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    Interested mostly in pre-1930 cars. I have a 1925 Franklin 11A coupe
  1. 1920 Cadillac starter/generator bakelite coupling

    Thank you Ivan, I'm going to pick-up again with this project when the weather breaks. I'll measure my driveshaft and see if it is the same. Best, Matt
  2. 1920 Cadillac starter/generator bakelite coupling

    Ok thanks everybody! Btw, I picked up a load of 1922 Cadillac parts including 3 starter generators. It looks like most things interchange. None of the starter generators have this piece. They do have a grease tube for lubrication that mine does not have. That must have been an upgrade for the 61
  3. 1920 Cadillac starter/generator bakelite coupling

    Thanks, that sounds like a good solution. I'll give John a call.
  4. 1920 Cadillac starter/generator bakelite coupling

    It's hard phenolic. It doesn't look like it was ever a flexible material like a rag joint, though that type of material would probably work. If I find a replacement that is made out of fiber that would be fine, as long as it fits.
  5. Hi All, I need to replace this bakelite piece that is attached to the shaft in front of the starter/generator. I've got it J.B.Welded and on the shelf until next weekend, but I'd rather have an intact one. I checked my parts bin and no luck. The car is a 1920 model 59 touring 7 pass. Thank you, Matthew
  6. 1929 Chrysler Sedan For Sale in Excellent Condition

    Hi Mike, This car is the one that Scott and I purchased together. It's in PA. It will be a great car for someone! Matthew
  7. Beautiful 1929 Chrysler, older frame-off restoration. Re-built engine and hydraulic brake systems. Recently returned to the road after long indoor storage. The car has a nice blood red body over very dark red/maroon fenders and trim. The chassis is painted nicely and the car is extremely clean. The interior is good with minimal wear. Very tasteful color scheme. There is deterioration of the older lacquer paint as is typical for many of these older restorations. This car was done right, stripped to bare steel, body off the chassis. However the lacquer has age cracking in certain areas, and the car could use some careful touch-up work to bring it back to showing it's best. Clear Title in hand. Ready to enjoy. Asking $11,500 Thank you, Matthew Hinson 347-701-5020
  8. Looking for a good fender beater in NY

    Thanks everyone, I will follow up on some of these leads Matt
  9. Hi All, I've been working on my 24 Lincoln Tuoring car. The fenders are thick and heavy, one of them needs some rather complex straightening. I was wondering if there is anyone in the NYC/Long Island area capable of working these back into shape. They need hammer and dolly work. I think most shops today are not experienced enough to get the job done right. Thanks! Matthew Hinson, Brooklyn NY
  10. 1928 Cadillac 431 4-Dr Imperial Cab Sedan

    That is a wonderful car and I hope that it is preserved intact. When I read that someone could think of using this car for parts, I say, is the small amount of money for all of the labor to disassemble this car and ship it all around the world, worth eliminating the possibility that someone could enjoy this car again for many years. Another thought, when car collectors started, these cars weren't worth anything, but they save them for the love of it!
  11. 1920 Cadillac model 59 radiator hood hinge bracket

    Once again Ivan, thank you for your offer to make one!
  12. 1920 Cadillac model 59 radiator hood hinge bracket

    Thank you Ivan, I will finish installing the radiator and lay up the hood to see what I can do. There are two threaded holes in the top tank to accept the bracket, but I do not remember what it should look like. If another 1920 model 59 owner snaps a picture, that would help.
  13. 1920 Cadillac model 59 radiator hood hinge bracket

    Hi Carl, Thank you, I will join up!
  14. 1924 Lincoln water pump re-build

    Hi Ivan, Thank you for your offer to re-build the shaft! I sent the pump to a place that Linus Tremaine recommended (Bob Mosier in California). Bob has not started on the pump yet. I am going to call them and I will let you know if I will need the shaft re-built. I appreciate your insight and recommendation. All the best, Matthew
  15. Hi All, I had a radiator for my 1920 Cadillac 59 7 passenger touring re-cored at The Brass Works. It came back without the hood hinge bracket that mounts to the top tank. They can't find it. I tried to tell them to keep an eye out for it, but they insist that they have pictures of the radiator without the bracket etc... so it looks like I'm not getting the bracket back. Does anyone have one or a parts car? I would greatly appreciate any leads. All the best, Matthew Hinson 347-701-5020