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  1. pont35cpe

    1950 Pontiac hood ornament

    Some `50 pontiac hood ornaments are all chrome and some have the "light-up" amber colored head.
  2. pont35cpe

    Wiper Transmission

    My `36 business coupe is like the one on the left. A friend has the same coupe as mine, and his wiper trans are like your one on the right with threads for a nut. The wiper trans will work as either L or R. Each one of your wiper trans use a different style of wiper arm..
  3. pont35cpe

    headlight replacement

    Sylvania Halogen H6024 And yes, the ring is part of the MG inner can..
  4. pont35cpe

    36 Radiator Ornament

    One just sold last Thursday on ebay, $280 and needed a complete redo..
  5. 9 NOS pressure plate springs, 2 NOS fingers, 3 used fingers, 3 used finger springs and 3 used pivot pins. $45+ship.
  6. pont35cpe

    49 Roadmaster Won't Start Without Starting Fluid

    With ignition off, remove air cleaner, hold choke open and work the accelerator, you should see two streams of fuel squirting into the throat of the carb. If not, bad accelerator pump or stopped up fuel passage or check-ball. Caused by dried up fuel(Ethanol Molasses). I`ve always started a Buick by pumping the gas pedal twice, then turn on ignition, step on gas pedal to start..
  7. pont35cpe

    straight 8 pulling locations?

    Won`t have to lift it near as high with all the front off, good start..
  8. pont35cpe

    straight 8 pulling locations?

    The picture is from "Buick Modified" Ben Bruce "Modified 263 for my 1950 41D" lifting his engine with rockers in place. Personally, I`d remove everything that could be taken off the engine, even the head, to make the load light as possible, then use lift chain on top of block bolted in head bolt holes, pulling block with trans for good balance of the load being lifted, put lift chain between cyl 5-6. Are you just removing hood and pulling engine? Do you mean engine hoist in previous post?
  9. pont35cpe

    straight 8 pulling locations?

    You could make something like this..
  10. pont35cpe

    1947 Chevy Fleetline

    In my opinion that wind-up clock is the best ever.. Never had a problem with the one in the `47 I owned, my brother has had the car the past 43yr and the clock still works..
  11. pont35cpe

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, good to hear George is running again. I know what you mean about the gaskets..
  12. pont35cpe

    1936 lower control arm

    Tom, I figure you got the working drawings from Keith Elwell drawn up July 16and17 `84.. I also have a set of drawing from him..