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  1. Bill Swope

    I was on several VMCCA Nickel era tours with the Swopes. I shall miss both of them. Zeke
  2. I have seen two types of inner tanks for vacuum tanks. One type has a flange at the top that is wide enough to be held in place with the same screws which hold the tank top onto the outer tank. That kind takes two gaskets. The other type has a smaller lip at the top and doesn't require a second gasket. Zeke
  3. Snubber catalogue ?

    I had Andy rebuild the snubbers for my ‘23 Hudson. I was pleased with his work and turn around time. I would have him do another set if needed. Zeke
  4. Or as the ads say,”light rust in the usual spots”.
  5. An early 30's Dodge for Keiser

    1933 tail light
  6. An early 30's Dodge for Keiser

    It is a 1933. Nice car. Zeke
  7. Kindig 1934 Dodge

    Sactownog: Here is where we diverge. You think a radical modification looks good. I think that it looks hideous. There is no accounting for taste. If you think that you can improve on the original design, go for it, give it your best shot. My standards of taste are objective as are yours. I'm outta here. Zeke
  8. Give your method a try. If it doesn't work, try something else a try. People have told me that vinegar doesn't work but it does for me. I will vouch for cork gaskets however. Consider all of the "hammer and chisel" guys that have worked on your car before you were even born.You are not going to do more harm than they did. You can fix this. Zeke
  9. For Sale: Concours Quality 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

    Why oh why was I not born into wealth? This car looks like it is going 70 M.P.H. standing stock still. My heart has bought it at full sticker but my head (and banker) is stuck in Pottrerville. Zeke
  10. Kindig 1934 Dodge

    Don't make the mistake of selling old purists short. On a personal note, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck (a 1933 Dodge one ton to keep it antique related) on the way into town. If you think you can improve on the looks of a 1933 Dodge by all means go ahead and try. I've seen dozens of people try and I have yet to see anyone accomplish the feat. Zeke
  11. I would fill the tank with cleaning (7%) vinegar then let soak to clean the rust out. Are you going to coat it with gas tank sealant? Zeke
  12. That may not be your problem but it is a very good candidate for the prize. What does the inner tank look like? Zeke
  13. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    Nor will it be while I'm its steward. Zeke
  14. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    Thanks. Zeke
  15. Mr. Willys got a bath today!

    My first antique car was a Jeepster. In retrospect I would have to say that Jeepsters are a good first car. They are straight forward to work on and don’t cost an arm and a leg. They also draw a lot of interest from the general public. To top it off, they are a blast to drive. Zeke