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  1. zeke01

    1961 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 4 door Holiday Hardtop

    Were the legs an original accessory or were they aftermarket? More importantly, are they a package deal with the car? Zeke
  2. zeke01

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Not exactly correct cheeze my man. Mine was as red as a boboon’s butt. Out of three Subarus in our office only one was white and it was an older model. I did have to cough up 16 large before the dealer would even order it. That galled me because the dealer was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Edited to say that we didn’t get a choice about the color. Zeke
  3. zeke01

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Yes,Saturn did make right hand drive vehicles available to rural mail carriers for a time. So did Subaru and Jeep. Jeep still offers a right hand drive vehicle to rural carriers. I looked at all of the offerings in 1995 and chose the Subaru. It was the best vehicle I ever used on a mail route. I still see a RHD Saturn once in a while but they couldn't hold a candle to the other offerings at the time.
  4. zeke01

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Try this: With the cut-out in place and wired correctly, run a jumper wire from one terminal of the cut-out to the other while the engine is running. Just a couple of seconds should be enough. Others more versed in electronics can explain the effect this has on the generator but it may fix your issue. Zeke
  5. zeke01

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Can you post a picture of the cutout? Zeke
  6. Thanks for the ride! I kinda wish we had stopped for some ice cream or something though. Zeke
  7. zeke01

    Front wheel bearing tightness

    Sometimes using a thin washer will get you to that sweet slot spot. Zeke
  8. zeke01

    old walker floor jack

    Have you tried asking at garagejournal.com? Lots of discussion about floor jacks on the site. Zeke
  9. zeke01

    Battery charger/maintainers?

    The only complaint I have with Battery Tenders is warranty. I had one of the higher end models go bad during the warranty. I sent it back and received a Battery Tender Jr. as a replacement. Zeke
  10. My vacuum tank Epiphany: I was on a VMCCA Nickel tour driving my 1928 Chrysler. I happened to be the last tour car when I got stopped at a railroad crossing on some quiet back road. As I sat waiting for the train to pass, the vacuum tank refueled causing the engine to stumble a bit. Here I was alone with a 60 year old car that wasn't running the best and no one around to help if the old beast died. What was I to do? About that time the train passed the crossing and the vacuum tank refilled causing the engine to smooth out.The crossing guard and lifted I thought to myself "Well, we have gotten this far, let's see if we can make it to the end of the tour. We did. Afterwords I did investigate the vacuum tank to find out exactly how it works and how to fix it. If you are going to own one of these old beasts you had better know how it operates and how to fix it. The "technicians" at the dealership aren't going to be a lot of help. Zeke
  11. I don't know if this has anything to do with the flapper issue, but those floats look to be well past their sell by date. Are they indeed "floating"? Zeke
  12. zeke01

    Pics from “back in the day”!

    Theoldmotor.com is my go to for old photos. Zeke
  13. zeke01

    Bill Swope

    I was on several VMCCA Nickel era tours with the Swopes. I shall miss both of them. Zeke
  14. I have seen two types of inner tanks for vacuum tanks. One type has a flange at the top that is wide enough to be held in place with the same screws which hold the tank top onto the outer tank. That kind takes two gaskets. The other type has a smaller lip at the top and doesn't require a second gasket. Zeke