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  1. Gary, Yes, I think the switch is way too high, but it has a make offer. If it was NOS, maybe, but being used it may not be any better than the one you have.. seller does have a 30 day limit on refund.. I like the gas cap, got one for my `36.. Tom
  2. Gary, `37 light switch on ebay item #232430925051 Tom
  3. It`s been stated on the forum before that a Jeep Cherokee Pressure plate will work on Buicks `37-`53. Don`t know if for the 248, the 320 or both. Maybe someone will comment.
  4. 1933 buick 50 series universal joint

    Have you tried OlCar Bearing? George Bachleda Southern Pines, NC 910 693-3324
  5. Gary, according to both clocks it took 3hr and 20 min to organize your garage.. Also your storage bin seat looks a little more stable than the 5gal bucket I`ve always used for a temporary seat.. Everything is "Looking Good"!! Tom
  6. identifying an engine 1940-1949

    The 263 has a raised rib on the exterior of each cylinders on the drivers side of the engine, easy way to tell a 263..
  7. Carburetor

    Jon(carb.king) 573 392 7378 9-4 Mon-Tue Central time
  8. '50 Special with a single auxiliary light?

    Looks to be where the fog lights are located..
  9. 1950 Super - What is that Bar on top of Grille ?

    Looks to me like both front/rear bumpers need adjusted, both turn downward where they wrap around the corners.. Shouldn`t they be level?
  10. Buick 248 head bolt torque

    65-70ft lb..
  11. 1936 Buick / Drivers side door / HELP

    John, the Pontiac door may be the same size and possibly the Oldsmobile, I think a Chevy door will be too short in height. All of these doors(Buick, Pontiac, Chevy, and Oldsmobile) have different belt-line designs. The Pontiac belt-line will be the closest in size but won`t have the raised rib in the center like the Buick..
  12. Molly, I also have a `36 40 series coupe(Business), I`m starting on my paint now. I have done all the wood, making and installation. My car was also completely disassembled and piled inside the car, it`s been quite a puzzle. Take pictures of your doors and explain just what you`re looking for, same with dash. I`ve just ordered headliner kit, sun visors, and panel kit from LeBaron Bonny, my car had no seat, so I may order an Ez-Slider seat from LeBaron, when I get that far. Take your trim number from the cowel tag and LeBaron can match original color, or color of your choice, and all right down to the original stitching design on door panels. Only thing I`m aware of that mounts under dash is map-light and instrument lights, controlled by the same switch, and the cowel vent open/close handle. There could be other switches added below dash for options like heater. By the way, your coupe looks good, I`ll be glad when I get the paint on mine.. Tom
  13. One on the right behind the guy looks like a Mustang..
  14. Buick straight 8 and trans for sale

    Pete, PM sent...
  15. Gary, Bob has a really nice calendar on the wall.. the ol dog!! I like it..