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  1. zeke01

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    My experience has been that "stop leak" additives don't work well in non-pressurized coolant systems. Stop leak needs pressure to force treated coolant out the hole until the hole seals. Zeke
  2. I was sitting in a car on the 4th of July one year with a friend who had a long string of firecrackers in his lap. Someone tossed a firecracker into the car and it landed in the lap of my friend. The inevitable ensued. We couldn't find the door handles to escape because of the smoke and commotion. Forty some years ago and I'm still a little surprised that I survived the experience. That might be the source of my tinnitus. As an aside, my friend never fathered any children either. To tie the event into antique autos, the car was a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker. Zeke
  3. zeke01

    ZDDP issues

    After reading the replies I think I will use the oil I bought for this change ,regrouping for the future. It appears that the Chevron Delo will work for this application. It’s certainly better than what passed for good in 1933. My main concern was to avoid a situation that might void my Dodge Brothers warranty. (s)Thanks to all for the research and thoughtful comments. Zeke
  4. zeke01

    ZDDP issues

    I went to the oil wholesaler today intending to buy some motor oil for my spring change today and found that oils have evolved yet again. I have been buying Shell Rotella for mixed use (gas or diesel). What I found is that Rotella no longer has a designation (SN in the API donut) for gasoline engines. I bought Chevron Delo because it had the SN designation but called the technical support number to be sure the oil was okay to use in gasoline engines. What tech support said was that most ZDDP had been removed from Diesel engine oil. I was told that what I bought was okay for my application but was not significantly different from strictly gasoline motor oil. Anyone else by motor oil lately? What is going on? Zeke
  5. zeke01

    MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Maybe you could utilize a gofundme account to help with the expense of a fill-up. Zeke
  6. zeke01

    1933 Dodge Cabriolet (DP6)

    I might have one. Could you send a larger, more detailed picture? The emblem I have is a grill badge. Might be the same. Zeke
  7. zeke01


    Looks like a Buick to me. Zeke
  8. zeke01

    1961 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 4 door Holiday Hardtop

    Were the legs an original accessory or were they aftermarket? More importantly, are they a package deal with the car? Zeke
  9. zeke01

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Not exactly correct cheeze my man. Mine was as red as a boboon’s butt. Out of three Subarus in our office only one was white and it was an older model. I did have to cough up 16 large before the dealer would even order it. That galled me because the dealer was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Edited to say that we didn’t get a choice about the color. Zeke
  10. zeke01

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Yes,Saturn did make right hand drive vehicles available to rural mail carriers for a time. So did Subaru and Jeep. Jeep still offers a right hand drive vehicle to rural carriers. I looked at all of the offerings in 1995 and chose the Subaru. It was the best vehicle I ever used on a mail route. I still see a RHD Saturn once in a while but they couldn't hold a candle to the other offerings at the time.
  11. zeke01

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Try this: With the cut-out in place and wired correctly, run a jumper wire from one terminal of the cut-out to the other while the engine is running. Just a couple of seconds should be enough. Others more versed in electronics can explain the effect this has on the generator but it may fix your issue. Zeke
  12. zeke01

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Can you post a picture of the cutout? Zeke
  13. Thanks for the ride! I kinda wish we had stopped for some ice cream or something though. Zeke
  14. zeke01

    Front wheel bearing tightness

    Sometimes using a thin washer will get you to that sweet slot spot. Zeke