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  1. No gasket.. metal to metal.
  2. Still looking... Somebody?
  3. Still looking, I may have to mount it in the center of the bumper if I can`t find another..
  4. Matt, my car is a `36 with the EE-1 carb. with similiar choke assembly as the `37 Special.
  5. Gary, my `36 Buick 40 series 233cu. in. engine has the same type intake setup (starter switch, choke). My engine has the orig. carb. Stromberg with the same choke, I haven`t ran my engine yet to know how the choke will perform. My car is in the bare metal state ready for paint and am looking forward to your painting process and progress. Excellent!! Tom
  6. I`m confused as to why they(bonding company) want the engine number. In Texas pre-war(1942) cars had the engine numbers on the title, and after the war, frame/chassis numbers were on the title. Tom
  7. Rod, we both have 36 Buicks.. I rebuilt my insturement cluster and gas tank at the same time. My cluster had both pieces of glass broke and was smothered in rat droppings, so was a complete take apart and put back together. Are you are familiar with the "pocket" between the two pieces of glass the gauge needles have to fit in? Anyways, I bought a Bob Drake 0-30ohm sending unit(approx.$40 ebay) for the `40 Chevys, just a sending unit with no gas pick up tube. I did all the float sweep adjustments to fit my tank. Then with the unit out of the tank and my gas gauge (mine was out of the cluster) hooked them up to power and checked needle sweep, its sweeping just fine... So I put it in the cluster, checked sweep (as you know the scale is on the glass not the gauge face), well when I check sweep with sending unit moving the float up and down, the needle went past "Full" and needle stopped on 1/4 mark, so I removed the gauge and carefully bent the needle toward "Empty". I had to take the gauge out a few times and bend the needle until "I" was satisfied with the sweep and the scale on the glass. I also had to adjust the needles on all my gauges, making sure they were not rubbing on the glass. Also when the cluster is in position in the dash with power off, the gas gauge needle will gravity drop below the scale empty mark, I got mine adjusted to with power on, float at bottom, needle is right on the E mark, and with float fully raised, needle is at the top of the sweep slightly below the F mark. You have to be extra careful making sure the needle is in the "pocket" when putting the gauge back in to the cluster or you`ll have a severely bent needle. That`s my experience.. Chances are if your cluster is all original, with the new sender the sweep of your gauge may be right on... Tom
  8. Looks like its been hit in the rear, notice the RR fender looks mangled and how the door handles and belt line are out of align..
  9. Gary, looks like the Ford(Fix or repair daily)experience is helping with the Buick.. Tom
  10. Pete, also my `36 Buick Special rear bumper is approx. 66 1/4" in length...
  11. `36 Buick rear bumper and brackets... Tom
  12. Engine block has side mounts, late `40s...
  13. Also fits the 233cu in Buick eight...
  14. Door latch assembly.. I think..
  15. Gary, is the upper trunk floor and divider between trunk/pass. compartment the only wood pieces? Tom