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  1. wndsofchng06

    56 super, not mine, 1k obo

    Ok.... recently heard this guy will take $500. Carb is missing, starter is in the trunk. With a title, come on guys. It's just not in my 2018 budget. I'll provide the truck and trailer, just to not see it scrapped.
  2. wndsofchng06

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    I've been watching this car, wish I could afford it myself, but might could hel0 u get it!
  3. wndsofchng06

    63 lesabre, not mine

    https://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1963-buick-lesabra/6644001177.html Ive got a guy who’d want the steering wheel if anyone wants parts, maybe we can work something out...... Ad text: have a 1963 Buick LeSabre that I would like to get 1500 obo I have all matching numbers I took the heads off and they are in the trunk and they all match from 63 this car does not run but was told the transmission is good but you can obviously see that the motor is not good only rust Ivan counter was in the trunk none in the floorboard and none under the hood his car is in great shape to be a 63 I would consider parting it out only if I have six people willing to buy different parts I will part out but I really would like for somebody to get the car in hole..i don't have title for the car i will give bill of sale give me a text 919 724 nine two 8 five my name michael
  4. wndsofchng06

    1955 Century Radiator (FREE/Needs Repair)

    You be best to get a quote from fastenal.
  5. Down at the old Bull Durham Tobacco warehouses (see neon sign) for a Sam Cooke tribute performer
  6. wndsofchng06

    322 nailhead on Topeka CL

    Oooo. Now i want it
  7. wndsofchng06

    50 buick special, not mine

    I really like this for some reason. Looks like a fun project or fun beater ride... https://hickory.craigslist.org/cto/d/1950-buick-special-sedan/6625481255.html ad text: Price drop 7/7$4800 $4800 $48001950 Buick Special sedan 248 straight 8, 3 speed column. All original non restored. Runs and drives great. Air ride in rear, custom pulling hitch. New brake pads,wheel cylinders and master cylinder. New aluminum radiator and electric fuel pump. $6000 , call or text..No BS. Dont waste my time and I wont waste yours. I'm not trading for your boat bike or PlayStation 2.Text or call.Ate 2 ate.2 fore 4Zero 8 six to.Sorry for the funky number, it keeps the bots and spammers away.PRICE DROP TO $4800 HATE TO SEE IT GO BUT GOTTA SELL IT
  8. wndsofchng06

    39 buick century, not mine

    @MCHinson this one's down your way.... https://wilmington.craigslist.org/cto/d/1939-buick-century-series-60/6635603652.html ad text: Up for sale is a 1939 Buick Century (Series 60). This car has been in our family for almost 40 years, most of which was in conditioned storage. Car still has original interior (some moth holes in the seats and headliner). Body has minor scraps but no major dings or deep scratches. Driver side rear side window does have a crack in lower right corner but still operates (see pic) and the rear drivers side tire is leaking air from around the valve stem. Car was re-sprayed and some body work was done before the car was purchased back in 1980. Trunk has misc. parts that have been collected through the years and comes with a custom car cover made to fit. This is a great car, lots of fun to drive and gets many looks going down the road. The car does run/drive, however it has been sitting for a couple years and thus needs a good tune-up (I recently put new plugs and battery in the car).This is not a show quality car, but one that you can get out, cruise on the weekends and enjoy driving!
  9. wndsofchng06

    85 regal turbo not mine

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/d/1985-buick-regal-type-gn-38l/6639901768.html Ad text: unfortunately I must part with my 1985 Buick Regal T-Type. I've owned this car for about 4 years, but was friends and formerly roommates with the previous owner. Since it has been in my possession, it's spent most of it's time in our attached garage. It was a project for my son and I to work on. It has been driven on the road by me probably less than 10 times, before I let the inspection lag and put it into "project mode storage."The car does run, and pretty strong. I am attaching pictures but have video of the car running as well. Here's what I know from prior to my purchase:The heads were ported and polished by a machine shop, I do not have receipts.A custom 3" straight exhaust was run beyond the down-pipe.KYB Shocks installed, new bushings in front (there is some sag in passenger rear, not sure why).EGR Deleted (sealed with a plate)New Fuel and Brake lines where neededOriginal fan was removed and an Electric mount and fan was installed. It could use a better temp controller (it's just a dial thingy)The goods (what I did to it):New Gas TankNew Walbro 255lph pump (a direct fused wire had been run from the alternator by previous owner)Replaced fuel rail with clean used stockNew 42lb. injectorsAdjustable Fuel RegulatorNew (used) stock MAF (I have a few)Turbo Tweak Chip, 93/94 Octane, 10-12lbs boost, 42# injectorOil, filter, and coolant changed, 20w50 partial syntheticNew PlugsNew Starter (Napa)New Alternator (Napa)New Battery (AutoZone Gold)New Engine coolant Temp Sensor (this was causing the car to bog on WOT, Fixed the issue)Other odds and ends to get it running.The bads:-The odometer cable either snapped or just pulled loose. I have the dash console out so I am not sure which it is as I haven't reinstalled it-Odometer reading isn't accurate and title states EXEMPT. I believe Milage is 85K or more.-The alternator charging circuit seems flakey. Sometimes I get not charge at the posts. If you know these cars, you know that the dash VOLT bulb can be a culprit. I haven't traced this down yet, hence why the dash was removed. I believe it is the alternator field activation problem (Casper's has a fix for 86/87 but I am not sure if it will work on this because of harness length and pinouts)It might need a tire. One of them felt like the belt was bubbled, probably from sitting low for a while. I haven't driven it on the road in a while so I can't tell.-added gauge cluster is kinda wack (but oil pressure and Tach works, Needs new boost gauge)-Needs bumper fillers, header panel, headliner, carpeting maybe? Definitely needs some body work and paint. Pictures show all.-Engine compartment-- I did not work on beauty here, as it wasn't quite there yet. So the hose routing, etc looks, well, sloppy. Previous owner was not known for aesthetics! Could use some nice spark plug wires.I hate hate hate that I have to sell this car. I love it, I love how it rides, runs and sounds. This was to be my project as I got old and mid-life crisis focused. But alas, I have to move must liquidate it fast.I have some 87 ignition modules, a beefier CAM (not sure on the numbers, but can check) and several other odds and ends for it. It all goes with. Original Donut and jack in the trunk.$2500 or BEST OFFER. Serious buyers only -- Please don't waste either of our time. I'll only sell to someone who understands these cars.
  10. wndsofchng06

    Please introduce yourself...

    Pictures, we love pictures
  11. Beautiful weather today; low 80s and low humidity! Looked up the Nort Durham County Scenic byway, packed a sandwhich, and hit the road. 48 miles round trip. Found this 1940s hunting lodge that's now a park. Cool place, surprised to be the only one there!
  12. wndsofchng06

    Car Transport Needed - AL to NC - Completed

    I usually haul my own, but one time I had a car hauled GA to NC and used K&D Bates out of Bishop, GA. I would have posted sooner, but I just found their card. They were very reasonable. 706- 769- 5525 doylebates@bellsouth.net
  13. wndsofchng06

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    I tell you, if I were new to old Buicks this I'd be selling this one after some of this interaction. Why don't we focus on helping the owner with what he can do to make the car better instead of just picking apart the faults? Sure it's a rough situation, but he's already got the car, let's be constructive.
  14. wndsofchng06

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    Jee Bob. It's got a 55 body on it. 😜 Yes if you buy the front disc conversion and the correct proportioning valve, you'd be on your way.
  15. wndsofchng06

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    Definitely not original rear, and your driveshaft is open (not inside a tube). Front end looks stock from that angle.