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  1. mufflers

    It depends on what your interests are. Do you want to be authentic or just quiet your car. No one in our club is going to be upset with anyone using a simple muffler, but if your out there for AACA judging then you should consider $21.00 a section. Have you looked at the club prices for the exhaust pipe on the side draft cars? At $300 - $400 plus it adds up too. Unfortunately we are not in a cheap hobby. And, try to have those sections made yourself and I would venture to say that $21.00 might be cheap!
  2. Fuel pump repair kits

    For those of you that need repair kits for Franklin fuel pumps www.restorationstuff.com has them. They are designed to handle gasoline with up to 10% alcohol. For Franklins 1929-1930 their kit #FPA018 will do the trick (Franklin DWG #40153). For 6cyl Franklins 1931 to the end their kit #FPA016 will work (Franklin DWG #51413 & 58943) Having no experience with the Franklin V12, I don't know if they have a kit that will do for them, but they probably do. They also have repair kits for vacuum tank units as well that handle the lousy gas we have to put up with. Bill
  3. mufflers

    www.restorationstuff.com has Powell Muffler sections for anyone interested. Not sure if they have the size needed and they don't have the cast ends. Bill
  4. Hood ornaments

    Sorry for showing my bad spelling of Lion. please forgive me.
  5. Hood ornaments

    On the second hood ornament (the lion) not sure of the value as a desk display but in pieces, one of the most valuable parts is the emblem. It's a crank hole cover for a 1930 and later. So I guess you could add up the value of the Lyon plus the cover (emblem) and go from there. It's certainly a waste to leave it like it is, when so many need a crank hole cover. Lyons are easy to come by. Bill
  6. wiring

    No need to ask the cost. Just go to www.riwire.com and look up your car and the harness you want and the price is right there for you. They do a great job.
  7. 1926 franklin vinyl top color

    Yes, Black, Black and Black.
  8. Yes, it got really confusing trying to get to them for a while. It's still not very straight forward unless you know what your looking for as far as the company name is concerned. Bill
  9. Try www.mykmlifestyle.com instead of what I have listed. Sorry Bill
  10. While I'm at it with hydrostatic gauges and sending units, there is a place in Worchester, Massachusetts called Atwater Kent Manufacturing company that make parts for the Atwater Kent Radios, Franklin coils and other electrics. They also make new King Seeley hydrostatic sending units for every car that had one, including our Franklins. They also make the gear driven senders of the earlier Franklins. Their just a treasure trove of goodies. Not cheap mind you, but what is? get to them at http://mylifestyle.com and click on products. Also they don't take plastic. I want to give Neal Kissel credit for steering me to this company years ago. Bill
  11. Franklin Oil Level Gauge

    ATTENTION to all you Franklin owners and others that have a King Seeley oil level gauge with green fluid instead of an oil pressure gauge. Classic and Exotic Service, www.classicandexotic.com is now selling the gauge housing and the green fluid for Franklins, Auburns, Etc. They have long supplied the red fluid and fuel gauge housings, tubing, glass tubes and fittings but now they have expanded their product line to include oil level gauges. I think this applies to all Franklins 1931 and later, not sure. My series 15 deluxe club sedan uses it. Bill
  12. Museum needs info

    Alex, The prices and weights I gave you are base price. This includes 4 artillery type wood wheels, no spare tire & tube. Wire wheels, spare wheels, tires & tubes and duel side mounts are extras. Just like today, they get you in the door and then start adding the accessories that they know you want! Bill
  13. Museum needs info

    Alex, If you look at the Franklin Service Bulletin #593, January 10, 1931 you will find the weights and prices of the 1931 series 151 convertible coupe at 3,775 pounds and $2,395.00 dollars. The deluxe model 153 (with slanted windshield) is 4,050 pounds and $2,765 dollars. The Service bulletins are available on the club website members only section. Hope this helps Bill Joline
  14. wood pattern dash

    If you are a member of the club, you have access to the drawings and previous issues of Air Cooled News. Go to issue No.58 (April 1973) pg. 15 of the Air Cooled News and you will find the detail for finishing the dash. Hope this helps Bill
  15. Original 1930-33 crank hole cover

    Walt, I would like to have the crank hole cover. Please send pictures and how to pay you. wrjoline@msn.com I'm presently at the Trek in Caz. Bill