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    79 years old and quite active, lifelong automotive and mechanical things interests, serious do-it-yourselfer, recently built a new home. Couldn't find an old collector Buick at the price I wanted so I bought three 1939s; a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible coupe, all specials.

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  1. Just for the sake of curiosity I put the pictured 1939 panel light switch in an Evaporust bath overnight. The switch was frozen solid . The second picture may not look all that dramatic but the switch is now working. It cleaned up nicely with absolutely no damage. Another note on Evaporust: the manufacturer claims that a dip and then letting the part dry effectively blocks further rust, rinse it off with water when you want to refinish the part. Bought a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff at the start of my project and enthusiastically recommend it. Bob H
  2. MCHinson: Without chasing casting numbers, which can be unreliable, the pictured transmission is indeed for a 1939 Buick Special. Guaranteed! Don't believe it interchanges with anything else. BobH
  3. The quick ID trick for 1939 Special transmission would be the shift lever, it only has one. The selector operates via a cable to the end of the lever's shaft which travels in and out engage the shift forks. Most other column shift transmissions have two levers. I can take photos tomorrow if needed. Bob H
  4. Bob H

    39 Buick Special Gas Tank

    Is your convertible a running driving car or a project? I have a tank with a flaw that I had restored for my 1939 Special convertible coupe project. A place in Sacramento, California cleaned, straightened, and repaired the tank including coatings on the inside and outside and a lifetime warranty. Problem, when they soldered the filler neck back on they got the angle wrong and it touched the frame when we put it in. A simple fix would involve making a dent in the frame or the filler neck but my frame is powder coated and I am just too fussy for that solution. I had acquired a parts car that had a better tank than even the repaired one so I used that. That is the long way around to telling you that the tank is for sale, $300 as is, it looks brand new. We live in Rainier, Oregon 97048. Can take some pictures if you have any further interest. Also have a lot of 1939 Special parts including a parts convertible as well as a parts sedan. Feel free to inquire about any parts you may need, I am not a parts reseller but a hobbyist with surplus parts that I would like to see back in use. Rush orders are not part of my operation. Thanks, Bob H
  5. Bob H

    WTB 1939 Buick front bumper

    Pictures of 1939 Special front bumper and brackets, better shape than I remembered. The center guard is optional and included for $150 + freight. Anchor bolt is bad on the center guard. Our area code is 97048 if you want to try to calculate freight yourself. Bumper length is 67 inches. Bob H
  6. Bob H

    WTB 1939 Buick front bumper

    Greetings: I'll need to look but think I have what you need for 1939 Special. We are in Rainier, Oregon so freight will be spendy. I'll get a picture for you. Also have many other 1939 Special parts. Bob H
  7. My old MOTORS manual says caster on 1939 series 40 and 60 should be negative 7/8 of a degree, camber positive 3/8 of a degree, and 1/32 of an inch toe in. Bob H
  8. Jim: When I was chasing parts for my 1939 Special driveline I bought quite a number of hard to find bits from BCA member Pat Riley. However, at my last parts request he told me that he had sold all his parts to Pete Philips. Don't know if Pete Philips is offering the stuff for sale or using it himself, might be worth a try. I have a well-used torque ball that could be used as a last resort if nothing else comes up. Also have another 1939 parts source that I will contact for you. Bob H
  9. Bob H


    Eschew obfuscation!
  10. Hello all: Headed for a Pick-n-Pull that has posted a 1990 Reatta in their inventory. Intend to get an IPC, a BCM and other dash electronic components to help with trouble shooting my "Error" message. I'll look for ABS leads and some trim pieces we need. What else should be on my shopping list and what might anyone need that I could salvage? Thanks, Bob H
  11. Ronnie: Thanks for the suggestion. Completed the removal of the IPC and a thorough cleaning of the connections. Might have gained a bit of information. The panel worked fine through many on-off cycles while trouble shooting. Started the engine after installing the cluster and the ERROR message came on immediately. Two of the previous failures came shortly after startup and the last while driving. Gave up for today but back after it tomorrow. Bob H
  12. Jim: Thanks for the info, we may ask for contact info on IPC rebuilders after we get back around July 1. We found two 1990 cars in auto wrecking yards close to our travel route that are potential parts donors. Could be a solution. Bob H and Liz
  13. Thanks all for sharing your experiences. With so little time before we leave my plan is to check-clean-service all the pertinent connections and hope to get lucky. I'll have to wait until we get back search for parts or diagnostic and repair services. Thanks also for the kind words. The car is just as we bought in August, didn't know what the wheels were until another Reatta owner told us. Yes, chrome tips on the exhaust, it came that way. Thanks again to all and keep the comments coming, Bob H
  14. Greetings all: Took our 34,000 mile 1990 Reatta convertible on a 100 mile shakedown cruise in preparation for a June 13 departure on a 3, 000 mile plus road trip. Three miles from home, after performing flawlessly, the instrument cluster went blank except for the word "ERROR" where the odometer would be, an "SES" warning and an "ELECTRICAL PROBLEM DETECTED" alert. The car kept running fine so we continued home. Upon arriving I shut the ignition switch off and restarted the car, much like rebooting a computer and everything was back to normal. This is the third or fourth occurrence of this blank cluster fault and recovery. Don't want to start on a long trip with the potential for a major failure lurking. Checked the codes and got EO47h, b334h, b335h, b336h, and b337h. Have any of you had similar experiences and how did you deal with it? Really must have it fixed before we leave or sadly take our granny SUV. I have studied the shop manual and have a plan but electrical problems often take a long time to solve. Hoping someone might provide some insight other than throwing a bunch of parts at it that we don't have. Thanks, Bob H
  15. Both MrEarl and MCHinson responded to my plea for help with my non-working PM Reply feature. When I open both your PM's my activity history opens rather than the form to enter text. At least this time someone has tried to help. When this problem first came up two years ago I got no assistance. Thank-you, Bob H