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  1. cahartley

    Spare wheel mounted mirrors

    I have dual side mount mirrors on my '32 Chevy. My side mounts have metal covers so I glued rubber strips to the metal bases on the mirror so they'd stay put. These are the ones I got and I'm happy with them. While you're at it buy a WIDE, clip on, rear view mirror to make life even easier.,3052.html?sku=91133001&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7rHyka3Q3QIVibXACh3CDwuEEAQYAiABEgKY-fD_BwE To further answer your question, YES, they ship internationally. Do you ship internationally? Yes! If you have questions about International Orders please email us at with your list of parts and we'll get you a shipping quote.
  2. cahartley


    Musk is an interesting guy as was Howard Hughes and any number of other innovators. As for the price of his cars have you checked the prices of import cars many of which are north of 50K? There's no shortage of other American cars the average American can't afford too. It's about time someone does something REALLY innovative.
  3. cahartley

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    You can't rule out stuck rings just yet though. I would add a can of oil detergent additive and put a few hundred hard miles on it. Just loafing around won't fix anything. The worst that can happen is it starts burning MORE oil at which time it's a nearly sure thing the rings have had it.......or worse.
  4. cahartley

    Ring Gear

    Russell.......check your email.
  5. cahartley


    Wisconsin will too........although the process is quite lengthy. It's fine if you live here and buy a vehicle with the intent of keeping it.
  6. cahartley

    4 cylinder engine question

    Here's more conflicting information but I was under the impression the engine was still rated at 35 horsepower.
  7. cahartley


    In addition to the above it's also fully adjustable so you'll see a number of "extra" screw heads you wouldn't see on an early one.
  8. cahartley

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    These "little" car shows don't seem so little to me. I'm kind of shocked there aren't more 60's Volkswagens. Do you find yourself seeing the same cars all the time? I can't tell....... ☺️
  9. cahartley

    1929 Essex Super Sedan 4 suicide doors

    Mostly NO.......a shortage of money can cure the buying part but not the desire........ 😞
  10. cahartley

    1925 DB for Sale

    ^ 2 more similar cars.......
  11. cahartley

    Stabil in 20's era Dodges?

    I used to use Stabil in all my off season things. I know for a fact it works as I had a teens Avery tractor that I didn't start for two years due to a problem (time flies). When I got around to fixing it and it was time to start it I smelled the gas. Amazingly it smelled good so I fired it up and it ran like always. I stopped using it when I forgot to "Stabilize" my stuff 2-3 years ago. I start my stuff every other month, or so, during the off season more to keep fresher gas in the carburetors than anything else and never experienced any trouble without the Stabil. Suit yourself but in any event store your vehicles with full tanks to minimize atmospheric exposure.
  12. cahartley

    Radial tubes in bias tires....comments?????

    I don't have THE answer but they LOOK different, are MUCH heavier and cost a LOT more than regular tubes. One can run radial tubes in bias tires but not the other way around. I guess it has something (everything) to do with how radial tires react to cornering.
  13. cahartley

    Vacuum tank rebuild

    The beauty of POR-15 is a lot of prep work is NOT necessary as the liquid likes to bond to tight rust rather than nice, clean, metal.
  14. cahartley

    1926 Pontiac Tune Up Specs

    You will likely have more luck asking in one of the two Pontiac forums here. or
  15. cahartley

    47 Town & Country on Ebay

    According to the feedback it doesn't look like a scammer to me. Feedback From When Detailed item information is not available for the following items because the Feedback is over 90 days old. Great buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended Seller: megh21684 ( 404) During past year -- -- Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++. Seller: bestdealperformance ( 9162) More than a year ago -- -- Private Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!! Seller: jsstudio ( 16518) More than a year ago -- -- »-(¯`v´¯)-»This buyer is what eBay is all about»-(¯`v´¯)-» Seller: hohatronik ( 15107) More than a year ago -- -- Thanks from CarSteering! Please rate us 5-STARS. For help call 1-800-399-7845. Seller: carsteering ( 15289) More than a year ago -- -- A valued customer! Thank you very much for your support. Seller: r1concepts ( 79385) More than a year ago -- -- Great communication. A pleasure to do business with. Seller: jdmaffiliated-accessories ( 1546) More than a year ago -- -- Hope to deal with you again. Thank you. Seller: xentecxenonstore ( 26088) More than a year ago -- -- Thanks For Shopping With Us. Enjoy Your Purchase. Seller: gamenerdz ( 122212) More than a year ago -- -- Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended. Seller: rvahobbiesandgames ( 813) More than a year ago -- -- A+ quick payment Seller: magic_and_maces ( 94) More than a year ago -- -- A+ Thank you for your business. Seller: rcougle ( 495) More than a year ago -- -- Thank You, Please remember to message us your car's info and bulb size & color Seller: xenonmarket ( 57686) More than a year ago -- -- Thank you for your purchase. Hope to see you again soon at Garrison Games! Seller: garrisongames ( 3085) More than a year ago -- -- Top rated customer!! Looking forward to serve you again Seller: grabwirelessusa ( 154522) More than a year ago -- -- Hope to deal with you again. Thank you. Seller: 70after ( 23352) More than a year ago -- -- A+ Buyer, fast payment! Seller: deadplanetstudios ( 64) More than a year ago -- -- Fast payment, great ebay buyer!!!!!! Seller: steelpinata ( 767) More than a year ago -- -- Great buyer! Thank you! Seller: topgamesalabama ( 475) More than a year ago -- -- Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended. Seller: carpartswholesale ( 2015979) More than a year ago -- --