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  1. I think the original poster was asking about the TV series, not the movie serial. Cool clip in any case.
  2. I understand Gary's painting the hardware. Some of the bolts on my restoration started to rust before I got the car halfway together. It may not be totally original, but it's better than ugly rust streaks - unless you intend to remove the bolts every few months and polish them.
  3. Go away, son, you bother me.
  4. Gary, what type of paint are you using on the bolts and washers?
  5. LaFong...capitol L, small a, Capital F, small o, small n, small g...LaFong.
  6. I don't remember a car on the show. It seems like I remember the Captain and Iggy flying to whatever adventure they were embroiled in that week in their Rocket Plane and then defeating the bad guys in between stock footage from old Columbia serials and B movies.
  7. I went yellow and decided to hook up the gauges and wiring first. I may regret it, but the car turned over easily and the valves are adjusted so I went cosmetic over mechanical. It just looks so cool with the fenders on I couldn't resist. As I said, I may rue the day!
  8. Got the front fenders on today. First job was installing the webbing between the frame and the fender. I used self adhesive webbing from Mac's and it worked very well. After that the fenders went on with a bit of fiddling. For any 32DL owners out there with sidemount fenders - take the sidemount well brace off the frame before installing the fender. I learned that the hard way. Here's my lovely and patient wife, Kathy, putting the brackets back on. Honestly, I was too frustrated at this point to do it myself. Fenders on with plenty of fingerprints to show for it. Rear fenders next and then covering the running boards. The weather looks good this week so I should be able to make good progress.
  9. Phil Kennedy (the former owner of my 32 Dodge Brothers) and I visited Frank in 2013 and he sold me a set of bumpers and some hubcaps at a great price. I, too, was worried about Frank's health as his posts continued to become more and more erratic. Since Phil lives fairly close by we both were concerned. I'm so glad Frank is getting the help I think we all realized he needed. Kudos to this site and all the caring people who offer help and encouragement whenever it is needed. Let's hope Frank is back with us very soon.
  10. Even with the sidemounts it looks short for an eight. I still think it's a neat looking old Dodge Brothers, I was just commenting on the difference between this car and the much larger 32 eight cylinder models.
  11. Interesting car - if I didn't have my 32 DL, I'd certainly be interested. One thing does puzzle me: the 32 eight cylinder Dodge Brothers have a noticeably longer hood that the sixes. The hood on this car seems almost stubby, especially for an eight cylinder.
  12. I don't see the spotlight in the first photo. Very cool old sedan.
  13. Yes, I planned to go with the Restoration Specialties fender welt. Every once in a while, when I get a bit down, I pull out an old picture of Daphne and get a better idea of what she will look like when I'm finally finished. I love this one, taken by Phil Kennedy when he owned her around 1969.
  14. Looks like 3/16 it is! Thanks for the valuable information. I probably would have gone with 1/4 inch and been wrong.
  15. Yes, the move cost me a good nine months.