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  1. Vintage Fuel Pump Question

    Converted to electric wipers.
  2. Rechrome vs Reproduction

    Enjoyed all the comments. Thanks. I decided to buy one repro bumper. It's definitely not as stout as the original, but I don't think that will be noticable once it's on the truck. After the truck is painted, I'll mount this bumper and see how it looks. If ok, I'll buy the second repro, if not, I get one of the originals rechromed.
  3. I think I may need to replace the fuel pump on a '38 Pontiac 6 cylinder. The original pump was single action, but the replacement I have is a duel diaphram. Can I use the new one as a fuel pump only? If so, do the ports on the vacuum section need to be plugged? Thanks.
  4. I'm working on fixing up a 1951 Chevy 1/2 ton. Don't want a show truck, just a good looking daily driver. I was going to have the original bumpers rechromed, but realized that I can buy new reproduction bumpers in less time for less money. Anyone have any recommendations? Are the repro bumpers good and sturdy and do they look original? Thanks
  5. 1946 Desoto Custom vs DeLuxe

    Perfect. Thanks very much. That's all I need.
  6. 1946 Desoto Custom vs DeLuxe

    Sorry, I meant 1946 Desoto.
  7. 1946 Desoto Custom vs DeLuxe

    Can someone tell me a quick way to distinguish between the Custom and Deluxe models for the 1946 Chryslers? Thanks
  8. Did the 1948-1952 Chevy and GM 1/2 ton pickups have a paint code on them anywhere? Thanks
  9. Need Good Locksmith

    I'll contact Davis Lock and Safe on Monday. I'm in south-central PA, but the hub and lock can easily be mailed for repair. Thanks guys.
  10. Need Good Locksmith

    Bought a spare tire locking hub on eBay with no key. Figured my local locksmith could pick and re-key it. Turns out it has him stumped. I figured a 70+ year old lock would be easy, but guess not. Any recommendations?
  11. Starter for 1940 Dodge. Prefer one that is ready to go, rebuildable is ok. I checked with all the major sources. They only rebuild.
  12. Is my ammeter burned out.

    Got my replacement control box today. When I took the old one off I just happened to look at the bottom. Little metal strap that carries the incoming current was burned out. Hooked up the new box and have light and the car starts. Man what a relief!
  13. Is my ammeter burned out.

    Wires are heavy...at least #10.
  14. Is my ammeter burned out.

    Ok, finally got the nerve to try this. Got the two wires off the ammeter. Checked the one coming from the battery and had 12v, so it's ok. Connected the two wires, then went to the control box. Had 12v at the terminal with the wire from the ammeter, so that wire is ok, but no juice at the other terminal, so I assume the voltage regulator is shot. Is there any other way to check the voltage regulator? Also, when I disconnected the ammeter, the needle went back to neutral. Any way to test it and can it be rebuilt? Thanks
  15. Is my ammeter burned out.

    After studying the above posts and looking at the wiring diagram I think I understand. All the power goes through the ammeter and regulator first, then to the ignition/light switch, so if one is bad, nothing gets to the switch. The wires on my car are color coded as described, so today I will try to jump across the ammeter and have ordered another control box just in case. Only problem now is how to physically get to those wires. Thanks everyone for the help.