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  1. 1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    Might try Terrill Machine, DeLeon, Tx 254 893 2610
  2. 1954 Buick rear end wanted

    I doubt that anything other than a `36 40 series will fit a `36 40 series.. and only gears available 4:44.. Alternative is a Lloyd Young Overdrive 614 837 7832
  3. Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    Do you have the original `36 instrument cluster(speedometer and gauges)? The oil gauge is mechanical, the amp gauge works on 6v or 12v, the temperature gauge is also mechanical. The gas gauge circuit would need a 6v from 12v reducer.
  4. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, I know this is taking you back to April when you got your new rear springs from Eaton, but last week I ordered new rear springs from Eaton for my `36 Buick coupe. They arrived this morning and to my surprise they have a plastic liner between the first 4 leafs. Looking at your new springs, they didn`t have the liner, was that the reason for the Slip Paint? Seems odd to me that your springs didn`t have the liner but mine do.. Tom
  5. 1934 Buick 50 Series Throw-out Bearing

    Vic, you have the bearing number you need, try Olcar Bearing Company, George Bachleda 910 693 3324.. Tom
  6. What Ford is this?

    Looks like a `41-48 Chevy back glass and trim..
  7. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, I just gotta say everything looks great.. I like the painted recesses in the wiper towers, and maybe you just haven`t done it yet, but how about the recessed vertical grooves of the speaker grille? Would make the little ribs stand-out.. Tom
  8. What Make?

    I agree with the `32 Pontiac, hood doors and the spear detail on the front fenders are Pontiac. Head lights and stands are different than the Pontiac and grille shell is quite thicker, plus the ribs of the insert are horizontal instead of vertical. Looks like the lower sides of the shell have been trimmed to fit between the fenders. Is that an 8 on the crank hole cover?
  9. Buick 8-90 1931-1934 engine & gearbox

    There is a `35 buick 60 series engine/trans. listed in the general discussion buy/sell.
  10. Forum New Look

    Firefox... Everything is good, "Like" also, and have been back on with no having to sign in again..
  11. Forum New Look

    I got the same, lit up red and not secure. Took me all day before I got the nerve to log on, then the red went away and a secure notice popped up.
  12. Looky What I Found Now!

    Couple years ago I bought a `36 Buick grille listed in Seattle`s Craigs List, seller was in Los Angeles area..
  13. Wth? Gaping hole in new water pump?!

    Might use some anti-seize on the bolt threads also, when I removed the water pump on my `36 233 and my `41 248, mounting bolts twisted off..
  14. 1923 Buick Bearing

    George is great guy to do business with. He has always had what I need, and has always sent me my order with the bill plus shipping, then I send a check.. Not many trusting souls like that anymore.. Tom
  15. How old was your car when you bought it?

    Not my first car, but in 1991, I had a 1941 Pontiac that was 50yr old, and a 1950 Oldsmobile that was 41yr old...