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    My folks changed cars often when I was younger, gave me an eclectic opinion for cars. Love most of them
  1. 1928 Hupmobile Engine Rebuilding Kit Question

    I wish you the best of Luck...Very worthwhile car to focus on. It is all about the fun and experience you obtain toward the goal of satisfaction.
  2. Reo Royale

    It might be that, or simply a left over 32 that was titled as a 33. Exactly I believe this Statement is one in the same. A not sold 32 titled into the 33 Model Year. This Royale is known as a 1933 so, a Carry Over from 32. For example on some of the obvious; double straight flat bumpers front and back with no center dip, non-raked grille, hood crest ornament 32, fender to fender light bar instead of light support stanchions on each fender separately, (1) center glove box rather then the smaller side boxes and the instrument cluster is 32 not 33. I really never seen a 33 Coupe with the slant grille and other features mentioned above. But, I guess that does not prove anything. The coupes are just far and few in between however, an interesting topic.
  3. Reo Royale

    The article is from Special Interest Auto from 1978 Jan - Feb #43.
  4. Reo Royale

    Also, since this car has resurfaced and resurrected a few times now, this may fall in the guidelines of the 3 maybe 4 Coupes that are accounted for. ????? And, how many are 1933 carry overs from 1932? This is incredibly interesting!
  5. Reo Royale

  6. Reo Royale

    The underside of this 1933 Royale and engine compartment looks just as good as the topside.
  7. Reo Royale

    This car is featured in Drive Report.....the folks from the magazine drove the car for evaluation. They recorded the mileage before and after the drive and typed it in the magazine. After this article the car went back up on Jack Stands until about a year ago. By the way that IS original paint and the ownership and mileage is all documented from New.
  8. Reo Royale

    Actually this car surfaced in the 1970s "Again". If you go to ebay and type 1933 Royale in the search bar in eBay Motors. You will see the magazine about that particular car. The man you see messing with the window shade is the owner in the 70s. This is a 33 with cross over details from 32 which puts it in a class by itself. I actually have that article and I know the son of the man who is in that picture. She is 1933.
  9. 1928 Hupmobile Engine Rebuilding Kit Question

    Those interested. For the 28 Hupmobile....removed the oil pan, removed the head, removed the pistons and installed new rings. Cylinder walls were like new. Reinstalled the pistols, head and pan. Hup runs great with not even a puff. Done
  10. Reo Royale

    Never, in my 56 years, witnessed a 1933 Coupe Royale for Sale.
  11. Reo Royale

    This 1933 Royale Coupe was sold at the Amelia Island Dragone Bros. Tent They Sold Her
  12. Reo Royale

    This 1933 Royale Coupe was sold at the Amelia Island Dragone Bros. Tent They Sold Her
  13. Reo Royale

    This 1933 Royale Coupe was sold at the Amelia Island Dragone Bros. Tent
  14. 1932 Cadillac/Lasalle Trunk Rack

    Here are some Pictures of the Rack...I will accept offers on each of them, they are separate. Depending how nice your car is determines if this one will require restoring or not. Your discretion and opinions are important.
  15. 1932 Cadillac/Lasalle Trunk Rack

    I will take some photos tonight and send them to you.