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  1. I use Permatex silicone on one side, usually the pan side. The main thing is to check the pan surface for "flat-ness" at the bolt holes, and when installing be sure to not over tighten the bolts. Over tightening will bend the pan surface and split the gasket, then you`re right back where you started.... Tom
  2. Meteor, back in the `60s I had a Chevy 265 with a leaking rope seal. The main cap piece was easy to replace, but the piece in the block, not.. J C Whitney sold a repair kit that had nail like pins to install in the upper rope to tighten it and was actually an easy fix. I also had another kit around the same time that had a special tool that was similar to a Chinese finger puzzle with a pull handle on one end for installing the block portion of the rear seal. It also worked good, biggest problem was getting the old upper piece removed. Telling this sure disturbed some brain cells.. Tom
  3. Gary, if I were you I`d request a different carrier than UPS for you grilles trip home.. I`ve had it with UPS, just within the past few months here in North Texas any item shipped to me, arrives at the local UPS terminal, they then send it to the post office for delivery, which takes an additional minimum of 2-3days for me to receive item.. Has anyone else had this kind of service from UPS? Tom
  4. Gary, I hate to bring it up but what`s the update on your busted grille? Tom
  5. Resembles a bumper car...
  6. I had a similar problem with my `36, good and tight but it wouldn`t take grease. I pulled the king-pin, someone had put it in upside down so the spiral grease groove didn`t line up with the zerk, flipped it over and everything is fine..
  7. Jerry, another way to tell what you have is to measure from the center of the rear wheel to the center of the front wheel.. A 40 series Special is 120", 60 series Century is 126", 80 series Roadmaster is 133", and 90 series Limited is 140". Tom
  8. Sounds good Pete.. Tom
  9. Ben, just wondering how the lifter situation is coming along. Sorry to have missed you at Chickasha.. Tom
  10. I was referring to finding the frame number you were looking for. My `36 Buick, engine number only was on the title and since not the original engine, was changed to the frame number..
  11. Gary, seems like a couple weeks since you made a statement, I`ve got so used to checking on your daily progress, I feel like a junkie that needs a fix.. Tom
  12. 49340, that`s way too nice of a car to give up on.. I think you need to check out the distributor vac. advance and the pivot points of the breaker plate. If it`s never been cleaned, dried dirty old grease at the pivot balls/groove could be the problem. Your old `37 and that big back seat area probably has some memories of your younger years..
  13. That`s a couple items that`ll be hard to find, that`s probably why the thief took them. My brother lived in the San Fernando Valley and came home one afternoon and caught 3 Mexicans steeling parts off his `54 Chevy in the middle of the day. That place is a cesspool..
  14. So did you find the number?