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  1. I hear Buick Gardens has a couple empty spots!
  2. My thoughts exactly.... where's my winning lotto ticket, I'll buy them all.
  3. Awesome! Congrats. It looks great.
  4. Wow service with a smile! I'm stealing this tip.
  5. How so? Certainly not original upholstery, seat looks fine though. I have some 56 century 2dr seats in the storage building, now I gotta go look.
  6. Pump with good pulley sold! Pump with no pulley and cracked res lid. $35
  7. Does anyone know where to find this fuel line? Goes from the pump to the frame. I'm thinking of just clamping a rubber line on, but thought I'd try to get the original first.
  8. Thats good, since now I have to buy wheel bearings. Fķng bearing puller slipped and bent the cage... ugh!
  9. Sadly OCD is kicking in and I'm finding more and more to do. So how does one "test " rear shocks. I know Willie has a blurb about rebuilding them. Mine are real stiff but smooth, they don't seems to return on their own though.... should they?
  10. Looks awesome. Says there's 4 days 11 hrs left on it though.
  11. Following so I remember to look this back up...
  12. Got the rear axles out. Of course autozone rear wheel seals are incorrect. Returning those and ordered an inner and outer for each side from CARS. autozone seal is orange..
  13. Dang these swedish guys got $$
  14. Wait a minute I don't want to be roasted. 😀😀
  15. Awesome! Way to see it through!