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  1. Hans1

    The Shape of Speed

    A couple of the cars remind me of some bubble gum cards I have, from the '50s Thanks for showing, I'll think about finding them up in the Asylum. ( my room over the garage )
  2. Hans1

    Motometer Red Line

    From my library, little info is available except that the celluloid diffused light to see fluid level in window ( Hole ) at night. I think you could use a piece of visqueen, the stuff used for house wrap. Some of my multi meters have very good condition celluloid where they were covered by the shields. I just turn them over.
  3. Hans1

    1929 DB vacuum tank

    please show a better photo for inner tank, bottom outlet. Mine has a pot metal elbow with a bakelite flapper , the flapper is at about 20 degree angle. The flapper needs to seal the bottom of the inner tank from the outer tank, to keep vacuum internal until inner float actuates upper valves. I had to use airplane dope ( it is gas proof ) to seal the pot metal elbow and to protect the sealing surface for the bakelite flapper. Your float is repairable, use rosin solder for electrical work. do not use acid core solder as it is corrosive. Be patient, could make hole in bottom to insert small tool ( nail ) to push dented sides back int shape. Then solder hole.
  4. Hans1

    Motometer Red Line

    You can take glass retainers off, then look between the two shield faces, there is likely some translucent celuloide there. It likely has a hole in it just the size of the hole in shields. T The celluloid is supposed to cover the hole so when driving at night oncoming headlights would illuminate the celluloid and enable driver to see if red color was up to that area , indicating coolant getting to hot. This will make your Motor Meter more authentic.
  5. Hans1

    1984 Pontiac Fiero

    While at Cadillac in QC, went to Fiero Plant in Pontiac, sealing issues. Very interesting " Mill and Drill" operation. As I recall, Body panels were fitted to the "space frame" via epoxy pads that were faced on a very large multi tool machine that faced the entire cars space frame. There was spot welder who could shoot sparks all the way to the aisle way, he got me once, lots of holes in back of my clothing. But he never got me again. I noticed his ability to spot newbys that did not know his talent in targeting them. People I took there were cautioned to let "him" know they were looking at him as they passed. An interesting time. We even had some guys at Cadillac, working on their own, trying to engineer the installation of a V8 with rear wheel drive in the Fiero. Wanted to modify and drive a hotter car.
  6. Hans1

    Salisbury Differential

    Hollander Manual, 1937, lists following: Rear ends interchangeable ratios, 45, 47, 51-10 33-8 Anderson '20-23 over 3000 Auburn '20-22 6-51H Davis '19-21 51, 61, 67 Elcar '20-26 8-80, 81 6D, H, K Page '21 6-43, 44 R & V Kn '20-22 4 cyl Hope this helps in your search.
  7. Hans1

    Some AACA forum basics

    Thanks, I needed that!
  8. Hans1

    Looking to identify cowl lights in order to sell

    look like 1929 Hudson or Essex
  9. Hans1

    Exhaust manifold color

    reference factory photos and try to match, at least you can say it's close to original. I know old photos of factory production are not in color, but you can review factory brochures which may give a good hint as to coloration. I do not have info on Chrysler products, but for cars I do collect I have a lot of relative information from photos and brochures.
  10. Hans1


    Thank you for your info to help another, I did not know of the Bell and messages, so just found message to me. Thank you. Hans
  11. Hans1

    1930 Essex wooden wheels

    one picture shows inner view, might be front wheel. are they both front wheels? could the other have a keyway, for a rear wheel? where are they located? Thank You Hans
  12. We had a 1954 Century, emerald green body and white top, when in high school.........so thats my favorite.
  13. Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset Texas has several 1954 Hudson Hornet 4 doors in their Yard. https://www.facebook.com/Browneautosalvage/
  14. Hans1

    Mystery engine - 1920s six

    The picture is of an Essex six-cylinder engine. No modifications. Based on han brake on right side of trans, it is likely 1924 to 1926. 1927 had the emergency brake inside body on left side of cowl attached to frame rail through the floor. The large black box on top of engine is a hot air stove over exhaust system and provides tempered air to carb.
  15. Hans1

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I have enjoyed the input from everyone on their efforts, there are many good ideas expressed. I keep looking for ideas on placement of equipment, I am now planning to have some of my small woodworking on upper floor of garage, an idea I got in this thread. Thanks to you all. ///////////////////////// Now just my Ideas to be helpful on barn garage design. Go with 6" floor with re rod in area for hoist, rest can be 4" if you want. If floor plan is not limited by code go 40' by 64' that way posts come out even distances. Two post hoist is more useful for me. I can remove wheels. brakes, axles, exhaust and Trans etc. ///////////////////// I continue to improve my buildings as I go. My work building is stick built on 3 rows of block and is 30' by 40' . Main floor is 12' + high. Gambrel roof, upstairs room is 17' by 40' with 8' ceiling. Main floor is dry walled and insulated with Cellulose insulation (side walls and ceiling). 6" floor with fiberglass embedded and re-rod. 200 amp electrical with outlets every 9'. 12' by 12' door and service door on south end facing my home. stair way is dog leg at rear corner of garage with 5' wide treads, lots of room to move stuff up and down. My current action is to add windows at each end of upper room for summer ventilation and light. Two post 10,000 lb hoist, no worries about floor cracking. Hoist is inset to rear of main floor along side wall. I can store car on hoist and under it too. I can park a car between hoist and door or can work in front of hoist area if I choose. Angled hoist a little to have a cleaner shot to and from hoist thru door. Room for two cars alongside hoist area toward door if needed. Just replaced old fluorescent lights with LED's from Costco, much brighter. My storage pole barn is 40' by 64' by 12' high, with HD trusses to have an upper room 64' by 18' , but no floor needed yet. Two 12' by 12' doors on one end and one 12' by 12' door in center of south long side with a service door. I can see all doors from my house.. Lucite panels 2' by 64' just under overhang on south side for light, (even moonlight is often good enough to get thru without turning on lights) When I had this one built I added 8 mil plastic sheeting under all concrete, No moisture issues thru floor, none in garage building either. This building will have my dirty work stored and operated outside, (sandblasting cabinet and polishing equipment ) I really enjoy having everything all on my property. In the past I had to travel to get parts in rented places and to bring stuff home to work. Retirement is great!