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  1. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I think there are too many good rims available to worry about repairing one. Also the cost of repairing the damaged rim would probably cost more than another rim would cost. I'm sure there are many club members that would help you obtain another rim. Bill
  2. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I'm ready to read all the replies on tires, but I don't think I'll touch it myself. It' kinda like getting into a discussion on oil! Good Luck Bill
  3. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Paul, I'm with you on that. My first bout with split rims on a 30 Chevy without the rim tool back in the sixties when I was a teenager. My thought then was "what idiot invented these things?" Then I learned about the tool and got one. What a revelation! It's amazing how well things go with the right equipment. Bill
  4. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    John, I've never had that much trouble with lockring rims. BUT, I've never had to deal with 8 ply tires and narrow rims and I don't ever wish to. The thing that worries me the most is inflating them. I know it's only 35-40 PSI but a lockring can be deadly even at that. You need a lock on extension air hose and plenty of room (or a cage which is better). Bill
  5. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Your removing the rim from the tire. It sounds like your not pulling the rim inside itself far enough with the rim tool. It really isn't that hard to remove the rim from the tire, tube and flap assembly. Remember that after you pull the rim inside it's self with the rim tool you do not take the tool off the rim before removing it from the tire. Some times you may need to re-position the rim tool, but it's used to hold the rim in smaller for ease of removal from the tire. Bill
  6. hook

    145 Spark Plug

    Sometimes hotter plugs can help in performance and/or burning off that excess oil that may be fouling the plugs. However, the late Dutch Kern found that using hot plugs can result in cracks developing between the two valve seats. His recommendation was to set the plugs at .035 which he said increased fuel mileage and cleaner burning. Just a thought and suggestion from the past! Bill
  7. hook

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    There is some good period instructions on tire removal from split rims in the Franklin news letter number 156, June 2017 located on the members only section of the Franklin website. To fix a puncture in a tube you must remove the tire, tube and flap as a complete assembly from the rim when ever you are working with split rims or rims with rings. The only type of rim that you can remove and repair a tube without removing the complete tire is a drop center or depressed center rim and Franklin didn't use any of those. Bill
  8. hook

    1929 Model 135 questions

    For headlight bulbs go to Ebay and type in "6 volt halogen headlight bulbs" you will find them in the 35/35 watt and the higher watt also. It's buy it now so it's no waiting or bidding. Very reasonable price also. Also www.lebaronbonney.com has halogen headlight and tail light bulbs As far as a right hand tail light for a 29. George Staley used to make them from aluminum. They may have some left. For filters that have screw on cartridges in then try www.bobsautomobilia.com he sells Buick parts and has three or four different size filter set ups.
  9. hook

    145 Spark Plug

    Just in case you happen upon some new old stock, here's some of the older numbers: Champion; #7, #C-7, & #D-16. AC; #86 or C86. Bosch; #M95T5 and Autolite; #BT8 Bill
  10. hook

    Olympic fuel pump

    Go down the list of comments in this forum and open up the one I included on fuel pump repair kits. You will find the right kit and supplier there. Bill
  11. hook

    new old guy here

    Since Franklins could for the most part be ordered any way you wanted, I would assume this is the way the original owner wished. Also the 7 passenger sedan and limousine came with a trunk rack as standard in the back which would create the need for a side mounted spare. The single side mount would be standard and the second one would be optional at extra cost. Also the spare mount and wheel was included with the car whether it was mounted on the side or rear, but the tire and tube was extra cost. The tire size was 650X19 6ply. If your not already a member of the Franklin Club, I would suggest you do so. It will open up a large amount of information to you including parts manuals and owners manuals plus much more.
  12. hook


    It depends on what your interests are. Do you want to be authentic or just quiet your car. No one in our club is going to be upset with anyone using a simple muffler, but if your out there for AACA judging then you should consider $21.00 a section. Have you looked at the club prices for the exhaust pipe on the side draft cars? At $300 - $400 plus it adds up too. Unfortunately we are not in a cheap hobby. And, try to have those sections made yourself and I would venture to say that $21.00 might be cheap!
  13. hook

    Fuel pump repair kits

    For those of you that need repair kits for Franklin fuel pumps www.restorationstuff.com has them. They are designed to handle gasoline with up to 10% alcohol. For Franklins 1929-1930 their kit #FPA018 will do the trick (Franklin DWG #40153). For 6cyl Franklins 1931 to the end their kit #FPA016 will work (Franklin DWG #51413 & 58943) Having no experience with the Franklin V12, I don't know if they have a kit that will do for them, but they probably do. They also have repair kits for vacuum tank units as well that handle the lousy gas we have to put up with. Bill
  14. hook


    www.restorationstuff.com has Powell Muffler sections for anyone interested. Not sure if they have the size needed and they don't have the cast ends. Bill
  15. hook

    Hood ornaments

    Sorry for showing my bad spelling of Lion. please forgive me.