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  1. Engine oil leak 1990 Reatta

    You might consider running your fingers under the lip of the rear valve cover gasket and especially around the corners. It took me three attempts to get mine to stop leaking with a new gasket.
  2. 1988 reatta engine issue

    I forgot to mention, check all the pulleys with the belt off, make sure they spin freely with no wobble. Your power steering pulley bearing might have froze causing it to smoke.
  3. 1988 reatta engine issue

    It might have been your belt tensioner that failed. Just my guess.
  4. I'm working on my 81 Chevy swb Silverado. I changed out the old 350, ( it came with a 305 ) and changed out the old Turbo 350 with a 700R4. I had trouble installing the drive shaft so I figured it was too long. So I took it to a drive shaft shop with the measurements and he told me it was too short. Come to find out the slip yoke was bad, but he said it would probably work , so we replaced it. Now I'm thinking he was right in the beginning and the shaft is a little bit short. Here are the measurements. The slip yoke is 4" long of which 2 1/4" sticks inside the trans tail housing, that leaves 1 3/4 inches of yoke exposure. The tail shaft sticks out 9/16" past the seal of the tail shaft. If you add 2 1/4" plus 9/16" that gives you 2 13/16" of driveshaft spline engagement. If you subtract 9/16" from 1 3/4" that gives you 1 3/16" of slip yoke play, or lets just say 1 1/4" to be safe. My question is, does this sound safe, I know 1' or 3/4" would be better. The truck is sitting on the ground with no weight in it. Appreciate any opinions. Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks , I got plenty of that stuff.
  6. RDG, Thank you for that info. I'll do that when I replace this bad one. I'm thinking about doing the switch to that AC Delco ICM , but I might first try that new Wells Duralast from Autozone and see how that holds up. If it doesn't then I'll do the switch. Thanks
  7. 89 Reatta. I think my Ignition Control Module failed me the other day when it reached about 101 degrees in Texas. After the ICM cooled down, everything was fine again. The Magnovox ICM is not that old, I don't use this car that much. I've read where you are suppose to use a thermal paste on the mounting plate when installing the ICM. I don't recall doing this when I install the ICM on this car, I might have caused it to have failed prematurely . I've read where some people use dielectric grease, but it does not have the same properties of thermal paste. Any opinions on this thermal paste? Thanks, Mike
  8. Question on insulation underneath dash

    I saw a Youtube video where someone used "Frost King" duct insulation underneath the dash. So I went to The Home Depot and bought some and installed it today. It's a lot cheaper than the other stuff. Hopefully it should do the trick. No need to reply. Thanks
  9. Hi, This is my first time on this Chevy, GMC truck forum, but I'm usually on the Buick Reatta forum. I had to pull off my Reatta to start work on my 81 Chevy Siverado short bed, since I really need the use of my truck. I had a leak from the grill below the windshield which caused some rust on the inside and outside of the firewall. I went ahead and pulled the heater box to take care of the rust. I used some ospho, then I used some por 15 followed by some spray on truck bed liner. My question is should I replace the insulation that I had taken out. Is it really necessary since I used some bed liner. Appreciate any opinions. Thanks, Mike
  10. Water in gas

    For what it's worth, when I installed a new fuel tank on my 89 Reatta, I started using a product called Sta-bil 360 at every fill up. It is suppose to give off a vapor and protect the part of the tank void of fuel from corrosion. It also tames the ethanol. It's been about a year now and the idle is perfect so far . The product is fairly new so I guess time will tell. Just a thought.
  11. 1990 Reatta hard start when warm or hot.

    Make sure your battery cables are in good shape with no corrosion. I had to change out the cables on one of my cars, I was having the same symptoms, new cables fixed it.
  12. Barrett Jackson

    About a week ago, I was going to ask this same question, but got busy and forgot about it. I have never seen a Reatta at those auctions and I have been watching them for a long time. In fact I am watching the Barrett Jackson auction as I am writing this email. I don't know how the Reatta would do at a BJ auction, but it would be nice to see one cross the line.
  13. Blue smoke

    Ronnie, What do you think about "Bar's Leak" for that problem ? They make a product just for that , maybe just temporary to see if that's the problem.
  14. How critical is the rear wheel camber?

    Update. I finally got an alignment on my 89 Reatta, after doing a bunch of suspension work and using some rear wheel hub shims to get the rear wheels as close as possible. Before starting , I explained to the tech all the work I had done to the car. I wanted to show him but he would not let me near the car, company policy. He started to put air in the tires, but I told him I had already checked the tires that morning. He told me we go by the computer here, it's company policy. He also told me that if the car was too complicated, he could not do the work. I figured I had hit a nerve and it was time to go to the waiting room and hope for the best. About fifteen minutes later he came and got me, he says you know more about this car than I do. So after showing him the work I had done (company policy out the window) he told me what he was going to do. I told him that sounds fine to me. So about forty minutes later he comes through the door with a thumbs up and tells me I am going to love driving my car. He was right, he got everything within specs and did a great job, we were both happy! Mike
  15. How do you do a search for info ?

    Cal, Look up to the upper right corner. If you are signed in , it should be just below the message envelope. It is a shaded area in the blue toolbar, hope that helps.