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  1. 195354

    Dynaflow Cooler 1953 V8

    WTB Harrison cooler part# on unit 8520994 here are a few pictures mine has rust holes from sitting on the ground. Steve
  2. 195354

    Cracked 322 Head

    If you want, a Cyl head post a picture of the casting number and I will look in my treasure trove. I have a few 53 engines’ I also just purchased another one that I need to retrieve in the next few weeks. The blocks are 53 for sure, I am unsure on the Cyl heads at this point. I am in Oregon and I have used Fastenal freight service not the fastest but it will save money. These are cores and will need reworked, I can have them tanked and magnafluxed if they are correct, if you want one. I have not thought about price yet. Steve
  3. I added to my thread 1953 Convertibles project last night and I cannot find it, looks like it vanished from Me and My Buick. I added some text and a picture then hit submit reply and moved on. My internet can be slow but it looked like it worked on my end. Can you let me know what happened and if my thread still exists. Thanks for the help Steve
  4. 195354

    Denver 2018

    I would like everyone to know that I had a great time in Denver this is my third meet. Portland Oregon for a look then traveled to Brookfield Wisconsin signed up and tried judging it was fun. Then the Denver meet, a yellow vest was usually in sight if you had any questions this is a big help when you are not familiar with an area. Then the 1908 Buick running around full of people this will bring some enthusiasm for the next generation. I also judged with a great group had a blast I am hooked now. To everyone that was in Denver it was great to meet you and enjoy the Buicks. I want to be sure that the Denver group knows that they did a great job! Steve
  5. 195354

    1955 322 engine problem

    Another thought l have is check voltage to ballast resistor running also output voltage to coil. I am traveling and cannot check needed input and outputs in a manual. If you have required input voltage unhook it and put a load on the wire. I have seen voltage and no amp capacity. A led test light can and does send you down the wrong road. I have a head light with alligator clips to test a circuit and confirm it will carry a load this might be to large of a load for this circuit. Using a1157 bulb if you test it might be a better option.
  6. 195354

    1955 322 engine problem

    Run tests old tank recommends and report results. Also follow recomend routing for the plug wires they could be cross firing. Have you ran the engine in the dark you might see spark jumping around. Please let us know what you find Steve
  7. 195354

    What is this noise on my ‘53 322?

    Sounds like a miss fire, try to canceling out the cylinders one at a time with someone at the tail pipe when they say no change in the noise you have located that problem. After that, I would pull the plugs and see if they have, any tell tail signs that help with the diagnostics. I would run a compression test next and before I started pulling anything apart, I would check the lift on each rocker, easier when the plugs are out. Dial indicator is best but I have used a ruler, bar the engine over by hand check lift as you go also look for a loose rocker on the other cylinders, once you have done this it will confirm the cam is ok and the lifter is filled with oil. Let us know what you find. Steve
  8. 195354

    What is this noise on my ‘53 322?

    Tim Here are a few ideas on the noise you are trying to pin down. I would remove the fuel pump add a cover and see if the noise changes. With the pump removed, the lever that actuates the pump will be out of the picture, I have seen weak return springs or loose pins in the body make a noise and they are hard to locate. If the noise does not change and I do not think it will change try canceling out the cylinders. Use plastic or insulated pliers remove a spark plug wire for a second and see if you have any change. When I do this, I have the wires loose so they are easy to pull, this will prevent damage to the wires. If any of one these reduce the noise, you at least have one place to look not eight. I have listened to the recording and it sure sounds like the valve train. Another idea is try to hold the rocker arm down with a bar just a little load not enough that the push rod can fall out while it is running this will possibly change the noise or you might feel it. Tim since this is a fresh rebuild has it been driven and heated up under load. Does the noise change when hot? If you can, try heating the engine up remove the valve covers and push down on each valve while hot. I had a valve train noise a few years back and it turned out a valve was sticking in the guide when warm. It would not return timely and the rocker would slap the valve. If you have extra valve covers cut the top so you can see what is going on, reduces the oil going all over the place. I have done the valve cover trick and it helps prevent burnt fingers just make sure you don't have any sharp edges on the cover . One other thought, contact a CAT dealer if you have one close and purchase an engine oil sample kit they are usually under $20 take a sample this is another tool that can help tell you what is going on. Iet us know what you find. Good luck Steve
  9. 195354

    1953 power brake booster correct finish

    Tom Thanks for the picture this is what I have been looking for on the Kelsey Hays unit. I still am looking for info on the Moraine power brake unit. If anyone has a picture of a Moraine before repair, it would be a good witness part. I have two and they have stickers from a rebuilder, and they are rusty very little if any paint no hope of locating what they had for color. Al thanks for the picture also. I have a few questions on fasteners that hold the chassis together. I would think the fasteners would be a black Oxide. I have cleaned a number of the bolts from my project and that looks to be what is used. I hope to paint these again and start assembly; I plan to use a DruCoat process this should duplicate the sheen on the bolts. Thanks for the help. Steve
  10. I am sending one of these power brake boosters out for repair. I have yet to decide if will be the Kelsey Hays or the Moraine unit. The vendor has asked me what finish I want. I have never seen a color photo of a new or low mileage unit. Does anyone have any photos of a power brake booster new or a very low mileage car before any repair? Any factory photos that could confirm the finish or some info from Buick. I want to duplicate factory finish on this so when it returns it is ready for install. Thanks Steve
  11. Thanks to all for the information, I am going to try to locate the pancake type filter. Steve
  12. I don’t have access to my parts book but I recall one part number for the fuel filter. The information I have is this had a Delco Moraine filter that has no glass bowl. Is the glass bowl a field modification? Steve
  13. 1953 V 8 fuel filter Roadmaster - Skylark I need some help on the fuel line inlet at the carburetor; it looks like it has a filter that attaches at the inlet to the carburetor. I have only seen one picture on the net it is hard to see; it is not a glass bowl. I have tried all the usual sources, Local parts stores and Bob’s no luck so far. If anyone has a picture of the fuel lines and inlet of carburetor it would be a great help. Thanks for the help Steve
  14. 195354

    I removed a 1953 hood by myself pictures

    Mike Good job on the hood l like your strap idea on the hood did you remove the hood springs or cage them before you pulled the bolts for the hinges? The doors are straight forward, hammer impact driver with a Philips will loosen the 3 screws per hinge on the A pillar. I recall one screw head on top and bottom hinge being covered by a weather seal that is held in place with a metal retainer, has small Philip's screws. Then the wires and hydraulic hoses will need pulled through one way or another. Next the door stop needs attention Philips also but the spring loaded door stop will bite you be careful. I use a hydraulic table for lifting doors, roll it under the door take the weight of just a tad remove the screws and roll the door away. Steve
  15. 195354

    Dynaflow Removal from stuck engine

    Thanks for the advice from everyone I soaked the cylinders with penetrating oil through the spark plug holes for a few days. Then removed the valve cover and push rods still would not budge. I then removed the oil pan, loosed the rods, and shoved the few pistons that would move to the top of their stroke. I let it soak some more still stuck. I was able to move the crank just enough that I could use my air hammer with a long blunt point, this convinced the pistons to move. I now have a 53-flex plate and a core Dynaflow for my project. Steve