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  1. pont35cpe

    1934-35 Buick 50 series

    Anyone have some nice front and rear bumpers to sell?
  2. pont35cpe

    Craigslist scam or score??

    Dual carb set-up has been added, was only on `41&`42 years, looks to have 2 front carbs(carters)with parallel linkage, instead of the progressive linkage. Can`t see the exhaust.. Oil bath air cleaner is on backwards. You can`t buy a dual carb set-up with manifolds/air cleaner for $700. And may have been converted to 12V with that resistor on the coil.
  3. pont35cpe

    1941 Century

    Perry, windshield and back window the SS slips over a rubber "pinch-weld" that fits over the body lip(perimeter of window opening). The pinch-weld and the window gasket are sandwiched together with sealer. If your glass and gaskets are good you may not want to remove the SS. The belt line on hood you can get to the fasteners on the backside, belt line on the rear quarter look at backside thru the trunk to see if there is nuts, clips or sheet metal screws. My `41 Pontiac had a piece of c-channel screwed to the body with screws and the SS pushed over the c-channel, if so use a thin blade screw driver to work the SS off. Pieces on the door have clips, use thin bladed screw driver or remove door panel and inspection plates to get to back side and squeeze clips to push out. Small trim around side windows, I used small thin bladed screw driver to work them off the clips. It`s not easy and most the clips will break or possibly bend the lip of the SS, something you will have to flatten out once removed. Most of my clips were not re-usable, broke, bent, rusty. Finding new clips may be a problem also. I was lucky enough that Chevy used the same clip as my Pontiac, and "Chev of the 40s" has them, if the Buick moldings are the same width they would work. Good luck.. Tom
  4. pont35cpe

    What is this!!!

    It`s a mother-in-law car. Backseat driver..
  5. pont35cpe

    1936 Teraplane in Maine (not mine)

    I know, I don`t think I ever bought a `30s car that didn`t have the imprint of a rear bumper..
  6. pont35cpe

    1941 Buick Century (model 61) parts wanted

    Newbie, Dave Tacheny parts out `36-`41 Buicks. 763 427 3460 m-f 4-7pm central. Welcome and good luck..
  7. pont35cpe

    Buick straight 8 engines

    John, the small 1936 engine is a 233 cu in. and the bell housing bolt pattern is slightly different from the 248.
  8. pont35cpe

    1937 Buick coupe trunk hinges question

    Check with Dave Tacheny 763 427 3460 m-f 4-7 pm central
  9. pont35cpe

    How to Indentify a Century

    Looks like a 3pc exhaust manifold, 320 engine. Vent Ben is refurring to is close to the generator..
  10. pont35cpe

    keeper that holds the harmonic balancer

    Gary, I have one from a Pontiac engine, it`s actually a thick flat washer, measures 1 9/16"dia., 1/4" thick, and center hole is 9/16", also have lock washer. Take your measurement and see if this will work. Do you have the bolt?
  11. pont35cpe

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    Looks differen`t from Lloyds..
  12. pont35cpe

    Buick straight 8 engines

    Being a Special its a 248, first year with domed pistons. You will have to use the front motor mount and bell housing, flywheel, clutch, from your `38 engine. Motor mounts/bell housings change thru the years. Are you aware that to get flywheel off (which has to be off to get to the bell housing bolts), first oil pan and rear main cap have to be removed to be able to get the 6 flywheel bolts removed, once flywheel is off then you have access to 2 bell housing bolts, other 4 BH bolts are at rear of block. Then up front harmonic balancer, timing cover, gears/chain all have to come off before front mount can be removed. You will have to do this same thing to your "new motor" so you can put on the parts off the old motor. Then re-assembly, flywheel will go on a bunch of different ways, only one right way, same with re-assembling the timing gears. Ton of labor involved.. Find a `38 248 engine and it`ll bolt right in.
  13. pont35cpe

    Hood center hinge for 1936 Buick series 40

    Al, I also have a `36 40 series 3w coupe and I`ve found that nothing fits a `36 40 series but a `36 40 series. I`m not aware of anyone reproducing this hinge. I bought a complete hood just for the hinge. There are two hinges for the `36, some like yours and the hood I bought (chrome plated steel), the other is Stainless Steel clad. I had mine re-chromed. Have you checked with Dave Tacheny?
  14. pont35cpe

    Source for chrome wood screws

    Nothing is cheap anymore. Everything is at least 10 times what it was in the 60s. I bitch/squeal every time I buy anything, but what can you do, if you need it, buy it..
  15. pont35cpe

    Decoding 1935 Buick VIN number

    The passenger door looks to be "out of alignment" about 1/2", bad/rotted wood? Just be truthful, car has been street-rodded/modified, does not run, if wood is bad, major task to correctly repair. Chipped/flaking paint. You can`t expect a "premium" amount because of condition, it`s basically a "project car". State your price, but be ready for low offers, you may not get what your uncle paid for it.