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  1. Name the cars on my birthday card

    kaiser31 must have been in the rest room.......
  2. 1926 Dodge Brothers Coolant Leak

    If you plan of keeping packings in it ANY pitting is too much. The way that shaft looks I'm surprised the system isn't drained in five minutes flat.......
  3. And you were ready to sell it....... Congratulations for sticking with it and finding the problem!.......
  4. What are some of the stupid things you've seen drivers do?

    I was following a woman who was driving her car, bouncing between the center and shoulder lines, couldn't stick to a fixed speed to save her soul and following her was driving me nuts........ I FINALLY got along side her when the road switched to four lanes and saw why. She had a cigarette in one hand and was TEXTING with the other....... I may have followed her to get the license number but had a 110 mile drive ahead of me and didn't have time.
  5. Have you tried ebay? When I wanted a spare key for my '24 I got one there and it didn't long either. Here's what's on right now........nothing for you though.......
  6. Why???

    I say the same thing about some of the super jacked up pickup trucks around here. An, almost, neighbors kid has one so jacked up I don't know how he hasn't rolled it.......yet.......
  7. In an earlier post you stated you now have spark........but is it making it to the plugs? Have you tried priming the cylinders to be absolutely certain gas is getting to the cylinders?
  8. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    When did you start?........ (I couldn't let this one go....... ) As for humor.......which Bernie seems to have down favorite words to live by are "If you can't have fun you might as well be dead".
  9. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    I've learned that every dang time keiser31 leaves his house there's a cool, old, car parked within a block.......
  10. which one do you most regret missing?

    There's a lot of that going around....... I have no regrets for not buying.......I have regrets for some I DID buy........
  11. 1914 big bore

    Hey's the one I resurrected for a friend. It's on the sawmill at the Baraboo show....... In answer to J.H.Boland's question, you'd better be ready to let go of the flywheel if you forget to retard the timing before starting or a search party may be in order.......
  12. Fortunately early Dodges are about the easiest cars I know of that patching in a new, conventional, coil is so easy. You need to change only two wires and the spark wire from the coil to the distributor. If you are a correctness freak you can buy a new, correct, coil. If you're a money freak buy a cheap 12 volt coil with an internal resistor and save a wad of munny.......
  13. There is a good reason why they are going up in value as millionaires are the fastest growing segment in the economic spectrum.
  14. Take off the distributor cap, turn the engine until the points are closed, remove the center wire from the distributor cap to use for testing. Turn on the ignition switch, hold the coil wire between 1/4"-3/8" from a grounded surface and manually open the points. If there's no spark close the gap until there is. A coil in good shape will deliver a spark through a 3/8" air gap. You need to KNOW there is spark before you can diagnose anything else. If there is a poor spark you aren't out of the woods yet. That can be the condenser, burned or corroded points or a bad coil. This said the fact remains that fuel and ignition symptoms are identical so you MUST rule out one to fix the other. In my opinion spark is ALWAYS the easiest.......and least messy. Always diagnose from the cheapest thing and take it from there.......