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  1. plymouthcranbrook

    Old miniature car identification

    Maybe this:
  2. plymouthcranbrook

    Windshield wiper arms, blades

    That is the link I quoted.
  3. plymouthcranbrook

    Windshield wiper arms, blades this is a link I stumbled on when looking for wipers. No experience with it personally but maybe worth a call.
  4. plymouthcranbrook

    Oiling a frame to prevent rust

    I used this on my 52 Plymouth:
  5. plymouthcranbrook

    "uber" for classic/collectible cars ??

    Yeah, No also.
  6. plymouthcranbrook

    The decline of Sears

    One of the things that lead me away from Sears was a type of bait and switch that they had with appliances. I bought many Kenmore items over the years for durability and service. The last time I need an item I went to Sears after getting prices elsewhere and got a lower price from them. but then they added delivery, mandatory set up fee and a couple of other charges that I can't remember what they were. By the time they were done they were more than the next two shops I had priced and so I went with one that(Locally owned) offered free delivery and set up.
  7. plymouthcranbrook

    ZDDP issues

    Then this?:
  8. plymouthcranbrook

    Woodie for sale 1949 Chrysler Royal Best Offer Must Sell

    listing already gone
  9. plymouthcranbrook

    Pre war cars insane prices

    i might be crazy but I bought a car from Fleabay in 2007 that has been just fine.
  10. plymouthcranbrook

    67 Chrysler Newport no lights

    Headlights could be be switch, bulbs, breakers, bad wires, bad grounds. All must be checked and be sure battery is charged and well connected. Tail lights could be bulbs, wiring, switch, connections, and grounds. Try to find a wiring diagram and start checking things out. A good multi meter will help and a factory or Motors repair manual as well. All are available.
  11. plymouthcranbrook

    The decline of Sears

    I read that the big Sears Grand Store in Gurnee, Il is to be closed this year. Built to reboot Sears along with several others the only times that i was in there you could have bowled a cannonball done the aisles and never hit anyone. Sad but I have to say not unexpected. I haven't had any troubles with Sears but as with many I no longer really buy anything from them. Although I will say I inherited several Craftsman tools from my wife's late Uncle and when I took them to the Kenosha, Wi. store I had no issues getting new replacements. Over $200.00 but the time retail prices were added up. This was in 2014 and the quality seemed up to the level of the ones turned in.
  12. plymouthcranbrook

    Gas tank plug washer

    I used a good sized rubber o-ring on my 52 Plymouth and have never seem any leakage or problems on the occasions that I had to drain the tank
  13. plymouthcranbrook

    1949 Plymouth special deluxe

    Couldn't help but notice a $250 price increase in a later post. Did you add any value to it since the original posting? Mopars of that era really do not have a high value. Great cars but limited in people who want them
  14. plymouthcranbrook

    FCA May End Chrysler line From Allpar dated June 1st.
  15. plymouthcranbrook

    Velocity Channel Ruins Wheeler Dealers

    So far...