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    55 roady, not mine

    If anyone wants me to go look, let me know. Ad text; 55 Buick road master Rebuilt motor and transmission. New tires. New battery. Rebuilt carb and fuel pump runs and drives greatCall or text 3369442141 https://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/d/55-buick-roadmaster/6746512162.html
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    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    Looks like a great fishing wagon for the outer banks...
  3. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Well here it is, my big anouncement. My dealer has supplied steady feed to my addiction and this time I've been entrusted with one of his favorites. I am purchasing buttercup from Buick Gardens. After fixing some errors made by the owner previous to Lamar, she will be well cared for, driven, and enjoyed. Oh did I mention insured to max also? More photos to come.
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    56 special 2dr sedan, not mine

    https://wichita.craigslist.org/cto/d/1956-buick-special-2door/6742588886.html $800 with title....
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    NC to Daytona Beach Nov 10

    Driving to Daytona Beach on November 10th, return trip Nov 16 or 17. Can haul up to 5000lbs on 17ft trailer for fuel money.
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    No more reactions today

    I was in a refresher osha class today. All forum posts were from my personal phone. I've restarted it, cleared cookies and history. It's on and off that it happens.
  7. Currently on mobile site and when I click like on a post it tells me I'm not allowed anymore reactions today. Why?
  8. I went to look at a 1955 super 2 door Riviera with Factory air power steering and power brakes. The hood had popped up while driving and it was parkes several years ago. Comes with a spare hood and hinges. Color code reads diver white over titan red and the non original paint is pretty close. The guy recently passed away and his family is looking for a good home for the car. The engine turns with a wrench but will need work the original AC compressor five blade fan and air cleaner are all present just not on the car. The chrome has pitting. The interior is redone, not original, but the passenger door panel is coming apart. The frame and floors are very solid. It needs rockers and lower rear quarters. Odometer shows 68k. Open FL title. The family is asking 5k. The car is 60 miles from me, went and looked tonight. It's not for me, but if anyone wants it I'll go get it.
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    How buttercup got her groove back

    Ha ha Ha
  10. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Ha. And power steering and selectronic radio. ?
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    How buttercup got her groove back

    Once right out of college I drove my 85 AMC wagon on 10 year old tires. The tread fell off one snowy day heading back to Manassas from Andrews AFB. Spare was shot, I was broke, so I drove the remaining 15 miles on I66 with a treadless balloon for a back tire. ?
  12. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Not much hiding this, lol. Not that Lamar would ever try to hide anything about a car.
  13. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    You're more than welcome to. I didn't want to blow up your spot ....
  14. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Even at half of 80, I'm pretty cautious.... Ive got a truck and trailer, it's easiest that way. It wasn't marketed to me as a barn find, but I'll be taking it out of a barn so....
  15. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    She's been off the road for 10 years..... Gonna need a lil touch up before hittin' the road, especially a 300 mile trip.
  16. wndsofchng06

    1955 Roadmaster $3500 in TX

    Lol. Good eye. Looking at these on my phone I miss a lot
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    How buttercup got her groove back

    Just to get it home from Georgia.
  18. wndsofchng06

    1955 Roadmaster $3500 in TX

    Looks like a good buy
  19. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

  20. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

  21. wndsofchng06

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Interior shots
  22. wndsofchng06

    1954 banker's hot rod

    So, some of you may have noticed, I've alluded in some of my posts to having further dealings with the salesman at Buick Gardens. Watch this thread as I build a "banker's hot rod" out of a fine 1954 Buick Special 2 door sedan! It is currently outfitted with a 264/3 speed and a marvelous purple paint and upholstery that I am still undecided on. Waiting for it is a rebuilt 1956 322 with a 4bbl intake and factory dual exhaust manifolds that will go with a beefier 56 3spd transmission. I am still undecided on ignition and carb. I want to lower the car just a little, side pipe dual exhaust, power disc brakes, and undecided on wheels but might leave stock and put some big moon covers on them. I have some other minor mods in my head that I'll sort through in-process. Thanks again to my dealer in the south for keeping a steady supply to my addiction! :-) She might not make it to la carrera panamericana, but she'll be tearing up the streets of Durham! Here's her current state: