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  1. So, it's been about a month since I've worked on it, and honestly it's been a relief. Is anyone looking for a project to finish? 4 door hardtop special, pretty solid car, has a patch in the driver's floor and the rear passenger floor, two small holes in the rockers, and one in the spare tire well in the trunk. Comes with three 322 engines, (one complete, one short block, and one block and crank only) a spare dash from a century with a redline speedo, century headline bows, century and special side scripts, two gas tanks, 56 dynaflow and rear axle, extra inner fenders, extra radiator support, extra steering gear box, extra frame, two titles, extra window handles, and some other extra goodies (see buick yard sale thread). The headliner and door panels are gone, but the seats are relatively decent. I am missing the tail lights. Asking $2k for everything. (probably have about $3500 in everything, but I know projects are not exercises in profit) Lots of pics in the "me and my buick" forum, but when I get home, I will try to get better ones.
  2. Yes it's still available.
  3. for sale

    Sorry I was not more specific in the description of the wagon trim.... its the shiny bits on the inside of the tailgate as seen in the first photo. Windage tray sold yesterday I just hadnt logged on here yet. I think i know where another is..... Flexplate, no problem. Delivery included!
  4. And a teaser of what's to come...
  5. Got some goodies in the mail today. Why the difference in the back of the emblems? Somewhere I have a third one with no broken parts... Need to find it.
  6. for sale

    What's left: The 56 2dr rear quarter window setups $15 plus shipping wagon back and gate trim set $30 55 and 56 sonomatic radios $50 ea 55/56 manual steering box $50 55 big body dynaflow $100 322 valve covers $5 ea 322 timing covers $25 ea 322 flexplates $10 ea 1956 2 door small body seat set $free to good home (need full upholstery) Dual action fuel pump cores $20 322 oil pans $10 322 windage tray $10 322 crank $25
  7. Another week gone by, heck at this point I just want it crack-detected and measured I really want this car on the road this summer (whether it looks purty or not).
  8. What a bad day. I like how he's still sitting there calmly. I wonder what the story is.
  9. is this Leno's Buick?
  10. Except he did mention that he got them mixed up. If they were still in order this might be good.
  11. I ate the spider without closing my eyes
  12. I'll be traveling from Durham to Atlanta and back the weekend of April 8th. I have an F150 short bed. I can haul parts or tow up to 7,500 lbs either direction. I don't have a trailer but if you want to pay to rent a uhaul, I'll drag it along.
  13. Wth is this guy doing
  14. In my first 55 special, I had done that. I used the existing switch and cable and mounted a toggle switch at the end, all under the dash. I did not have a washer jar, and found that with rain-ex, i rarely turned them on high.