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  1. I can't seem to get on the SDC Forum today. Are others having the same issue or is it just me? I see that the website is back up and they indicated there had been an issue that is now resolved.
  2. Floor shifter for sale

    Shrock brothers make reproduction rubber parts for many models of Studebakers. I think they will be able to assist you.
  3. Congratulations Richard!!! A stunning car.
  4. Oil pan gasket

    Olson's Gaskets have been a great supporter of the Antique Studebaker Club. I'll bet they will have something for you if you call them - they are on the Studebaker Vendor Site
  5. 1940 Studebaker Commander Rear Engine Mounts

    Gary - Thanks so much for all the information you provide. I was able to find a overdrive transmission and installed that in my 38 Coupe never could find a transmission support - the Shrocks offer a rebuild service with your core but I didn't have a core so we made a homemade support but nothing as nice as the real thing.
  6. It's a good thing you didn't post this earlier as we were in Pierre & Fort Pierre on Sunday but are now back in Texas. Did you represent Studebaker in the Bicentennial parade celebrating 200 years of the city of Ft Pierre?
  7. misc '39 commander parts needed

    It took a while but I found the channel you need!!!!! I actually have both sides. It's the channel next to the measuring tape as I see it. I will send you an e- mail with some pictures of the rear vent windows I have. There is quite a bit of rubber left on a couple of them and I think you might be able to adapt the rear window rubber rubbers to serve as vent window rubbers by cutting off part of the rubber "lip". Confirm the side you need and email your shipping address.
  8. misc '39 commander parts needed

    The part number for the channel you need is # 267235 for the four door sedan and is the same for 1937 thru 1940. I looked in three boxes and found a front channel but it is only 17" long. I think I have some more channels and will go look for them later this afternoon or tomorrow --- should have read your post before I started looking.
  9. misc '39 commander parts needed

    it will be awhile before I can check as we are out of town, but I did remove the rear windows from my 38 parts car as I wanted the window gear assembly but I don't know if I saved the glass mounting channel as it would be of no use to me. I don't have a parts book but I'm guessing that 1938 & 1939 use the same channel. If 1938 & 1939 are the same I know of 3 1938 four door parts cars that we can probably get it from. I'll check when we get home mid week.
  10. Hand crank studebaker

    One would need the year, model and condition of the car to even begin to provide you with an idea of its worth. Most old cars cost more to fix than they will sell for.
  11. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    What a neat tail lamp, I appreciate that you are trying to match the original but there can't be many that would be able to spot an incorrect tail lamp. Is the car as nice as the tail lamp?
  12. Wig Wag Information needed

    Have this posted on the SDC forum but thought I would also post it here as it is for a 1938 Commander Was there any Maintenance or parts information printed on the Wig Wag Accessory brake light? I started to replace the frayed wiring and that nessitated taking the lamp apart. I think I've figured out where all the springs and such go it would be nice to have some guidance.The leather sealing surfaces look good and are actually fairly moist, but I thought I would put some beats foot oil on the leather before I put it back together - does anyone have any better suggestions?The paper seals at the top of the lamp were not damaged when the assembly was taken apart but I wonder what I should do when I put it back together. Should I use a silicone gasket seal alone, or with the old paper gasket?
  13. '39 commander steering wheel keyway?

    The part you need is 127605 (page 436 just above illustration # 1310-3) and was used on all models 1934 thru 11939. Not listed on Studebaker International sight but they may have if you call, Bob Kapteyn may have one. I'd like to keep one for a spare but wouldn't want to you off the road so contact me if you can't find one and I'll get it sent to you TT me I
  14. Vintage Wire

    My guess the wire you are in question about was probably for the radio speaker which went in the "windshield header" with the factory and dealer added radios.
  15. 38 studebaker state commader questions

    Thanks for the compliment on our Coupe, it was a 7A model with the standard headlamp and fenders but during restoration we installed the 8A "State" model cathedral headlamp and fenders. Our car had what looks like the same turn signal as SC38DLS added to the front fender when we got it. With the fender change and the addition of the fog lamps, which we use as turn signals, we didn't need them. Seeing them on SC38DLS car makes me wish I'd saved them for spares for others but I tossed them as I didn't think anyone else would have use for them