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  1. Thoffs

    rockne transmission

    Do you still have the Rockne tnsmission?
  2. Thoffs

    33 rockne

    I got my rear window rubber from Mac's Auto Parts. They have on line catalogue and are suppliers for mostly Ford parts from model T on up including model A parts. When I received my Rockne all the windows were out so I had to find what I thought would work.
  3. Thoffs

    33 Rockne gauges needed

    Jorge there are companies that will rebuild/restore your amp gauge and probably also make you a new glass for your fuel gauge. Caution if your fuel gauge works be very careful when you remove it. You can google gauge repair and send them photo of your gauges to get an estimate. Tim, good luck and hope you have a great new year!
  4. Thoffs

    Wiper motor needed

    I appreciate your offer to help but yours looks to be damaged at the bottom of the well and therefore I don't think it will work. Although it appears to look like almost the same motor. I am entertaining the thought of installing an electric motor and a new circuit on my car. It wouldn't be original but at least I could drive it in the rain if I have to.
  5. Looking for a (1) functional wiper motor for my 1933 Rockne. I have two motors that I had sent to Ficken Wiper Service and that fellow told me that they were warped and were unrepairable.
  6. Thoffs

    Thoffs - i send you 2 PMs about Headlight

    Joe, I did ot get the pm's. You may have my old email which I cannot receive anymore. My new email is
  7. If you have one side find a foundry and have the other set cast in bronze. Then metal finish until smooth and make sure fit is good then have them chromed.
  8. Thoffs

    33 Rockne Carburator rebuild shop wanted

    How much did he charge for the rebuild of both the carb. and the fuel pump?
  9. Thoffs

    want to buy

    I found a Company that reproduced the stainless moldings for the edges of my running boards for my 1933 Studebaker Rockne. The company is Northfield Forming and Machining, there located in Canal Fulton, Ohio (330) 854-6003.
  10. Thoffs

    1933 Rockne Headlamp Reflectors WANTED

    I have one reflector, it is not in the greatest shape. What is it worth to you, I was just keeping it for a spare.
  11. I am interested in finding the production date for my 1933 Studebaker Rockne 4 Dr Sedan Deluxe. Using the Rockne register I think I have narrowed it down to March or April of 1933, but I would like to find the exact date and maybe a order or build sheet. If anyone knows how to track this down please reply or call me 419-334-3172 or email at
  12. George, do you have any Rockne parts, looking for a water pump #510230 to rebuild?
  13. Thoffs

    1933 Rockne Model 10

    Brad, I arc'ed the rear brake shoes today, then I set the eccentrics with a .014" feeler like the book said. The last thing is to set the adjusters so they drag a little then back off one. After all this I took it for a spin and was able to lock the rears up and squeal the tires. Finally success, now it's unto the front.
  14. Thoffs

    1933 Rockne Model 10

    Brad, I haven't been happy with the brakes since I finished the restoration. It just doesn't stop we'll. When I went through the brakes the pads were good, I just took a block and sanded the shoes to remove any old glaze after setting 41 years. I had all four of the brake drums turned and put all new brake springs on. I adjusted the star adjusters until I had just a little drag on wheels and then backed them off one. The brakes didn't get much better so I started to look at the cables, because when I did the restoration I took everything apart. I am at the point of taking it to Fremont Auto Parts, (which they are very familiar with old cars) maybe they can help me.