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  1. Title

    And if it doesn`t have the original engine it may not match..
  2. How many are still around today?!

    I would guess most of the cars are still around, most of the people have probably passed on...

    Thanks, I had no idea.. Tom

    Hey, for all of us dumb***s out here, just what is a thimble and what`s it purpose?
  5. 1937 OLDS Straight 8 257 with tranny

    Seller last visited this site May 30, 2012..
  6. Eaton Spring Inc. 313 963 3839 www.eatonsprings.com
  7. Parking lamp

    I`m thinking they`re for a boat, with the green and red(port and starboard)..
  8. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, you started this project on my 69th birthday Jan. 11 the way you`re moving you may be finished before my 70th.. Tom
  9. The 25-27 (A body)series rocker is slightly under 84in. The larger series is approx. 4in longer, which is most likely the 87in ones..
  10. Ethanol Free Gas at Convenience Stores...

    "Push-Ums", a convenience store in Mead, Oklahoma has had the 100% gas for years runs about 20cts higher per gallon than the unleaded with ethanol..
  11. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, the "bump ups" is what the garnish slips over to hold it in position. Tom
  12. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, here`s some pics of my sweeps, maybe they`re self explanatory. The old sweep (`41 Pontiac) is what I went by for the way the ends are, the swept up end of the bead is beat flat to fit behind the channeling, the end close to the divider post is cut about 1/4" long the bent down 90deg, both sweep pieces(door and garnish)are the same length. I used #4 SS flat head(phillips)countersunk sheet metal screws to attach the piece to the door, and #4 SS flat head(phillips) countersunk machine screws with nut, on the garnish. After the finish(paint/wood grain) on the garnish the excess threads will be trimmed flush with the nut and I will have to notch the wood for nut clearance where the garnish slips down over the wood. You may want to use sheet metal screws and grind the protrusion flush to the metal on the back side so it won`t interfere with door piece garnish slips over. I tightened the screws to where the head is lower than the "fuzz" and won`t rub the glass. The sweeps on the `41 Pontiac: garnish pieces were attached with staples, door pieces are attached with an alligator looking clip that slips on the bottom side of the sweep then squeezed with a pair of pliers, and has a round protrusion on the backside that slips into a series of holes on the turned down lip edge of the door, the lip on my `36 was quite small is why I went with the screws. If you have any questions I`ll do my best to answer.. I hope the inside part of your door is lower than the outside to give you room to drill/attach sweep. Tom
  13. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Gary, I must have missed class on the day of that post. The divider on my `36 is twice as long as yours(one piece)with the upper and lower channel pieces.. Tom
  14. New reproduction 1937 Buick grills

    Newby, Bob states in his post to contact him by a PM(personal message). Put the "arrow" on bobj49f2 a window will pop up, click on "message" send him a letter.