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  1. 1932 confederate 2 door, "the other deuce" Saga

    Great work. Always nice to see another one on the road.
  2. Engine color for 1929 Desoto K

    Correct, black with silver head, same as 29 Plymouth.
  3. '26 engine knock

    This has to be every restorer's worst nightmare - just when you think you have everything sorted out, you're suddenly back to square one. I hope a solution finally arrives. As to the wife situation - been there, done that. 😮
  4. '26 engine knock

    Ray, You mentioned in your first post that the knock goes away if you short the plug on number one cylinder. Is it completely gone or just greatly reduced? If it's completely gone, then the only thing producing the knock is the detonation in the cylinder and the downward force produced on the piston when the plug is firing. Have you ever taken the number one plug out and turned the motor over to see if any unusual noise is coming out of the plug hole? Like you, I'm grasping at straws here. You've done everything I would have thought of if this were my problem. At this point could you take the crank out and test it for straightness, or has that already been done? A depressing suggestion, but it may be the only way to see if the crank is the problem.
  5. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    That would be a godsend! Sending a PM.
  6. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Good news and bad news today. First the good - I got all the bolts, nuts and washers for the running board assembly painted. They're black, but look gray in the photos. i painted them first as they are easier to touch up after assembly. I really wanted to use the original DB bolts, but 90 percent of them broke during disassembly. I used grade 8 with the markings ground off. It was amazing to see the running boards drop into place. All 24 bolt holes lined up perfectly. Considering the amount of damage to all four fenders, it was wonderful to see everything fit like a glove with no problems at all. it's also amazing how much more it looks like a car with the running boards in place. The bad new came as it tried to install the fender welt. The stuff I bought - through a recommended vendor, highly praised on the site - turned out to be junk. it may work for routine fender curves, but not for the application on my car. it was stiff, barely attached together with a cheap plastic "rope" in the middle. Any attempt to bend it resulted in the fabric bunching up in a wadded mess. This creates a real problem as the welting separating the running boards from the fenders has to be curved at almost a 90 degree angle to work correctly. These two shots of welting on an original Dodge Brothers DL illustrate the situation. The welting I have simply won't make those bends without wrinkling up, despite cutting slots. v shapes and everything else that's supposed to do the trick. My welting is supposed to be lacquered cloth, but it looks like cheap vinyl to me. Looks like I'll have to try and find the correct stuff or go with rubber welt from Steele.
  7. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Thanks, just chugging alone trying to get her done.
  8. 1920 ute

    Then feel free to pass on them. I thought we were not supposed to comment on for sale prices. Let the guy dream.
  9. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Next came the trim pieces. L and L provided these clips to attach the front trim piece. They fit in slots in the running board. Luckily, Ed Thomas, who made new boards for me included the slots! Next I slipped the front trim piece on. Now came the most difficult part of the job - bending the tab on the bottom of the trim piece over the bottom of the running board and the clips. I got it started with a few careful blows with a hammer. After I got it started, I was able to carefully fold it tight with a pair of vise-grips and a wood block to protect the outer surface of the trim. Then I fitted the side pieces. They come flat and don't fit the contour of the front trim piece at all. So I had to carefully file the correct contour into them. It still needs the bottom edge to be bent under and some polishing and smoothing before final assembly.
  10. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Not exactly rocket science and pretty boring, but here is how I finished my running boards. after I cut the rubber mat to size. I clamped half of the rubber in place, making sure everything was lined up. Then I folded the free rubber back. Brushed on high strength contact cement after i roughed the surface of the powder coat with sandpaper. I let the cement dry for 20 minutes, then rolled it down with a rubber roller. After the cement dried for a few hours with a piece of wood clamping down the rubber... ...I reversed the process. I let everything dry for a few days and it came out great.
  11. Any ticking time bombs on these old Dodges?

    I have a 32, so this is not my area of expertise. I'm sure 28 owners will chime in and chastise my suggestion (if incorrect) but I believe the distributors on these cars had a pot metal base that trends to self-destruct over time. Dodge Brothers were solid, well engineered automobiles that have few weak spots.
  12. 1931 Buick 56-C convertible coupe seattle WA craigslist

    It sure looks straight. I wonder about the paint - it almost looks like black primer. With the chrome looking that good, it's hard to believe the paint would have oxidized that much. I'd love to know a bit more about the history of this car. Distance and my current project prevent anything more than just drooling, but someone is going to get a really neat car.
  13. 1931 Buick 56-C convertible coupe seattle WA craigslist

    Oh man, do I love this car. I hope they have the seats.
  14. 1930 Marquette Phaeton phoenix AZ craigslist

    I'm sure if someone decides to cough up 18 large for this car, they will feel it was worth it and enjoy their new purchase. I just won't be that person.
  15. What's your thought ?

    Your fuel pump diaphragm may be dried out. Disconnect the gas line, rig up a container to gravity feed gas to the carb with a clean hose. Then put the end of the disconnected fuel line into a container. Start the engine using the gravity fed gas. See if the fuel pump is pumping gas into the container. No gas pumping - bad fuel pump or clogged line or filter.