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  1. Yea i have a few fans. Got all the paint of the roof. Got the car up on jack stands, tomorrow I'll start meddling with brakes. Ive got the rebuilt MC, ordered new rubber lines. Will inspect wheel cylinders tomorrow. What shoes does anyone prefer?
  2. One last little spot on the roof.... With a high of almost 90, I'm taking frequent breaks though. Drinking my tap water.....LOL
  3. for sale

    55 roadmaster or super 4dr sedan stainless. 18 pcs. $100 for all. 56 century/special 2dr hardtop roof $50 56 century hood, good for patch panels $free 56 century/special hood hinges $15 each
  4. This arrived.... Will install this weekend, and finish stripping paint
  5. Interested in the rear bumper... I could meet you in NJ.. PM sent
  6. Lol. Sorry if the tee is too much. One of my thrift store buys for working on cars.
  7. GM B7, GM B32, GM B66 are just a few, they are cast in.
  8. Continued to strip paint, the drip edges have zero rust.... Always wear your PPE!
  9. I refuse to pay for water in a bottle....for me or the car. Lol.
  10. Lol. I'm not worried about that. This is a small local shop that has been around forever. Ive used them for the past 3 year for all my towing
  11. The rods in my 55 322 all have 1162050. Then below that is an alpha numeric that starts GM B ...... the number after the B is different on all the rods. What does this indicate?
  12. Someone needs to rescue it.
  13. I've not heard back from the previous poster in over a month.... so BTT Reminder it's a small body gear box with shaft and horn contact; pump with pulley, reservoir, and brackets; single water pump pulley with spacer, and single crank pulley with spacer. $275
  14. TTT
  15. Radiator shop called. Not repairable. He said the core material is too brittle. He's going to get me a price on a core (non-original style) tomorrow. In the meantime I've asked 2carb40 to hook me up with the used radiator he knows of.