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  1. felt seals

    George Bachleda OlCar Bearing 910 693 3324 Specializes in antique cars, bearings and seals.
  2. 1936 buick speedometer cluster

    Emiliano, here is a couple pictures of where it fits.. length is 2 3/4", outside width of channel is 15/16", inside width of the channel is 13/16", outer turned up edge is 3/16", turned up edge with triangle is 5/16", triangle is size of area between edges of the gauges. Bracket is bolted to nuts(2 on each side) behind dash at cluster opening. Tom
  3. 1936 buick speedometer cluster

    Emiliano, I guess you are refurring to what holds the complete cluster in the dash.. Pictures of corner brackets needed.. Tom
  4. Gary, I placed and paid my order in December, 3mo ago today, and nothing yet.. Hope you don`t have to wait too long on your re-do.. Tom
  5. Gary, just wondering how long it took to get your order from LBBonny, from the day you placed your order? 4-6-8weeks or longer? Tom
  6. What is this bolt and what's it purpose?

    You might try OlCar bearing. George Bachleda in Southern Pines, North Carolina phone 910 693 3324
  7. 1936 oil temperature regulator

    Sorry, but I`m totally confused...
  8. Carter WCD Carb on 1937 Special

    Jack, with the carb. off look closely at the bottom surface(where the gasket to manifold seals)you`ll find a 3 digit number, possibly 546. The 248 WCD crab should be a 3 bolt base. Then Jon can tell you what WCD you have. Also if you look down into the carb below the choke flap you can see a number which designates the size of the venturi, possibly 1 1/16". Tom
  9. Replacing the 4.44 rear end with a lower rear ratio

    Jim, Bens story is in Buick-Modified, "Modified 263 for my 1950 41D"..
  10. 38 Century, Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement I...

    Also, you might have to flatten out the bolt holes of the cover..
  11. 1940 Buick Coupe Rear Quarter Seals

    Mike, I slid the window back on my brothers Pontiac and there is a flat rubber piece(deteriorated) about a foot long that the front edge of the glass seals against. Looks to me like you could take a piece of flat weatherstripping and make a piece to fit, and use contact cement to attach a lot cheaper than Steele Rubber, probably closer to the $10 you mention. Tom
  12. Replacing the 4.44 rear end with a lower rear ratio

    OlCar Bearing Company George Bachleda 135 James Creek Road Southern Pines, NC. 28387 910 693 3324 This is who Lloyd Young recommended to me for pinion bearings when he did my OD, and I`ve been buying from George since.. Tom
  13. 1940 Buick Coupe Rear Quarter Seals

    Mike, I looked at my brothers `41 Pontiac coupe with the slide back windows which has the "flexible sweeper" seals, 7/16" tall by 15/64" wide. "Chevsofthe40s" has the sweeps with SS bead in 32"-48"-64" lengths, you would need 4pieces @ 64" to do both rear quarter windows, sweeps will have to be bent to fit yours. Look (or remove your garnish) at yours closely on the inside top of your garnish, you should see an approx. 1" long piece of stainless covering the butt joint of the sweep, you may have to reuse that piece. Your original sweeps were put on with staples, when I`ve replaced these type of sweeps I use #4 SS flat head metal screws to attach. These slide back windows have a trough with a drain hose which is behind the 1/4 panel, might be wise to check while doing the sweeps, that 78yr old hose could be rotted off and water dumping in the floorboard., or at least pour some water in the trough and see if it drains out, lower end of hose comes thru floorboard behind rocker panel. Good luck, Tom
  14. 1940 Buick Coupe Rear Quarter Seals

    Mike, my `41 Pontiac coupe 1/4 windows are fixed, gasket the glass fits into seals against the body opening and the garnish on the inside. Are your windows fixed or have the little lever to slide the window backwards a couple/few inches? Tom
  15. 1966 Caprice

    Bill, to copy put arrow on picture or address(hi-lighted in blue) arrow will become a finger, right click, window will pop-up, put arrow on copy and left click, then in email you are sending, below your statement just put the arrow in, and right click, window will pop-up, left click on paste and picture or address will appear. Took me a long time to figure this out, working on old cars is a lot easier than understanding this computer.. Good luck Tom