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  1. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    Little more progress, I am now on the hunt for a transmission should have looked at mine earlier in the project it is a true basket case. I changed the rear bearing races. I also installed the drive line on the differinatal and slid the assembly in the chassis. Steve
  2. 195354

    Dynaflow 1953 V8

    WTB Harrison cooler part# on unit 8520994 here are a few pictures mine has rust holes from sitting on the ground. I am still in need of the cooler. I am also looking for 1953 Dynaflow V8-322 transmission that I can rebuild. Pulled mine down and not much is useable been in the weather way to long. Looking at parts books it looks like one year only? Thanks Steve
  3. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    Al thanks for the pictures of the brake fluid reservoir, I am working on a paint that is close on color and might hold up to brake fluid. I have also contacted a shop in town that does some anodizing also Zinc plating, they say they can get close on color will see. The Differential am I close on the color I have used? I have made a little more progress on my project. I try to do something on this project every day, clean and paint or locate parts for the next step. Front springs are installed Backing plates are going on and brake lines are on the run. Will be working on the rear axle soon Steve
  4. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    Ken I have been watching your 1940 project you are making progress and doing a great job, keep posting pictures as you go. When I see other folks, doing the impossible it fuels my engine. My project is going slow, I now figure about double or triple the time on any one item. Mine was pulled apart years ago before I purchased it so it is a slow go, hunt for parts, check parts books, and hope I have the correct part. I tell myself where is Waldo some days he is easy to find and some days not so much. Ken you put this in one of your posts I’ve met some terrific people in the BCA that have helped me along tremendously with parts and their knowledge. I have also meet great people at three national meets this group is very helpful and welcoming. Unfortunately, not many Buicks in my area so I need to travel for my Buick fix. Thanks to those that have helped me with my project, I would not be this far without it. Many of you have helped and do not know it; I look for pictures and ideas on how to do parts of my car in the forum. Steve
  5. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    Made progress on seals after a night’s sleep they went on with a little help moving the spindle up and down and a hook to get the seal over the pin, did this before the lower was installed. The lower pin and seals are very straight forward. I plan to add a little paint on the new parts and this side will ready for the backing plate and brakes. I have added few pictures of the seals and other parts. The brake reservoir is also pictured I have two with the mounting tabs and one that is missing the tabs, it will be in the junk soon. Does anyone have a color picture of this so I can try to match the color, and a paint or coating that will resist brake fluid? I also have a picture of the differential any color information on correct paint for 1953 diff would be a great help. Thanks Steve
  6. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    I am working on the front end, kingpins and springs. The dust seals for the upper outer are a giving me trouble. The manual says pull them over the shock arm and pull the seal back over the pin when done. The seal looks like it will tear if I do this, if someone has a method that works on installing dust seals let me know. I have attached a few pictures. I suppose it is possible I have been sent incorrect seals. I also have my drums and brakes back, shoes relined and arching done that will match each drum. The last shop that I knew of that did this this type of work closed. One of guys that worked there for 40 plus years opened a small shop and now does custom work, best part is he is 30 minutes from my house Steve
  7. 195354

    1953 Convertible project

    I have somehow deleted the project form the forum so I will start over with the story of my project. That must be why at work they say stay away from the computer. My project was so rusted most people would have said that it is a parts car. I am far enough along with the rust repair I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep pressing on, I was lucky enough to find a four-door parts car with little or no rust. It had the drivetrain removed and some other parts pulled but the body was still intact it has provided many needed floor parts. I have floors cut out and replaced, Trunk floor cut out and replaced. I will post a few pictures before and after. I am working on the frame and chassis now, Engine assembled and test ran broken in on test stand, ready for install, once the Dynaflow is ready. Differential has been taken apart checked out and is ready for install. Brakes are at the reline shop now, found an old hand that does this just up the road he will arc the shoes to the drums when he is done, Brake booster is back and installed it should stop as it did back in the day. I have come to realize how important pictures are when working on a project. I use this site checking how others are dealing with their project; this helps me keep going forward. I also use my parts books cross checking part numbers and looking at the exploded view. I wish I had taken this car apart but I did not I found it lying all over the floor and on shelves and some parts missing, I must like a challenge. I want to thank everyone that has helped me get this far on my project Steve
  8. 195354

    Dynaflow Cooler 1953 V8

    I am still looking for the cooler anyone have this in your spare parts? Steve
  9. 195354

    Dynaflow Cooler 1953 V8

    WTB Harrison cooler part# on unit 8520994 here are a few pictures mine has rust holes from sitting on the ground. Steve
  10. 195354

    Cracked 322 Head

    If you want, a Cyl head post a picture of the casting number and I will look in my treasure trove. I have a few 53 engines’ I also just purchased another one that I need to retrieve in the next few weeks. The blocks are 53 for sure, I am unsure on the Cyl heads at this point. I am in Oregon and I have used Fastenal freight service not the fastest but it will save money. These are cores and will need reworked, I can have them tanked and magnafluxed if they are correct, if you want one. I have not thought about price yet. Steve
  11. I added to my thread 1953 Convertibles project last night and I cannot find it, looks like it vanished from Me and My Buick. I added some text and a picture then hit submit reply and moved on. My internet can be slow but it looked like it worked on my end. Can you let me know what happened and if my thread still exists. Thanks for the help Steve
  12. 195354

    Denver 2018

    I would like everyone to know that I had a great time in Denver this is my third meet. Portland Oregon for a look then traveled to Brookfield Wisconsin signed up and tried judging it was fun. Then the Denver meet, a yellow vest was usually in sight if you had any questions this is a big help when you are not familiar with an area. Then the 1908 Buick running around full of people this will bring some enthusiasm for the next generation. I also judged with a great group had a blast I am hooked now. To everyone that was in Denver it was great to meet you and enjoy the Buicks. I want to be sure that the Denver group knows that they did a great job! Steve
  13. 195354

    1955 322 engine problem

    Another thought l have is check voltage to ballast resistor running also output voltage to coil. I am traveling and cannot check needed input and outputs in a manual. If you have required input voltage unhook it and put a load on the wire. I have seen voltage and no amp capacity. A led test light can and does send you down the wrong road. I have a head light with alligator clips to test a circuit and confirm it will carry a load this might be to large of a load for this circuit. Using a1157 bulb if you test it might be a better option.
  14. 195354

    1955 322 engine problem

    Run tests old tank recommends and report results. Also follow recomend routing for the plug wires they could be cross firing. Have you ran the engine in the dark you might see spark jumping around. Please let us know what you find Steve
  15. 195354

    What is this noise on my ‘53 322?

    Sounds like a miss fire, try to canceling out the cylinders one at a time with someone at the tail pipe when they say no change in the noise you have located that problem. After that, I would pull the plugs and see if they have, any tell tail signs that help with the diagnostics. I would run a compression test next and before I started pulling anything apart, I would check the lift on each rocker, easier when the plugs are out. Dial indicator is best but I have used a ruler, bar the engine over by hand check lift as you go also look for a loose rocker on the other cylinders, once you have done this it will confirm the cam is ok and the lifter is filled with oil. Let us know what you find. Steve