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  1. Have you tried Dave Tacheny parts out `36-`40 Buicks? 763 427-3460
  2. In think they`re `46-`48 chevrolet..
  3. Check the points for the proper gap, when the points rubbing block wears down it will close the point setting, resulting in backfiring and hesitation under acceleration.. Tom
  4. Thanks Grimy, I was thinking the larger series were the same, and the 40 series was different..
  5. I need one tail light lens for a `34 Buick 50 series.. Tom
  6. Can any one advise who could repair cracks in the `34 Buick tail light cans, or is this something a reputable chrome shop does before chroming? I know cracks are common with the `34-`35 cans so someone out there has had theirs repaired, please advise.. Thanks Tom
  7. I`m having a hard time understanding how an inverted sediment bowl would even work.. Wouldn`t all the trash and moisture that settles in the bottom of a normally upright bowl settle to the bottom of the inverted one and all the trash be sucked right on thru, defeating the purpose of a sediment bowl? Or does the inverted bowl have an elevated outlet stem that draws the fuel from the top of the inverted bowl, therefore above the trash/moisture that would settle to the bottom?
  8. Gary, you can get a new solenoid boot from Bobs Automobilia... Excellent job on your project, amazes me on how fast you`re moving along.. Tom
  9. The way you describe it quitting when you reach cruising speed sounds like it`s starving for gas. Does it have an inline fuel filter? It could be getting stopped up and restricting the flow, runs fine at low speeds and dies at cruising speed. I don`t think the vac. leak is your problem. I`d check the fuel line from the tank to the carb., any old rubber hoses/ fuel filter/ fuel pump.
  10. Mike, to see what Ben(First Born)did for his oil filter, go to Buick Modified (Modified 263 for my 1950 41D) his way filters all the oil.. Tom
  11. There is a Dyna-Flyte 880D listed on ebay, this one is for dual points, item #361544981289, 3 available.. Tom
  12. Mike, there is another alternative, item Dyna-Flyte Model 880, its a complete breaker plate assembly that fits all inline Buick 8cyl. 1937-1951. The assembly has double plates with ball bearings inbetween the two plates, the lower plate has the mounting tabs, the top plate(with the points/condenser) pivots on the bearings. This is much better than the original, even with the plastic update. I learned about this item when I bought an extra distributor that was equipped with one, and have bought a couple on ebay. They don`t come up very often.. Tom
  13. Ben, I think Mike is probably referring to the partial amount of oil filtering, not the full flow filtering the way you did yours.. Tom
  14. Cast Iron, I have a `41 Pontiac six cylinder engine, but not sure if the 6cyl and 8cyl flywheels are the same. Maybe someone could advise. If so I`ll see if I can get it apart. Tom
  15. Jason, I noticed on your original pictures there is no medallion in the center of your rear bumper, can`t tell if the hole is there or if it`s been welded up. Do you have one? There is one listed on ebay item #142312297479, looks pretty good, missing some paint, and bit pricey. There was actually two options for the center of the rear bumper, the medallion, and a flip down center guard. Have you ever seen one? They`re both really rare items.. Tom