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    This is an original Jaeger 8-day clock for a prewar Packard. It is in excellent condition and runs and keeps accurate time. My price is $375 plus priority shipping from Virginia. This clock is marked Jaeger New York and on the back, Made in Switzerland. This clock is located at my home in south-western Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Parkway and Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Email

    This is one of the nicest Ford 8N Tractors I have ever seen! Runs great, very nice paint, new tires, always garaged in a climate controlled, insulated building! Asking $7,500. Tractor is located at my home in south-western Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Parkway and Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Email
  3. Correct carpet type for Brewster bodied Rolls-Royce??

    Saddle Rider, there are modern rubber floor mats, but they look "modern". What type of mats did your SP1 roadster have? Any photos?
  4. Correct carpet type for Brewster bodied Rolls-Royce??

    Thank you for your reply. That's what I thought.
  5. What is the correct type/style carpet for a 1930 Brewster bodied Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom 1 Regent Convertible coupe?
  6. A bizarre Loewy Jaguar completely lost in a 1957 shop fire.

    I'd love to own this car!
  7. 1952 FORD 8N TRACTOR

    This beautiful 1952 Ford 8N tractor followed us home last week. We were driving to Christianburg, VA and saw it parked on a front lawn with a For Sale sign. I had to stop and look. It was a good deal so I ended up buying it. Can someone tell me why the Ford 9N came before the 8N? And why there was a Ford 2N tractor between the 9N and the 8N? Surely, someone at Ford knew how to count, or at least knew what order the numbers came in?
  8. TRILIN Tail Lamp

    I still have not installed the TRILIN tail lamp on my 1930 Rolls Springfield Phantom 1 by Brewster. This lamp has a novel method to connect the wires to the back of the lamp. It uses a "push & twist" socket much like the bayonet type used for automotive bulbs, but larger. So far, thanks to Linus Tremaine, and Leland Powells of the LOC, I have the lamp, the license plate bracket, and the "male" part of the "push & twist" connector. But I still need the "female" part of that connector. I believe this part "locks" onto the lamp, and is held in place by the lamp stanchion and/or the license plate bracket to make a pressure electrical connection. I hope someone can help!!
  9. Collector Car License

    Unfortunately, the "go to" response at most CA DMV offices, is NO. I've even had them argue that their own manual is wrong, and the clerk was right! All you can do is ask to speak to a Supervisor, and that might get you nowhere. They want your MONEY!
  10. Collector Car License

    I remember reading that Jack Passey worked with the California DMV and CCCA to change the DMV's penalty system for unlicensed "Collector" cars. This was to prevent the DMV from collecting outrageous fees for non-operated Collectible cars. I remember that being mentioned on this Forum. I don't know what happened with this.

    Thanks, Bob. I did call and renew my membership. Thanks for the info!
  12. Locke Body for 1930 M8 Stutz

    I have a 1930 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom 1 with a Brewster Convertible Coupe body. It is on a 146 1/2 inch wheelbase and it has the third door to the rumble seat. The body is aluminum with steel fenders . It is thought that Brewster made about 18 of these.

    I want to renew my membership in LZOC but the website doesn't offer that. How do I do that? Peter Zobian
  14. Hi, my family once owned a 1931 Chevrolet Fire Department Hose Truck. My dad purchased it from Rescue Hook & Ladder Company #1 in Roslyn Village, LI, NY in 1948 and sold it to a friend in 1965. My dad and the friend have since passed away. I learned to drive on that truck and I sure would like o know what happened to it.
  15. How to remove White Mold from leather safely???Help!!!

    Bleach will not kill mold. It will appear that it does, but in a short while the mold returns due to water in the bleach. Go on line and look up "Mold Killer". There are several good products listed. Peter Zobian