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  1. cahartley

    Long Winter's Nap

    Here in central Wisconsin we got about an INCH of snow about 10 days naturally the county salted everything they could find........ Some years I've been lucky enough to drive the old ones well into December but not THIS year.......
  2. cahartley

    Out of my element on Ford

    If it's truly "fully rebuilt" with new Babbitt throughout it's a very fair price.
  3. cahartley

    Stolen 1967 Morris Minor in Police Chase

    I KNEW this was gonna be is........
  4. cahartley

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    This seems like a really good deal and by 1954 should have the 235, full pressure lubricated, engine. (I think) Those 6's are nearly bullet proof.......even the earlier ones with splash lubed rods if you don't drive like a maniac. They are dead simple to work on too.
  5. cahartley

    1922 Olds 43A Connecting Rod

    My friend who asked has been in the parts business most of his he knows it won't be easy.......
  6. cahartley

    Dim headlights on a 1947 Lincoln

    👍 on cleaning the sockets. If the bulb fits too loose maybe squeeze them a bit to get a tighter fit.
  7. cahartley

    Hirsch vs Por15 gas tank sealer

    POR-15 here.
  8. cahartley

    wtd model A ford Vicki-original and roadster as well

    But........ Price: $9,000 negotiable ........
  9. cahartley

    Does it even have to run?

    I have several old clocks. They run.......
  10. cahartley

    1922 Olds 43A Connecting Rod

    I asked in the early(er) Olds forum but it seems kind of lonesome there so........ A friend of a friend is seeking a usable connecting rod for the above car. Any leads appreciated. Thanks!
  11. A friend of a friend is seeking a usable connecting rod for the above car. Any leads appreciated. Thanks!
  12. cahartley

    1929 Packard Model 626 Convertible Coupe

    Interesting to notice the car that IS getting looked at is the T next to it.......
  13. cahartley

    Chevrolet 1929-1933 fuel pump

    There are 2 on ebay right now.
  14. cahartley

    Who makes connecting rods

    Specify for what......exactly. There is a drop forging company in/around Chicago that does superior work, including forged crankshafts, and isn't a killer on the wallet.
  15. What year is your Model A? If it's an early one that has the steering column braced to the gas tank do yourself a favor and get a dash brace before the tank starts leaking at the tank mounted support.