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    Senior citizen. Work on my own cars. Married no children. Riviera owner,old car,old boats all intrest me . I presently have a Monte Carlo 1970 I bought when I was looking for Riviera's I bought my 1965 base model 2 years ago.

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  1. Turn switch.com did my 1965 AM ,FM works perfect,he also supplied front speaker,10 ohm ,l am very pleased Thanks to him.
  2. A short 12 point wrench should do it !
  3. gord14080

    AC vents need advise

    I tried to use a rubber tube but too tight,I will try the used parts dealers ,I found it in the manual finally,no an easy spot to work thanks again for reply Gordon Purves aka gord14080
  4. gord14080

    AC vents need advise

    Thanks very much,I don’t have that ,I will try a small lawnmower tire tube thanks again! gord 14080.
  5. I am installing The ac defuser the plastic piece that directs air to drivers side and Center vent ,what is the connection to the evaporator box ? plastic to metal doesn’t fit inside or outside,is there apiece that goes around this connection or how do I make this tight? Any help would be appreciated, sorry I am working on 65 riviera. thanks for any advice! Gordon Purves aka Gord 14080 thanks again.
  6. Thanks for that,never know about christmas week to New Years holidays! love that gran sport in bronze very special gord purves
  7. Small emblems? when this man talked about small emblems he said they moved to the bigger emblem in the middle of December, my car has small emblems and build date is last week December 64, question is ,can this be possible or does anyone know the change over for sure? I was surprised by those comments . thanks Gord Purves 14080
  8. gord14080

    64 window help

    Thanks for help ,got it done!
  9. gord14080

    64 window help

    It seems to be a common problem with this broken.guide,can they be welded,and if so what gas and rod type? Anyone i asked said it cannot be done need some advice from someone who has experience? thanks for any advise, Gordon Purves thanks gord14080
  10. 5 phone bidders at the same time for the 65 ,somebody wants a Gran sport 65 !
  11. Telriv,that was my concern,yes I think I shall do something to close that tube like you did . thanks for the reply, I thought I may have lost.something from the bottom of the column. Thanks again,Gordon Purves.
  12. I don’t have anything to keep the shaft centered ,seems I am missing something,some sort of bearing? yes I have manuals,but cannot find good description.
  13. I would like to see photo of a 65 steering column where it meets the flex coupler, thanks in advance! Gordon Purves.
  14. gord14080

    65 carter rebuild

    Check your vacuume first ,!
  15. gord14080


    Wow looks like the real deal,thanks very much. Gordon P urves