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  1. Splined steering column?

    Absolutely outrageous photos! Top Notch. Steve
  2. Glad to see you back at it David. Sorry for your bodywork dilema; it's the most expensive part of any build. That's one reason mine's not painted. I'm planning on going the EFI route also and was wondering how you decided on Holley. Just wondering as I've heard they are very good units but I really don't know how to judge one from another aside from price. Steve
  3. A separate wire was used and run from the cold side of the brake light switch to light. Also has a ground wire and a wire which I connected to the brown license light wire in the trunk harness for regular lighting. Steve
  4. Here's a couple photos of mine. It's not too stylish from the inside and I first thought that I overdid it but the results are very good from the rear. This shows the 'lights on' version the brake light being much brighter. Steve
  5. I've had the same feeling, pyntre. So I mounted one low in my rear window and it really does the job. I can't find the photos right now but will post them after I take some more. Steve
  6. Personally, I preferred the Eldo' over the Toronado;
  7. Dave, here is the reply from the 'Fitment Technician' at QA1 to my question of which shock they would recommend for my air ride suspension. "I think you are on the right track looking for a rebound adjustable shock. When you change the air pressure in the bags you are changing the spring rate which will stiffen the suspension. The Monroes are gas charged and are adding the spring rate of the suspension as well. The best option we have for an adjustable shock for you is our double adjustable Stocker Star shocks which allow you to change both the compression and rebound independently of each other." Steve
  8. NO, they don't on my '65 Steve. Must have ign. switch ON. Steve
  9. BMac, I can't remember what Riviera you are working on. Steve
  10. Dave, I have an air ride setup. Ride height is about 2-3" lowered. Goes 'a bit' lower for show only. Do you use non-adjustable, single adjustable or double adjustable? I've been on their website looking at them. Steve
  11. That's all I needed to hear, Dave. I'm going in for some QA1's for the rear. Would you have a part # that you used? Steve
  12. 1947-1965 Buick parts

    Thanks for taking the time to check, sir. You may still be able to sell me something if you have a decent '65 Riv rear sheetmetal section. Please take the time to look at my newest post at;
  13. For the area below the trunk lid and above the bumper. I had a couple rust spots to repair and when I was stripping the area of paint found the panel to be full of bondo and the metal difficult to work. If you can read the tape, it's about 32" from left to right at the outer edges of the rust, or 16' from the center. Any size larger would work just fine.
  14. Shock technology has changed a bit from 1965 and in my opinion in a negative way. Back then they were dampened with oil and today they use a combination oil/gas; mostly the latter. I still have the original shocks that came out of this car and they are a stout piece of work - big & heavy, and wore out. The Monroes that replaced them are much slimmer and lighter. Most of these new shocks are 50/50, meaning essentially that the shock action works the same in both directions. Yes, they do the job but not the way the originals did. I'm afraid that to accomplish my goal I'm going to have spend the $$ for an upscale adjustable that can be tuned in both directions; up & rebound. Steve
  15. Thanks KongaMan, for helping me expand my knowledge of our language as I had to look 'esoteric' up in the book. My particular goal is to get the Riv to ride like I think it did when it was new. I would agree with Dave in that cheap shocks don't meet my expectation. Steve