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  1. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    It isn't a matter of selling for's GETTING 4K.......
  2. I’m back! DID dawn on me........ I'm a lucky man. My wife NEVER, not once, questioned anything I bought be it tractors or cars. Good thing she didn't because I turned ONE tractor into a new house so there's that.......
  3. For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43 might want to read that >>>
  4. I’m back!

    You are between a rock and hard place. If you sell you'll likely be mad at your wife for years and if you don't she'll be mad(?) at you. I know full well what I would do. KEEP THE CAR!
  5. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    My first collector car was a 1920 Model T Coupe survivor. I loved it but soon realized I would love it more to have a car that would accommodate more than two people so I sold it. Being old, a survivor and a Coupe it was the easiest sale I ever made. I think the right person might pony up $7-$8K for that car but not 10.
  6. updraft carburetor adjustment question

    Just a thought since it's a Detroit knockoff. The idle screw MAY be an air adjustment rather than a fuel adjustment. Turning the screw in may increase the fuel. Try to make the the exhaust blow smoke by turning the screw both ways. It's probably the easiest way to determine which it is.
  7. updraft carburetor adjustment question

    Please post a photo of the carburetor.
  8. D/B starter chain

    When pulling on the chain leave it when you get to 1/2" movement. Much deviation either way will cause it to whine. The later chain can be run more tightly.
  9. I read this a day ago but upon reading it again the above sentence struck me. Pardon me if I'm wrong but it seems a bit elitist to book club events members can't afford. That's a problem.......
  10. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    Exactly. How many times do the same people visit the same museums more than once or twice? I don't even frequent car shows around here because everywhere one goes it's the same cars. I hope whichever auctioneer gets the privilege will archive or post the results at least. The 4-door Town Car is one of the prettiest cars I've ever seen........
  11. Request for a picture of a gas gauge

    This is what I used on mine.
  12. for sale 1931 chey

    Bumping this as I got the images. GORGEOUS!
  13. FOR SALE: 1927 Model T Ford Coupe

    I can't believe the car hasn't sold. The only T I have left is my '27 Tudor........the Improved T's are a vastly different driving experience from the others. I love driving it.......
  14. for sale 1931 chey

    I should have photos tomorrow so stay tuned........
  15. 1924 touring rear body panel for free.

    The hogshead in the 3rd pic is totally Model T but I don't think the body part is T. I don't recall there being a hump in any of the three (4 actually but one was a Coupe) I had.