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  1. Well, that's good news on the transmission. I know on my 32 it would be a real job due to the design of the rear transmission mount. The 33 and up may be different - I sure hope so.
  2. Went to the link, saw the price, chuckled, left the site.
  3. Nice car. The good news.... 1933 was the first year Dodge Brothers used insert bearings rather than poured Babbitt bearings. Much easier to rebuild the engine. Solid x-frame chassis made for better handling and ride. Four wheel, hydraulic brakes. Very dependable and well built car with an all steel body. The not so good news... Engine, trans and rear end combination mean a cruising speed of 55. It will go faster, but your engine revs will be very high. Due to the Floating Power engine and transmission mounts, putting a different or later transmission in is not as easy as in some other cars. No water jacket around the engine cylinders, the full water jacket and water tube came several years later. Good luck!
  4. Good eye, keiser31. And I looked at that add and totally missed it.
  5. Just hit edit and revise the ad, then hit save.
  6. If you can live with yourself and look your loved ones in the eye - go for it. 😀
  7. Thanks, I suspected the cleaner may have left a film. Since I'm putting the carb on and immediately starting the engine this time, I shouldn't have a problem. Famous last words.
  8. I rebuilt my Carter BB1 updraft carb a few month ago and it's been sitting on the shelf waiting for installation. Today when I took it down, I noticed that the throttle lever was stuck. I took everything apart and found that the accelerator pump was sticking. I seemed to have a film of gunk on it although I swear I cleaned it when I did the rebuild. Anyway, is there any type of lubrication I should use when i put things back together, especially on the shafts? Would a light bit of lube on the brass drum of the accelerator pump be a good - or a very bad idea?
  9. Sent a PM. Thanks so much!
  10. The infamous Tri-State Gang operated through Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia during the early to mid-1930’s.
  11. Worked fine for me.
  12. Sorry, that's all I have of the visor. That car is in Connecticut and I'm in Illinois. So, maybe a 33 or 34 footrest would work. Anyone have a spare?
  13. I don't see anything. It would be in that pile on the other side of the seat frames among all the small stuff. If something is there, the wood cross piece is probably gone - rotted away - and only the metal side pieces would remain.
  14. Thanks, but I can get the parts cut out with a water-jet for less than the cost of that footrest. I may have to resort to that, but hoping I can find something close that's original. The one on eBay looks like new castings with (as you pointed out) modern bolts.
  15. Here is the footrest from my friend's (and former owner of my car) DL, Phil Kennedy. And the sun-visor hinges.