electronic one worked well, and was a lot cheaper than the Vintage on I got. It had the same mounting, same connector so I decided to keep the electronic one and just change the cover. Been in the car ever since, and looks just like the Delco-Remy one. Rock On gord
  8. Ed, they didn't remove anything when judging at Springfield. I don't believe ever remove anything. They can get on one knee and look under the car, open the doors, the decklid and hood have to be up. I think my drivers seat was moved forward to look in the back of the passenger compartment. There is a whole document on the BCA site that has the details. You can tell when show season is coming up, and folks are planning Nationals pilgrimages, the judging threads get going. Rock On gord
  9. Ed, the White Sidewall Tires F1 Code (incidentally for $43.32) size was 8.45x15. Not sure what the standard ones were. Rock On gord
  10. Tom no deduction for the trunk lock cover. If there are no markings on the outside they don't deduct. It is more of a can deduct than do deduct. Rock On gord
  11. KnongaMan that is why getting as much clearance over 385 is my goal. A judge, like home inspectors, are paid to Find Things. They will find something else, and we know nothing is perfect. Rock On gord
  12. Winston, I only lost 8 points for tires. 2 per corner, and since I had the cover on my spare I didn't lose anything for the spare. I missed Senior Gold by one point. I had 384 points, and you need 385 for Senior Gold. 1 Point because the tires was a radial per tire, and 1 Point because the tires were metric sizing per tire for 8 points off. My DB triple white tires have the tire sizing information on the inside of the tire, but they can still be seen when looking under the car. Lost one for the non-cogged fan belts, 2 for the wrong tail pipe angle, 2 for an improper lift on the rear springs, a small dent on my drivers side front bumper guard, and two because I covered the trunk card boards with a black vinyl. I have changed the card boards, removed the spring lifts, got a better bumper guard - so I improved 5 points which should get me into the money, but if there was a way to get 8 more points with bias ply correct non metric sized tires, anything else they may find when judging should be over come. It would be good to have a comfortable margin. Winston, I know it might be expensive, but it is something I would strongly consider too. I cannot recall his name right now, but I ran into someone in St Charles or Williamsburg at the ROA events that had got some built the way you describe, not sure if he started with Coker, I seem to remember that he actually started with a bias ply of some sort. Never saw them, but they sounded good to me. Rock On gord
  13. For my '65 AC Muffler I got the insulation and straps that hold it around the muffler from Gene Guarnere (A B & G). He advertises in the Riview. His email is ABANDG@AOL.COM. And it is as stock as it gets. Rock On gord
  14. Jim I have a triple black '65. I have the correct '65 only wheels with register rings intact, and painted the webbing a semi-gloss black, - see my profile picture or photo gallery pictures for a look. I tried it with the original correct gray color, but it just didn't look right on the black car. So I went with black, it is personal preference, unless you are going through a 400 point Buick BCA or some other judged event like AACA and want a perfect score. Incidentally, I do prefer the Black Caps with Silver R on the center cap. You can get them from Mitch Romanowski for either sized center hole BTW the car looks great, my dad had one that color. Rock On gord
  15. Ed the answer is 42. Rock On gord